The Troubling Issues in Arizona, Leafs Acquire Galchenyuk from Carolina

16 feb 2021
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Here is a link to the article on the Coyotes; It's seriously required reading for NHL fans.
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  • Meruello must have gone to trump u.

    graham camerongraham cameron2 dagar sedan
  • its okay if we have 17 out east because Seattle is coming in to make in 16 out west (15 in Arizona moves east) as before Vegas came in we had 2 more eastern teams than western teams and even though I like the coyotes I would love to see the Quebec Nordiques come back

    The life of OothyoThe life of Oothyo3 dagar sedan
  • Do you think something concrete will happen with this team? A relocation soon?

    MERZMERZ3 dagar sedan
  • It’s a shame. We’ve seen from Vegas that hockey can work in the desert. Phoenix has 5 x the population of Las Vegas and hardly anyone gives a crap about the Yotes. You don’t see merch in stores in the Phoenix area, you don’t see any advertising, no community outreach. Look at the way the Vegas golden knights have been run vs the Coyotes and it’s night and day. I can’t get a ticket to a Knights game while I can go see the Yotes for less than the price of a movie

    Neil AllenNeil Allen4 dagar sedan
  • Maybe Detroit could end up back in the western conference? Geographically, Detroit or Columbus are the most western teams out east. I've always said optimally that if Arizona moved to Oregon or Houston or something and Florida moved to Quebec with Seattle coming in to fill the void in the Pacific all would be well. But with Florida playing well, that may just be a pipedream.

    smackroydsmackroyd4 dagar sedan
  • I would love a tort show

    A Bird DadA Bird Dad5 dagar sedan
  • Coyotes are going to the Central Division next season and it's time for them to relocate to Houston with new owners! The Coyotes have been a huge embarrassment to my home state!

    Rob FreedmanRob Freedman6 dagar sedan
  • arizona moving to quebec just happen. this is a joke

    Alex BurkyAlex Burky6 dagar sedan
  • Does a team from Winnipeg go to Arizona go to Quebec? What happens to the western conference if 80% of the league is in the east. As a Blues fan I am concerned. If I was a Stars fan I would be even more. 70 game schedules might be the future.

    Paul McGrievyPaul McGrievy7 dagar sedan
  • Who in their right mind would want to play in Arizona

    Mark KrudaMark Kruda8 dagar sedan
  • That jersey hurts my eyes.

    vestaxwaxvestaxwax8 dagar sedan
  • What the f*** is going on with the Coyotes? This sounds like a shady organization at best. Time to move.

    James NeumannJames Neumann9 dagar sedan
  • send them to seattle no draft

    Derek RichardsDerek Richards9 dagar sedan
  • Just doesn't end with Arizona. This and then drafting Miller, losing their draft Pick. Sell the team to someone serious about running one.

    Darrion RobertsDarrion Roberts9 dagar sedan
  • If the Yotes move to Quebec do the jackets move back to the central? It seems to make the most sense

    Andrew PikeAndrew Pike9 dagar sedan
  • "We're all gunna be one big happy family!" "Sounds great Alex!" "You're fired. Anyone else? No? Good"

    Steve FrenchSteve French10 dagar sedan
  • Which team moves from the East to the West.... Go home Detroit

    Jetsgo10Jetsgo1010 dagar sedan
  • If Betman wasn't going to publicly do anything about Eugene Melnyk, he's not going to do anything publicly about the Coyotes.

    Nick OkonaNick Okona10 dagar sedan
  • Katie Strang is always are you, sir.

    Wayne KermodeWayne Kermode10 dagar sedan
  • Is there a good chance Arizona gets relocated? Because I actually kinda like the yotes

    Kyle HedvigKyle Hedvig10 dagar sedan
  • He'd be "Done 'Dair" in Canadian accent.

    Nathan RobinsonNathan Robinson10 dagar sedan
  • The Arizona Mifflin

    Chad RobertChad Robert10 dagar sedan
  • Be wary of any business that tries to say "we're a family!" It's a great way to exploit your employees and have an unhealthy work environment.

    David PevetoDavid Peveto10 dagar sedan
  • Dude, I am an Arizona native..62 years. Not bragging however every professional sports team here has been treated the same way, for decades. Used as a cash cow. There is no, zero, zip, nada interest in establishing good teams, never mind great teams...just Make Money... Kendrick at the D Backs, this joke at the Coyotes, Sarver at the Suns...the one somewhat bright light is Bidwell with the Cards...and even then it is not always true. Th Coyotes could be gone and no one would blink. We don’t have enough great fans to appreciate hockey.

