Everything Epic DIDN'T Tell You In The Fortnitemares Update! (New Mythics, Zombies + MORE)

21 okt 2020
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Today, we check out everything in the new Fortnitemares update! There's a TON to talk about in the update and we drop 31 elims!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video where we streamsnipe small fortnite streamers! In todays video we check out everything epic didnt tell you in the new fortnitemares season 4 update! She Hulks mythic ability, charge shotgun vault, rpg unvault, new mythic broomsticks, new Drum Gun mythic, new Zombies and MORE!
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  • How did we not know there will be ghost Midas is literally on team ghost lol

    Megalete JpMegalete Jp23 dagar sedan
  • Finally charge shotgun in valuted

    amaanuddin gameramaanuddin gamer24 dagar sedan

    Mydadisfat GTMydadisfat GT25 dagar sedan
  • Sypherpk why do you have to be mean to this one guy you told him to shut the fu** up bro like what’s your problem

    Shadows Blind\:Shadows Blind\:26 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or are the storm, groot, and Thor abilities gone

    Jackson GuoJackson Guo27 dagar sedan
  • Oof

    Paper show 1Paper show 127 dagar sedan
  • I also play fortnite in my channel 👻👻👻

    Abhiously GamingAbhiously Gaming27 dagar sedan
  • The shade function is not only a joke but lame. I hate this update..... still do. I’m just a casual player.....

    TheLuconicTheLuconic28 dagar sedan
  • 6:11 look close you can see after he killed that guy it turned to 3 then back to 4

    Syrus JohnsonSyrus Johnson29 dagar sedan
  • I honestly think your the only thing keeping fortnite alive no cap

    TaZe LatexTaZe LatexMånad sedan
  • 06:03 it says 3 players left and then back to 4

  • hmu on soundcloud xhecticjester

    young key boi 658young key boi 658Månad sedan
  • They really copied warzone

    Papa JACKPapa JACKMånad sedan
  • the fog is so annoying i cant see anything

    slay FNslay FNMånad sedan
  • Once you’re a zombie can you win??

    Bryon AzoulayBryon AzoulayMånad sedan
  • They're not really zombies

    warrenc5013warrenc5013Månad sedan
  • 2:03 controller player that's a controller player

    ØGSLÃŶÊR_BrAx on CD mooreØGSLÃŶÊR_BrAx on CD mooreMånad sedan
  • epic should add when you kill a zombie, you get healed big brain

    P3TX YTP3TX YTMånad sedan
  • "You see this skin? It's in the item shop." Just how did you yet it

    Brandon EBrandon EMånad sedan
    • Lol get

      Brandon EBrandon EMånad sedan
  • Reboot cards are gone

    Auggie TheDinoBoyAuggie TheDinoBoyMånad sedan
  • G4y

    yxhya imrxnyxhya imrxnMånad sedan
  • I haven’t played this game in a long time, it’s basically reaching its end.

    G16 -G16 -Månad sedan
  • Sypher keeps saying zombies but for me they look more like ghosts

    TotallytrippinTotallytrippinMånad sedan
  • Sooo the tacs coming back right?

    Jynxx ReddJynxx ReddMånad sedan
  • She hulks ability is just lik wolwrion claws that means that is insan especially something forom a stark drone op she hulk ability

    Saumith1 BSaumith1 BMånad sedan
  • I did this and me and my cousin got 50 kills

    Typical GamerTypical GamerMånad sedan
  • Sypher, ik I sound like a hater but PLEASE stop calling these what epic didn’t tell you. It’s so clickbaity and there are better titles to use. I’m just saying.

    YT Almaster9YT Almaster9Månad sedan
  • Dude this is my 3rd video watched from you

    Bobo The manBobo The manMånad sedan
  • let's go i hate charge shotguns

    Shannon WalkerShannon WalkerMånad sedan
  • DOOMS GAUNTLETS work even better than iron man’s.. because they do more damage and they chain between zombies, I killed four zombies at once last night, it was awesome , I had a 35 bomb Vicroy!

