Belle Delphine - H3 Podcast #225

29 okt 2020
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  • She's actually really decent and tbh after hearing her talk and everything I find that version of her way hotter lol. Like she just seems like a sweet, nice girl... That was so hot she could sell her bath water.. I'm not mad at her 🤣 edit: like that lil giggle at 7:59 when he gave her a compliment. Straight up adorable 🥴

    Clutch GenesClutch Genes56 minuter sedan
    • Also I would GB her by myself 😎

      Clutch GenesClutch Genes23 minuter sedan
  • I didn't know she was a brit xd

    x Dripz llx Dripz llTimme sedan
  • I made a tribute track for our queen bell check it pls

    xDMANE MUSICxDMANE MUSIC6 timmar sedan
  • She is so smart to do all these podcasts before her big month. Just look at all these comments saying they are new fans

    Captain JonCaptain Jon7 timmar sedan
  • Like her or loath her, get it or don't get it, that woman is a fucking genius.

    Lazerusman1Lazerusman19 timmar sedan
  • I find her career so intriguing and the fact that she is more of a force of nature than a performer. the character is a far to infantilized for me personally but I can't wait to read a memoir or biography about her career.

    aroguejordanaroguejordan9 timmar sedan
  • Holynshit what the f*** happened to H3H3 guy ...

    Joe voidscytheJoe voidscythe10 timmar sedan
  • Bruh she just smart af taking thirsty guys to her advantage lmao she knows how to do business lmao

    Mors AgnusMors Agnus11 timmar sedan
  • ong she's seems like she'd be a chill ass friend

    Yusuf NemrYusuf Nemr13 timmar sedan
  • the only podcast i listen

    [Derrick]八代目[Derrick]八代目16 timmar sedan
  • Oh man the real belle delphine is actually really cool...and I thought this girl is not from this earth 😱

    MarkMark18 timmar sedan
  • Ethan sucks but belle is the goat so ill try to watch

    Jail WatchJail Watch19 timmar sedan
  • hill looks so cute

    Burger QueenBurger Queen19 timmar sedan
  • Damnnnn, everyone plays RuneScape!!!

    GagasaurioGagasaurio19 timmar sedan
  • Posh basic English girl who's desperate to be American. There's a million of um. I don't get the appeal

    Dr. ChinDr. Chin20 timmar sedan
    • @Commander Russels The way she speaks. How every end of a sentence goes up like it's a question. Really annoying

      Dr. ChinDr. Chin18 timmar sedan
    • how is she desperate to be American?

      Commander RusselsCommander Russels19 timmar sedan
  • Gain respect for what? A grown woman who Portrays herself as a “sexy” child and makes content that appeals to pedophiles try to mask themselves at harmless “Simps”?

    Renee & VicRenee & Vic21 timme sedan
  • belle is so pretty but why does she do the things she does

    chai daliachai dalia21 timme sedan
    • @Commander Russels true tue

      chai daliachai dalia18 timmar sedan
    • she is getting paid really well and it's probably fun. I mean, better than working at some boring office job like me.

      Commander RusselsCommander Russels19 timmar sedan
  • The end of western civilization, here's proof.

    Nelil NeilsojnNelil Neilsojn21 timme sedan
    • ok boomer

      Jakub RybickiJakub Rybicki19 timmar sedan
  • Do u have to have that disturbing ass picture in the background bro?

    Jamie StewartJamie Stewart21 timme sedan
  • What a sweet girl

    atwarwithsatan27atwarwithsatan2723 timmar sedan
  • I'm such a fan

    Terry P DennisonTerry P Dennison23 timmar sedan
  • I havent turned in for a while and I must say Ethan rlly looks so fucking funny for some reason and I cant stop laughing

    Berk T.Berk T.23 timmar sedan
  • its hydrating...yeah fo course, you pour water into it. You cant go higher hydration than water. fricking stupid advertisement shenanigans^^

    Kha0sV4ktorKha0sV4ktorDag sedan
  • Her real self is a lot more attractive than the bs persona she has.. just sayin

    Gh0stCrZGh0stCrZDag sedan
    • She wouldn't be as famous if she was normal. She's a troll and does satire over exaggerated sexual comedy and shes smart for leading on men making millions by doing that.

      andreaandreaDag sedan
  • Bella is smart. I can’t believe it.

