Game Sack Console Crunch #1

9 feb 2020
572 292 visningar

Here's something new I'd like to try, taking a nod from Cinemassacre who does similar things to great success with AVGN seasons. I want to offer more of these types of videos in the future with console episodes and other themes episodes, while keeping them at or around the 3 hours or so. What would you like to see? Or do you hate this idea with every fiber of your being?
TurboGrafx-16 episode 1 - 0:00
TurboGrafx-16 episode 2 - 13:56
Pioneer LaserActive - 56:07
Nintendo Gamecube - 1:13:00
Sega Dreamcast - 1:35:10
Nintendo 64 episode 1 - 2:02:14
Nintendo 64 episode 2 - 2:27:40
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  • So to answer some questions that so far nobody is really asking but I wanna give answers to anyway: These will only be released in off weeks and not in lieu of new content. Also I only plan on releasing one of these maybe once every 2 months at most. It also helps SEworld see that the channel is alive so maybe Game Sack won't get buried in the almighty overseeing algorithm... well not AS buried anyway. To answer the question you're asking in your head YES I'm in my underwear as I type this. Wait... you're not asking that?

    Game SackGame Sack9 månader sedan
    • LOL at people who still wear clothes. I'm typing this while being naked.

      Traugott MüllerTraugott Müller7 månader sedan
    • Ha! I'm not wearing any underwear! poo on you! crap, there's poo on me!

      Jay_Slash_DRMJay_Slash_DRM9 månader sedan
    • Game Sack is it true the 32X is so powerful it needs a sega genesis attached to it so the games don’t explode?

      Wynn PetsovichWynn Petsovich9 månader sedan
    • No hard feelings about the compilations, let them be. It's always killing me to see how few views the old episodes have because the modern FOMO culture is all about passively consuming content.

      Phil SharyPhil Shary9 månader sedan
    • Oh, not only am I asking if you're in you underwear, I'm asking for the details. They're leopard print I'll bet. You seem like a leopard kind of guy. Sexy!

      Christopher BrickweddeChristopher Brickwedde9 månader sedan
  • Uh guys the wii virtual console is gone

    Goldfire345Goldfire3457 dagar sedan
  • 5:39. Hey that's the sound a pig cop makes when he dies in DUKE NUKEM. LOL

    Angelic Alien333Angelic Alien33319 dagar sedan
  • 1:14 is that a dog turd near Chun li??

    Angelic Alien333Angelic Alien33319 dagar sedan
  • 2:02:00 Can I play too!

    The Nerd DadThe Nerd Dad20 dagar sedan
  • why does the n64 get two videos with 400 released games but ps1 gets one video and has 3000 games

    WalczykWalczyk26 dagar sedan
  • Battle ace on supergrafx was made only to show off the Power Console but since it was not released, battle ace became irrelevant hélas

    sam Lepiratesam Lepirate26 dagar sedan
  • I miss dave, i never tire of seeing him flip joe off.

    Richard PisanoRichard PisanoMånad sedan
  • Holy Crap he is good at super monkey ball!!!!!!

    Jason ManganoJason ManganoMånad sedan
  • 41:46.. dammit Dave

    victor-non-victim bear -victor-non-victim bear -Månad sedan
  • Why don't you bring Dave Back during the Pandemic? Joe? I know he ain't working during quarantine?

    Alexandre SouzaAlexandre SouzaMånad sedan
  • was "Final Soldier" possibly supposed to mean u were the last soldier, kinda givin the gamer the impression they were the last hope not that it was the last soldier game

    TravisTravisMånad sedan
  • Dave, the Gamecube had a port of Capcom vs SNK 2 so it had a bit of BOTH Street Fighter and King of Fighters lol.

    TheIllustriouBlueJayTheIllustriouBlueJayMånad sedan
  • I hate when I crunch my game sack... ouch!

    Scrambles the Death DealerScrambles the Death DealerMånad sedan
  • n64 is trash..