    Billythe KIDBillythe KIDMånad sedan
  • I'ma be honest I don't like the zombies just saying

    LokazyLokazyMånad sedan
  • I usually land on a witch hut pick up a broom and then go loot abandoned houses and buildings

    The EclypseThe EclypseMånad sedan
  • Yeah i know what EPIC didn't say about this Update! This Uptade just destroy this fucking Game and its TRASH

    TruePhoenixYTTruePhoenixYTMånad sedan
  • In area no gost

    Gray KilGray KilMånad sedan
  • Get she hulk so easy to destroy gost

    Gray KilGray KilMånad sedan
  • It’s called a ghost you idiot not a zombie

    Kobe HKobe HMånad sedan
  • I’m 9

    Retro_RewindRetro_RewindMånad sedan
  • I got a victory royale with 17 kills

    Retro_RewindRetro_RewindMånad sedan
  • There ghost

    YeetShmeet DeetYeetShmeet DeetMånad sedan
  • Zombies dont do that

    YeetShmeet DeetYeetShmeet DeetMånad sedan
  • You landed risky reels rotated to the ruins and midas was still there alive.... Yeah that in no way reflects my experience of a single lobby in fortnightmares so far. More like 40 people drop on ruins and midas is dead within first 2mins.

    HammerfistSC _HammerfistSC _Månad sedan
    • And nobody was cranking builds... What was that lobby? This doesn't even look like the same game....

      HammerfistSC _HammerfistSC _Månad sedan
  • Nobody: Sypher: ZoMbIeS

    Ice Dragon 2.0Ice Dragon 2.0Månad sedan
  • Shadows are easy to kill, but their attacking animation is weird, it is really hard to hit them when they are attacking you, you can see that at the end of the video

    Arvi Is HereArvi Is HereMånad sedan
  • its a shadow not a zombie sypher

    wexerz kingwexerz kingMånad sedan
  • Poor sypher, you got stuck in fortnite. I wish you put your efforts towards more up to date games. But you keep doing you just a thought.

    Hilary ClintonHilary ClintonMånad sedan
  • I got the 40 bomb with no mythic to be honest

    moikky07moikky07Månad sedan
  • I got a 40 bomb well 43 kills

    moikky07moikky07Månad sedan
  • No hate but I feel like Sypher the type a guy to make a vid about how to get full health lmaooooooo

    Strangedjsamuri /I am a super saiyanStrangedjsamuri /I am a super saiyanMånad sedan
  • JSR_pro9

    Nitu RanaNitu RanaMånad sedan
  • can you please gift me the skin that you are useing my user name is OrfeasGr

    Orfeas Dimitris DadourisOrfeas Dimitris DadourisMånad sedan
  • Dude i swear he was looking at something his eyes go the other way some times

    Weeb. ExeWeeb. ExeMånad sedan
  • The combats are back

    DamontéDamontéMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Michael Cool123Michael Cool123Månad sedan
  • I just subbed

    Cristian GomezCristian GomezMånad sedan
  • hey sypher did reboot vans get removed? im pretty sure yes but u didnt mention it

    Suraj SZD Fe4RliciaSuraj SZD Fe4RliciaMånad sedan
  • Us getting sweats Sypher getting hella bots in his game

    Lebasinail MarinoLebasinail MarinoMånad sedan
  • The brooms go further tan the board

    Go0d Gamer21Go0d Gamer21Månad sedan
  • How many lives do the zombies have? Do they just keep respawning?

    Chase GispertChase GispertMånad sedan
  • Sypher: Epic Didn’t tell you this Me: well epic tells us nothing

    John シJohn シMånad sedan
  • Can somone gift me fright_blaze

    Martha GarciaMartha GarciaMånad sedan
  • I love Fortnite but it does remind me of apex legends shadow fall sorry

    SleekonSleekonMånad sedan
  • That gamemode is from apex

    G-mo023 4G-mo023 4Månad sedan
  • I hate the new update

    Jejirifidj HjfjididirJejirifidj HjfjididirMånad sedan
  • Zombie can’t open door or open chest

    FroppybrogamesFroppybrogamesMånad sedan
  • When is the fortnite movie coming out?