    Chris ewingChris ewingDag sedan
  • oh my god, she's the cutest thing in the world

    aCydh LestrangeaCydh LestrangeDag sedan
  • Belle Delphine - Social Media branding genius

    PrkrtrPrkrtrDag sedan
  • She’s actually just a cool person great job on the interviews

    Zach McPhailZach McPhailDag sedan
  • I just want to take her to Denny’s

    Christopher GirouxChristopher GirouxDag sedan
  • Honestly id support belle delphine if she were just a normal SEworldr She seems like a sweet chill just... idk "cutesy" girl who's unbelievably more intelligent than she seems from all the erotic stuff she does Also I really like her voice like straight up id its charming as hell XD

    Justin QuanJustin QuanDag sedan
  • Great podcast Belle is extremely likable.

    Anti Hero DetectiveAnti Hero DetectiveDag sedan
  • Belle seems surprisingly smart. I thought she might be but she always seems so dumb. It was just very surprising how insightful she was

    SKORZSKORZDag sedan
    • Yeah that’s because she plays a character whenever she goes on patreon or only fans, what you’re seeing here is the real Belle

      Gh0stCrZGh0stCrZ22 timmar sedan
  • Ethans eyes are cumed shut

    Wren Harrison GardinerWren Harrison GardinerDag sedan
  • Bit of a snakey move calling Belle Delphine's termination justified especially when it came back. What you going to say now? "I knew it was a mistake"?

    Mrr93Mrr93Dag sedan
  • Seems like a nice girl but the babysitter story of how she got started is a lie, she was looking away and searching for the story. It was complete bullshit.

    Commander RusselsCommander RusselsDag sedan
  • As like all Egirls,they're posers,and generic and plain in real life and nothing unique or special about them except your flawed beliefs that they're amazing/anime girls. or whatever bs youre obsessed with.

    Thoticcus PrimeThoticcus PrimeDag sedan
  • She’s an actor who is doing satire of popular media with exaggerated violent sexualized content that expresses an underlying criticism of pop culture.

    Jason VergaraJason VergaraDag sedan
    • @Kid Zilly why is she guilty ?

      mlg_kajumlg_kaju11 timmar sedan
    • It's not that deep

      Andreas Whyatt AndresenAndreas Whyatt AndresenDag sedan
    • Finally someone who gets it. That's exactly what I thought as well when I first saw her videos instead most people actually believe she's a weird person irl which is so dumb

      andreaandreaDag sedan
    • She is earning 600k $+ I wouldn't blame her

      mlg_kajumlg_kajuDag sedan
  • I barely knew anything about her, but this seems to be the most genuine version of herself compared to her other podcast appearances. I feel like she sees the lines of code and knows how to harness the simp potential. She's definitely winning the simulation.

    DariumDariumDag sedan
  • Bell Delphine having daddy issues is the least surprising news of 2020.

    ArcherArcherDag sedan
  • She should start streaming on twitch lol

    ClaasClaasDag sedan
  • What happend to Ethan why does he look like the smell of grandmas

    Christian VillarrealChristian VillarrealDag sedan
  • I like the real side of Belle

    D.A.D.A.2 dagar sedan
  • she has a British accent?

    YEPNOPE700YEPNOPE7002 dagar sedan
  • algum br ?

    MtR GabrielMtR Gabriel2 dagar sedan
  • Damn she hurt her brand so much with this Interview revealing all the „mystery“ around her

    David ArtsDavid Arts2 dagar sedan
  • Man... I don't really follow Belle or anything but fuck ethan was being very dry and rude in this interview. Asking hella personal questions like it's everyday talk.... Like chill out dude

    Octavious SplevinskiOctavious Splevinski2 dagar sedan
    • What??? Rude questions and being dry. Wtf are you talking about

      Pessim1stPessim1st2 dagar sedan
  • Love her charming, bubbly, and creative personality, it’s good to know the real person behind such a beautiful smile.

    Dillazon MerrillDillazon Merrill2 dagar sedan
  • i just really want to be her friend...

    Biggie CheeseBiggie Cheese2 dagar sedan
  • I unironically have gained a lot of respect for belle after watching this.

