Formula Supra Header Design, Sway Bar, Steering Arms.

21 feb 2021
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Welcome back to Supra Sunday. This episode @Dominant Engineering designs our V10 header using the icengineworks™ blocks which was a massive help for us. We get the steering arms finished up and Dom makes the rear sway bar a piece of DomSpec art. Thanks for watching and supporting guys. We are starting to get decently close. Light at the end of the tunnel.

We Used the icengineworks™ 1875EHSERIES and 2000EHSERIES Design and Modeling Blocks which you can check out below.

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Ryan Tuerck is a professional driver competing in Formula D. He is a motorsport enthusiast, including motorcross, supercross; who is more of a mechanic than a driver. Tuerck'ing cars is serious business!

  • Dom's all round skill is very good. BUT if he doesn't start wearing some sort of eye protection while he is machining or cutting he will lose an eye. Then his skill means nothing.

    Terri KoshelanykTerri Koshelanyk41 minut sedan
  • bc coilovers on a build of this caliber? but why?

    Varg SuttonVarg Sutton14 timmar sedan
  • and then?

    violentblue123violentblue123Dag sedan
  • Hold on! So is this gonna be a drift or a track/time attack car afterall?

    kicsipkicsip2 dagar sedan
  • Was that a whole foods lunch on Dom's desk, great work as always, it'll be interesting to see how this sounds compared to Driftworks 10 into 1 S85 build E46.

    FrankMurphyFrankMurphy4 dagar sedan
  • This whole cars gonna be called Dom Spec

    Mariano ReeMariano Ree5 dagar sedan
  • Dom probably has to make 10 of everything because you know ryan be tuercking out !!

    Kevin CabreraKevin Cabrera5 dagar sedan
  • Dude I think this may be the nicest most savage and incredibly well thought out purpose built car ever created!! Every part is the nicest part you can get and all the metals are the lightest,strongest, best heat absorbing metals

    Euro ShaneEuro Shane5 dagar sedan
  • How is dom not building imsa or f1 cars?

    JZ burnoutsJZ burnouts6 dagar sedan
  • Whatever you're paying Dom, it's not enough.

    Brian LoveBrian Love6 dagar sedan
  • Videos are not better with loud goofy intro music, relax editors.

    Marcus OrilliusMarcus Orillius6 dagar sedan
  • I would love to have the responsibility of designing headers for low clearance applications all while being paid for it! Fuck dude.

    WildWestRCCrawlersWildWestRCCrawlers6 dagar sedan
  • Man I gotta get these runner design things😍

    Kenneth PorstKenneth Porst6 dagar sedan
  • loots of impressive custom work being done to this car for shure!

    jimmy vahvialajimmy vahviala6 dagar sedan
  • Insane man car looking good 👍👍👍

    Thomas JanssenthomasThomas Janssenthomas7 dagar sedan
  • It needs sidepipes with those exhausts

    instantnoodles 26instantnoodles 267 dagar sedan
  • This Domonic guy is a wizard.

    Jay JayJay Jay7 dagar sedan
  • The host of this show needs a haircut.

    Jay JayJay Jay7 dagar sedan
  • Fricking Dom out here just ended people careers in F1 scene

    Tee Deathly2Tee Deathly27 dagar sedan
    • What do you mean?

      Jay JayJay Jay7 dagar sedan
  • Your machinist should wear safty glasses. Can't use a magnet to get pieces out of eye. Have pick it out. Trust me, I know. Wear them glasses. You need your eyes to do the job you love.

    Clyde USAClyde USA7 dagar sedan
  • People on youtube missing out on this dope build ..!