    Don TrumpDon Trump10 dagar sedan
  • Quebec has that beautiful new stadium and a huge already established fan base.

    D SchroD Schro10 dagar sedan
  • Korshkov deal is a huge steal for carolina. rumors are that he wouldnt come over to toronto unless he has a guaranteed spot. i would add i think he also wants to play RW. leafs messed this one up for sure.

    jakejake11 dagar sedan
  • The NHL is desperate for American markets that do not have hockey cultures and history. Canada is the only place i would open a new hockey franchise right now. They pack barn at Junior B games

    K Ä L OK Ä L O11 dagar sedan
  • I don't think the nhl should stand by and let that guy just not pay for stuff. That is ridiculous. Hold him accountable. When you come into a business you are still responsible for the obligations that were in place before you started

    TheMe9595TheMe959511 dagar sedan
  • We Sens fans, stand with arizona, we used to have terrible management, we still do, but not the same, but only if arizona had fans

    Liam Playz123Liam Playz12311 dagar sedan
  • Why doesn't the NHL treat AZ like they did Vegas...

    Jeffery AndersonJeffery Anderson11 dagar sedan
  • It must be extra weird to be trending at a number over 100, what makes it “trending “ at that point? Not that I don’t wish this channel success.

    HarmonyHarmony11 dagar sedan
  • You just let Arizona fold and start a new team in Quebec.

    Michael H.Michael H.11 dagar sedan
  • You were spot on about the fact that a so called $2 billion can be misleading. It can consist ownership in illiquid assets like real estate and values in businesses that may seem good on paper, but are worth nothing until they are eventually liquidated, which may be at market prices much less than the owner thinks they are worth. It is possible that Meruelo does not have a lot of cash lying around, plus we do not know where he got the money to acquire the majority stake in 2019. Could it have been with BORROWED MONEY???? One of his holding companies owns a bank in California which could have lent money to him for this and possibly other ventures. When you look at his bio and the types of businesses he owns, they are businesses like real estate, restaurants, TV stations and casinos that are typically leveraged. It is possible again that he and his businesses are leveraged which can be extremely risky. Add to that Covid's affect on the restaurant and casino industries and he may be facing a double whammy of the hockey team losing millions plus financial problems in his other businesses. We know that hockey owners in the past, including the Edmonton owner who sold Wayne Gretzky and later the Kings owner who bought him, both had other businesses that hemorrhaging money which forced them eventually so sell the teams. The NHL has to be nervous and there is another possible public relations nightmare they face. He is the "first Latino owner" of an NHL team.

    William FordWilliam Ford11 dagar sedan
  • Thanks Shannon, thoughts

    OilersHDOilersHD11 dagar sedan
  • English Football Fans " we have some shocking owners of teams". Arizona "hold my beer"

    TheSportsBoffin 89TheSportsBoffin 8911 dagar sedan
  • Somebody tell me why the players don't insist that this team is moved , part of their pay is linked to this team , Give Toronto a second team and you have a top 3 team , in teams of Profitability , more money for all.

    Alan GrisAlan Gris11 dagar sedan
  • The Yotes are the joke that just keeps getting funnier, and funnier...And they also lost their 1st round draft pick 2021.

    FMichael1970FMichael197011 dagar sedan
  • just move that team to canada already..., we'll fill that stadium every single night

    crazyredweazelcrazyredweazel11 dagar sedan
    • I've been saying it for years - relocate to Quebec City - problem solved. But alas...I find this exceptionally amusing...The owners, and Bettman deserve this shit sandwich, and they should all have another helping...This franchise hasn't done anything (on ice or revenue wise), and they'll continue to be a joke. Fuck Houston too.

      FMichael1970FMichael197011 dagar sedan
  • This story just confirmed that the team needs a new owner and a relocation to a viable market before this is going to get turned around. According to the article currently we have an asshole owner and his asshole son, neither of whom know how to run a sports team, playing at running an NHL organization in a market that's completely unviable.

    TheHelo10TheHelo1011 dagar sedan
  • He'd be Dunder, Mifflin killed himself. See ageists episode in season 4.

    chris campionchris campion12 dagar sedan
  • Seems pretty bias against the Coyotes.

    RevaNRevaN12 dagar sedan
  • I'm having Howard Baldwin flashbacks. I would imagine most fans in Quebec City would put up with later starts if they got a team again. Being in the Central Division, most of those road games would be an 8 local start.

    c71scorec71score12 dagar sedan
  • That Arizona news is the best I've been wanting that team to move to Quebec for years.

