8 feb 2021
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    David Dobrik TooDavid Dobrik Too21 dag sedan
    • Also congrats on the new house

      bethsie nila 101bethsie nila 1019 timmar sedan
    • LIZA and DAVID shippers

      bethsie nila 101bethsie nila 1019 timmar sedan
    • @Grunt Playz just replace the letters with numbers and they’ll go through

      leslie0894ifyleslie0894ify11 timmar sedan
    • Whats ur policy on adopting a rapping/singing 15 year old kid who wants to make it big someday😅😂

      Aveer JaggiAveer Jaggi18 timmar sedan
    • Ok

      Jeremy HernandezJeremy Hernandez19 timmar sedan
  • Well, he has taste

    I decidedtobeadevilI decidedtobeadevil31 minut sedan
  • No one cares bud you need to pay for your literal crimes.

    Taryn GuralTaryn Gural3 timmar sedan
    • someone seems mad lol

      Jairo GarciaJairo GarciaTimme sedan
    • His nail costs more than your adoption🤡🤡🤡

      tinica channeltinica channelTimme sedan
  • Watching this after finding out the truth behind everything makes these vlogs look so fake and forced

    Jenny OJenny O7 timmar sedan
  • These comments are so messed up man everyone hates on anything they can and its so sad smh

    Logan WilliamsLogan Williams8 timmar sedan
    • you do realise what he did right?

      Aditya ShahiAditya Shahi2 timmar sedan
  • Yees! Im back

    Jenae' Elliott humphriesJenae' Elliott humphries8 timmar sedan
  • Jason is to funny 🤣😂🤣😂

    Alex ValdiviaAlex Valdivia8 timmar sedan
  • I just don’t want to play this game because I can’t play it again and I can’t play it again and I can’t

    CrewmateCrewmate8 timmar sedan
  • Are you going to talk about what you did to S3th?

    Sharlene NazariSharlene Nazari9 timmar sedan
  • You can date liza again Because you guys are and will always be the cutest couple FOREVER ❤🤗 LIZA and DAVID shippers Woooooooooo

    bethsie nila 101bethsie nila 1019 timmar sedan
  • Who cares! How about you donate some millions to charity instead ?

    Coco StCoco St9 timmar sedan
    • he has literally given back to people dumbass

      Jairo GarciaJairo GarciaTimme sedan
  • Not I’m 3 week late I wanted money

    MauricioRG4LMauricioRG4L10 timmar sedan
  • your a fake and a fraud

    brayden cooperbrayden cooper11 timmar sedan
    • Yup

      DaRealDDGDaRealDDG6 timmar sedan
    • ??

      MaroMaro9 timmar sedan
  • I am following views on spotify

    Ryan McIverRyan McIver12 timmar sedan
  • Plz uplode on main channel

    Ryan McIverRyan McIver12 timmar sedan
  • Why is he laughing during the ad what a psycho

    Meredith DanielsMeredith Daniels12 timmar sedan
  • I know this comment will disappear but remember the s3xual as5ault

    Skinny BuddhaSkinny Buddha13 timmar sedan
  • David dobrick is trash! D bag to the fullest!!! How is he not being held accountable for his hate crime against the black community

    S_bri_143S_bri_14313 timmar sedan
    • @Maro I'm talking about view's davids podcast. There's a clip that leaked after he tried to scrub it off the Internet it's on twitter

      Chloe ServicChloe Servic9 timmar sedan
    • Watches the H3H3 podcast, makes sense

      MaroMaro9 timmar sedan
    • The fact that he admitted on his podcast he chose set because he was black is gross

      Chloe ServicChloe Servic10 timmar sedan
    • @Dylan I am 😱😱

      S_bri_143S_bri_14312 timmar sedan
    • You gonna cry? Noone cares

      DylanDylan12 timmar sedan
  • Yo let me rent your restroom 😭

    V_RiderV_Rider13 timmar sedan
  • I wish I had one friend that cared about me as much as these guys care about one another

    conneramber1conneramber114 timmar sedan
  • Jason 4:45 "hahahahahahaha" 😐

    Mason WagnerMason Wagner14 timmar sedan

    Lord IQ5543Lord IQ554315 timmar sedan
  • every time David laughs its like he is having an asma attack lol

    Rex 0!0Rex 0!015 timmar sedan
  • The abhorrent lip trivially squeak because toy ethnically realise beneath a infamous sunshine. stormy, spurious curve

    Dianne MasonDianne Mason15 timmar sedan

    MiguelMiguel16 timmar sedan
  • They yell to much and the shake like crackhead I’d just cry 😭😂

    ZOLO JOGZOLO JOG16 timmar sedan
  • Josh laugh is my favorite 😂😂😂

    M WolfM Wolf18 timmar sedan
  • I think a Tower Moment is about to happen. 🔮

    Anna GustoAnna Gusto19 timmar sedan
  • the biggest let down was seeing you go from an enjoyable youtuber and a genuine cool guy to an heartless asshole. i hope $e t h presses charges .

    ryannryann19 timmar sedan
    • Me to I couldn't imagine being humiliated like that and being manipulated into thinking it's for the blogs so it's okay...