    Made YouLookMade YouLook7 dagar sedan
  • watching poeple who know to handle their stuff, extremely satisfying and addicitve

    R eR e7 dagar sedan
  • Where did you source the titanium bolts??

    davin24davin248 dagar sedan
    • @RyanTuerck appreciate it . Love your channel so far. The quality of the the fab reeled me in ,can’t wait for the follow ups.

      davin24davin247 dagar sedan

      RyanTuerckRyanTuerck7 dagar sedan
  • Would love to know the build costs for this.. Holy moly

    Will SanctuaryWill Sanctuary8 dagar sedan
  • Imagine Dom wirh brand new digital cnc 5 axis machine. He could make an angel with the wings. He's just a master fabricator.

    w@t(h3rw@t(h3r8 dagar sedan
  • Thank you to letting us to witness birth of a beast. I can imagine what sound will this baby have. To see her sideways behind a streak of a long smoke, uuuuuhhh. Can't wait

    w@t(h3rw@t(h3r8 dagar sedan
  • So I heard you mention that this car would be doing more track than drift.... not sure what that means, I thought this was your drift car.... anyhow don't teams usually have a couple spare engines?.... thats a bit expensive isn't it? Especially with The Judd...or is that maybe the point of the build... using such an amazing engine will help with possibly not needing spare engines? Or I'm a

    Jason HellerJason Heller8 dagar sedan
  • you are so lucky to have dom. his shit is amazing

    Ned BalnavesNed Balnaves8 dagar sedan
  • Buy your boy some safety glasses! Damn!

    Dan MorrisDan Morris8 dagar sedan
  • 19 unskipable ads during this video... Thanks SEworld...

    Lewisracing1018Lewisracing10188 dagar sedan
  • Why does it have to be 26 inches ??

    Anish SundararamanAnish Sundararaman8 dagar sedan
  • So Rad!

    Chris Rigoni TattooerChris Rigoni Tattooer8 dagar sedan
  • The manual machining is top notch. Keep up the good work guys!

    John HutchisonJohn Hutchison8 dagar sedan
  • Dom is the 🐐

    Earl LeonEarl Leon8 dagar sedan
  • Dom is a Bridgeport Magician!

    Alex ManningAlex Manning8 dagar sedan
  • Im a day late..i promise it wont happen again 😩😫😩

    Tokenn Moto RacingTokenn Moto Racing8 dagar sedan
  • We made a formula supra that only supra part in it are the inner tie rods

    LateNight RitualsLateNight Rituals8 dagar sedan
  • I NEEED to see this car in person. This is art

    LateNight RitualsLateNight Rituals8 dagar sedan
  • Yall always leave me wanting more I wish I could be there and watch you build this so awesome

    SkrigzSkrigz8 dagar sedan
  • This cars gonna be brutal! Can’t wait to it finished, but I’m also enjoying the build journey 👌🏼

    SpencerSpencer8 dagar sedan
  • That is really tight space for the headers, but great design 👌 and with those blocks to build the header is perfect to make it perfect 😎

    JDaniel VzlaJDaniel Vzla8 dagar sedan
  • Where did you get the collector from looks mint

    Frank LancasterFrank Lancaster8 dagar sedan
  • I could watch Dom work all day. The attention to detail is awesome.

    Bill HuskeyBill Huskey8 dagar sedan
  • Coloca legenda em português nessa porra aí caralho!!! Kkkk

    Pedro Henrique SiqueiraPedro Henrique Siqueira8 dagar sedan
  • I love these videos - it’s a constant laugh when I hear “Alright, we got a lot going on today. - Dom just finished this piece. - Dom is knocking out this. - Dom just has to finish doing these.” This guy is a one man army! #Domspec

    Darian BreedenDarian Breeden8 dagar sedan
  • How does Dom make those parts with just a lathe and a bridgeport?!? He is the CNC machine..... WOW

    Anthony ChungAnthony Chung8 dagar sedan
  • Papadakis just laser scans the engine bay, CAD designs one, and 3D prints it. Old school vs new school.

    DuhDuhDuhDuh8 dagar sedan
  • Outstanding Dom ,you have a hell of a good guy on your side mr twerk where did you learn your trade or are you self taught cheers guys great channel.

    Paul TaylorPaul Taylor8 dagar sedan
  • Dom has mad skills

    ----8 dagar sedan
  • Dom > Turbo Yoda. I said what I said

    Brandon HancuffBrandon Hancuff8 dagar sedan
  • best build series in youtube

    mart angel bautistamart angel bautista8 dagar sedan
  • fairly new to the channel, usually most of the machining on channels like this is quite mediocre, but very impressed with the work here!

    rompduderompdude8 dagar sedan
  • Snap On garbage can. It's like a normal garbage can but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more.

