Kings Gambit - Rust Movie

6 apr 2021
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50 hours of rust wipe in 1 video. The ultimate forced wipe experience. Risk it all to take the throne, Kings Gambit. Its only the beginning.
I hope you all enjoy this video!
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    FrostFrost13 dagar sedan
    • part 2 ?????

      PolorsonPolorson4 dagar sedan
    • @Lane Lalonde stfu 9 yo kid

      TeeXTeeX5 dagar sedan
    • A frost vid not scripted cap

      Lane LalondeLane Lalonde5 dagar sedan
    • new vid or new movie?

      BleachaholicBleachaholic6 dagar sedan
    • cool . footage from 3 months ago . if u try a bit harder , p;retty sure u can find some black and white footage somewhere in there .

      johnkjohnk6 dagar sedan
  • DUDE THAT LAST SCENE WAS THE BEST MY GUY. It would have been beter if it was the group that caught him didnt build a role play base. They had built a fucking empire

    XdamascusxXdamascusx11 minuter sedan
  • Hi

    Son GokuSon Goku19 minuter sedan
  • that ending got me hype i started playing this video and all the sudden an hour was gone

    zNullzNull45 minuter sedan
  • I’ve been waiting to long for part 2 I’m literally checking my notifications every day for part 2

    CRSHCRSH52 minuter sedan
  • The ending gave me chills!! Keep up the hard work bro!!!

    Andy GarciaAndy GarciaTimme sedan
  • this was insane...

    Han cuck parte 2Han cuck parte 2Timme sedan
  • pls tell me there is more after this

    anon789 01anon789 01Timme sedan
  • How can a video like this even have a dislike on it ..... banger after banger

    Caiden DillonCaiden Dillon2 timmar sedan
  • I hope this game on console works out....I'm wondering how it'll be

    moto toadmoto toad2 timmar sedan
  • 32:10 "No one can controll the ak in the team but me"...

    SeeeSeee2 timmar sedan
  • This makes my day

    Pbjelly 180Pbjelly 1802 timmar sedan
  • this was so fucking good i like the editing frost keep up the good work

    Snipping 4lifeSnipping 4life2 timmar sedan
  • Nooooooo I need a TBC

    KuwashiKuwashi2 timmar sedan
  • Epic. I don't even play Rust, and I just spent an hour and a half watching a movie about it. WE WANT MORE!

    HunterHunter2 timmar sedan
  • can we just appreciate this ending?

    McDonalds Apple PieMcDonalds Apple Pie2 timmar sedan
  • You should get a full film scholarship and a movie deal for this.

    Gabriel RodriguezGabriel Rodriguez3 timmar sedan
  • Bro this needs too be on Netflix or Hulu or something. Holy shit. A cinematic masterpiece.

    BlackSilverBlackSilver4 timmar sedan
  • Why does frost not have a Grammy

    TheLastCrunchTheLastCrunch5 timmar sedan
  • no way the homie vincent in this video lmfao

    KekqzyKekqzy5 timmar sedan
  • This is by far your best video, and when I say that I mean I've been subbed to you for almost 2 years now.

    Ryker GriffinRyker Griffin5 timmar sedan

    HystericHysteric5 timmar sedan

    CatOnAHelmetCatOnAHelmet5 timmar sedan
  • this gives me shivers watching it

    naskonasko6 timmar sedan
  • Why does it always feel like 10 min when you make a 1 hour + video? like wtf so entertaining

    Markus Benjamin EriksenMarkus Benjamin Eriksen6 timmar sedan
  • 50:20 lol that's your second encounter with VincentSMG hothead clan (eZ) if you didn't realize ;) So there was probably a big scream when you full killed that one before they got you

    Mark HMark H6 timmar sedan
  • And it was free smh

    Alex BlackAlex Black7 timmar sedan
  • nice editing work cant say the same for me tho been sub for like a 1 year love ur vids. -frost fan aka random sub

    Baka SxnpaiBaka Sxnpai7 timmar sedan
  • This dude has BETTER content than all of the other Rust content creators