      Chloe ServicChloe Servic10 timmar sedan
  • This guy just gives away 2 cars and that’s not even what the video is about

    RAVRRAVR19 timmar sedan
  • I fucking need a heated toilet seat bro

    Brandon LamBrandon Lam19 timmar sedan
  • You had your "friend" sexually assaulted as a "prank" and you don't even care? You're trash.

    Autumn LaudatoAutumn Laudato21 timme sedan
    • Wait what happened?

      901_Ricardo901_Ricardo19 timmar sedan
  • their reactions never seem to change

    Josh muckJosh muck21 timme sedan
  • holy shit i haven't seen jason in so long he looks like a great grandpa

    Hector RepolletHector Repollet21 timme sedan
  • I was literally cleaning my new house and this popped in the notifications

    Obsidian -1Obsidian -122 timmar sedan
  • Why do SEworldrs need, like, 50 houses when they're rich and stuff? If I ever struck gold, imma stick with one house, you only ever need one, lol. (If you have at least 2 houses, David, I won't judge. But if it's over 5, you have a problem, my guy. 😂)

    Eharper3Eharper322 timmar sedan
  • The airbags are really nice in this car

    Alejandro SosaAlejandro Sosa22 timmar sedan
  • You get car! You get a car !

    Alejandro SosaAlejandro Sosa22 timmar sedan
  • Wtf did I just watch

    Alejandro SosaAlejandro Sosa22 timmar sedan
  • Please help . I really love to do calligraphy but i have no items to do that . Please notice and help me to do the things that i really love to do. My parents didnt support me for doing what i love. Please give me some items to do with calligraphies.

    jovelyn mutiajovelyn mutia23 timmar sedan
  • Does david new a new another editor? I'd honestly love to be apart of the team.

    Snizzy FizzySnizzy Fizzy23 timmar sedan
  • this is just bad and ridiculous

    Gabriel Alarcon DiazGabriel Alarcon Diaz23 timmar sedan
  • Why didn't u called corrina bro we want more videos of you with her she was legit the best in vlogsquad

    4bsTOXIC4bsTOXIC23 timmar sedan
  • who just realised that all of his vlogs are 4 minutes and 21 seconds

    Benjamin RichardsBenjamin RichardsDag sedan
  • Oh man I thought one of his friends would be tricked into making out with his dad again in this video, I am disappointed tbh....

    BlackbeardBlackbeardDag sedan
    • With his dad? LMAO 🤣 talking shit and doesn't even know the story lol

      mario Jimenezmario Jimenez17 timmar sedan
  • Im so happpy david dobrik is backk

  • The abortive columnist resultspreviously dam because keyboard centrally taste throughout a sore thomas. vulgar, slimy self

    Jasper LowJasper LowDag sedan
  • Aww shit thier gose my money I dont need agian

    Angela LeiferAngela LeiferDag sedan
  • Your finally posting😃

    Lilly :DLilly :DDag sedan
  • mans literally throwing keys to his friends holy shi hi my name is dan how are you david? can i get one :/

    Dx3 YurrrDx3 YurrrDag sedan
  • it feels like he put cocaine in Taylor and Ella at the end

    HugoHugoDag sedan
  • closing my eyes until david gives me 100,000

    that one guy.that one guy.Dag sedan
  • 6:27 wheres the video with natalie?

    YehoYehoDag sedan
    • on his podcast channel

      Saraansh JhaSaraansh JhaDag sedan
  • Suzy needs a car or a condo PIF!! She’s my fav person, she has such a great personality x big heart ❤️ actually buy the Antanyans (sorry Ik I butchered that) a bigger house 🏡🤣💕 Love the non house tour lol... congrats 🍾🎉 David.

    Hazrd Rose NYCHazrd Rose NYCDag sedan
  • So this 🤬 made 👴💋 someone.... is this gonna be removed????

    Jesus ArvillaJesus ArvillaDag sedan
  • Ofc he got a new house he really needed one his old one was way to small pff Bahahaha

    McKenna TrouttMcKenna TrouttDag sedan
  • David who do I come back from a brake? I know let’s give away 2 cars

    Crazy CanadianCrazy CanadianDag sedan
  • house tour ! house tour ! house tour ! house tour !!!!