    Airsoft AlfonseAirsoft Alfonse2 dagar sedan
    • What is there to disrespect? She's a fucking savage business woman who has pulled coordinated stunt after stunt to achieve literal meme-status and makes absolute bank from her onlyfans where she doesn't even go further than softcore on onlyfans.

      2510LuL2510LuL35 minuter sedan
    • @Thoticcus Prime she’s just making a bag, what’s wrong with that?

      Darculas26Darculas2635 minuter sedan
    • watch cold ones, you'll even gain more

      Idk_what_to_say YesIdk_what_to_say Yes50 minuter sedan
    • @Opium Symposium fax XD

      KyngツKyngツ9 timmar sedan
    • I had respect for her from the start. That's some creative trolling she did on Pornhub.

      Opium SymposiumOpium Symposium12 timmar sedan
  • She has her onlyfans setup as $35 a month and has 217,000 subscribers so that means she is making a bit over $7,000,000 from onlyfans alone that is insane

    obslmaoobslmao2 dagar sedan
  • Never got to the end but... I finished.

    JamesJames2 dagar sedan
  • OMG she's british too🥰🥰

    joao rodriguesjoao rodrigues2 dagar sedan
  • pedophiles

    DerekDerek2 dagar sedan
  • This makes me unironically like Belle Delphine more lol.

    Chiaki NanamiChiaki Nanami2 dagar sedan
  • God damn it she's normal, well their goes all my money.

    Vin MonVin Mon2 dagar sedan
  • belle is one of the smartest business woman on SEworld she knows her market shes millionaire now through it all

    Charlie HCharlie H2 dagar sedan
  • I think I’m a fan 🤣

    IBozoooIBozooo2 dagar sedan
  • i wasnt ever attracted to her until ive just heard her talk

    Haze derHaze der2 dagar sedan
    • Same

      George HarrisonGeorge HarrisonDag sedan
  • ethan looks scary

    mountain laurelmountain laurel2 dagar sedan
  • Why does this guy look like he’s in his 60’s and whats with his daughter wearing cat stuff

    Dylan SteezyDylan Steezy2 dagar sedan
    • @Dylan Steezy naw man, they're the sameish age Google says Ethan is 35, and Hila his wife is 32, Ethan just got alot of gray.

      Chonky TemmieChonky Temmie2 dagar sedan
    • I thought she was his sister!?

      Luis VlsLuis Vls2 dagar sedan
    • @Chonky Temmie wait his wife is his daughter ?

      Dylan SteezyDylan Steezy2 dagar sedan
    • Yoooooo 🤣 thats his wife

      Chonky TemmieChonky Temmie2 dagar sedan
  • Her SEworld has been banned!!!! It’s Maauuudd

    Legendary DogoLegendary Dogo2 dagar sedan
  • Havnt watched in a while what the fuck happened to Ethan he looks beat

    Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds2 dagar sedan
  • My guy really needs to tell the rest of the party that he got bit.

    Joe JoeJoe Joe2 dagar sedan
  • That line about watching hentai because there are no victims make me think of a few James Deen tapes. Dude is too fucking violent

    Pit ShantsPit Shants2 dagar sedan
  • How have none of you not heard her accent before ??? She literally has a house tour video on youtube and she speaks plenty in it lmao

    BrandonBrandon2 dagar sedan
  • Belle saying she disowned her dad lmaooo! Massive cope!

    Jemima AndersonJemima Anderson2 dagar sedan
  • Shout out to Belle's dad for cutting contact with her!

    Jemima AndersonJemima Anderson2 dagar sedan
  • Ethan! You didn’t ask about the key to open the box. I can’t live like this now!!

    Mario R.Mario R.3 dagar sedan
  • I love her! She was so wonderful & so sweet!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Kerri BurgessKerri Burgess3 dagar sedan
  • Everyone ethan touches gets zapped from youtube

    Asther PhoenixAsther Phoenix3 dagar sedan
  • What wallpaper on his pc

    r hr h3 dagar sedan
  • My blood sister would say that to me... Yessir

    Kal FolterKal Folter3 dagar sedan
  • Smart girl, good for her.

