1 apr 2021
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What should I do next with jolly ranchers!? #shorts

  • It's bad advertising for Apple but I don't know anything cuz I eat the Jolly Ranchers off the Street

    Kristofor McCulloughKristofor McCullough2 timmar sedan
  • The person talking:today were gonna be throwing my dads phone in a jolly rancher Me: okii The person talking:throws it Me:is the phone alive 📱?? The person talking:its not alive Me: yeesssss

    Teresa ValenzuelaTeresa Valenzuela4 timmar sedan
  • هه

    عبدالله الرواحيعبدالله الرواحي7 timmar sedan
  • No No No No

    Jennifer VillanuevaJennifer Villanueva16 timmar sedan
  • I hate people who do shit like this

    ZombieZombie17 timmar sedan

    bobaboba20 timmar sedan
  • text

    Wtrqlswgyl MblywtkrcyWtrqlswgyl Mblywtkrcy20 timmar sedan
  • text

    Wtrqlswgyl MblywtkrcyWtrqlswgyl Mblywtkrcy20 timmar sedan
  • Not gonna work dumass

    Adam WillamsAdam Willams22 timmar sedan
  • That’s was not your dads phone

    Synic -Synic -Dag sedan
  • that is not the same voice

    Monalissa PersaudMonalissa PersaudDag sedan
  • Ohhhhhhhh time to go shopping

    Ella WassElla Wass2 dagar sedan
  • That. Is. One. Of. The. Cutest. Snakes. I. Have ever seen-

    Emily WemilyEmily Wemily2 dagar sedan
  • No is not going to woke

    Adalbto GarciaAdalbto Garcia2 dagar sedan
  • I know it doesn’t all that jolly rancher juice frozen solid inside the phone

    DTenn901 NelsonDTenn901 Nelson2 dagar sedan
  • snake . . .

    Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo3 dagar sedan
  • Uh anyone see that iPhone 4

    Daniel PrinceDaniel Prince3 dagar sedan
  • Snake in our neck

    Beyblade burst kings NepaliBeyblade burst kings Nepali3 dagar sedan
  • he's the guy in the math questions the older generation had warned us about 😬

    dandan3 dagar sedan
  • If it was working before it definitely isn’t now

    Kinsley HogansKinsley Hogans3 dagar sedan
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahhahahahahahahahahhahaahababbabahahhahahahhahhahahahhahahhahahhahh@hhahahahhahah+@hahahhahahah@hahhahhhahahhahh

    Rachel SpiceRachel Spice3 dagar sedan
  • Knew it

    I like chickadeesI like chickadees3 dagar sedan
  • Nice Ipod

    PixelatedDomPixelatedDom4 dagar sedan
  • Wasted the entire jolly rancher cube

    H2 AmonH2 Amon4 dagar sedan
  • True but also can anybody see the crack on it

    Teresa WharyTeresa Whary4 dagar sedan
  • So your friend used a iPhone 5 when tiktok was around

    Arinze NomehArinze Nomeh4 dagar sedan
  • Ok like ur dad that lives in a 1m house uses an iPhone 4😂

    Master At DisasterMaster At Disaster4 dagar sedan
  • Bro I would of ate the candy

    Riley AragonRiley Aragon4 dagar sedan
  • Noticing all Tik toker's family have a iphone

    DoggoDoggo4 dagar sedan
  • That was very nice to listen to

    pooppypooppy4 dagar sedan
  • A perfect waste of candy

    Kirby PopstarKirby Popstar4 dagar sedan
  • Me

    Adelisa BroadAdelisa Broad4 dagar sedan
  • When it dropped it looked cool

    Demetris DunbarDemetris Dunbar4 dagar sedan
  • Waste of jolly ranchers

    Elizabeth RamirezElizabeth Ramirez5 dagar sedan
  • He’s snake on his back eowe

    Dayyan RekiDayyan Reki5 dagar sedan
  • I don’t prank I’m even scared

    Dayyan RekiDayyan Reki5 dagar sedan
  • Not me

    Pheonix GamingPheonix Gaming5 dagar sedan
  • Knew it

    Grayson ODonnellGrayson ODonnell5 dagar sedan
  • Mans just bought an old ass phone for the videos

    I Am EverywhereI Am Everywhere5 dagar sedan
  • I LOVE you too much love you

    Aya AlaaeddineAya Alaaeddine5 dagar sedan
  • if the phone had any chance of working it certainly was not after he tossed it 20 feet up in the air

    Aidan LAidan L5 dagar sedan
  • What if it was flat

    Nathan WoodNathan Wood5 dagar sedan

    Luke Dela CruzLuke Dela Cruz5 dagar sedan
  • It doesn't work..... Plop

  • I thought the phone broke when it hit the ground

    Mark Gillian V. MandarioMark Gillian V. Mandario5 dagar sedan
  • I think it’s gonna work 🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️

    Harlia JonesHarlia Jones5 dagar sedan
  • Gg

    irma Romeroirma Romero6 dagar sedan
  • Did you throw it away is it still or is it still in the trash cuz you might just need to charge it maybe it's dead try charging it and it'll be a working phone

    Douglas HarrisDouglas Harris6 dagar sedan
  • Everybody just ignoring that he has a snake aeound his neck

    Nena AntunesNena Antunes6 dagar sedan
  • AlexRG57 💳🤬🤬👍🐉💸🐲🪶⛈💳💋😂💀🌬⛈🤑🇦🇲😇😂😇😇💳😄🇦🇲🐲💳🐲🤑😄🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💸🤬👍🐕🤣😄🪶🔥🤑💀🌥💸💀💸🇻🇪💸💀🤑🇻🇪💸

    Alex GAlex G6 dagar sedan
  • #HowToGetGrounded

    I_AmNotJadeI_AmNotJade6 dagar sedan
  • Did you charge it?