    Adam WestAdam West12 dagar sedan
  • *Financial Trouble In Arizona* Quebec City: “Interesting” *Rubs hands together*

    Bill ClintonBill Clinton12 dagar sedan
    • @Neil Allen As long as Bettman/BoG are willing to do what it takes to keep the team there - nothing will happen...

      FMichael1970FMichael19704 dagar sedan
    • Never gonna happen

      Neil AllenNeil Allen4 dagar sedan
    • In French... Problèmes financiers en Arizona Québec: «Intéressant» se frotte les mains

      FMichael1970FMichael197011 dagar sedan

    Zachary gagnon lacombeZachary gagnon lacombe12 dagar sedan
  • It’s time to move the coyotes to Quebec

    Roger NevesRoger Neves12 dagar sedan
  • This isn't even news. The Coyotes have been unstable prior to moving from Winnipeg. As long as Bettman is commissioner, he will do ANYTHING in his power to prevent the team from ever relocating from Arizona. Why he has such a hard-on for the Yotes despite their mediocre existence is beyond me.

    sjdrifter72sjdrifter7212 dagar sedan
    • Indeed...I cannot think of any other pro sports franchise that has been in dire straights as long as the Yotes, and a commissioner/BoG who seem content on allowing this to continue.

      FMichael1970FMichael197011 dagar sedan
  • "Hopefully the NHL does something." How many times have we said this about Arizona the last.....well, the entire run basically? Don't get your hopes up. When they finally do something, it'll be inexplicably late. And I don't even expect that for another 4-5 years.

    RumbleRumble12 dagar sedan
  • Shannon: ✨ a n d t h a t ’ s p r o b l e m a t i c ✨ Cats: *start dancing* Magnets: *start spinning*

    saagasaaga12 dagar sedan
  • Carolina needs to keep in mind that other gms will remember this, will be harder to trade now :(

    LoxXyLoxXy12 dagar sedan
  • What an embarrassing situation for the NHL.

    Steve MitchellSteve Mitchell12 dagar sedan
    • Been that way since 1995.

      FMichael1970FMichael197011 dagar sedan
  • Most large businesses who say “we’re family” - run.

    Michael 1RareZebraMichael 1RareZebra12 dagar sedan
  • Phoenix should have been relocated YEARS ago. I actually attended a game once in the Gretzky coaching era, and the attendance was maybe 5000 people. Embarrassing. That team needs to be moved ASAP and those horrible jerseys need to go be burned forever.

    Serge SargentoSerge Sargento12 dagar sedan
  • Elon should buy the Coyotes and move them to Houston. He lives there and the HQ for SpaceX and Tesla are there already. He’s eccentric enough to do it.

    John DoeJohn Doe12 dagar sedan
  • You could move Detroit back to the West. I know geographically Detroit works better in the East, but they've been in the West before.

    Daniel DossoDaniel Dosso12 dagar sedan
  • Mr. Tilman Fertitta (the owner of the Houston Rockets) is waiting in the wings! He is looking for another tenant at the Toyota Center!

    A. Fred ScullardA. Fred Scullard12 dagar sedan
    • But it's been mentioned how he's not interested in paying 'fair price' - whatever that is. My $$$ is QC would be willing to pay more, and hopefully the Molson bros don't try to squash the deal.

      FMichael1970FMichael197011 dagar sedan
    • Have you Landry’s books lately? Red isn’t just for the Rockets!

      J DJ D11 dagar sedan
  • Alex Galchenyuk is a Jersey Collector in disguise, let's be real here. :D

    Bobo MomcilovicBobo Momcilovic12 dagar sedan
  • I preferred Fraggle Rock

    SVSSVS12 dagar sedan
  • Leafs: gets rid of Kapanen. Also Leafs: gets Galchenyuk.

    Gerhard SymonsGerhard Symons12 dagar sedan
  • Galchenyuk is on the move again 🤦‍♂️. The poor guy can’t find a fit with any team. I’m starting to think he might just bounce around the league his entire career and end up playing for all the teams over the span of his career in the NHL.

    Jordan PerepolkinJordan Perepolkin12 dagar sedan
  • Now I really want to see Torts working on Sportsnet and have a show called Cranky Torts. I love him as a coach, and I love him as a person as he’s got a great personality. He’d be the perfect guy to replace Bryan Burke on HNIC. Or even replace Don Cherry and have a new version of Coaches Corner on HNIC.

    Jordan PerepolkinJordan Perepolkin12 dagar sedan
  • Woah Shannon, you’re on the trending list! I’ve been subscribed since you had 7k followers and have never been disappointed by your work. Congratulations on all your success, you truly deserve it!

