Trying Grian's GENIUS Minecraft Build Hacks To See If They Really Work

4 okt 2020
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Let's see how hard Grian's best build hacks really are...
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    LoverFellaLoverFella3 månader sedan
    • McDonald’s free Wi-Fi ain’t holding up

      Cool DudeCool Dude5 dagar sedan
    • Love your vids Zach

      KittycornKittycorn8 dagar sedan
    • Thanks

      GrianGrianMånad sedan
    • I am ok at redstone

      Xarles ChewXarles ChewMånad sedan
    • i know how to use that lodestone block you just need a commpas and prest the lodestone bloxk while holding the commpas😊

      Monina MendezMonina Mendez2 månader sedan
  • His name is grain

    David LewisDavid Lewis5 timmar sedan
  • Red was my favourite colour

    Melody MusicMelody Music9 timmar sedan
  • Grian, More like gRaIn

    Ineed_Vbucksdude YTIneed_Vbucksdude YT9 timmar sedan
  • 0:09 He clickbaits :O

    UrLocal NoobUrLocal Noob10 timmar sedan
  • Lover: Many people know hem as- Me: grain

    Yeet9017 Aj ・20 years agoYeet9017 Aj ・20 years ago11 timmar sedan
  • Grian is better than you It a lie

    Arian IslamArian Islam13 timmar sedan
  • 00:10 aww

    Abishai De borjaAbishai De borja14 timmar sedan
  • Pls check lilmango

    Roblox gamingRoblox gaming17 timmar sedan
  • Grain does not clip bate

    Jonathan DéryJonathan Déry22 timmar sedan
  • Sub is the best

    Myra MendozaMyra MendozaDag sedan
  • You did grian's bed hack wrong. He says in the video, that you secret base has to be facing west, otherwise it will not work.

    Seth EvansSeth Evans2 dagar sedan
  • His name is pronounced Gr-a-ne

    Aiyaan MianAiyaan Mian2 dagar sedan
  • This is so cool

    GioCraft J-AGioCraft J-A2 dagar sedan
  • thats a lodestone you use it to lock your compass to it

    Zachary LynchZachary Lynch2 dagar sedan
  • i think blackstone is the best stone

    Zachary LynchZachary Lynch2 dagar sedan
  • he is my faborite

    rommel papiorommel papio2 dagar sedan
  • Right click lodestone with a compass to set where the compass leads

    DakotaPlays06DakotaPlays062 dagar sedan
  • Bruh its not griyan its grian

    redmi hizonredmi hizon2 dagar sedan

  • On the electric fence you could either use invisibility potions on the bees or command blocks to make them invisible

    GoGoSqueezeXGoGoSqueezeX3 dagar sedan
  • POV: your looking here to see if Grian commented on this video

    Maximilian KyleMaximilian Kyle3 dagar sedan
  • Good gravy the energy of this guy is too much goodbye forever

    Joel GJoel G3 dagar sedan
  • Da block enchants you compos

    Richard DunksRichard Dunks3 dagar sedan
  • Can you stop being so clickbaity

    Brody ZamoraBrody Zamora4 dagar sedan
  • "don't worry guys the Redstone is pretty simple"

    Brotherly BoyBrotherly Boy4 dagar sedan
  • Pov ur checking to see if grian replied

    yeet masteryeet master4 dagar sedan
  • Lodestone can enchant a compass and the lodestone tells where it is

    Cameron SilvaCameron Silva4 dagar sedan
  • that redstone IS simple, just look at it

    Turtle Brother Captain ,AlexanderTurtle Brother Captain ,Alexander4 dagar sedan
  • He just click baited a grian video.. he has lost my respect.

    Orient ProspectOrient Prospect4 dagar sedan
  • Grian is the best.

