BREAKING! UFC 257: McGregor vs. Poirier will have crowd, Darren Till slams Schaub & boxing, Colby

9 jan 2021
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MMA news today:
COLBY COVINGTON reveals how he deals with haters
Source: The Charlie Kirk Show
CONOR MCGREGOR shows off his physique 2 weeks ahead of UFC 257
TATIANA SUAREZ gives update on neck injury & talks her return to UFC
MICHAEL BISPING on who should get the next UFC lightweight title shot - McGregor, Poirier, Hooker, Chandler, Oliveira
DARREN TILL slams boxing and Brendan Schaub
UFC to have limited fan attendance for January events, including UFC 257: McGregor vs. Poirier - Holloway vs. Kattar and Magny vs. Chiesa
Tickets for UFC 257: Poirier vs. McGregor 2 have already been sold out
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  • Big respect to Bisping as a fighter but he's totally wrong here. Aside from Khabib, Gaethje is the biggest draw from a fan perspective whether he challenged for a title or not. Also given the streak Oliviera is on and how and how Gaethje has performed over the last few fights, having the winner of that fight challenge the winner of McGregor/Porier makes the most sense from a rankings standpoint too, so it's a no-brainer

    Dylan MagnerDylan Magner12 dagar sedan
  • Yeah. Hindsight after Conor's interview 5 days later after this video.. said after him and Dana's 20/20 ending with a bad taste in each other's mouth he wasn't trying to give him a title shot LOL. Dana that I got to win mentality that fuck you I'm going to win in the end type of shit. What y'all respect Dana earned his respect and he's demanding it whether it's from Conor McGregor or from Tito Ortiz Dana is a gangster at heart. Connor and getting that title shot until Connor puts at least 50 mil in his pocket lmao Go Dana who's the gangster now LMAO

    MikeyP215 MikeyP215MikeyP215 MikeyP21513 dagar sedan
  • I think Bisbing is ignoring it's Dana who doesn't wanna let Khabib go. Khabib is still saying he is retired. It's Dana and all his wishful thinking and continuously mentioning his dad wanting 30-0. He is trying to lure Khabib. But they wanted that 30-0 fight to be GSP....not Conor.

    Max MooreMax Moore13 dagar sedan
  • Connor McGregor on the juice!!!

    Bucket HeadBucket Head13 dagar sedan
  • Brendan Schaub ...please go away.

    Johnny KJohnny K14 dagar sedan
  • Darren Till is molding himself into my favorite fighter

    Brad FullerBrad Fuller14 dagar sedan
  • Is he going to pass the drug test

    Martin PikeMartin Pike14 dagar sedan
  • Time to boycott " Reebok ".Teach them to stay in their own lane..

    GG15 dagar sedan
  • Right there on what? What did he say?

    Cohl MasonCohl Mason15 dagar sedan
  • Best shape of his life to fight a guy he already beat(dove) and then gets a title shot??How does this make sense?

    Bobby BreezyBobby Breezy15 dagar sedan
  • McGregor is in great shape!!!!for his next fake/rigged fight

    Bobby BreezyBobby Breezy15 dagar sedan
  • This will be Connors last fight hes gonna make bank I'm not buying it cards incredibly weak

    Chris McvayChris Mcvay16 dagar sedan
  • I love bisping but man he is speaking some shit

    Adam LittlefieldAdam Littlefield16 dagar sedan
  • can you for one second imagine the PPV in case of Kabib & Conor TRILLOGY? how massive will that be

    Jimmy williamsJimmy williams16 dagar sedan
  • MMA Talk, until TILL wins some fights I'm one of the thousands that just FF through his segments. He's all talk.

    ScribeScribe16 dagar sedan
  • Wow conor looks ready

    Draggy654Draggy65416 dagar sedan
  • he was in his best shape against Khabib and we saw how he got smeshed.

    MonoïMonoï16 dagar sedan
  • a title fight without Gaetje doesn't make any sense, he is the one with Poirrier who diserve it the most.

    MonoïMonoï16 dagar sedan
  • Wow what about Charles Bisping !! Has to be winners of Dustin v Conner and Justin v Charles fight for belt !!! Hooker wins Chandler is out of the picture !!! Hooker becomes No1 contender

    Mitch CookMitch Cook16 dagar sedan
  • Khabib vs GSP would be the biggest ppv ever...