    Jared MillerJared Miller12 dagar sedan
  • Why does everyone always use this "family" shit? I don't know about you, but I hate my family. I fought my dad on Thanksgiving, we're all dysfunctional and they keep trying to rob me. I mean I guess it works for Arizona. But I want to work with someone who is like, "we're gonna be like polite strangers passing through a door."

    The Faustian ManThe Faustian Man12 dagar sedan
  • And everyone thought Ottawa had a poorly run organization. Arizona is like: “Hold my beer”. And to answer the question about Arizona moving to Quebec is easy. Have Columbus move to the central.

    Matthew MaddenMatthew Madden12 dagar sedan
    • @Yanik Fillion-Murphy I’d rather keep the basement dwelling Red Wings in my division once we return to a more normal schedule.

      Matthew MaddenMatthew Madden7 dagar sedan
    • even though michigan is more west of ohio?

      Yanik Fillion-MurphyYanik Fillion-Murphy7 dagar sedan
  • It s Mr Mifflin

    luke edensluke edens12 dagar sedan
  • Arizona gave hockey Austen Matthews?

    Richard FewerRichard Fewer12 dagar sedan
  • Wait, Shannon said do not take Bettmam at his word?

    Richard FewerRichard Fewer12 dagar sedan
  • Is Galchenyuk really a consolation price ? What kind of consolation :p

    philippe le roy audyphilippe le roy audy12 dagar sedan
  • Pack meetings no. Coyotes hunt alone or in small groups. Not in wolf packs.

    Richard FewerRichard Fewer12 dagar sedan
  • Peewee herman joke lol! Endless fun with this guy

    Cameron McgeeCameron Mcgee12 dagar sedan
  • Mangy-in poor condition, shabby. Godwilling things will get better GLG

    Richard FewerRichard Fewer12 dagar sedan
  • Bring back the Nordiques!!!!

    mojomojo12 dagar sedan
  • I just realized that coyotes are here as an invasive species in Elliot Lake, ON Canada. Pretty mange infested but firmly established and cross breeding with wolves and dogs? Great thanks a lot. Seriously that Arizona team picked the perfect mangy choice? Godwilling things will get better GLG

    Richard FewerRichard Fewer12 dagar sedan
  • Alex Meruello owns two slightly above average casinos in Las Vegas and Reno. I know people that work at the Sahara, and lots of them prefer how they were treated by the previous owner. The dude likes to cut corners and is all hype and smoke and mirrors. I can see the yotes moving within a year or two to Quebec or Houston unfortunately

    Jeremy StanisJeremy Stanis12 dagar sedan
  • So maybe yotes were a mistake? Would a team succeed in Quebec City? Would Hamilton be better? Could Toronto support another team? Godwilling things will get better GLG

    Richard FewerRichard Fewer12 dagar sedan
  • And I remember how the league approved Spano to buy the Isles, but didn’t notice he didn’t actually have the money. I feel your pain Yotes fans. So glad that Malian and Ledecky own the Isles now.

    triandfit1triandfit112 dagar sedan
  • Armstrong threatening to have Katie Strang blackballed for the story is pretty damn telling.

    triandfit1triandfit112 dagar sedan
  • Be careful reading that much of a paid article on SEworld

    Eric WestEric West12 dagar sedan
    • One paragraph?

      The Hockey GuyThe Hockey Guy12 dagar sedan
  • shame the athletic has such horrible college football coverage (re: nicole auerbach), because ive always really liked their hockey coverage. but their constant “cancel the season” BS (especially with college football) made me cancel my subscription

    User NameUser Name12 dagar sedan
  • Shannon just like Bettman, has always been protective of the Coyotes. It's about time Shannon exposes their financial problems.

    Mathew LeeMathew Lee12 dagar sedan
  • Just move them to Houston already

    Mat 37Mat 3712 dagar sedan
  • The Cleveland Browns of the NHL. Always starts at the top.

    Clayton EricksonClayton Erickson12 dagar sedan
  • careful alex might sue you too

    nonstop collectiblesnonstop collectibles12 dagar sedan
  • Are they going to bail him out like they did fruit cake gretzky?