    WalczykWalczykMånad sedan
  • From the looks of it I’m glad I never bothered getting a GC

    Walter SobchakWalter Sobchak2 månader sedan
  • you would recomend that game to anybody even michelle obama? whatd does that even meen?

    Weeabooty TamagucciWeeabooty Tamagucci2 månader sedan
    • I still have no idea.

      Game SackGame Sack2 månader sedan
  • Comment.

    RidinSpinaz04RidinSpinaz042 månader sedan
  • Street Fighter II Championship Edition not released in the US. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??

    Adrian EdwardsAdrian Edwards2 månader sedan
  • Michelle Obama LOVES your Star Parodier recommendation

    Code KhalilCode Khalil2 månader sedan
  • 아재들 너무 마음에 드네요. ㅎㅎ

    Don ShinDon Shin2 månader sedan
  • Nice sword of vermillion nod at the end. Not sure how it fits but whatever

    Dan JenkinsDan Jenkins2 månader sedan
  • 1:03:38 "No 🐉🐲dragon's lair ? No don bluth? I am outta here man." Lmao 😂

    mario mariomario mario2 månader sedan
  • when the dreamcast first came out toy commander was the demo game in the game shops at the time, ill never foget sitting there for hours in the shop playing it while my parents told me to hurry my shit up :)

    Liam McgarrityLiam Mcgarrity2 månader sedan
  • Laser Active Sucked and was Overpriced plus it was 3 or 4 Year Old LD Tech when it Came Out!

    Bradley McAvoyBradley McAvoy2 månader sedan
  • They Do TG-16 and No Mention of Blazing Lazers, Devils Crush, Alien Crush, Dungeon Explorer, Neutopia 1 & 2 or One of the Best of All Time Ninja Spirit! Amazing Game that I Wish I Had!

    Bradley McAvoyBradley McAvoy2 månader sedan
  • Great content, love the channel, miss Joe!

    Francisco D'anconiaFrancisco D'anconia2 månader sedan
    • Dave

      Walter SobchakWalter Sobchak2 månader sedan
  • and part 2 starts annnnd i'm sure i'll be eating my words. Sorry Joe.

    vuxnutvuxnut2 månader sedan
  • I'm pretty sure that not one of these games mentioned made it to the turbo mini. I wonder if Joe, did a review of it. Also, I am a bit surprised that they didn't mention Alien Crush or Bonk. I think those games are way better than the over hyped Legendary Ax. Unfair game mechanics and difficult enemy placement does not make a good game. all of this of course is IMO and I loved the TG 16.

    vuxnutvuxnut2 månader sedan
  • that bald guy is an asshole.

    Michael CorleyMichael Corley3 månader sedan
  • 1:41:19 - Uh HOW exactly did Gearbox screw up the 2007 Samba De Amigo game? You just didn't even bother at all to elaborate on that claim because in my experience, the game is just as fun as the previous Dreamcast title.

    Keiji JohnsonKeiji Johnson3 månader sedan
  • What's the music's name used for the GameCube Montage? 1:30:55

    Ant MAnt M3 månader sedan
  • Where’s Mario kart double dash?

    Colin GZ NetworkColin GZ Network3 månader sedan
  • Melee is better than mortal combat and street fighter

    Colin GZ NetworkColin GZ Network3 månader sedan
  • I thought the gamecube was the most widely respected system Nintendo ever made

    Colin GZ NetworkColin GZ Network3 månader sedan
  • 5:06 you mispelled symphony of the night

    Colin GZ NetworkColin GZ Network3 månader sedan
    • I just facepalmed re reading this!

      Colin GZ NetworkColin GZ Network2 månader sedan
    • Wut you meen ?

      Walter SobchakWalter Sobchak2 månader sedan
  • 11:52 I felt that....

    Matt DawsonMatt Dawson3 månader sedan
  • That Dreamcast commercial...^_______^

    Nicolas JonassonNicolas Jonasson3 månader sedan
  • You said Killer Instinct Gold was better than San Francisco Rush? Yeah, I can tell you're not going to contribute anything else worthwhile to a conversation either. Game Suck.

