Skip & Shannon react to Steph Curry's career-high 62-point game against Blazers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

4 jan 2021
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With a 2-3 record and only 1 game of shooting over 50 percent, Steph Curry admitted he’d heard the chatter about him losing his touch, and he made a statement last night by dropping a career-high 62 points on the Portland Trail Blazers. Curry went 8-16 from deep and after the game said quote, 'cue the Jordan meme, right? I take all that personally.' Hear what Shannon Sharpe has to say about the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry's career-high performance.
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Skip & Shannon react to Steph Curry's career-high 62-point game against Blazers | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Will Steph Curry win his 3rd MVP award?

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDSkip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED23 dagar sedan
    • @Daryl Henley and they still trynna hate smh

      Sijan GrgSijan GrgTimme sedan
    • @Daryl Henley fax imagine what he could do if he played more minutes

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud2 timmar sedan
    • How can a M.V.P. win a M.V.P....he's already shown the world that he can win an M.V.P.. And win it unanimously, if he wanted to, each and every year.. Curry Is the only player in NBA history, that gets double and tripled teamed before he crosses half court.. If they didn't double team him, he could average over 40 a game, without playing the 4th quarter most games..

      Daryl HenleyDaryl Henley2 timmar sedan
    • @Nick yea bro if he gets a higher 3 4 seed yea he can win

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud4 timmar sedan
    • maybe

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud4 timmar sedan
  • Steph is so good he is so fit. He always on the move running around without the ball coz all attention is to try to freeze him. If he gets the ball and loses his man that ball is going in from him or his team mate... steph is playing the game in his mind with or without the ball. The shooting is his 2nd greatest skill. The IQ is his first. His previously glass legs are his 3rd... for running.. lol...

    Victor DaliVictor Dali14 timmar sedan
  • Steph's game is ridiculous

    mestizo311mestizo311Dag sedan
  • 105 consecutive shots. Wtf! That's insane!

    Anthony WhaleyAnthony Whaley4 dagar sedan
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    johhny morrisjohhny morris5 dagar sedan
  • Most likely; if you’re losing, feed the 3 point shooters, especially Stephen. Muscling 2’s are okay but not going to catch up fast enough. That’s my take.

    Alfredo BAlfredo B5 dagar sedan
  • Lillard is really REALLY good but to even suggest he's better than Steph is just about as ignorant and unintelligent as it gets.

    Ben KostoBen Kosto7 dagar sedan
  • 00:26 oops!! that didn't age well Shanon. Oubre scored 23 on his Lakers.

    Ghazi AhmedGhazi Ahmed8 dagar sedan
  • It's fake, was all a promotion for the struggling Warriors. 😃

    derek452derek4528 dagar sedan
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    Britney WilliamsonBritney Williamson9 dagar sedan
  • Anyone that thinks Dame is better than Steph is not a true fan of the sport! Most steph haters just hate him cause he light skinned and killing their favorite PG on a nightly basis

    Darick SquireDarick Squire12 dagar sedan
  • Steph is trash doesn't make anyone better

    Joe Dingleberry _ PFF SocietyJoe Dingleberry _ PFF Society13 dagar sedan
  • Just wait until klay come bck

    Zeke HoustonZeke Houston15 dagar sedan
  • Steph gone have to drop a 💯 on them Haters one day Watch

    Young Davis 90Young Davis 9016 dagar sedan
    • Stephanie is overrated

      Ase AmunraAse Amunra16 dagar sedan
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    RJMFitsRJMFits16 dagar sedan
  • I’m surprised they didn’t tear him down , one of the most hatter shows , not very good ratings

    Steve MartinezSteve Martinez16 dagar sedan
    • Tearing down Steph they will never do Steph like that they should though he's the most overrated player in NBA history

      Ase AmunraAse Amunra16 dagar sedan
  • Steph is the best guard in the league

    Demon BabyDemon Baby17 dagar sedan
  • i don't like how they started taking steph out of the MVP conversation because it would take an insane season from him to be able to carry this team to the playoffs when they just finished talking about the impossible things that he just accomplished. i'll see you when steph wins his 3rd MVP.

    readyready17 dagar sedan
  • Imagine a league with a prime d rose and prime Steph💆🏾‍♂️

    OnlyDribblesOnlyDribbles17 dagar sedan
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    Veiner ScnitzelVeiner Scnitzel17 dagar sedan
  • I think Curry, like kobe is going to prove he can when championships without a stacked team...