    Tammy ShenanigansTammy Shenanigans8 dagar sedan
  • Nice work brother 👍👍👍

    Hity DesignHity Design8 dagar sedan

    Hity DesignHity Design8 dagar sedan
  • Dom is a magician.

    bo mattbo matt9 dagar sedan
  • Drinking game; Sip - 'Dom' Half drink - object is declared 'Dom-spec' Whole drink - Ryan explains divorced spring setup

    Jacob O'ReillyJacob O'Reilly9 dagar sedan
  • I thought the alternator was on the rear end.

    Kulani SegawaKulani Segawa9 dagar sedan
    • @RyanTuerck thanks for explaining. I missed that in the other video.

      Kulani SegawaKulani Segawa9 dagar sedan
    • The one on the side of the engine is only a 35 amp. So we needed a bigger one which is in the back.

      RyanTuerckRyanTuerck9 dagar sedan
  • Dominic are the real Picaso

    faiz yoshiharafaiz yoshihara9 dagar sedan
  • Dominic is the best, I would like to know more about this dude

    RGMSRGMS9 dagar sedan
  • Spaghettis! :D

    TchillyTchilly9 dagar sedan
  • Domspec

    Yovani HernandezYovani Hernandez9 dagar sedan
  • The best supra build at least on parts and fabrication I love to see Don doing his work easily can make his own supercar with the talent .. Good Work guys

    Javier MarreroJavier Marrero9 dagar sedan
  • Coming together smoothly

    Lily Frost 3S-FELily Frost 3S-FE9 dagar sedan
  • Mad!

    Daniel SpencerDaniel Spencer9 dagar sedan
  • Where can i buy one of those Dom's ha ha 😆🤪💯👌🤙

    glenn vinicombeglenn vinicombe9 dagar sedan
  • Clearly never heard of an eye protection ...

    Marius GiMarius Gi9 dagar sedan
  • Please film more process and less of your face.

    MartMart9 dagar sedan
  • I don’t know where you found Dom but he is by far one of the best, most detail oriented fabricators I have ever seen! There is no way the man gets paid enough for the level of work he puts out!

    a google usera google user9 dagar sedan
  • 👌

    mart angel bautistamart angel bautista9 dagar sedan
  • How/where would be a good place to start if I want to get good at machining things like Dom?

    Joel HoughJoel Hough9 dagar sedan
    • apprentice at a machine shop? Or just getting any sort of job at a machine shop where they will be able to teach you.

      RyanTuerckRyanTuerck9 dagar sedan
  • Of that dude isn’t the best fabricator on the market I don’t know who is, fuck he’s GOLD!!!

    Ricardo MephisttoRicardo Mephistto9 dagar sedan
  • Dom's attention to detail is god tier. The man's MANUALLY milling and drilling metal... and has finishes like that of machines. I'm in awe of the talent.

    Bankai BullettBankai Bullett9 dagar sedan
    • @Dalai's DramaLama Well, as someone who's completely NOT in the know, I'm not gonna know that am I. And with all the videos I've seen of people doing all that shit digitally, I'm also not gonna know that manually drilling and milling is a skill that's taught. So... I'ma just continue to be in awe of the man's skill and leave it that.

      Bankai BullettBankai Bullett5 dagar sedan
    • Manually milling and drilling and lathe is how the 3.5 years of education in germany start. It's basic stuff...

      Dalai's DramaLamaDalai's DramaLama5 dagar sedan
  • You talk a lot and little manufacturing, the project is also very good!

    Facu CordeFacu Corde9 dagar sedan
  • So pumped about this build awesome work guys!

    MrMark0487MrMark04879 dagar sedan
  • doms work blows me away every episode is he human ?

    Steven WechterSteven Wechter9 dagar sedan
  • What can’t Dom do??

