25 okt 2020
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WARNING: this csgo video is very offensive!
Watch at your own risk.
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    CTS ZhangCTS Zhang4 timmar sedan
  • The first case in cs that I unboxed was a knife LOL

    Ben 1924Ben 19248 timmar sedan
  • 4:52 bruh so no one is going to mention that dap though lol.

    Malajia VeangareMalajia VeangareDag sedan
  • Fitz...

    GryphonDoesStuffGryphonDoesStuffDag sedan
  • This is a big gamer moment.

    Murderer that has a nice smileMurderer that has a nice smile2 dagar sedan
  • the start of the video 😂i cant that guy is not real it made up 😂there no way someone spent time typing that knowing the chance of someone reading it is low

    ThEX G0DThEX G0D2 dagar sedan
  • me: i wonder if i say it will he come? "gamer subbs is shit bang better"

    The gaming LuchadorThe gaming Luchador2 dagar sedan
  • Who is the guy whose laugh sounds like Andrew Sewicki

    Cheyenne DobieCheyenne Dobie3 dagar sedan
  • does anyone have any advice for me, im a csgo beginner and i suck

    EggsEggs3 dagar sedan
  • What did the Asian message say?

    Kai CollinsKai Collins3 dagar sedan
  • Just minimally offensive

    Ethan BodinEthan Bodin3 dagar sedan
  • this isnt; offensive this is just funny

    Devon GrahamDevon Graham3 dagar sedan
  • Look at all those Penguins

    The Mythical guardianThe Mythical guardian4 dagar sedan
  • 5:48 A very certain reaction

    Dio- chuDio- chu5 dagar sedan
  • there’s no way you this video is monetized

    the carnegiethe carnegie6 dagar sedan
  • 5:19 we knew fitz had an odd taste in women but dayum he really having low standards

    The Great NobbyThe Great Nobby7 dagar sedan
  • I've been watching you for a few years and constantly wondered why I never got notifications and I Just realized I was not subscribed🙃

    Kenzi i.Kenzi i.8 dagar sedan
  • Misfits podcast...... Yeah I do miss Fitz.......

    SDKSDK13 dagar sedan
  • Why did the porn lover have their profile pic Tyler Joseph. Of all damn pictures. Just had to be of Tyler.

    Joshua WalkerJoshua Walker13 dagar sedan
  • YOOOOOOO i get that exact same phone call as fitz tf

    RevRev14 dagar sedan
  • This feels like classic swagger fitz content and I love it

    DzeezDzeez14 dagar sedan

    Robert PanekRobert Panek16 dagar sedan
  • i dont know if u take the time to put subtitles for deaf people or for ✨aesthetic✨ but i wanna thank u guys

    jabscospljabscospl16 dagar sedan
  • i remember that one comment, now, at 0:51: hello am 48 year old man from somalia. sorry for my bad england. i selled my wife for internet connection to play "counter strik" and i want to become the goodest player like you with 400 ping on brazil and i am global elite.

    DragonDragon17 dagar sedan
  • I miss Fitz

    Pussy SlayerPussy Slayer17 dagar sedan
  • I get those same fucking calls!

    DrunkenPolarBearDrunkenPolarBear18 dagar sedan
  • I've been getting the Chinese calls for years good to know I'm not the only one lmao

    Rocco_PRRocco_PR18 dagar sedan
  • Queef

    Rule 34 ArtistRule 34 Artist18 dagar sedan
  • Based and poggers

    Born of Zapata’s GunsBorn of Zapata’s Guns19 dagar sedan
  • I’ve had some of the Chinese calls too

    [89thAH] ArmA III:Optre Shenaniganus Maximus[89thAH] ArmA III:Optre Shenaniganus Maximus20 dagar sedan
  • Fitz bad

    The ManagerThe Manager21 dag sedan
  • My first time watching swagger don’t regret it

    Moises PonceMoises Ponce21 dag sedan
  • Swagger didn't even open case 7 lol

    Gregory CombsGregory Combs22 dagar sedan
  • wtf guys...