    JoeJoe3 dagar sedan
  • she has daddy issues, would ya look at that

    gon jongon jon3 dagar sedan
  • Ok. Call me a simp but I guess she's one of the cleverest "business" woman out there. Imagine selling a bath water... a freaking BATH WATER to thousands then gets away with it. She knows her strength and capitalized on it. Damn. That's what I admire about this woman. I kinda feel sorry for the suckers who bought her "merch" though. I hope it somehow made them happy(?) or something. Edit: Spelling and typos

    Jonah DPHJonah DPH3 dagar sedan
    • She's not clever.... People are just that pathetic. It's not clever at all. People are just dumb. Jesus.. Take her social media away. And send the simps to military school. We live in an embarrassing world

      Alexander WindhAlexander Windh2 dagar sedan
  • Ngl it's not good if you don't want to be recognized for who you are online

    uni curseuni curse3 dagar sedan
  • ffs how she is so much more tolerable and likeable when she is normal.

    waldawalda3 dagar sedan
  • Zach wants Bell to be his mommy for sure

    Mike KMike K3 dagar sedan
  • Mfs be like "Ethan's obsessed with Belle" like it's not a podcast or smth

    charles awitancharles awitan3 dagar sedan
    • But she wants to be there, she gave him stuff i don't think someone has this thought

      Diego KauanDiego Kauan2 dagar sedan
  • This a serous honest question no joke what is so bad about a girl make a bunch of teens simp?

    Lil MLR and SaikawaLil MLR and Saikawa3 dagar sedan
  • So they banned her, but not banned cardi b after WAP 🤔

    Ahmad mohammedAhmad mohammed3 dagar sedan
    • @Ahmad mohammed I've just seen some music videos stay up for a while and then get age restricted

      Lil MLR and SaikawaLil MLR and Saikawa3 dagar sedan
    • @Ahmad mohammed not sure

      Lil MLR and SaikawaLil MLR and Saikawa3 dagar sedan
    • @Lil MLR and Saikawa then why not do the same to belle ?

      Ahmad mohammedAhmad mohammed3 dagar sedan
    • It'll get age restricted soon

      Lil MLR and SaikawaLil MLR and Saikawa3 dagar sedan
  • Welp, she has officially announced that she will be doing a “hardcore porn” on OnlyFans

    DogolDogol3 dagar sedan
  • this colab is so good ethan is like belles weird/cool uncle

    Cash MoneyCash Money3 dagar sedan
    • Cold Ones is better imo

      DogolDogol3 dagar sedan
  • Jesus the hosts of this podcast are always so low energy it’s insane

    Jerrod StockmanJerrod Stockman3 dagar sedan
  • Zach is the funniest person here, seriously. When he said "god bless" I nearly shat myself. Edit: 27:38 - 27:58

    BeanBean3 dagar sedan
  • smooth criminal

    Brooke MurrayBrooke Murray3 dagar sedan
  • Does Ethan have the rona?

    SlaughterFYSlaughterFY3 dagar sedan
  • Nip reveal on Twitter woohoo boys!

    BananamaltasticBananamaltastic3 dagar sedan
    • And “hardcore porn” on onlyfans

      DogolDogol3 dagar sedan
  • Welp she just got terminated

    • At the same time, she’s supposedly coming out with a “hardcore porn” on OnlyFans. And this time it seems a lot more believable

      DogolDogol3 dagar sedan
  • Ethan is extremely obese...Holy Shit!!!

  • She's chill man n.n

    marco lealmarco leal3 dagar sedan
  • Buh byeeeeeee

    falcor200falcor2003 dagar sedan
  • I love how she's wearing Teddy Fresh 🤩

    TheMightyKinkleTheMightyKinkle3 dagar sedan
  • First ColdOnes and now H3. Brilliant

    TheMightyKinkleTheMightyKinkle3 dagar sedan
  • Can't beleave Ethan finaly gets to meet his crush, looking like Mr. Potato Head without his eyebrows.

    Chonky TemmieChonky Temmie3 dagar sedan
    • TEMMIE!

      -Andrea- Jaylσкε-Andrea- Jaylσкε15 timmar sedan
  • an now shes banned. fucking youtube xD

    We Are PigeonWe Are Pigeon3 dagar sedan
  • He such a Jew

    Zack sinclairZack sinclair3 dagar sedan
  • She really loves the internet

    ChelseaChelsea4 dagar sedan
  • Why did I have the exact same dream as Ethan when I was younger

    ULISULIS4 dagar sedan
  • This is a good interview.

    Derek TailorDerek Tailor4 dagar sedan