Have EXPOSE VIDEOS Gone Too Far?

6 jun 2019
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This is PART 2 of the James Charles saga.
Watch PART 1 here: seworld.info/will/nXvH3Za8Y32TvWg/video
Recent events in 2020 have also prompted a PART 3, which you can watch here: seworld.info/will/e5vYtb_DZpKE1Wg/video

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This is Part 2 of the James Charles Saga. In Part 1 we looked at the history of Tati and James Charles and analyzed the psychology of what led Tati to turn on him. In this video we discuss the problematic nature of exposing fellow creators in public with unsubstantiated claims. We also discuss Jeffree Star's involvement in the drama and how it pushed everything even further into confusion and escalation. The Beauty Community seems to always be bubbling with crazy drama, but this time it went mainstream, inspiring people like Deji, aka ComedyShortsGamer who came out with an expose video on his brother KSI (KSIolajidebt). We also discuss the FazeBanks insight into how Tati made at least $19.6 million dollars selling the Halo Beauty vitamins as a result of the Bye Sister scandal, which in my opinion is a number much lower than what she could have made in reality, due to the emotional nature of the video and how influencer marketing in general works. All this and more in a brand new video here on the channel!

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