    Dylan CroteauDylan Croteau7 timmar sedan
  • Another one another one please

    Tucca HDTucca HD7 timmar sedan
  • 1:02:25 this is epic

    Yoewid YYoewid Y8 timmar sedan
  • 52:39 dont worry just savin my time for when i get back 😎

    _Random_Random8 timmar sedan
  • Best part was when you found an actual use for the smoke grenades

    Jackson BunningJackson Bunning8 timmar sedan
  • 1:04:33 gave me peacekeeping mission in Africa vibes

    Reck_exeReck_exe9 timmar sedan
  • where can we find the base design?

    Neil van SchalkwykNeil van Schalkwyk9 timmar sedan
  • And once again this vid blew my mind of joy these vids make my days bro

    Piramideman OmarPiramideman Omar10 timmar sedan
  • When next?

    Ionut GrebenisanIonut Grebenisan10 timmar sedan
  • watched this instead of watching a movie. Perfect story, great story building. Awsome camera angles and just all round a fantastic team of lads that are playing. 10/10

    MrScottishMrScottish11 timmar sedan
  • "touch it again, i dare you"

    Alex LAlex L11 timmar sedan
  • metro new gameplay?!

    Soheib AkbarSoheib Akbar12 timmar sedan
  • wait this isn't chess

    JimJim13 timmar sedan

    jaxson sweeneyjaxson sweeney13 timmar sedan
  • This reminds me of all that time playing ark with the boys. Wish I could go back. Great video.

    MLGeeroyJenkinsMLGeeroyJenkins14 timmar sedan
  • This is why Rust is such an epic game. Almost the whole time youre playing you get wound up in insane firefights and raids. Its just altogether a really fun experience.

    A Lawn MowerA Lawn Mower14 timmar sedan
  • seriously some of the highest quality content on youtube

    Blu3Razr1Blu3Razr115 timmar sedan
  • Anyone knows the song name at 29:52?

    SpirynSpiryn15 timmar sedan
  • 41:26 - 45:32 best scene, try to change my mind

    Espionage717Espionage71715 timmar sedan
  • The intro tho

    troll7878troll787816 timmar sedan
  • I want to see welyn in this server, raiding solo-

    Fafnir BayangFafnir Bayang16 timmar sedan
  • The ending was so good

    H2H216 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    Excell MaxExcell Max16 timmar sedan
  • “Say cheese bitch”

    David OrtizDavid Ortiz16 timmar sedan
  • BRO this is fucking insane imma kms if they isn't a part two :(

    Nxluv -Nxluv -17 timmar sedan
  • i actually get into your videos so much, i cant wait for the sequel to this

    Diamond GamingDiamond Gaming17 timmar sedan
  • WW2 fight with arrows 🤣🤣

    ElijahplaysssElijahplaysss17 timmar sedan
  • yooooooooooooo your edits always gives me chills holy shittttt omggggggg

    ACEATACEAT17 timmar sedan
  • fighting in the tunnels makes rust look something like Escape from tarkov or Battlefield 4

    kindlytoxickindlytoxic17 timmar sedan
  • Tired of hearing the Chad stuff. Make a name for yourself not somebody else's.

    •_•_17 timmar sedan
  • POST PART 2 😭😭😭😭

    Robert SaverinoRobert Saverino17 timmar sedan
  • So good

    DrkRzrDrkRzr17 timmar sedan
  • 🔥🥵

    Mcnug3ts56Mcnug3ts5617 timmar sedan
  • Netflix whoooooo????