    Ron KRon K16 dagar sedan
  • That the first time I ever agreed with Colby

    Coolcatamapro CatCoolcatamapro Cat17 dagar sedan
  • Conor looks amazing!!!! Solid as hell!!!!!! I feel sorry for anyone to get hit with the left right now!!!!!

    Lainny CurinLainny Curin17 dagar sedan
  • Dominant fighter at 155 is Oliviera at the moment. What he did to Justin and Tony is an automatic title shot.

    Conrrado TorresConrrado Torres17 dagar sedan
  • Buy bitcoin

    michael lilienfeldmichael lilienfeld17 dagar sedan
  • Lmao Conor looking sauced af

    Dan KDan K17 dagar sedan
  • How a hater deals with haters. Cult45

    TH4DDEUS iVTH4DDEUS iV17 dagar sedan
  • Respect to Colby for staying strong against these sensitive cry babies

    Duke CallyDuke Cally17 dagar sedan
  • Everyone should boycott and bussiness that is trying to cancel people including Reebok. NFL mlb NBA. Do it for your country unless you wanna be living in North Korea

    Duke CallyDuke Cally17 dagar sedan
  • Bisping bugging. Dustin just beat hooker. Only makes sense if chandler wins

    mike fitzmike fitz17 dagar sedan
  • Overrated

    Joseph RoyJoseph Roy17 dagar sedan
  • ALL 75 of them

    Joseph RoyJoseph Roy17 dagar sedan
  • RDA will win the Belt and defend it a few times and retire.

    Joseph RoyJoseph Roy17 dagar sedan
  • Bisping is on crack. Charles olivara has won 8 straight

    Randy BRandy B17 dagar sedan
  • Limited number of Dubai. Translation: rich people that will mostly be middle-eastern.

    Jonathan AkersJonathan Akers17 dagar sedan
  • Justin G vs whoever for the strap

    Issac GalvanIssac Galvan17 dagar sedan
  • I’d like to see him in the best shape mentality (hungry) too.

    EE17 dagar sedan
  • Every fight, Conor is «in the best shape he's ever been in» according to him and his trainers.

    RabbitsRabbits17 dagar sedan
    • My thoughts exactly lol, body might look like it’s best shape but he’ll still gas out at the end of round 2 if he doesn’t get a KO

      Jared DarcyJared Darcy16 dagar sedan
  • Love macgregor but I honestly wouldnt to see him vs. Khabib again khabib is literally the worst person to watch fight in the UFC such a shit style of fighting as far as entertainment all he does is go in stand in there face until he takes damage then takes them down and lays on them and drop hammer fist I would much rather see macgregor fight stand up guys and khabib fight someone that is a badass on the ground because all khabib fights is exciting stand up guys and takes them down lol like no shit he is going to win they arent ground guys!! Then he says he should be the best pound for pound lmfao why when we think of fighting we dont think about laying on each other rubbing r balls on eachother face hahaha we think of throwing hands!! Khabibs fights dont even looks good they looks messy and awkward as hell and if u dont agree its because ur just dick riding because of his numbers there is nothing fun about watching his garbage as fights sry

    Aaron RobertAaron Robert17 dagar sedan
  • Can someone please explain to me how the hell Conor deserves a title fight at 155?

    Michael WebsterMichael Webster17 dagar sedan
  • Conor looks amazing never seen him this size before it's amazing what a few protein shakes do to the body 💉

    John MooreJohn Moore17 dagar sedan
  • Connor is in best shape but if he'll lose then I'm sure he'll be saying that his foot was a baaaaallooooon lmao

    Kamil dzn_89Kamil dzn_8917 dagar sedan
  • Everyone’s sleeping in RDA too. He beheaded Paul Felder, I think RDA should be fighting Gaethje. And everyone forgets about Islam too.

    Lucas VanaLucas Vana17 dagar sedan
  • 1:50 did Bisping watch the last Oliveira fight with one eye closed or what? Oliveira has to go before Chandler can ever have a chance, even if they have to fight each other before an undisputed title shot, if Khabib retires of course.