    Jessie MccrayJessie Mccray18 dagar sedan
    • I like how you got a great imagination Steph Curry is never going to win another title or win finals MVP

      Ase AmunraAse Amunra16 dagar sedan
  • Bro those fake fans after steph dropped 62 all forgot that this man has a lot of accomplishments i mean he was only out for a year and some of you so called fans doubted him and compared him to players that aren't on his level.

    Jaf DejanoJaf Dejano18 dagar sedan
  • They left Steph for dead and he had to let them know.

    Brandon PottsBrandon Potts18 dagar sedan
  • appreciate his greatness on his own way.. damn steph why you like that? 👏🎯

    Leonard Jan DelosoLeonard Jan Deloso18 dagar sedan
  • why they just get on here and talk? russ made the playoffs as a 6 seed when he won mvp.

    Brandon TaylorBrandon Taylor18 dagar sedan
  • Lol I don’t get it , they act like this man ain’t been nice before KD , go back to 13,14,15

    FariWillArtistryFariWillArtistry18 dagar sedan
  • I love me some Shannon Sharpe

    Adam NehmehAdam Nehmeh18 dagar sedan
  • Greatest shooter ever!

    Bsxe BeamuldéBsxe Beamuldé18 dagar sedan
  • It helps to have motivation. But I don't think he did that because he felt some way about Dame.

    Ryan NicholsRyan Nichols18 dagar sedan
  • 62 points as the focal point of the opposition defence, thats impressive.

    asioe kiouasioe kiou18 dagar sedan
  • But no one want to talk about when kyrie cooked him opening night ?

    Alex 365Alex 36519 dagar sedan
  • lmao why people mad steph play wit klay thompson? its steph fault huh? 😂😂

    ChampagneKev23 -ChampagneKev23 -19 dagar sedan
    • Steph is the greatest shooter ever and his handles are def underrated

      asioe kiouasioe kiou18 dagar sedan
  • Tell him to do a clutch shot!?

    VinVin19 dagar sedan
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    Esmeralda KhufraEsmeralda Khufra19 dagar sedan
  • Dame Lillard aint no near Curry, he hasnt won an MVP yet, Dame hasnt have a Chip

    ToXic GamingToXic Gaming19 dagar sedan
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    Zendaya RoseZendaya Rose20 dagar sedan
  • Skip had to hate on Steph's celebration, of course...The pettiness is real, on this one🙄...

    WesmyTheGamerWesmyTheGamer20 dagar sedan
  • Dame: Steph looks mortal. Steph: I took that personal.....

    Josh GeigerJosh Geiger20 dagar sedan
  • Lakers still going all the way.

    Malik HearonMalik Hearon20 dagar sedan
  • Shannon sharpe is a leftist pos

    Harry HendersonHarry Henderson20 dagar sedan
  • you gotta miss 10,000 shots before your good. Steph had to miss +1,000,000 to be at this level.😳

    Behudet MaatBehudet Maat20 dagar sedan
  • Shannon is a great athlete but has horrible commentator. You can say hes 'good enough' but 'good enough' is low standards. How much of his commentary is also written for him, like stats, view points, etc. You REALLY think he comes into work without assistance?

    David CobbDavid Cobb20 dagar sedan
  • A conversation between Skip and Shannon with no mention of Lebron. This is a historic moment!

    Kool KKool K20 dagar sedan
    • Dawg russ one as the 6th seed😐🙃 stole a mvp from Harden

      asioe kiouasioe kiou20 dagar sedan
  • I mean I’m not surprised steph did what he did. I know he’s capable of that. Just can’t believe people forgot his greatness

    sinatraprsinatrapr20 dagar sedan
  • Anyone who says Steph is trash, is a straight up hater and doesn't know basketball.

    Rostam ShamsRostam Shams20 dagar sedan
  • Arguably the best tag team duo in the sports reporting world right now is Skiiiip da Drip Bayless & Shanon ( uncle Shay) Sharp! Honestly this should've been done 3-4 yrs ago not just once not twice but at least 4 times by now! His pregame shooting antics proves he's more than capable so I'm not impressed so much because I believe it should've already been done!