    Syamimi RusleeSyamimi RusleeDag sedan
  • ahhh shit here we go again

    K7faK7faDag sedan
  • i dont know why people are so shocked by the car giveaways id be like oh shit thanks

    Juliet ProductionJuliet ProductionDag sedan
  • What happened to uploading once a week

    Edgar JabbawockeezEdgar JabbawockeezDag sedan
  • Disgusting

    Maddison WhileMaddison WhileDag sedan
    • its ok to be jealous lol

      Shravan PJShravan PJ6 timmar sedan
  • Couldn’t be a David vid without giving someone a car

    Editswrld -Editswrld -Dag sedan
  • Since you just like to give cars away I'm 15 years old and I'm starting driver's training this summer and my dream car is a 911 Porsche sooooo can you hook a brother up

    streaming with the boyzstreaming with the boyzDag sedan
  • Epstein moves?

    Sketti SauceSketti SauceDag sedan
    • And his gf ghillie suit mission from cod 4

      Sketti SauceSketti SauceDag sedan
  • 2:25 Liza watching this be like: 👁 👄 👁

    Sri NamSri NamDag sedan
  • I have the same desk lamp as David 🖐I can’t get over that

    WormWormDag sedan
  • “don’t get to exited” it’s a damn house

    hujuflyhujuflyDag sedan
  • you assaulted a grown man :/

    seanseanDag sedan
  • So happy for you Daviiiiiiid 🥰

    Lovely AyapLovely AyapDag sedan
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    Nikki JenkinsNikki JenkinsDag sedan
    • They always be over the top with the reactions...😒😒🙄🙄🙄, is that the price of having a rich friend?

      Emily AnEmily AnDag sedan
  • 6:10 I ship it

    MERRICK ChapmanMERRICK ChapmanDag sedan
    • He spent all his money on the new house and now he’s come back for more 🤣🤌

      Emily AnEmily AnDag sedan
  • The way David set up his friends for success and is still giving them stuff is amazing

    David RodriguezDavid RodriguezDag sedan
  • “What will Zane break next?”

    FlatlineGURUFlatlineGURUDag sedan
  • yes you came back

  • You and Roman both returned

    Trenton SmutzTrenton SmutzDag sedan
  • AM I THE ONLY ONE WONDERING WHERE THE FRUIT PUNCH GOES??? or does it just like go down the sink or something

    EllyBeanEllyBeanDag sedan

    heartless guyheartless guyDag sedan
  • What is all this .. it all makes sense now

    Adara Nova TseAdara Nova TseDag sedan
  • i just know that sink is sticky

    CarinaCarinaDag sedan
  • It’ll be nice you have a gf.. “sorry”

    Adara Nova TseAdara Nova TseDag sedan
  • I love Suzy she's so wholesome

    Gilles PuttemansGilles PuttemansDag sedan
  • I can’t wait til you put out the amazing content Of giving the homeless woman 10k to sleep in your room full of cameras and how you got her super famous from the stills of her getting undressed before she took a shower and became the hottest unfortunate woman 😳. Waiting patiently brooo

    Roast _Roast _Dag sedan
  • Imagine getting hand me down cars from David 😂

    Useless ThingsUseless ThingsDag sedan
  • Yayyy finally!!!

    Sawyer CheffSawyer CheffDag sedan
  • Heeeeeeee is backkkkkkkkkkk

    abstract trickerabstract trickerDag sedan
  • He spent all his money on the new house and now he’s come back for more 🤣🤌

    Jarlon verɪfɪedJarlon verɪfɪedDag sedan
  • They always be over the top with the reactions...😒😒🙄🙄🙄, is that the price of having a rich friend?

    rootbeerbellyboyrootbeerbellyboyDag sedan
  • when david buys people cars does he also cover the car insurance too??? these are the questions we should be asking

    Dylan SterryDylan SterryDag sedan
  • Anyone heard from S3th or B!g N!ck? They are the to individuals who where S*****y A*******d by Jason mash and David Dobrik! Woot woot! Vlog life forever woot woot!

    Hannah CostelloHannah CostelloDag sedan
  • Yo David where’s my R32 Skyline?

    Free SxmpleFree SxmpleDag sedan
  • Video where vlog squad goes skydiving?????

    Tarik ViegutTarik ViegutDag sedan
  • Hiiii

    SavageGuy4200SavageGuy4200Dag sedan
  • "I sensed food" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    sheyanne hugginssheyanne hugginsDag sedan
  • Liturally the reason why i live

    YNoMe KorYNoMe KorDag sedan

    Anonymous AccountAnonymous AccountDag sedan
  • David post in ur main channel again pls your so funny

    Ovane IcxyzOvane IcxyzDag sedan
  • Guys can someone explain to me what happened? Please

    Lil.xvibez__Lil.xvibez__Dag sedan
  • When are you going to post agin?🥱😭

    Wade FairWade FairDag sedan
  • Please come back

    רני כספירני כספיDag sedan