MacBook Pro 16" (2021) - MAJOR Design Leaks!

29 apr 2021
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MacBook Pro 16" & 14" M1X/M2 - MAJOR Leaks!
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  • Who's excited for the 16" MacBook Pro? Personally, I'm more excited for the 14", as that would be the one replacing my M1 13". Also, make sure to check out Setapp - if you have a Mac!

    ZONEofTECHZONEofTECH12 dagar sedan
    • @Abraham Aquil Yup, I have been watching on Flixzone for years myself :)

      Chaim ClayChaim Clay4 dagar sedan
    • Pro tip : watch series on Flixzone. I've been using it for watching lots of of movies lately.

      Abraham AquilAbraham Aquil4 dagar sedan
    • 12” for iPad Pro 2021, 16” for MacBook 2021. Plus a mini iPad once they have removed the home button.

      Kwarkoo CoxsKwarkoo Coxs7 dagar sedan
    • I would rather mini LED than OLED. When I am paying for a laptop I want the screen to last and not having to worry about burn in. Plus the nit brightness would also be better on the mini LED.

      Kwarkoo CoxsKwarkoo Coxs7 dagar sedan
    • Just give me 3 or 4 portts each side, usb-3

      Kris C.Kris C.8 dagar sedan
  • Your content is not that impressive to the channel subscribed... That indicates all those 77% won't watch the whole video... Change your presentation from a GOSSIP point of view to facts & figures. Therefore 77% are intellectuals who don't have time to waste the whole time you spent on the Video.😂😂😂

    Барьти ՌոքանսБарьти Ռոքանս11 timmar sedan
  • Who gives TWO F**S if it's slightly rounder or thick look. F***k you and your "Design Language" Only thing that ultimately matters is the performance. No wonder hardly anyone is subscribing

    StevenSteven18 timmar sedan
  • I am not into business just retried and have a 13" retina MacBook Pro besides my two 27" Imacs and I have no need for the Touch Bar so I will get the 16" plus the new iMac. Love the ports because I keep the 2015 plugged in all the time to my smart tv.

    albertzappaalbertzappaDag sedan

    familyguyfan101familyguyfan101Dag sedan
  • May I kmow how much price that's Laptop?

    Hani ThelittlestarHani ThelittlestarDag sedan
  • How much the price?

    Hani ThelittlestarHani ThelittlestarDag sedan
  • If its unfixable then im not buying... Even f I have money in the 1st place...

    Jensar Joey SaysonJensar Joey SaysonDag sedan
  • Bringing back the HDMI port is the most pointless move... you can litterally take thunderbolt directly to hdmi on a single cable. All a hdmi port would be is a less versatile port.

    Carwyn BradburyCarwyn BradburyDag sedan
  • Ditch the touch bar

    Kshitish SorteKshitish SorteDag sedan
  • Rounded corners looked really bad…….

    Sebastian KhanSebastian KhanDag sedan
  • what is this "sistshmabupro" you are talking about?

    NitroMusikNitroMusik2 dagar sedan
  • prefer curve bottom

    张啸林张啸林2 dagar sedan
  • Thanks to alvinshyper40 on 1G.. Just got iPhone 12, Macbook pro and some other apple products through him. I wasn't expecting it to work but it did. So amazing He's the best hacker online

    Scandalo GreenlyScandalo Greenly2 dagar sedan
  • We want USB A !! 😟

    Dhruva JindalDhruva Jindal2 dagar sedan
  • That horrible and unresponsive touch bar needs to be removed period.

    SolaireSolaire2 dagar sedan
  • I want to see a real gpu not these blown up mobile gpu‘s e.g a complete redesign i also doubt that they will be able to be as good as the cards from AMD especially in the 3d sector which they basically don’t support really in mobile.

    Platin 21Platin 212 dagar sedan
  • I‘d prefer the thickness of the old macbook because this will just get flimsy and battery will also need to be reduced.

    Platin 21Platin 212 dagar sedan
  • I’m already in thay 22% 😎

    Lucky’s ClixLucky’s Clix2 dagar sedan
  • Ok Ok. I subscribed I subscribed hehehe :)

    sam guaposam guapo2 dagar sedan
  • Wow I wished the way his thumbnail popped out like it was on a desk was how it appeared (reflecting light in other words) lol

    BlueymansBlueymans3 dagar sedan
  • I do like the touch bar

    Fabian KomorowskiFabian Komorowski3 dagar sedan
  • Sounds to me it's been redesigned to a 16 inch retail desktop with not much value and unrepairable like the imac.... Clearly pro or professionals won't be buying it and laughing all the way to the thinkpad competition as soon as they launch Linux and Unix enterprise systems from the factory... Boeing and Intel are almost dead due to dead management cultures... Is this the start of apples decline where they think copying opensource is a quew for dumping all design and r and d in the company?

    blooskys1blooskys13 dagar sedan
  • I hate the touchbar so much, good riddance!