    QaddoshQaddosh3 månader sedan
  • My uncle gave me one of this complete with manuals but with only Keith courage and bonk.

    DnekarDnekar3 månader sedan
  • @game sack i've played nintendo gamecube on a wii that DIDNT have ports using an external dvd burner, a ps4 gamepad and a soft modded newer wii, you can bypass the need for a special older drive chip and play wii backups as well using a external usb drive

    FrogzFrogz4 månader sedan
  • Bought mine 2 years ago from a private buyer. His wife made him sell his video games. Not cheap the console 2 controllers and 30 games cost 2000.00

    Ray LewisRay Lewis4 månader sedan
  • *See's Dave* *me lying down and trying not to cry* I'm not crying, you are!

    SADYEAR ゑぃヌSADYEAR ゑぃヌ4 månader sedan
  • What is the intro talk music from again?

    Daniel ZiltenerDaniel Ziltener4 månader sedan
  • Thats why the Wii was so awesome cuz you were able to download all kinds of retro games for like almost all retro systems, people who bash on the Wii and who complaint about the Wii being "underpowered" are not true gamers!!! And they missed out on what could have been the most underrated system of that generation. As far as it being "underpowered" that's totally meritless cuz many of the Wii games had amazingly gorgeous colorful graphics that could seriously pass as xbox 360 graphics when connected with componment cables running at 480p progressive scan widescreen.

    Jorge LopezJorge Lopez4 månader sedan
  • It feels a bit like these tv series that are made of a bunch of "memories" (ie. past episodes). Good fanservice ? Definitely. Filler content? Absolutely. Also Ocarina of time is a not a Zelda game. It's creepy, and ultimately the result of stupid decisions at Nintendo. I even think the 2 on the NES is better. And don't watch Evangelion is you are over 15.

    Tokyo est mon jardinTokyo est mon jardin4 månader sedan
  • Cute'em up is the stupidest term ever.

    Genxtasy 99Genxtasy 994 månader sedan
  • Dreamcast old school dream hardware. It was pretty far ahead. Namasté.

    X, John LangerijsX, John Langerijs4 månader sedan
  • Brilliant idea. Thanks Joe

    MattEightSixMattEightSix4 månader sedan
  • You have the best intro music :)

    PolPonPolPon4 månader sedan
  • wich soundtrack is at 9:28? or title of it?

    Jinder BainsJinder Bains5 månader sedan
  • Sega should have released Power Drift for Dreamcast.

    ChristopheChristophe5 månader sedan
  • Doesnt Joe kind of look like a mix between Dan Bull and Ron Pearlman

    Agent OrangeAgent Orange5 månader sedan
  • isnt dash rindar the youtuber Parifractic of Retro Recipes

    GenBloodLustGenBloodLust5 månader sedan
  • Turbografx episodes outro was laugh out loud funny. Good job Joe... Dave... good job

    Don FergusonDon Ferguson5 månader sedan
  • "Karoke" lmao

    DasAntiNaziBroetchenDasAntiNaziBroetchen5 månader sedan
  • At the end at 3:05:46 a nice melody plays while you guys are doing that “no imagination” scene. What’s the name of that melody ? It’s amazing.

    itsMostafawiitsMostafawi5 månader sedan
  • A company like saga should have kept there consoles going, with the ability to add upgrades and continued support for hardware, software and firmware.

    Blinds 88Blinds 885 månader sedan
  • What's the name of the song at 1:57:00 ? it´s awesome!

    Edmont KeysEdmont Keys5 månader sedan
  • Conker better than Perfect Dark? Fool. Of a took

    Phil ChadwickPhil Chadwick6 månader sedan
  • Great to see you 2 together , you guys should do some curls in your down time, those frail little arms crack me up. Hey its ok though, you dont need biceps or muscle tone to play games. As a fan i would come over and open your pickle jar for you any time you may need help doing so, thats just how much of a fan i am, lol. PS. Loved this video, great job

    brandon whitsonbrandon whitson6 månader sedan
  • No mention of Super Mario Sunshine in the GameCube episode? SACRILEGE!!!