    Jordan GarrisonJordan Garrison9 dagar sedan
  • This build is absolutely sick! Dom's foresight on the parts he is building is incredible! #DOMSPEC

    Chubbs Petersons HandChubbs Petersons Hand9 dagar sedan
  • Dom is a heck of a fabricator, can definitely do more with less than a lot of people. Manual machining is slowly becoming a lost art . . . not a ton of people around who are as skilled in welding and machining. My only $0.02 . . . buy a 5c collet hex block and machine hexes in less time than it takes to setup that indexer. The collet block has its flats ground so you just clamp on the collet block or setup the collet block on a 1-2-3 block on the table and then clamp the part (if it's long) and rotate it to the next flat (both the 4130 and 7075 steering parts). Also, make some vise jaws that are 1' wide or whatever and put the 2 bolt holes completely offset to one side. It'll throw the jaw length off the side of the vise which will allow you to hold tall parts halfway up the middle of them. @18:18 would have the jaws holding the part 2-3" above where they were being held in the shot as the bottom of the arm will actually be sitting on the table. Put slight pressure on the part with the vise and then throw a c-clamp around the outside of the jaws where the part is. I'm sure the part turned out fine but you'll have a lot less chatter with the workholding being up closer to the actual cut.

    Pro-Series FabricationPro-Series Fabrication9 dagar sedan
    • 100% Thanks for the tip man. Makes sense. A lot of the time Dom just figures out how he can do something with what we have on hand. I am never buying enough tools and equipment fast enough for the things that pop up during this build. The Vise jaws is a really good easy idea too. That we can do no problem. Thanks again dude.

      RyanTuerckRyanTuerck9 dagar sedan
  • I hope you do a cost breakdown at the end. This build is well above $150K in parts and materials let alone the labor involved

    NFG GarageNFG Garage9 dagar sedan
    • I am not even sure anymore. Money has just been flying out of my bank account. Def well above the budget I had for this project.

      RyanTuerckRyanTuerck9 dagar sedan
  • “Radii”

    MacMac9 dagar sedan
  • damn amazing fab work from Dom!

    Adam FrankAdam Frank9 dagar sedan
  • Wait so you only need one of those sway bar blade on one side? That's kinda wild

    Israel CardonaIsrael Cardona9 dagar sedan
  • That sway bar tech is cool! In Australian V8 supercars they can adjust both the front and rear on the fly using levers in the car

    jacob strangejacob strange9 dagar sedan
    • Yeah you can do the same with this setup as well but we didn't want to add too much complexity at the moment for driver setup.

      RyanTuerckRyanTuerck9 dagar sedan
  • This is a totally different level of building a car. Shot out to everyone involved in this build. This one gonna be insane !!

    Manny RojasManny Rojas9 dagar sedan
    • everyone, as in just Dom

      DuhDuhDuhDuh8 dagar sedan
  • As a machinist I’d say this build is very satisfying

    AlazioAlazio9 dagar sedan
  • dom is the man!!

    Brendin DorgeBrendin Dorge9 dagar sedan
  • Best build on YT. Everything is "Sick".

    1ls3761ls3769 dagar sedan
  • tight budget guys : " imma waiting the available parts" . ryan and dom : "lets made the parts"

    Rizki AkbarRizki Akbar9 dagar sedan
  • Man, Dom keeps showcasing his skills!!!! One of my favourite builds at the moment!!

    shiftyrx7shiftyrx79 dagar sedan
  • Your fabricator Dom is a unicorn. Don’t ever let him go. Dude does magic with metal.

    SnglTrbo 2JZSnglTrbo 2JZ9 dagar sedan
    • All I gotta say is I wanna get into this type of work im sick of manual labor and find this stuff cool using the ol noggin and not just making stuff work but work well

      Fortune CookieFortune Cookie4 dagar sedan
    • @DuhDuh only 3.5 years of proper education and around 20 years of experience in building conveyor systems, staircases, handrails, balcony extensions, carports, hydraulic log splitters and tar cookers🙂 But i have to say Dom is definitely better at welding than i am. Never had a job the required TIG welding...