    Pocket GremlinPocket Gremlin6 dagar sedan
  • Comment 6000

    big manbig man6 dagar sedan

    Lindsey JohannaLindsey Johanna6 dagar sedan
  • Eat it.

    Air worksAir works6 dagar sedan
  • What a fucking waste.

    GlaxiiッGlaxiiッ6 dagar sedan
  • Why put an iPhone 4 through that much pain.... #iphone4gang

    spaceifyspaceify6 dagar sedan
  • Um, quick question, did you get a full preschool's worth of education?

    quiverrquiverr6 dagar sedan
  • The deep voice changer ... the 30$ phone? This is kinda sus

    Dane AneuilDane Aneuil6 dagar sedan
  • Ph yeah just using your dads phone for a experiment what a great son I bet your dads proud of you

    Owen McGrathOwen McGrath6 dagar sedan
  • You already know it broke and you throw it up yet 50 meters

    Jeramiah ShipmanJeramiah Shipman6 dagar sedan
  • Work?

    Audra DavenportAudra Davenport6 dagar sedan
  • You need to charge it

    Layla RoweLayla Rowe6 dagar sedan

    Chrissy ComeauxChrissy Comeaux6 dagar sedan
    • You are an actual child

      MoonIsLostMoonIsLost6 dagar sedan
  • Now clean it up

    Soul7akers ShortySoul7akers Shorty6 dagar sedan
  • No ones gonna talk about how he had a snake on his neck

    Neena 25Neena 257 dagar sedan

    Neena 25Neena 257 dagar sedan
  • have kids they say, it’ll be fun they say

    pixi’s catboypixi’s catboy7 dagar sedan
  • text

    Ybjpnygsvp HrtmmhwrttYbjpnygsvp Hrtmmhwrtt7 dagar sedan
  • How much u wanna bet it don work

    E EE E7 dagar sedan
  • Did you charge it..?

    tammy benoisttammy benoist7 dagar sedan
    • text

      Ybjpnygsvp HrtmmhwrttYbjpnygsvp Hrtmmhwrtt7 dagar sedan
    • text

      Ybjpnygsvp HrtmmhwrttYbjpnygsvp Hrtmmhwrtt7 dagar sedan
  • Wait so this dude is still getting hate but a bunch of other people who got hate aren’t getting hate? I’m not saying this guy shouldn’t get hate btw

    hmm 86hmm 867 dagar sedan
  • Not him wearing a snake necklace

    Brianna Vale'DefoBrianna Vale'Defo7 dagar sedan
  • Is that you cute snake it’s so cute

    Brea JolleyBrea Jolley7 dagar sedan
  • Just me or anyone else notice the SNAKE on his neck?? Like wut

    Sxnflxwer_VxbezSxnflxwer_Vxbez7 dagar sedan
    • Your name is as dumb as your iq

      MoonIsLostMoonIsLost6 dagar sedan
  • It wont work

    evelyn ezenaevelyn ezena7 dagar sedan
  • I love how he us just casually talking while his snake is around his neck

    Andrey SkotsAndrey Skots7 dagar sedan
  • It doesnt work because jolly ranchers are inside the phone.

    ShowtimeZander04ShowtimeZander048 dagar sedan
  • Aww your snake is beautiful is it a ball python

    Ayrianna GreenAyrianna Green8 dagar sedan
  • Oot

    James HatfieldJames Hatfield8 dagar sedan
  • :|

    Carlos GomezCarlos Gomez8 dagar sedan
  • Yor the dumbest person I've ever seen... Even the grade F is gonna feel disgraced if it's "awarded" to you.... 🤦

    AGHORA OPAGHORA OP8 dagar sedan
  • You kill your dad‘s phone

    Ac CutieAc Cutie8 dagar sedan
  • Is that a snake!?

    CGA vidsCGA vids8 dagar sedan
  • His daddy be mad mad

    •Black_Wolfy••Black_Wolfy•8 dagar sedan
  • You know this kid made his voice deeper so if anybody takes the clip from his tiktok it makes him look better and cooler?

    fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh8 dagar sedan
  • While u have the 11 or 12

    Rami KhaledRami Khaled8 dagar sedan
  • No way ur dad has an iPhone 4

    Rami KhaledRami Khaled8 dagar sedan
  • Love the snek

    ColeslawColeslaw8 dagar sedan
  • Rich people problems.. Meanwhile somewhere someone is down on their luck and could use a phone incase jobs call.. Yet you get people like this.. Let's destroy this perfectly fine car we could have given to a single mom or someone who badly needs one.. Anything for views tho right??.. You know doing shit like this requires no talent right??.. SMH..

    CASHfromINDIANACASHfromINDIANA8 dagar sedan
    • Its 333k likes nice

      fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh8 dagar sedan
  • Him wasting a perfect phone that works just to smash it and throw it away like nothin

    Tiffany RobinsonTiffany Robinson8 dagar sedan
  • How did his voice get deaper

    Kerry mulhernKerry mulhern9 dagar sedan
  • At least it was a iPhone 4😜

    JJ PlayzJJ Playz9 dagar sedan
  • Bruh you should of eaten the jolly rancher:

    Artist AinsleyArtist Ainsley9 dagar sedan
  • Ok that's how you get yourself grounded

    career manager pmbcareer manager pmb9 dagar sedan
  • Tiktok

  • Maybe cause it doesent have battery

    Itz Skylar U-UItz Skylar U-U9 dagar sedan
  • duh

    Kiana oofKiana oof9 dagar sedan
  • Eeeee

    lil t turtlelil t turtle9 dagar sedan
  • Did you try recharging it before coming to the conclusion that it doesn't work?

    vantsel the weebvantsel the weeb9 dagar sedan