    Justmy2centsJustmy2cents20 dagar sedan
  • Steph is the greatest shooter ever and his handles are def underrated

    JjOpoku55JjOpoku5520 dagar sedan
  • Russ was definitely 6 seed with the MVP

    Jaazaniah HayesJaazaniah Hayes20 dagar sedan
  • Who was guarding Steph?

    Alexander GallantAlexander Gallant20 dagar sedan
  • Dame gave him motivation, Steph needs some help....

    sosaboy sosasosaboy sosa20 dagar sedan
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    Dean KivelaDean Kivela20 dagar sedan
  • Shannon was wrong. In 2017, Westbrook won the MVP while leading OKC to the 6TH seed, not the 4TH

    Valéry AdandeValéry Adande21 dag sedan
  • Thank you skip!!! Aka history, that has nothing to do with Steph scoring 62 points!!! Smh have an argument sometimes man

    Jamie EgentiJamie Egenti21 dag sedan
  • I find it hilarious how people think there’s Steph slander just because we want to see him carry a team.. 😂

    Tha GreatTha Great21 dag sedan
  • Skip a damn hater. He hates Steph cause he’s not humble? Bruh, Steph and the Warriors saved the NBA. Without them/him, the NBA isn’t that fun to watch. People who don’t watch the NBA watch Steph play though. When Steph is lighting up the league, everyone eats. People tune in. Stop hating cause he puts on a show, and that he cheers and has fun. “Hot Dog”?? It’s a damn game, you old hag.

    Bes PushkuleBes Pushkule21 dag sedan
  • Damian is not bad tho, Curry is just the best.

    baliw kababaliw kaba21 dag sedan
  • Shannon always looks sharp.

    Kenny NoelKenny Noel21 dag sedan
  • Steph Curry is going to have to Do it all for his Team this Season in order to get to the Playoff, That's Facts.

    Steve WhiteSteve White21 dag sedan
  • Dawg russ one as the 6th seed😐🙃 stole a mvp from Harden

    TempoQuinTempoQuin21 dag sedan
  • Hopefully Steph Curry Can Stay Heathy, This Team Will Make The Playoffs.

    Norti WriotNorti Wriot21 dag sedan
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    anjana vadivelooanjana vadiveloo21 dag sedan
  • Westbrook’s Thunder was 6th seed

    Ivan GozumIvan Gozum21 dag sedan
  • Is skip claiming that he said Steph should have been drafted number 1 ahead of blake right after that draft or 6 years later like everyone else?

    Jeremy NessJeremy Ness21 dag sedan
  • What kind of fool said Dame was best PG? CJ is best PG in Portland right now.

    CGCG21 dag sedan
  • @5:06.. u on fire skip. Too cool for school. Whipped cream?..I love it 😀

    Dre GlennDre Glenn21 dag sedan
  • Kelly oubre and Wiggins dog water fam

    Hwhshe BshehshcbdHwhshe Bshehshcbd21 dag sedan
  • If dame is the best PG that means CP3 is playing what? Volleyball ??

    Arfat SArfat S21 dag sedan
  • The man's had a final's MVP stolen from him smh

    Peter ParkourPeter Parkour21 dag sedan
  • Steph realized; I have no one reliable to pass it to, so Imma just take over.

    Deli GDeli G21 dag sedan
  • Russ was 6th seed the year he won.

    Bill GatesBill Gates21 dag sedan
  • If Curry carries this team to a top four seed in the West and gets another MVP, I think he has a legitimate argument to be the best pg of all time

    Just IntellectJust Intellect21 dag sedan
  • Can we stop acting like KD was there the whole time to give Steph this “shooting freedom”. He was playing with Klay sure, but you had Draymond, Bogut and Barnes there for the most special years of his career

    Luke GrantLuke Grant21 dag sedan
  • When curry gets 2-3 shots in a row and turns hot it’s game over basically

    Danielfor3Danielfor321 dag sedan
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    WheelsakaSpeedyWheelsakaSpeedy21 dag sedan
  • Just a nice segment of Chef Curry. Awesome guys