    VessailVessail3 dagar sedan
  • Removing the Touch Bar would be such a shame.

    4theluvofmusic4theluvofmusic4 dagar sedan
  • m1 is not the most powerful SOC on the market, geekbench is a meme benchmark, anyone who uses that to measure real CPU performance just loses all credibility.

    LuoSKr4DLuoSKr4D4 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for great video~! I've been waiting for this info

    카일파일 K File카일파일 K File4 dagar sedan
  • This must be the worst popular tech channel lol.

    Ekin ElçiEkin Elçi4 dagar sedan
  • u look great

    Gopal AgarwalGopal Agarwal4 dagar sedan
  • If it will be flat, how would one pick up from the table?

    Csaba VartikCsaba Vartik4 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully more ports, no touch bar. For professional use, its great to have a machine that can handle all sorts of contraptions without adapters. In the audio and video industry its a must. Personally I like more power and adaptability over thinness and style.

    Tomazo CostantinoTomazo Costantino5 dagar sedan
  • i need them to release it ASAP

    Jeffery TsengJeffery Tseng5 dagar sedan
  • I am glad the TouchBar will be gone. Programmers hate it.

    hipertrackerhipertracker5 dagar sedan
  • Apple, you’re still not convincing me to buy into your products 👎🏻

    The Artful RogersThe Artful Rogers5 dagar sedan
  • I am subscribed

    John WadeJohn Wade5 dagar sedan
  • 11 hours of battery life on the current MBP16? That must be a joke :) You’re lucky if you have 6 cause MBP16 is so hungry for power and keeps pushing power even with simple tasks that there is no way it will work 11 hours of normal (not laboratory) usage.

    Сергей ФилимоновСергей Филимонов5 dagar sedan
  • 90hz

    Yusril Ihsanul AlimYusril Ihsanul Alim5 dagar sedan
  • put haptic engine under touch bar

    CuteBlastSamoCuteBlastSamo5 dagar sedan
  • Can’t wait to watch a review on this macbook and stay loyal to my Asus laptop 😂

    tuan syafiqtuan syafiq5 dagar sedan
  • Touch Bar is a good to have. The ports should not be big deal . Its going backwards in my point of view.

    RegiiPadRegiiPad5 dagar sedan
  • i sold my kidney for that

  • They should experiment and make a TouchBook!! No keyboard- all touch!!

    Allen SAllen S6 dagar sedan
  • Wait. Subscribe is free?!?

    Allen SAllen S6 dagar sedan
  • Tell me it’ll have five thousand thunderbolt ports!!!

    Allen SAllen S6 dagar sedan
  • Ugh get to the point

    White Mail PrivilegeWhite Mail Privilege6 dagar sedan
  • I hope apple to removes touchbars...

    Dim GagDim Gag6 dagar sedan
  • I think the reason apple is bringing the ports back is because they really want to steal some market from windows while they can, the windows ARM chips are very very very behind Apple, so Apple can use this opportunity to get a huge rise in their sales of Mac products, and lock those people in their ecosystem, especially that many windows users are also iOS and iPadOS users. It’s very rare for apple to bring features back or to admit that they rushed something, so this is a very rare thing we’re seeing.

    Mikayel HovhannésMikayel Hovhannés6 dagar sedan
  • Do you think the new MacBook Pros with the HDMI port might allow HDMI IN instead of just OUT to capture video from a DSLR or Mirrorless cameras for live-streaming, etc???? That would be game changing, no dongle needed.

    Fallout75Fallout756 dagar sedan
  • Dear Apple, please upgrade the camera to at least 1080p!

    Aaron ChathamAaron Chatham6 dagar sedan
  • Apple should make 14 inch MacBook like your render and with physical buttons

    Аква ВитаАква Вита6 dagar sedan
  • Do you think no fan in M1 macbook air would be an issue down the line for 3d modelers (using blender) or editing videos on imovies?

    Saffire AnimationSaffire Animation6 dagar sedan
  • 77% not subscribed yet? Ok but why should they subscribe? I mean if they "really" love ur contents and they would have subbed already.

    LoveHedgehogLoveHedgehog6 dagar sedan
  • Higher refresh rates on the screen.

    Kane WangKane Wang6 dagar sedan
  • Already subscribed!

    NeptuneFallingNeptuneFalling6 dagar sedan
  • I don’t want more ports

    Hardik SahuHardik Sahu6 dagar sedan
  • I guess you're all about advertisement

    George LGeorge L6 dagar sedan
  • The GPU performance has been the main thing that has had me hesitant about the M1s. You make a great point about them insuring that these will at least match the performance though! No one is going to "upgrade" to a lower spec machine.... will be interesting where they land with it!