    Equestrian ActorEquestrian Actor4 dagar sedan
  • To

    Parth SatishParth Satish4 dagar sedan
  • he have 7 hermicraft

    sheryl alay-aysheryl alay-ay5 dagar sedan
  • thats grian best builder

    sheryl alay-aysheryl alay-ay5 dagar sedan
  • Did no one hear him say placing honey sounds like wet poop

    AMR AnimationAMR Animation5 dagar sedan
  • I am a zachling

    Lil Bank accountLil Bank account5 dagar sedan
  • I like being called a zackling

    Julianne BasslerJulianne Bassler5 dagar sedan
  • No link to Grian in the description, when this video is literally all about his content, no wonder dream got mad when you said his clutches were overrated.

    Jacob RJacob R5 dagar sedan
  • Usea compas on the loadstone and it a gps tool to take you back to that load stone you set it on.

    Benjamin ConveryBenjamin Convery5 dagar sedan
  • How many times did groan basically

    flame kingflame king5 dagar sedan
  • I love Griens videos ❤️❤️

    Jharna BegumJharna Begum5 dagar sedan
  • If you go to the nether a compass is useless unless you left click that block when you place it in the nether then your compass will track it wherever you go in the nether but it uses a netherite ingot to make it

    Aji Shaju SamuelAji Shaju Samuel5 dagar sedan
  • The G-MAN!!

    Jordan AmmJordan Amm5 dagar sedan
  • I hate this guy *HE IS MAKING GRIAN LOOK BAD*

    Unfunny ._. sokka IdiotUnfunny ._. sokka Idiot5 dagar sedan
  • Does it surprise you that grian is better at Redstone than Zach and I'm better at Redstone than grain and Mumbo is better at Redstone than me?

    Underbreaker11Underbreaker116 dagar sedan
  • Poggers for God..

    Keeva GraceKeeva Grace7 dagar sedan
  • 7:55

    YøItzBunnyYøItzBunny7 dagar sedan

    Super gamer 3000Super gamer 30008 dagar sedan
  • What even is the thumbnail what does that have to do with anything

    Jonathan_DI7Jonathan_DI78 dagar sedan
  • Loverfella: I won’t give 10/10 on the first hack Gives 10/10 😂

    2KFox and 2KSnake2KFox and 2KSnake8 dagar sedan
  • Right click a compase on that dice block and watch the magic

    Martine DoyerMartine Doyer9 dagar sedan
  • test mumbojumbo

    Nisha KokkattilNisha Kokkattil9 dagar sedan
  • LoverFella can u make a mobile server?

    Neil_StengerNeil_Stenger9 dagar sedan
  • Funny 😁

    Your local Todoroki fanYour local Todoroki fan10 dagar sedan
  • @grain

    Abdulla AlameriAbdulla Alameri10 dagar sedan
  • I’m just glad he knows how to spell Zach

    Zachary HildebrandZachary Hildebrand10 dagar sedan
  • Your nooooooooooooooooooooooooob

    Iram MometameniramIram Mometameniram11 dagar sedan
  • 7:59 you haven't seen nothing yet

    DonnKier Del GallegoDonnKier Del Gallego11 dagar sedan
    • BTW that redstone contraption was simple

      DonnKier Del GallegoDonnKier Del Gallego11 dagar sedan

    Lava•kingLava•king11 dagar sedan
  • I like it when he talks about his past😃

    Reymund Carl SalaganReymund Carl Salagan11 dagar sedan
  • That block if you tap it with a compass the compass is point into the block

    edmar siapnoedmar siapno11 dagar sedan
  • You sound like sypherPk

    CazzeryCazzery12 dagar sedan
  • The bed trick saw it in grians channel

    Elson Gabriel ViernesElson Gabriel Viernes12 dagar sedan
  • The bed has to be facing a certain direction

    Oli_IngOli_Ing12 dagar sedan
  • The Block You Dont Know Is A Lodestone You Can Basically Make A Compass Set Its Goal On The Lodestone If You Tap It