    Deja VuDeja VuMånad sedan
  • I had to kill like 15 ghosts in one solo game and it was even better It was endgame

    FadeeFadeeMånad sedan
  • Who needs a team🔥👀

    Team RyzenTeam RyzenMånad sedan
  • Not gonna lie but the she hulk mythic ability is broken

    Imaan Abd AllaImaan Abd AllaMånad sedan
  • You inspire me with your great streams and videos

    Pilot FalcoPilot FalcoMånad sedan
  • Zs

    Marten 12Marten 12Månad sedan
  • ITS NOT A ZOMBIE its a goust ok sypher love your content ❤

    Cuddle SquadCuddle SquadMånad sedan

    Trash BagTrash BagMånad sedan
  • In battle lab I got the tactical shotgun

    luan evansluan evansMånad sedan
  • thanks, sypher :)

    Cowabunga CookingCowabunga CookingMånad sedan
  • How long will the game be like this

    WoogaChanWoogaChanMånad sedan
  • I fractured my finger from football

    Cian ByrneCian ByrneMånad sedan
  • Modis does not have a power

    Markell CarterMarkell CarterMånad sedan
  • Syhper make them get rid of the zombies please I literally leave the game after i die the first time every game its so tedious

    Juice wrld 999 clipsJuice wrld 999 clipsMånad sedan
  • Who els think epic ruined the game by doing this

    Jangles FreemanJangles FreemanMånad sedan
  • Turning to zombies after u die is just like the cod update

    CloakybtwCloakybtwMånad sedan
  • Did u know that the suit up doesnt work anymore because if u use the suit up emote ull be invisible when u r a ghost but now its disabled u cant use it anymore

    Farzana WaheedFarzana WaheedMånad sedan
  • Fortnite copied MW on literally everything bruh lol

  • Dis game trash

  • I have not seen anyone win before with the ghosts update... Woah...

    Xxx!Blake_&_Gwen_Fan!xxX joyceXxx!Blake_&_Gwen_Fan!xxX joyceMånad sedan
  • This is the worst update since season 10

    gio thegoatgio thegoatMånad sedan
  • "shadow zombies" HmmmMMmmmMMm DoOOooOO YOuuoUOuOuOuo BBBEbbbEEeeEEnNNn GOSTS DO YOU MEAN GOSTs??? Lol no one knows

    Xxx!Blake_&_Gwen_Fan!xxX joyceXxx!Blake_&_Gwen_Fan!xxX joyceMånad sedan
  • I lost My game because of zombie haveing the drom gun and the iron man and Wolverine and wich brom 😭

    Sahine YaziciSahine YaziciMånad sedan

    Jacob VillanuevaJacob VillanuevaMånad sedan
  • I have a question if you kill all 99 players and they come back you double you kills?

    Ángel TelloÁngel TelloMånad sedan
  • they are not Zombies why is every body calling them zombies they are ghosts

    lilmonster plays 2lilmonster plays 2Månad sedan
  • They literally stole this from Apex

    The Yeeter BoiThe Yeeter BoiMånad sedan
  • I wish I had a proper gaming PC. I get like 30 to 20FPS and its so damn hard to build fight even though in a PRO.

    SV MusicianSV MusicianMånad sedan
  • Does any else think fortnite is starting to get repetitive, or just me?

    Samuel BanksSamuel BanksMånad sedan
  • Dammmn didn’t disappoint at all it’s amazing

    Alix GamerAlix GamerMånad sedan
  • even the helecopters are not in the game at the moment

    keatan hinzekeatan hinzeMånad sedan
  • The new drum gun looks good but has the same stats as jules' thats why midas' drum gun is still my favourite drum gun

    laddan delladdan delMånad sedan
    • it’s better it does more damage, you get a better speed boost and you can damage through builds

      James AlexanderJames AlexanderMånad sedan
  • The zombie are shadows

    Cheryl ChanCheryl ChanMånad sedan
  • Dooms is so much better for this than iron mans

    WCG LionWCG LionMånad sedan
  • Im so happy that's the charge is gone

    SKIPSKIPMånad sedan
  • Bro nice game. First game on tonight i pulled a 28 kill win. Shouldnt have been alive a few times but i scraped and caught the vic with 28 kills.

    TokziikkTokziikkMånad sedan