    Lord PubliusLord Publius6 månader sedan
    • What’s the draw to the Mario franchise? I just don’t see the attraction

      Walter SobchakWalter Sobchak2 månader sedan
  • hi. if youre out there. whatsong is at 1:58:00

    Cowboy Pug On A Rocking Horse 1337Cowboy Pug On A Rocking Horse 13376 månader sedan
  • So glad I bought Metroid Prime Trilogy years ago before it undoubtedly skyrockets in price like Ninja Gaiden Trilogy for SNES.

    Chris GChris G6 månader sedan
    • Really NES is expensive? Never bought a NES game. Well SMB way back when it first came out.

      Walter SobchakWalter Sobchak2 månader sedan
  • This episòooooøöõôóôœoode is too long, I can't pass through , what were they thinking??

    Mzu5000 MzuMzu5000 Mzu6 månader sedan
  • People dying on the streets, and then people spending $300 on bonk’s adventure.

    Daniel MorleyDaniel Morley6 månader sedan
  • By the way guys, anyone who's a fan of the Turbografx-16 NEEDS to check out the BitHead1000 channel here on SEworld. That dude doesn't get NEAR enough love! Dude's got a crazy thick Long Island accent & a penchant for farting on camera. Lol trust me, you guys want to see his content. He needs some shout outs so I'm giving him one here.

    skins4thewinskins4thewin6 månader sedan
  • LOL they were so Monotone in their old episodes. And the jokes, oh man. I'd recommend this game, even to Michelle Obama. Lol what?

    skins4thewinskins4thewin6 månader sedan
    • @Walter Sobchak Lol really? Hell, I can dig that. Respect level just went up for the Obama's.

      skins4thewinskins4thewin2 månader sedan
    • Supposedly she liked retro consoles and games

      Walter SobchakWalter Sobchak2 månader sedan
  • This was such a cool compilation. I always love the "tongue in cheek" dialog/banter between you two. Such good chemistry.

    Cliff ConwayCliff Conway6 månader sedan
  • 53:31 anyone know the song here? i don't think it's included in the featured songs list for that episode

    disappearerdisappearer6 månader sedan
  • Is Dave okay? He sounds different.

    JohnJohn7 månader sedan
    • It’s the hormone pills he’s taking in preparation for the surgery

      Walter SobchakWalter Sobchak2 månader sedan
  • 2 women should make a gaming channel and call it "Game Labia Minora"

    Carson SablanCarson Sablan7 månader sedan
  • Totally agree on JB Harold. Hell i may have already commented this before, but what a great game! Just recently played through it again, which is rare for to finish anything these days!

    VBshredderVBshredder7 månader sedan
  • "Dago Wop" I did not expect that.

    Matt StevensonMatt Stevenson7 månader sedan
  • I love these videos I always considered myself a big time collector but you guys are on another level. Hey btw regarding game cube you guys said it had no fighters beside smash bro’s melee. It has soul caliber 2 with link from Zelda it has a flying dragon sequel it also has capcom vs snk EO which was also on Xbox. It let you do easy supers mapped to the directions on the dpad.

    john dewberry IIIjohn dewberry III7 månader sedan
  • What happened to Dave???

    Bobman9420Bobman94207 månader sedan
  • 9:10 The only version of R-Type anyone should be playing is the Amiga version. ;P EDIT: I'd also like to hear your opinion on the TurboGrafx-16 Mini console. Is it worth it? Especially for someone who doesn't own the original?

