Seriously, DON'T LAUGH

24 mar 2020
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Today TommyInnit tries You Laugh You Lose, inspired by Ludwig & WilburSoot

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Edited by Big Man Editor Larry @TalentLacking
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You Laugh You Lose is a Challenge inspired by Wilbur Soot and Ludwig. Although this isn't Minecraft 1.16.4 on the Dream SMP Minecraft Server or The Funniest Minecraft Video Ever it is an awesome challenge that gives me lots of happy and funny laughs! Even though I completely stole this idea from Wilbur Soot, it's okay! Since once I met Wilbur Soot in real life... and now we're best friends!
You Laugh You Lose - the ULTIMATE YLYL featuring Twitch Chat who are really fun. This challenge was super fun and lots of laughs to record!

  • Back when tommy was good

    Jar Jar BinksJar Jar BinksTimme sedan
  • if you didnt laugh at 2:29 ur not human

    NFL- RAVENNFL- RAVENTimme sedan
  • Me just vibing to the undertale background music at 7:36-

    Napstablook Studios ŪwŪNapstablook Studios ŪwŪ2 timmar sedan
  • Tommy is a very funny person.

    Julie HayesJulie Hayes2 timmar sedan
  • Can we get stampylongnose on the dream smp

    Lingling EmpireLingling Empire2 timmar sedan

    Car2GamerBackCar2GamerBack4 timmar sedan
  • Lollllllllll

    Pood DoodPood Dood5 timmar sedan
  • 9:36 Me who get picked third, always: *pathetic*

    TalonjiroTalonjiro6 timmar sedan
  • Tommy is funny but not funny

    some gurl Who lonelysome gurl Who lonely6 timmar sedan
  • How long is that Headphone cable?!

    Roger SetiawanRoger Setiawan7 timmar sedan
  • this didnt age well

    Lord vaderLord vader7 timmar sedan
  • uhh hammod habibi it is in arabic and i found it so funny how tommy is so confused and doesent understand what hummod is saying

    monustor da memermonustor da memer7 timmar sedan
  • 2:26 * visible confusion * 3:36 * visible happiness *

    TheMagicalCatTheMagicalCat8 timmar sedan

    Hala Al damasiHala Al damasi9 timmar sedan
  • A million views you say?

    The ArchivesThe Archives10 timmar sedan
  • I almost made it but the type of girl microwave killed it

    GibyosGibyos11 timmar sedan
  • bruh the twitch prime song is actually called "ROCK IT" by Tokyo Machine

    SoldierSoldier11 timmar sedan

    GachaLives_Matter SpecialGachaLives_Matter Special12 timmar sedan
  • Whats the song at start

    It is What it isIt is What it is12 timmar sedan
  • Is it just me or does tommy look cuter in this stream

    GachaLives_Matter SpecialGachaLives_Matter Special12 timmar sedan
  • Bruh best utuber ever can I have a shout out so maybe someday I can play with u

    Sudix PieSudix Pie12 timmar sedan
  • Mr dumb

    Emmanuel FernandezEmmanuel Fernandez14 timmar sedan
  • Who is dumb tommyinnit?

    Emmanuel FernandezEmmanuel Fernandez14 timmar sedan
  • 7:58 in my opinion is the funniest clip

    Youssef BadadYoussef Badad15 timmar sedan
  • pog

    Penguin My DudePenguin My Dude15 timmar sedan
  • Back When the chat didn't shit on his pc

    UsernameUsername15 timmar sedan
  • a video ----------->

    CactiCacti18 timmar sedan
  • To his twitch chat try perfectly cut screams

    Nightlight GamingNightlight Gaming19 timmar sedan
  • I USUALLY DON'T GET PICKED. Also, don't laugh at the immige of Techno and Wilbur switching the clothing on there skins.