    • Alcosmic •• Alcosmic •12 dagar sedan
  • this man is so annoying

    Pitchfork UnionPitchfork Union13 dagar sedan

    Airforce422Airforce42213 dagar sedan
  • 10:34 Ack

    Malted Freddy 10XMalted Freddy 10X13 dagar sedan
  • Make a bedrock series

    Craig WilcoxCraig Wilcox14 dagar sedan
  • Yu funny. 😍

    Tanja SørensenTanja Sørensen15 dagar sedan
  • Grian: it's pretty simple redstone! Loverfella be like: yeah nah

    Jamie Chapman-WildingJamie Chapman-Wilding15 dagar sedan
  • The fact that his mother actually doesn’t talk to him makes the joke way worse

    TenshiTenshi16 dagar sedan
  • Everey vid clickbate

    Noah WattonNoah Watton16 dagar sedan
  • These videos are so dumb. Lover fella just milks other youtubers for views.

    Tacoman1Tacoman116 dagar sedan
  • Its duznot sound like his name is sed Like greein it sounds like griyeen

    Clover GibsonClover Gibson16 dagar sedan
  • the way he said his name griiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn

    Lalchhuanawma HrahselLalchhuanawma Hrahsel16 dagar sedan
  • there smarter than dog's

    Kyle a playerKyle a player16 dagar sedan
  • LoverFella...u think that pufferfish is difficult...TRY MAKING A GIANT FLIPPIN WORKING GATE TO A CASTLE

    Braidyn TivisBraidyn Tivis17 dagar sedan
  • Wow, I can't believe that the outcome of these buildhacks are the same as in Grians video! Truly amazing!

    Nore AnderbringNore Anderbring17 dagar sedan
  • Its been a long time since i watched grian

    Miraluna AlbeosMiraluna Albeos17 dagar sedan
  • Grain is better tho

    Aaron Broughton CoveneyAaron Broughton Coveney18 dagar sedan
  • i honestly love that grian is RELLY not great at redstone and here is lover fella shitting him self at something grian made.

    Elizabeth WardElizabeth Ward19 dagar sedan
  • I'm a fan of grian so I've balived he was not lyeing

    Sam._.Sam._.19 dagar sedan
  • Grian, yeah

    William WurangianWilliam Wurangian19 dagar sedan
  • It's funny that he said he clickbaits

    One _wonderkidOne _wonderkid19 dagar sedan
  • Oh father please please play my Minecraft server so hang in my car talking piece go on it for me I will save you watch the full 54 I guess thank you you have a father I love you have learned so much money

    Nolanop LluSchochenmaierNolanop LluSchochenmaier20 dagar sedan
  • .

    Jessica BorlandJessica Borland20 dagar sedan
  • What's up with the thumbnail lol

    Bob MolesBob Moles20 dagar sedan
  • Mambo and grian ar freds

    jeyeyes 22jeyeyes 2220 dagar sedan
  • The second build you can make a elevator going up

    Lyniel gamerLyniel gamer20 dagar sedan
  • Nah , i hate grian i like mumbo more i know that mumbo doesnt show you but hes good at redstone TIP: some of the redstone build is help bu mumbo , not grian build it

    Theodore HarsonoTheodore Harsono20 dagar sedan
  • It’s lodestone u click on it with compass on ur hand and it leads u there

    Leah NavarroLeah Navarro21 dag sedan
  • why do you click bait everything?😔

    FealkyFealky21 dag sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lover fella eh heheheh he uses loadstones to build

    powfu zizipowfu zizi23 dagar sedan
  • Me just wondering what the hell a beacon made of tnt has to do with building

    Plaid PenguinPlaid Penguin24 dagar sedan
  • Lover in the zombie hack monsters near bye

    Jayboy -moneyJayboy -money24 dagar sedan
  • Then what's hard

    Austin ClementsAustin Clements24 dagar sedan
  • 1.16 NOOB 1.17 PRO

    Jay AnandJay Anand25 dagar sedan
    • Who cares 1.17 isn’t even out.

      HitPieHitPie21 dag sedan
  • 11:05 hmmmm yes my favorite flavour of carpet is green

    NubbsNubbs25 dagar sedan
  • cringe......

    LaZyLaZy25 dagar sedan