    RyuTenchi CodesRyuTenchi Codes6 dagar sedan
  • Cool

    Davida FabiDavida Fabi6 dagar sedan
  • the most important design feature is that I still wouldn’t be able to afford it

    sunkid86sunkid867 dagar sedan
    • Start saving up now?

      SaltySaltyDag sedan
  • This schematic leak of a MacBook Pro, is rather new MacBook, cheep (799?) colorful companion of 24" M1 iMac for students. Remember that MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13" and Mac mini are 1st gen devices in OLD casing, to have something mostly for developers and early adopters of new architecture.

    slizgislizgi7 dagar sedan
  • Why not, put 2 M1 into the 16" model?

    Tobias UnkelTobias Unkel7 dagar sedan
  • Pourfuul

    TomTom7 dagar sedan
  • 4:19 dude, if they haven't fixed nasty bugs on the touchbar after all these years, that thing is going away, not wider

    james pongjames pong7 dagar sedan
  • If apple goes back to their glowing Apple logo in the back of the MacBook Pro I’ll tell you that it will be the best selling Mac product or laptop for years to come but Apple come on go back to your glowing logo

    iBaaMiBaaM7 dagar sedan
  • How come you enjoy changing volume on the touchbar?!? That’s 1-2sec slower than me with buttons I have recently discovered one useful thing for the touchbar and that is mute/unmute and raise hand in Microsoft Teams. Other than that. Get rid of it please.

    Tobias MichelTobias Michel7 dagar sedan
  • Bringing back HDMI is garbage. I've used it 5 times in 6 years in my current Macbook. Not to mention the two Thunderbolt 2 ports that I've literally never used. I was a massive fan of all USB-C from the start.

    yuc0nyuc0n7 dagar sedan
  • Subscribed from INDIA 🇮🇳

    Gowrish CVGowrish CV7 dagar sedan
  • zephyrus duo, say somthing

    niko chenniko chen7 dagar sedan
  • TBH I like the fan noise

    Soham MukherjeeSoham Mukherjee7 dagar sedan
  • You shouldn’t show hackers images. They are thieves and are only pushing out the images for ransom.

    Kwarkoo CoxsKwarkoo Coxs7 dagar sedan
  • and he still can't stop saying "you see". All these years and no improvement... oh well

    ..7 dagar sedan
  • Now I can buy a 2011 MacBook Air 🥳🥳🥳

    Thor_Lock_habibiThor_Lock_habibi7 dagar sedan
  • For developers we need physical key instead of touch bar

    SaktiReviewEverythingSaktiReviewEverything7 dagar sedan
  • No Touch Bar needed!

    Antonio V.CondeAntonio V.Conde7 dagar sedan
  • I’d like Physical F-keys with built in displays. No touch. I sometimes inadvertently touch the touchbar with my my long fingers resting, and unexpected things happen. I’d like a design that makes it easy to pick it up from a table, like the current gen. Totally flat looks very cool, but it’ll be kinda hard to pick up. The rounded style didn’t look that cool in the renderings, but perhaps it’ll be fine? My current MBP 4xThunderbolt ports are often full. USB-C cable Display, TB audio interface, USB-C external disk, power cord. Often I need to jumble a USB hub in there for more complex setups with musical instruments and other devices, and power through the hub if need be. Would hate less ports. Isn’t it time for Apple to acknowledge the need of a TB4 hub, and make their own super sleek high efficiency hub with stellar performance? Maybe in the future most TB4/ USB4 devices will have daisy chain, and then it won’t really matter.

    True CuckooTrue Cuckoo7 dagar sedan
  • Im new to Mac. Can someone tell me why they don’t make touchscreen mac’s?

    Meekou LeeMeekou Lee7 dagar sedan
  • I love the touchbar! Don't remove it.

    robertw236robertw2368 dagar sedan
  • I use the touchbar a lot, volume, light, in Logic... Hope they have two options to offer, witth or without

    Kris C.Kris C.8 dagar sedan
  • NO WTF, why would you make the laptop flat? That's a terrible design. No airflow out the sides/bottom and how am I supposed to pick the damn thing up? Flat laptop does not make sense at all. It better have a curve.

    Kevin ChiangKevin Chiang8 dagar sedan
  • LOL, that "subscribed" to "not subscribed" ratio difference is the biggest I have ever seen on any SEworldr I follow so far. Good luck!