    Traugott MüllerTraugott Müller7 månader sedan
  • 53:30 what is that song playing in the background :)

    〉〉GameHacKeR〈〈〉〉GameHacKeR〈〈7 månader sedan
  • Dear Gamesack, It is said Legendary Axe 1 and 2 are not related but I understood in nr2 at the start your warrior gets attacked and thrown in the pit by the main character of nr 1. SPOILER ALERT: When you defeat him at the end his girlfriend from part 1 (the one you save at the end) is the assassin that tries to take out the evil laughing "hero" at the end.

    laxitonlaxiton7 månader sedan
  • My top favorite game sack episode!! You guys are hilarious😂

    suparigsuparig7 månader sedan
  • shenmue 1, 2 now 3 are on ps4! nice too own!

    john79TaxiDriverjohn79TaxiDriver7 månader sedan
  • awful acting does not hold up!

    john79TaxiDriverjohn79TaxiDriver7 månader sedan
  • not showing many games on game cube was absurd! resident evil 0 like all others besides survivor dead aim n re7 that are shit re 1 remake and 0 kick ass n the others on gamecube! godzilla fighting game is great too res evil 0 shoulda been at the front!!!

    john79TaxiDriverjohn79TaxiDriver7 månader sedan
  • I have to say, this "Crunch" series speaks volumes of the overall quality of your channel. Maybe it's the whole apocalypse thing, but I found myself watching the entire thing, with great interest. May have taken me three days, but good watch nonetheless. 👊🏾

    TheLabVideoGameTVTheLabVideoGameTV7 månader sedan
  • U guys forgor one of the most important facts, the cd system on the turbo had the best versions of ys 1 and 2 during the 16 bit era possibly even trumps the 32 bit ones due to the animated cutscenes and much better animation during gameplay

    Clever KitsuneClever Kitsune8 månader sedan
  • There is also Star Soldier 64 and Star Soldier Returns.

    SuperPlumbus IdkSuperPlumbus Idk8 månader sedan
  • Super Star Soldier was made by the same team as Blazing Lazers. That's why they're so similar.

    SuperPlumbus IdkSuperPlumbus Idk8 månader sedan
  • The green blob npc in The Legend of Valkyrie actually stars in its own Snes game Whirlo.

    SuperPlumbus IdkSuperPlumbus Idk8 månader sedan
  • The Turrican games were the best European games of the 16 bit era.

    SuperPlumbus IdkSuperPlumbus Idk8 månader sedan
  • I love this idea. Even tho I’ve seen all these episodes multiple times, it’s nice to have them all in a cohesive video to just throw on!

    Trevor BozemanTrevor Bozeman8 månader sedan
  • Oh hiiiiiii Dave

    RickRick8 månader sedan
  • F-Zero GX would be great if the analog stick was any good. The game has a big dead zone and then suddenly all the steering comes in at once. I can even see it in the gameplay in this video. The Dreamcast analog stick is fantastic. Center precision is great, and it uses hall effect sensors instead of pots. The N64 analog stick is also fantastic for precision, but doesn't last.

    Grumpy ModelerGrumpy Modeler8 månader sedan
  • you guys are DADS

    jean-francois labellejean-francois labelle8 månader sedan
  • Totall trash. Bring back stock-motion clips of games consoles humping each other

    sirkasticsirkastic8 månader sedan
  • Its famous for being the first console to have sf1 the worst game ever to be produced.

    BoobieBoobie8 månader sedan
  • You can clearly tell from the video progression that these guys got way better over time...

    BruceBruce8 månader sedan
  • What's the song at the end of the Pioneer LaserActive review? Doesn't sound like any of the songs from FF3 Famicom, is it an arrange of something from FF6 (known as FF3 in the US)?

    wolftickets1969wolftickets19698 månader sedan
  • I want that jolly Rodgers hat!

    Chad MulliganChad Mulligan8 månader sedan
  • Did the super graphics ever actually USE its upgraded specs? I didnt really see anything that blew my skirt up!

    Chad MulliganChad Mulligan8 månader sedan
  • These guys are the best ! Keep making your awesome vids!

    Chad MulliganChad Mulligan8 månader sedan