    Little Wolf of SnowLittle Wolf of Snow19 timmar sedan
  • but the microwave sound effects hahahhaahahhhah

    Crazy PasCrazy Pas20 timmar sedan

    alexander malexander m20 timmar sedan
  • I'm disappointed that we didnt get to see spanish technoblade

    TheOnkyFTWTheOnkyFTW20 timmar sedan
  • Pog

    Grant WolfGrant Wolf20 timmar sedan
  • I failed on the 3rd vid

    Don't click hereDon't click here21 timme sedan
  • I imploded when he looked horrified at the "how to make mcdonalds french fries"

    TakoTako21 timme sedan
  • 6969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696*969696969696969696969696969696969696696969696969696699669696996969696969696969696969696969696969696699669699696699696

    Barcabarney 1Barcabarney 121 timme sedan

    zekyiah olukoyazekyiah olukoya21 timme sedan
  • What

    Kirby DrewKirby Drew22 timmar sedan

    coolcorey18coolcorey1822 timmar sedan
  • Don’t worry tommy, I’m sure one specific member of the lunch club loves you too

    VoidalMythVoidalMyth22 timmar sedan
    • @oWaveless yes

      VoidalMythVoidalMyth19 timmar sedan
    • Is that a joke implying call me carson likes kids because if it is that is absolutely hilarious 🤣

      oWavelessoWaveless19 timmar sedan
  • What's the song called at the beginning of video

    Ichbritdutot Der aller echte knaxxIchbritdutot Der aller echte knaxx23 timmar sedan
  • Which anime was that a girl got hit by a truck

  • the hamod bit was arabic

    layan blayan bDag sedan
  • I love u tommyinnit and I like your vid and im subscribed to u bye

    thomaswunschethomaswunscheDag sedan
  • HOW?

    TheKidsTheKidsDag sedan
  • WOW

    TheKidsTheKidsDag sedan
  • Кста, там на 7:37 появился русский в чате!

    Сергей ГолубцовСергей ГолубцовDag sedan
  • I feel fantastic hey hey hey

    Blue SalBlue SalDag sedan
  • 0:08 Nobody:.... xxmudaxx: get this man an oscar!

    Dariia ShestakovaDariia ShestakovaDag sedan
  • The Obey the Walrus donation made me wanna hide under my bedsheets the whole night because it brings back traumatising memories

    Galaxii IzzyGalaxii IzzyDag sedan
  • You are so cool tommy

    lovey Sophialovey SophiaDag sedan
  • Congrats on 5 mill

    Marcus JohanMarcus JohanDag sedan
  • I don’t even get picked

    Erika HodgkinsonErika HodgkinsonDag sedan
  • When u realised that Tommy says he wants the twitch chat to make him laugh But the twitch chat decides to make fun of Tommy while also laughing at his dissapointed reactions

    Mitja KovačMitja KovačDag sedan
  • The intro is interesting 👁️👄👁️🔫

  • Heck I am 13 yr old and even I did not Laugh

    TroomanTroomanDag sedan
  • ....

  • What a clever way to get donations rather than watching a compilation

    Humain AhmedHumain AhmedDag sedan
  • song at 9:18 is Rock It VIP by Tokyo Machine

    breeznq backupbreeznq backupDag sedan
  • 9:35 I’ll have you know- i had lacrosse practice yesterday and we were doing a scrimmage, I was picked last to be on a team so-

    Child_of_many_fandoms _Child_of_many_fandoms _Dag sedan
  • Pog

    Sheep Crew #1Sheep Crew #1Dag sedan
  • Hi I subscribed

    Serayah NugentSerayah NugentDag sedan
  • 7:02 okay * checks * 4.3 mill * makes this comment *

    luxury.jaylenluxury.jaylenDag sedan
  • e

    hxmster0121hxmster0121Dag sedan
    • æ

      QuackityQuackityDag sedan

    Elijah ChellewElijah ChellewDag sedan
  • "Apples am I right chat?" Me: *Intense staring whilst eating an apple*

    Timothy LegoTimothy LegoDag sedan
    • Tommy is a *MOOD* tho

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. SimpDag sedan
  • CHAT ur making us weebs LOOK BAD BRO Anime is cool ok? Anime is epic ok? The fight scenes are OP but y’all y-y’all just gotta show em this shit😐

    Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. SimpDag sedan
  • pog pog

    Roman IuliRoman IuliDag sedan
    • pog pog

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. SimpDag sedan
  • 8:34 got me tbh

    MarxxyMarxxyDag sedan
    • I mean it was queen bro

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. SimpDag sedan
  • Meanwhile my little sibling wrestles my leg

    DecipherThe CipherDecipherThe CipherDag sedan
  • How is this man the same age as me?