      Dalai's DramaLamaDalai's DramaLama4 dagar sedan
    • @Dalai's DramaLama finally someone with industry experience.

      DuhDuhDuhDuh5 dagar sedan
    • @DuhDuh I don't get it either. That lifting fabricators into the sky bs at youtube is a bad joke. Dom level is just normal over here in germany. I show up at my workplace and there are around 30 "Doms"... -which if you turn it around means that dom is really good. But nonetheless, nothing special.

      Dalai's DramaLamaDalai's DramaLama5 dagar sedan
    • @Will Sanctuary given the equipment and tools, what he's doing is actually pretty easy. And yes there are lots, Dom is not rare. Think about it, every racing team at least has one, that alone makes Dom not rare. Also the avg salary for a fabricator might as well be minimum wage, because there are so much competition. Not trying to take his skills and knowledge away, just saying there are many. Definitely nowhere near unicorn status.

      DuhDuhDuhDuh7 dagar sedan
  • Why Inconel? Im guessing its because the 3D printed header parts are Inconel, but i don't know anything about it. Can it not weld to other metals?

    EvilSinkEvilSink9 dagar sedan
    • @Pro-Series Fabrication Ah ok. Thanks again for answering my questions :)

      EvilSinkEvilSink8 dagar sedan
    • @EvilSink thermal conductivity of inconel is pretty low, it's mostly nickel base which is akin to Stainless in conductivity regards. It was designed in the 1940s for jet engines and primarily the nozzle parts. It's very strong but it's main feature is carrying it's strength at elevated temps.

      Pro-Series FabricationPro-Series Fabrication8 dagar sedan
    • @Pro-Series Fabrication Im guessing it can transport the heat away pretty efficiently aswell? Thanks for enlightening me a little :)

      EvilSinkEvilSink8 dagar sedan
    • @RyanTuerck Ah, i see. Your build is the first time hearing about this material, it seems very interesting. Keep up the good work, every new episode of Formula Supra gives me alot of joy :)

      EvilSinkEvilSink8 dagar sedan
    • We used inconel because of the heat properties it has and it let's you run a very thin wall.

      RyanTuerckRyanTuerck9 dagar sedan
  • amazing love this build! keep em coming

    Josh EhmanJosh Ehman9 dagar sedan
  • Ever since the LFA came out, I’ve been fantasising about 1LR-GUE swaps. But I’d imagine the engines themselves are pretty much impossible to obtain & cannibalising an LFA just doesn’t sit right with me (assuming you could even get hold of a whole car). Thanks, Ryan. I needed this.

    CC9 dagar sedan
  • What spec is it? Dom spec.

    Kill em' to enjoy the silenceKill em' to enjoy the silence9 dagar sedan
    • @RyanTuerck nice! Love the build man. You guys are killing it. And your boy Dom... He makes some beautiful parts. The machinist in me really loves that he runs an old Bridgeport. Great job guys!

      Kill em' to enjoy the silenceKill em' to enjoy the silence9 dagar sedan
    • hahaha. YES!

      RyanTuerckRyanTuerck9 dagar sedan
  • I was hoping for straight pipes out the hood but that'll do....

    thcvthcv9 dagar sedan
  • Could watch Dom build shit all day

    suchasreallifesuchasreallife9 dagar sedan
  • Need to get your machining apprenticeship going outta this build ryan🙃

    M DickeeM Dickee9 dagar sedan
    • Sounds like you need some Canadian help!.. im tired of the oilsands! 😆

      M DickeeM Dickee8 dagar sedan
    • Seriously. Now if I could just get Dom to let me do something without interrupting the work flow.

      RyanTuerckRyanTuerck9 dagar sedan
  • It's gonna be an equal-length header no matter what. Dom's a boss.

    Cris P. BaconCris P. Bacon9 dagar sedan
    • 100%

      RyanTuerckRyanTuerck9 dagar sedan
  • So called other fabricators on you tube:. 🤚😒 the fabricator on this channel: ☝😏👍

    H3ntairicanH3ntairican9 dagar sedan