    Ivan GastonIvan Gaston21 dag sedan
  • Went to the Hornets basketball camp for years. Met a lot of players David Wesley, the late Bobby Phillis, Kendall Gill, Mugsy, LJ, Vlade to name a few. In particular his pops Del Curry who taught us a lot about shooting and little tricks that help, like the hooks/rings that hold the net.Played against Steph in middle n high school. 2-2 against him. After one those wins, meeting at half court for the “good game” dap, he said you pretty good, where’d you learn to shoot like that?” Lol I said from your dad at the Hornets camp. Dude laughed sayin I gotchu next time n sho nuff dropped 42pts like it was nothing. After the game he dap up n he say I had my dad teach me all his tricks, I can’t be letting one of your campers get 38 on me like that. Great competitor FR. Although it was just 4 games, the back n forth plus the respect; awesome. One the greatest PLAYERS all time. E.O.D Keep shootin Steph 🏀💯

    Bryan CBryan C21 dag sedan
  • scary thing is he looks faster and his dribbling has gotten so much better

    ABSays S0ABSays S021 dag sedan
  • So if he has to prove he's still the best PG, why does he let the rumors get started in the 1st place?

    Joe SmithJoe Smith21 dag sedan
  • He made the shots so “Steph-ertlessly”...let’s go MVP.

    Kelvin ChuKelvin Chu21 dag sedan
  • Skip being a hater as usual and cant give the man some credit for bombing the Blazers. If kawhi scores 62 he would call him a god.

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy21 dag sedan
  • where in the internet can i see how many points a player made per quarter in a game?

    Israel FloresIsrael Flores21 dag sedan
  • Curry won rings how many has dame have lol

    Keisha PoliteKeisha Polite21 dag sedan
    • but last time I checked this was entertainment and he's a entertainer...

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy21 dag sedan
  • bruh skip and Shannon are a must watch!!!!

    VietnowVietnow21 dag sedan
  • I wish

    William LocyWilliam Locy21 dag sedan
  • Are you kidding me? Dame better than Steph? Dame is not even part of the conversation. Lol 🤣🤣🤣

    Wanderpol TvWanderpol Tv21 dag sedan
    • Always bro, they always bring up dumb topic tht arent related like tht time they keep mentioning really

      Terry TahoTerry Taho21 dag sedan
  • Skip is a clown and no one has to act the way you want them lol Dude your not signing any checks

    Anderson LeeAnderson Lee21 dag sedan
  • shannon has the freshest blazers

    imStevooimStevoo21 dag sedan
  • I went to prep school with this guy and he was a deadly three point shooter and I asked him one time in practice how he worked out and he said he would shoot 100 free throws a night. But 100 3 point shots! I bet Steph could do it again on any given night. Shout out to my man Darryl Harris, Milford Academy forever.

    heron fieldsheron fields21 dag sedan
  • Steph > Dame before 62

    Problems 973Problems 97321 dag sedan
  • Skip really think he the only one who thought Steph should go number 1 .

    Problems 973Problems 97321 dag sedan
  • Hope he stay healthy;!!!!

    Steve SpearsSteve Spears21 dag sedan
  • Skip my man, the dude is having fun. Lay off him.

    ChiggsyChiggsy21 dag sedan
  • He was stat padding

    Red KingRed King21 dag sedan
  • White guy does this. Shannon: white privilege yep facts his white privilege allowed that 62 point game the black players didn’t want to play defense because they were scared of the cops being called

    Manuel RobertsManuel Roberts21 dag sedan
  • It was the braids

    Kevin LiuKevin Liu21 dag sedan
  • I agree to an extent that too much celebrating and not enough playing can be eye rolling at times but to me he doesn't do it that much. Skip talking about " he too cool for school" but last time I checked this was entertainment and he's a entertainer...

    Boo KittaBoo Kitta21 dag sedan
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    Terry SmithsonTerry Smithson21 dag sedan
  • Shannon gets everything wrong when it comes to okc i swear lol okc was not the 4th seed when westbrook won mvp they were the 6th seed

    CC21 dag sedan
  • Step.Curry Is not Human HahahahHahahaha

    Daniel ObiDaniel Obi21 dag sedan
  • Anyone who watches basketball knows that Curry is in a class of his own when it comes to his position. Other guards might have higher stats but they don't contribute to winning as much as Curry.

    Shut upShut up22 dagar sedan