    Travis CarlTravis Carl22 dagar sedan
  • Bro 1:30 the awkward is making me cringe

    Ace Mc SandwichAce Mc Sandwich22 dagar sedan
  • This is like a stand up special but they just happen to be playing CS:GO

    BelieveInMatterBelieveInMatter22 dagar sedan
  • I m too happy that Today also people play csgo

    EagleatorEagleator22 dagar sedan
  • please restock the hoodie its so sick id actually pay 300 for it

    Robbie CampbellRobbie Campbell22 dagar sedan
  • YEET

    irfanTheCameraGuyirfanTheCameraGuy22 dagar sedan
  • I get the weird Chinese calls too what the fuck

    Stinkus DinkusStinkus Dinkus23 dagar sedan
  • Swagger, I just spent ten minutes watching ads, you better be thankful for the quarter of a penny I just gave you.

    Pedro, The ThirdPedro, The Third23 dagar sedan
    • I have no ads though

      Safouane EtaoilSafouane Etaoil21 dag sedan
  • Fitz :"(

    DrippDripp23 dagar sedan
  • When did Alan Alda start playing CSGO?

    matthebutcher1matthebutcher124 dagar sedan
  • Glad to see the band’s back together doing these vids

    Wyatt McLeodWyatt McLeod24 dagar sedan
  • I only just got a notification for this?

    HILHIL24 dagar sedan
  • I love getting high and watch SwaggerSouls

    darkman 2567darkman 256724 dagar sedan
  • 0:00 That's mini ladd's other steam account

    annuannu24 dagar sedan
  • well that was a counter strike global *offensive* moment

    Kop323 RyjuPstryjuKop323 RyjuPstryju24 dagar sedan
  • 7:20 unironically based swagger wtf

    tmt1tmt124 dagar sedan

    Trimi 420Trimi 42024 dagar sedan
  • I missed this

    Maciek KulaMaciek Kula24 dagar sedan
  • When is fitz going to post another vid, ITS BEEN 10 MONTHS

    Caden IwanskiCaden Iwanski25 dagar sedan
  • I've always been cool with people smoking marijuana have never done it myself but my brother was an avid smoker and one day he was just struggling really hard to turn his grinder and he talked of sticking and it was really hard to keep turning and so when he went to bed I decided to clean out his grinder for him so I took it to the sink got a good toothbrush some Dawn dish soap and scrub the shit out of it. The next morning I showed him I cleaned his grinder spotless. Little did I know, because I didn't smoke or know anything about marijuana I had just destroyed the kief he's been building up for months.

    Joseph3750Joseph375025 dagar sedan
  • "Very offensive csgo moment's" Me pretending to be Anakin Skywalker: "LIER"

    Imadiggity DangesImadiggity Danges25 dagar sedan
  • I’m really about to get in discord for the soul purpose of seeing if sharing OBS is really that difficult 😂😂😂

    G20G2025 dagar sedan
  • Tell fitz to fucking post a video

    Andrae AmianAndrae Amian25 dagar sedan
  • 1/10 this has nothing to do with Bungee gum which has the properties of rubber and gum

    ArticAbyss 64ArticAbyss 6425 dagar sedan
  • fun fact: fitz is wrong at 2:47, there are no penguins in the arctic, only the Antarctic.

    racecahracecah25 dagar sedan

    Charles WallCharles Wall25 dagar sedan
  • travis swore 0:31

    LeehamLeeham25 dagar sedan
  • Oh fitz is not dead?😂his upload schedule is messed up man

    Saiyed ZohairSaiyed Zohair25 dagar sedan
  • This is about 50 minutes too short

    Ron CagujasRon Cagujas25 dagar sedan
  • Man the sad thing is I play your videos so I can pretend I have freinds keep making them please it helps me grind out all my games Over the years doing this made me realize you have a good personality and I'm glad ur here so keep up the work and the knuckle cracking thing was history making 🖤🖤🖤

    Mini Corpse HusbandMini Corpse Husband25 dagar sedan
  • Offensive moments : shows penguins

    CrazyC55xCrazyC55x25 dagar sedan
  • Just found this channel today.