    That 90s ShowThat 90s Show12 dagar sedan
  • I assume journalism is a tough business given how everything is online and such. So it makes me think, that should the writer, somehow hear of your praise it would mean a lot (Jesus if you said that about like an Instagram post I have I’d be going crazy haha) I have actually wanted a subscription for a while, but didn’t want to buy it. But okay okay Shannon you convinced me, ya happy?! I will go buy the dam thing. Considering all I do is watch and talk hockey, it’s not exactly for nothing haha. Anyone hope the article is as good as you say, after watching your videos for years I feel pretty good about your opinion. Good video Shannon

    Lindsey WorkingLindsey Working12 dagar sedan
  • Poor Alex G. Feel bad for him

    Blue shirts HockeyBlue shirts Hockey12 dagar sedan
  • People are saying the Arizona could move to Quebec rather than Houston if there is a suddenly need for a re-location. I just don't think that would be a good idea. Quebec is a very small city. It's also a very poor city. Here's a list of the total GDP (in billions of dollars, PPP adjusted) for a number of Canadian and American cities: Houston: 483.2 Phoenix: 207.1 San Diego: 202.5 Portland: 158.5 Indianapolis: 113.6 Calgary: 97.9 Edmonton: 83.0 Salt Lake City: 73.8 Louisville: 62.40 Little Rock: 40.7 (fewer than 200,000 people) Des Moines: 39.5 Quebec City: 33.4 Quebec also has higher taxes than any of these cities by a fairly large margin. So you might say, but Quebecers love hockey. The problem is, they don’t. At least not really. Percentage of Active NHL Players by Birth Province: Ontario: 50.1% Quebec: 12.4% BC: 11.2% Saskatchewan: 8.5% Alberta: 7.0% Manitoba: 6.0% Nova Scotia: 4.8% Total Population of Alberta + Saskatchewan + Manitoba: 7.056 million Total Population of Quebec: 8.164 Million Total Percentage of NHL Players from the Prairies: 21.5% Total Percentage of NHL Players from Quebec: 12.4% BC, despite having roughly half the population of Quebec, produces roughly the same amount of NHLers. Ontario has about 80% more people, but 400% more players. Quebec sucks at hockey. It's the worst per capita after New Brunswick. This trend shows no sign of slowing. I lived in Quebec City for a year, the city is a dump. Even Cleveland is nicer. I doubt any NHL player would want to live there. Winnipeg is comparable to Quebec City in total GDP and population. But Winnipegers actually like hockey, speak English and pay slightly less in taxes. I don’t see why any Owner would want to move to Quebec. Even for the short term.

    PetHubPetHub12 dagar sedan
  • I am a coyotes fan you just explained it perfectly and what you said about the Jerseys in the pro shop is true all they have is just athletic replica Jerseys.

    Shawn SteeleShawn Steele12 dagar sedan
  • Honestly I feel bad for Galchenyuk as a Habs fan, wish him the best :/ In other thoughts the 2012 draft is quite weak

    Haterswillhateme4erHaterswillhateme4er12 dagar sedan
  • Don’t call Alex Galchenyuk Alex, it’s Mr to you

    Andrew SidorAndrew Sidor12 dagar sedan
  • It just sucks. I finally live in a city with an NHL team, they start playing really entertaining games, and the talk starts making sense about them moving. I just hope it's anywhere but Houston.

    TheHobbyCollectorTheHobbyCollector12 dagar sedan
  • Love the office reference! lol

    Lax ReeceLax Reece12 dagar sedan

    TheHobbyCollectorTheHobbyCollector12 dagar sedan
  • Who doesn’t like to be called by their first name? Oh unless your a mason and your initials =33 like MM. wipe your tears with your millions as the team you own shits the bed. Take a hike, goof. In Arizona the only investment you should make is in hearing aids

    Andrew SidorAndrew Sidor12 dagar sedan
  • As for the Arizona calamity. Can any team please pick up Liam kirk and save him from the hellhole. Anyone please

    james ward-gwilliamjames ward-gwilliam12 dagar sedan
  • It's smart by Toronto. It's strength in depth on a cup push year , he has the drive to want to turn it around. It allows them to protect all their key players in the expansion draft while leaving something enticing for Seattle

    james ward-gwilliamjames ward-gwilliam12 dagar sedan
  • Should have just let the Coyotes move to Hamilton

    The DudeThe Dude12 dagar sedan
  • the coyotes have been a tire fire since day 1.

    tchevriertchevrier12 dagar sedan
  • Unless it comes from Craig Morgan (who actually knows what TF he's talking about in regard to this team) specifically, I pretty much automatically assume any story about the Coyotes is going to be some kind of hit piece. My guess is this is going to turn out to be no exception.....

    D RGD RG12 dagar sedan
    • Because craig morgan being a good soldier and the yotes lone reporter for az. central would never slam yotes publically and air their dirty laundry like strang and athletic did. Makes perfect sense.

      steven bauersteven bauer12 dagar sedan
  • This video was problematic

    Al JohnstonAl Johnston12 dagar sedan