    Hadrian DiemHadrian Diem8 dagar sedan
    • @HypePill of course u do

      gustavo valdezgustavo valdez2 dagar sedan
    • I have a big channel with 97k and only 4.4% of my viewers are subscribed, but the money is right so I don't complain

      HypePillHypePill2 dagar sedan
  • The 2019 16" MBP was by far the worst Apple product I've ever owned (heat !!!, fan noise!!!, external monitor nightmare!!!!!!!...and I'm a loyal apple customer since 2004. The M1 products are night and day better.

    devi dasadevi dasa8 dagar sedan
  • you know you can adjust the volume and brightness without the touchbar, right? "F10; F11; F12". "F1; F2". your rebuttal?

    psycl0pticpsycl0ptic8 dagar sedan
  • 3:12 It’s not really weird. The content of your videos just happens to be what people search for. For many people, they leave once they get the answer they’re looking for, and there’s no reason to stick around. That’s it. Personally, when I see SEworldrs showing stats of their audience. It’s an automatic “I’m never subscribing.” for me since it kinda wastes my precious time having to hear that.

    milkkomsonmilkkomson8 dagar sedan
  • cmon apple, ditch the fans for some passive heatsinks...if ipad can do it, macbook can do it as well.

    24063457467984263567240634574679842635678 dagar sedan
  • I want a flat macbook pro from side as ipad pro and iphone 12

    Het PatelHet Patel8 dagar sedan
  • They should burn that touch bar and erase it from history :) Well to be fair, just make it optional.

    Ernestas KvedarasErnestas Kvedaras8 dagar sedan
  • Powerful integrated or dedicated GPU is what matters to me

    Create with DippyamanCreate with Dippyaman8 dagar sedan
  • 1:30 Imagine having this design. Now imagine trying to pick it up from a flat surface... that's why it should be curved, at least a little.

    Bernat CNBernat CN8 dagar sedan
    • @Christopher Wu exactly

      Maple AviationMaple Aviation4 dagar sedan
    • I believe the rubber stubs at the bottom will still be there so it will still have some raise from that in anything

      Christopher WuChristopher Wu6 dagar sedan
  • Those 77% who are not subscribed are not looking for serious commitment. 😂

    Sujay JadhaoSujay Jadhao8 dagar sedan
    • I wish SEworldrs just stopped doing that. It’s not my fault that you couldn’t engage those people.

      Ekin ElçiEkin Elçi4 dagar sedan
    • 🤣🤣🤣 correct!

      Gabriel TrentGabriel Trent5 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for the video, Daniel. You guys put in a lot of work, which is very much appreciated. I hope Apple looks at your suggestions and incorporate your ideas in the 16" Macbook Pro.

    DutchAussieProductionsDutchAussieProductions9 dagar sedan
  • I like the touch bar as well, it's great for instruments in logic

    Jose Pablo ParraJose Pablo Parra9 dagar sedan
  • I hope they have those 7 colors like the iMac and the whole screen is touchscreen

    Harry HineSHarry HineS9 dagar sedan
  • haha please don't predict in advance it just might turn out to be false.

    pavanpavan9 dagar sedan
  • I’ve had enough of my 2012 mbp. Hope we don’t have to wait too much longer

    Janine KurzingerJanine Kurzinger9 dagar sedan
  • Wow 77% of us are not subscribed. Just imagine if we did how much larger this channel would be.. 😳

    Noel Ramirez-DuarteNoel Ramirez-Duarte9 dagar sedan
    • I unsubscribed because of that.

      CimCim8 dagar sedan
  • Skip to 5:06 for the design leaks

    FycstionFycstion9 dagar sedan
  • Because no one is touching the touch bar.

    TheMusicGeekTheMusicGeek9 dagar sedan
  • New colors will come

    Mr. FriedoniaMr. Friedonia9 dagar sedan
  • I’m excited for this m1x I’ve been waiting so long

    Caden KemmererCaden Kemmerer9 dagar sedan
  • If the new MacBook really comes out as it seems on the basis of your report, pretty much all the weaknesses that I have criticized have been eliminated. I hope so much that it comes to that. Then it will finally be time for me to upgrade. Physical F-keys in particular would be great. There is nothing that annoys me more than the touchbar. It's hardly usable and more of a gimmick. Yes, it is variable, but that is exactly what bothers me because I have to keep checking how it is currently configured (that makes learning difficult through muscle memory) and the lack of haptic feedback is terrible. I don't want to work with a slider on it, but rather have fixed, comprehensible values. As a professional user you are more likely to use keyboard, shortcuts and mouse / tablet. You are simply faster with it. It would be okay if a touch bar was integrated over the normal F-keys, but not instead. It is difficult for me to understand why there are some people who like the touchbar. From my perspective, it is simply not a professional tool.

    Mr. McMasterMr. McMaster9 dagar sedan
    • Pretty true, I can see the touch bar being really useful if implemented correctly, but that wasn’t the case. Shortcut keys are still way more efficient as of now. Most apps didn’t even bother programming functionality into the Touch Bar so it was useless. A Taptic Touch Bar might be real good though.

      SurfingBilly96SurfingBilly969 dagar sedan