    Arvind KauraArvind Kaura17 timmar sedan
  • Fantastic video, please make 3hr videos as it would be great to watch during work breaks throughout the day

    Chris ArmstrongChris Armstrong18 timmar sedan
  • very well done dude. very cool. subscribed

    Samuel MarrSamuel Marr18 timmar sedan
  • Can i just ask what the song you used at the amazing fight scene of 40:00 to 45:00 was? Also nice job on the editing, i feel like this could be a movie scene

    Bas ScheffenerBas Scheffener18 timmar sedan
  • i popped popcorn for this let the entertainment begin

    james wisemanjames wiseman19 timmar sedan
  • I luv watching this game and people play it but no one seems to want to help me learn the game and join m clan

    Wertyup BhbjWertyup Bhbj19 timmar sedan
  • if there is not a part 2 imma be pissed

    RomptusRomptus19 timmar sedan
  • Wtf was that base at the end holy shit good fuckin luck

    Kris DickersonKris Dickerson20 timmar sedan
  • I'm going to pre order rust just because of Frost and Stevie and their amazing content.

    Ph0nic.TectonicPh0nic.Tectonic20 timmar sedan
  • This is so well made

    Benton KuntzBenton Kuntz21 timme sedan
  • Yo just to let you know i know ez they all cheat scripts and esp

    ForeverGloryForeverGlory21 timme sedan
  • "He's roof camping the roof campers"

    NitroGaminNitroGamin21 timme sedan
  • So is there a second part

    GoldAndrew126GoldAndrew12622 timmar sedan
  • 49:19

    BroskiiBroskii23 timmar sedan
  • Already watched but frosts story’s are too good so I’m back “What is sleep when there is metal to be made”

    ItsEbswrldItsEbswrld23 timmar sedan
  • 25:08

    lollolDag sedan
  • That ending tho

    Millinson LeeMillinson LeeDag sedan
  • being addicted to rust/tarkov is a different kind of addiction

    EgullEgullDag sedan
  • The ending is legendary

    Spontaneouspixel66Spontaneouspixel66Dag sedan
  • This is a amazing movie.

    EnderSnugsEnderSnugsDag sedan
  • The biggest cliffhanger known to rustkind

    Craizy12draiCraizy12draiDag sedan
  • title shouldve been "Zerg"

    jeffjeffDag sedan

  • What’s the song at 41:30? Please and thank you

    H0T S00PH0T S00PDag sedan
    • Orange Warnings - Blood Red Sun

      Benjamin ABenjamin A22 timmar sedan
  • Candyman is the fcking MVP lol! Nice Video dude, very well made

    xTheN16xTheN16Dag sedan
    • C4ndyman _C4ndyman _Timme sedan
  • How about welyn and frost collab?

    unknownunknownDag sedan
  • I wanna know the amount of time and effort Frost puts into the cinematics, whether they for a scripted or unscripted video, they always impress and make the video/movie 100x better. Frost truly produces some of the best Rust content.

    Alexander CressAlexander CressDag sedan
  • duuuuuuude this is poggers

    Mr. Anti-SocialMr. Anti-SocialDag sedan
  • 1:03:35 - "There's a white kid directly south" :'')

    Poppa WheeliesPoppa WheeliesDag sedan
  • You sir are a legend in Rust Movie making...subline!!!

    FixitDaveFixitDaveDag sedan
  • At the end every one dies to a LADDER

    SlingerCsSlingerCsDag sedan
  • is there gonna be a part 2?

    q3wtq3wtDag sedan
  • bravo frost

    Radical FascistRadical FascistDag sedan
  • Part 2 when?

    Balkaran GurayaBalkaran GurayaDag sedan
  • The thumbnail. This dude be making every video like its his last. Been subscribed since subscribe.

    Zed MacadaegZed MacadaegDag sedan
  • The cinamatic part of the day 2 tunnel raid was poggers

    Jellybeanking 78Jellybeanking 78Dag sedan
  • What's the songs at 41:29 ?

    tokyo_snowtokyo_snowDag sedan
    • Orange Warnings - Blood Red Sun

      Benjamin ABenjamin A22 timmar sedan
  • Yo bro! I don't play this game but i love watching your videos!. KEEP IT UP MAN

    KaiKaiDag sedan
  • What's the song at 41:47?

    LemonSneezeLemonSneezeDag sedan
    • Orange Warnings - Blood Red Sun

      Benjamin ABenjamin A22 timmar sedan