    Nora SaldanaNora Saldana25 dagar sedan
  • This may be weird but this so nostalgic for some reason

    RayaafRayaaf25 dagar sedan
  • 3:47 I really would like to hear the song that was gonna start playing. 😂😭

    christopher cookchristopher cook26 dagar sedan
  • Swaggersouls sounds like Alan Alda

    Pepsi DoggoPepsi Doggo26 dagar sedan
  • I pissed off by the fact that sometimes I have to watch an ad to listen to the outro.

    Michael RayMichael Ray26 dagar sedan
  • Yo swagger, love the content man. My friend lauren is like your biggest fan. It would mean the world to her if you replied to this comment

    Mr DittoMr Ditto26 dagar sedan
  • I’m literally obsessed with watching them 😂 they’re so funny and SwaggerSouls is my favorite, he’s the funniest and his voice is just like the best ♥️✌️😂

    Gwen SmithGwen Smith26 dagar sedan
  • I remember one time where I joined swaggers discord server and I thought it would be funny to put my name as “swaggersouls” and I join a voice channel and it was funny. Next day I go on discord and into swaggers server and I see my name is changed to “not swaggersouls”. To this day I am still named as “not swaggersouls”

    FMJHazardFMJHazard26 dagar sedan
  • I can watch Fitz and swagger all day

    G - LowG - Low26 dagar sedan
  • "Metaling detectors" most underrated joke of 2020

    Tave Close Jr.Tave Close Jr.26 dagar sedan
  • About that Redbull thing. Fun fact: Someone beat redbull in court because they were falsey advertising that it gave you wings.

    Youssef SalamiYoussef Salami26 dagar sedan
  • Why hasn't Fitz uploaded anything on his channel?

    iris G8iris G826 dagar sedan
  • Lmao, i like your funny words magic man

    2b Lucid2b Lucid26 dagar sedan
  • I get those calls too fitz

    BuzzBuzz26 dagar sedan
  • Swaggers voice is a mix between Howard stern and donold trump

    No BNo B26 dagar sedan
  • WhErEs AiNsLeY

    Let’s go Chicken wongsLet’s go Chicken wongs26 dagar sedan
  • Every time I watch one of these, I think that they are using an unoriginal and repetitive title. Not this time.

    A KnewLeafA KnewLeaf26 dagar sedan
  • Thought it was a fitz video in my recommended now I’m sad

    boomrlulboomrlul26 dagar sedan
  • The fps in the video 30

    samuel PFsamuel PF26 dagar sedan
  • Please keep this game alive I want csgo to live forever

    SarinzSarinz26 dagar sedan
  • missed this

    harry mackerethharry mackereth26 dagar sedan
  • Pog

    locojuliano09locojuliano0926 dagar sedan
  • I like how he twisted that painting into something that half made sense 😂 😂

    slayer20 _slayer20 _26 dagar sedan

  • bruh, idk why in a 16-18 age recomendation bc cassino has censure, it doesnt make any sense, it is bullshit

    miykaelmiykael26 dagar sedan
  • Huh I didn’t know Miniladd played CSGO

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ26 dagar sedan
  • Loveeeeee thissssss 💓

    JizzyBoofJizzyBoof26 dagar sedan
  • The game they are playing is just a copy of the Roblox game “Arsenal” smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Lil NiggletLil Nigglet26 dagar sedan
  • half eight in the fucking morning and the "that's why you don't let women over" 5:16 line made me fucking honk loud as fuck holy shit people are staying at my house jesus christ

    PemoPemo26 dagar sedan
  • Make a rust video again

    Belaya BerezkaBelaya Berezka26 dagar sedan
  • Yup syrian playing on NA server with perfect English sounds about right

    Ahmad TariqAhmad Tariq27 dagar sedan
  • bruh my name is travis

    This Dinosaur818This Dinosaur81827 dagar sedan
  • Am i fucked? Cuz none of this seemed offensive to me haha it was just a normal day to me xD

    Kyle KeyteKyle Keyte27 dagar sedan
  • Well he wasn’t wrong it was in Chinese

    Hew HiHew Hi27 dagar sedan
  • I searched knight playing csgo lol

    Mason BrownMason Brown27 dagar sedan
  • Alan Alda back at war

    XephyruzXephyruz27 dagar sedan