    Josh TownsendJosh TownsendDag sedan
    • @Josh Townsend lmao I already knew that

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. Simp12 timmar sedan
    • @Weeb. Anime. Simp Damn... so am I

      Josh TownsendJosh Townsend15 timmar sedan
    • He’s not a man he’s a child😌☝🏼

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. SimpDag sedan
  • The hamun one is ham in Spanish

    felipe delgadofelipe delgadoDag sedan
  • I was sleeping then I just got screamed at buy princess peach

    Ferrets are cuteFerrets are cuteDag sedan
  • 2021 5 mil

    Hi I am ShotoHi I am ShotoDag sedan
    • 😌👌🏼

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. SimpDag sedan

    Natalie GustafsonNatalie GustafsonDag sedan
    • @Natalie Gustafson no😌

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. Simp12 timmar sedan
    • @Weeb. Anime. Simp so I'm not the only on

      Natalie GustafsonNatalie Gustafson13 timmar sedan
    • @Natalie Gustafson hm can relate pogger

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. SimpDag sedan
    • @Weeb. Anime. Simp nope just stupid

      Natalie GustafsonNatalie GustafsonDag sedan
    • Bro have u been under A ROCK??!

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. SimpDag sedan
  • what is the song at the beginning??

    ScoopLoopsScoopLoopsDag sedan
  • 16:10

    AllowedAllowedDag sedan
    • Oh how sad tommy called us rubbish😿

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. SimpDag sedan
  • Obey the walrus

    I hit KidsI hit KidsDag sedan
  • Tommy you should react to flamingo it's so funny pls

    Eden Mae ManzonEden Mae ManzonDag sedan
  • Poooioooooooooooooog

    Jack FrostJack FrostDag sedan
  • do another one with a harmonica like wilber did

    Ashlyn PitcherAshlyn PitcherDag sedan
  • he is very funny

    TTV_Xboxonegamer246TTV_Xboxonegamer246Dag sedan
  • dawaxzdwawatyduawtydysgdygatsydagvgsdghw

    TTV_Xboxonegamer246TTV_Xboxonegamer246Dag sedan
  • I triple dog dare someone to send him a gacha life in a nutshell video XD

    Fäkę GhøstburFäkę GhøstburDag sedan
    • fuc gacha life bro

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. SimpDag sedan
  • 2:00 what music is this or audio?

    ClxxdyMoon Playz&AnimatesClxxdyMoon Playz&AnimatesDag sedan
    • @ClxxdyMoon Playz&Animates sure thing

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. SimpDag sedan
    • @Weeb. Anime. Simp thank you!

      ClxxdyMoon Playz&AnimatesClxxdyMoon Playz&AnimatesDag sedan
    • Here u go pogger

      Weeb. Anime. SimpWeeb. Anime. SimpDag sedan
  • me:watching tommy:points at the stream chat and says these mother critters

    Kenny EightKenny EightDag sedan
  • A

    Hunter DreibelbisHunter DreibelbisDag sedan
  • TWITCH PRIME LOG *rings bell*

    Alexander GranilloAlexander GranilloDag sedan
  • 7:57 lmfao

    BrightfulBrightfulDag sedan
  • 2:25 - 2:31 o my god why are you doing to this to yourself xD

    sunil chackosunil chackoDag sedan
  • Tommy I have the same chair as you

    harley hazharley hazDag sedan
  • They should have tried a video of FlyingKitty

    SMFNR MemesSMFNR MemesDag sedan
  • Anime is fun sometimes but mostly its E P I K

    henlohenloDag sedan
  • 1:33 Tommy's head: girls are ruining my life

    anime playzanime playzDag sedan
  • 5 MIL GANG

    J_REXJ_REXDag sedan
  • POG

    Julian CastellonJulian CastellonDag sedan
  • 5MILL

    Angelina QuigleyAngelina QuigleyDag sedan
  • what was song at beging?

    Samuel L. UzumakiSamuel L. UzumakiDag sedan
  • HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA I Lough now what Btw I live in London and my name is Tom too

    MaddFaceMaddFaceDag sedan
  • Actually it got 4.2 million views lol

    Dakota CorbittDakota CorbittDag sedan