    Charlie HCharlie H17 dagar sedan
  • Don’t they say Conor is in the best shape leading up to every fight?

    Captain MorganCaptain Morgan17 dagar sedan
  • When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was saying "257 tickets sold"

    Richard LucianoRichard Luciano17 dagar sedan
  • Whenever I see something about McGregor being "In the best shape ever" I wonder why he wasn't in that condition for Khabib? Lol.

    Mac ThomasMac Thomas17 dagar sedan
    • He already knew he had no chance

      Ben HBen H17 dagar sedan
  • Conor is all the way up

    Rick GhondayRick Ghonday17 dagar sedan
  • Darren till POV:Fights for 5 years and makes less then a 22 year old boxer in 1 fight Id be salty aswell

    Little_Lachy_Little_Lachy_17 dagar sedan
  • Darren till is irrelevant

    SaloSalo17 dagar sedan
  • Schaub has let Hollywood run a train on him, smh whatever for the money huh Schaub?

    Triggered WizardTriggered Wizard17 dagar sedan
  • Thats sick that they actually got fans in the stadium. Nice work Dana

    Yeaa BoiiYeaa Boii17 dagar sedan
  • Oliveira deserves a title shot!!

    Cici roseCici rose17 dagar sedan
  • STFU COLBY !!!

    Ed BrooksEd Brooks17 dagar sedan
  • Ever think about switching the beat up? Or getting rid of it completely?

    Mike CanaleyMike Canaley17 dagar sedan
  • Schaubs fighting style was like his comedy...shite

    chanel0151chanel015117 dagar sedan
  • Colby is such a tool 😂

    wheretere henrywheretere henry17 dagar sedan
  • The soap ad (race mixing propaganda) at the beginning is gross

    WilliamWilliam17 dagar sedan
  • Dana is a snake

    Connor MctigueConnor Mctigue17 dagar sedan
  • Reebok actually tried to cancel colby? Wow how dumb

    Chris LaverickChris Laverick17 dagar sedan
  • Yes, the crowds are back!! That`s what I`m talking about boyyyy!!! It`s gonna give a different atmosphere to the fights ;)

    Sandis GrundšteinsSandis Grundšteins17 dagar sedan
  • Sure Conor was in the best shape off his life for khabib 1 week l8r he was drinking right up to the fight Excuses Excuses

    yolo 1690yolo 169017 dagar sedan
  • Oliveira should fight the winner of Dustin vs Conor for the title I reckon. Hooker lost to Poirier and Chandler needs another fight to prove himself

    Kemal ErtasKemal Ertas17 dagar sedan
  • Unless Conor has worked on his cardio then being more jacked will just tire him even quicker.

    M.S.GM.S.G17 dagar sedan
  • I hate that stupid music.

    Jerry StephensonJerry Stephenson17 dagar sedan
  • Have to say i 100% agree with ColbyCovington on this one, in fact it was a great speech/monolouge/interview

    Yes ButActuallyNoYes ButActuallyNo17 dagar sedan
  • I guess Covid is old news...

    Nik KovaNik Kova17 dagar sedan
  • If you cover anything related to Brenda, you should be automatically removed from being a reputable MMA source

    Lysander MilesLysander Miles17 dagar sedan
  • I think if khabib doesn't fight again, mcgregor vs poirier for the belt. Gaethje should fight the winner of Chandler vs hooker for contention.

    RjcRjc17 dagar sedan
  • charles already deserves a title shot gaethje does not

    Mike MikeMike Mike17 dagar sedan
  • MMA Talk is the new MMA World. Actually relevant news. New sub

    BuddahHendrixBuddahHendrix17 dagar sedan
  • Who does Brendan fight next?

    Butter ChugginsButter Chuggins17 dagar sedan
  • I hope McChicken loses to Dustin

    juvie gilljuvie gill17 dagar sedan
  • I like a lot of your guys stuff, I really do think you have some great content. But I don’t watch a video on SEworld to read half of it. You’re making videos on mixed martial arts, where’s the action?

    Kody DelnickKody Delnick18 dagar sedan
  • I think a lightweight grand prix like how bellator does would be dope af

    LL18 dagar sedan
  • Colby should start trash talkingKhabib and Russia and agreeing to a catch weight. That's a big hype train fight.

    Brandon LutherBrandon Luther18 dagar sedan
  • Glad to know Till is back on twitter. Anybody know why he left?

    Rahul SinghRahul Singh18 dagar sedan
  • Khabib went almost a year between fights and wasnt stripped now it's been a month and they're talking about stripping him.

    Brandon LutherBrandon Luther18 dagar sedan
  • Khabib needs to pull himself from USADA testing and be done with it. Shit or get off the pot

    Jason MayJason May18 dagar sedan
  • Reebok sucks! Bad propaganda!

    Kiss AnalogKiss Analog18 dagar sedan
  • Brendan Shaub is the biggest disgrace to come out of the UFC

    Ω Ohm's Law ΩΩ Ohm's Law Ω18 dagar sedan
  • I hate that god damn intro

    Kettel TreeKettel Tree18 dagar sedan
  • Of course there will be a crowd the pandemic is the worst it's ever been fuck the ufc boxing anyone putting the thought of money over human safety I will no longer support the ufc by ordering events anymore be safe everyone god bless

    Brandon MclaughlinBrandon Mclaughlin18 dagar sedan
  • What did Till tweet Schaub saying???? "right there on the mountain d..." ?

    Brad V.Brad V.18 dagar sedan
  • Keep the colby bs out the next video nobody wants to here that insurrectionist 💯

    Mo RellMo Rell18 dagar sedan
  • That Etihad Arena is one HELL OF A goodness Abu Dhabi is turning into the most magical looking place on Earth and I hope developers are taking notes and more places start becoming just as magical....

    Ray BrozzoRay Brozzo18 dagar sedan
  • It should be a 4 man tournament and the Connor vs Porier against the Gathje vs Olivera winner should get the title....Bisping is on some CTE type shit with the Hooker vs. Chandler winner being up there.....neither one of them is even in the top 5

    Ray BrozzoRay Brozzo18 dagar sedan
  • Colby knows that people dislikes him cos he is the one that hates first with his behaviours at times.

    Van Tinh ToVan Tinh To18 dagar sedan
  • Bispings high... gaethje? Oliveira?

    Stipe Radda Radda Radda MiocicStipe Radda Radda Radda Miocic18 dagar sedan
  • Colby looks soft after trump lost

    Mandeep singhMandeep singh18 dagar sedan
  • Their is a direct correlation between how many women their are talking about fighting and how enjoyable the video is

    Ryan DRyan D18 dagar sedan
  • McGregor doesn’t even look like he’d make 155. He’s too big

    PeterPeter18 dagar sedan
  • "UFC 257 tickets sold out" They should have had more tickets then.

    razorback0zrazorback0z18 dagar sedan
  • I really believe all the shills on McGregor's team saying he's in the best shape ever. Of course there'e no bias.

    TangTang18 dagar sedan
  • Cyclops Bisping is as stupid as he ever was. He's just brushed up on his articulation.

    TangTang18 dagar sedan
  • If Oliveira wins he MUST be the next in line

    Wellton EnishiWellton Enishi18 dagar sedan
  • do they pay these guys to sleep on Olivera?

    C. BlackwellC. Blackwell18 dagar sedan
  • Usada is in lockdown. Everybody is in the best shape of their lives now.

    Blue ChildBlue Child18 dagar sedan
  • Best shape ever!!! = Best steroids ever!!! Seeing as testing is down due to covid 😷. Dana’s dream

    mike moonmike moon18 dagar sedan
    • 🤙

      Yo MaynYo Mayn18 dagar sedan
    • @Juan Gotti 💯

      mike moonmike moon18 dagar sedan
  • it should be whoever wins the conor fight vs either olivera if he wins & if not the winner of the hooker fight

    Brian StonerBrian Stoner18 dagar sedan
  • If mcgregor wins and gthje wins and khabin stays retired then mcgregor vs gthje for the title makes sense.

    Dscuff ManDscuff Man18 dagar sedan
    • I agree bro

      Yo MaynYo Mayn18 dagar sedan