Tracked 6x6 VS Tracked Raptor- Stradman Almost DIED!

11 jan 2021
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I loaned a set of tracks to Stradman and he put them to good use on his Raptor. Make sure to follow his channel
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  • I want to see it

    Edward MeltonEdward MeltonMinut sedan
  • Wait.. no Bluetooth hub locks?

    Jakedelaymustdie 666Jakedelaymustdie 666Timme sedan
  • Put that Lambo on Tracks..... Send me something in TX lol

    Savage Performance TvSavage Performance Tv3 timmar sedan
  • Yes I want to see it🤪

    Old man DocOld man Doc5 timmar sedan
  • Damn, y’all have the coolest shit!!!! I hope one day I’ll make enough money to have the super cool toys and have HALF as much fun as y’all do!!!! Really wanna win one of those toys one day so I could have some fun too!!!!! 💯💯💯💯💯👍🏼🤙🏼🤘🏼💪🏼👊🏼

    Steve McVaySteve McVay6 timmar sedan
  • Sooooo readdyy!!

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  • Litt content 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

    Kenneth SkerrettKenneth Skerrett6 timmar sedan
  • How would you top a tracked Lambo?

    Jayson BarenbergJayson Barenberg8 timmar sedan
  • Stradman we LOVE YOU!!!!

    Matty BlanchardMatty Blanchard11 timmar sedan

    Matty BlanchardMatty Blanchard11 timmar sedan
  • Hey Heavy how much damage could you do if you put tracks on Hercules and if so could you put rear steer on it also???

    Grant RuffinoGrant Ruffino11 timmar sedan
  • The only track anything ever drove was an army.

    Larry AheeLarry Ahee12 timmar sedan
  • Dave! Put some tracks on some 110 pit bikes and have the viewers come race for prizes!! I’m game!

    Corey ThiesCorey Thies18 timmar sedan
  • Lambo on tracks yay

    Andrea StenbergAndrea Stenberg20 timmar sedan
  • Your 6X6 is sick. By dream truck!!! Love your vids so glad I came across them!!! My new fav to watch

    Andrea StenbergAndrea Stenberg20 timmar sedan
  • It would be bad ass to see a Lamborghini on tracks

    frank irvinfrank irvin20 timmar sedan
  • Absolutely tracksin the mambo

    travis hickstravis hicks22 timmar sedan
  • Great video's tracked Lamborghini is cool . I would love to see a tracked dune buggy

    Mike PetullaMike Petulla23 timmar sedan
  • I want to see the lambo on tracks as much as a stand up wiper wants to be a sit down wiper

    # ThatRedDodge# ThatRedDodgeDag sedan
  • Do it we need it

    brian rodmanbrian rodmanDag sedan
  • Awesome scenery, the shots are terrific, the squad is legit.. looks like a great time. Tanks for bringing us along.

    John SmithJohn SmithDag sedan
  • Lamborghini on tracks. Def. and of course I would love to own that awesome raptor.

    Cannabidiol411Cannabidiol411Dag sedan
  • For the love of god track the lambo!!!!!

    Curtis SchindlerCurtis SchindlerDag sedan
  • Love you guys. I live in Florida I’m 32 Yrs old been trying to do some SEworld content I got a lot of the gear I need but o can never find any help. Plus 10/31/17 I was in a horrible car accident broke my back pelvis hip all ribs both lungs collapsed god obviously has more plans for me I love power sports I still ride motorcycles and all that but I still have issues and sheath bony with my back and stuff but if somehow y’all could help out and any type of way I would be blessed honored excited and all of the good stuff so yeah love y’all. Be safe out there and keep doing YOU. Chanslerfaul @ outlook

    Cannabidiol411Cannabidiol411Dag sedan

    Darryl WebbDarryl WebbDag sedan
  • Do it Put tracks on it I dare you

    Rich WillRich WillDag sedan
  • You should play tracks on his car or is truck

    Rich WillRich WillDag sedan
  • Dude my 9 year old granddaughter loves watching your videos and started tearing up on your video when Dave wrecked the snow cat ! I appreciate your care about your Mexican friends and your understanding of people that really do care ! Thanks for being a true American! You guys are awesome 👍

    denzil stricklanddenzil stricklandDag sedan
  • Wanna see that lambo on tracks so bad

    WonkyWonkyDag sedan
  • Hey is it possible to make the KRAKEN all terrain vehicle?

    Pedro CifuentesPedro CifuentesDag sedan
  • got sum nice car.

    Rjay SeriousRjay SeriousDag sedan
  • I've never seen Stradman so shook.. I think he was more worried about everyone he had with him though. Great collaborations with you two!

    Where With AllWhere With AllDag sedan
  • Y'all do some wild stuff and it's random I love it

    Justin MauldinJustin MauldinDag sedan
  • It’s so cool how you take people out in the mountains of Utah and show them a great time!

    Logan FishLogan FishDag sedan
  • Lambo on tracks!

    Mike DanskinMike DanskinDag sedan
  • That’s awesome wish I had one of them

    Ashton DetterlineAshton Detterline2 dagar sedan
  • Lamborghini with tracks would be epic.

    JP44JP442 dagar sedan
  • I love America

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  • That would be so sick to see can't wait

    oh shit, I broke my one heart ha dumb bitch.oh shit, I broke my one heart ha dumb bitch.2 dagar sedan
  • Spending my Saturday watching these videos, best content on YT!

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  • That would be sick......a lambo on tracks.

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  • #SnowLambo ‼💯🤝

    Varo Stays LitVaro Stays Lit2 dagar sedan

    Varo Stays LitVaro Stays Lit2 dagar sedan
  • 6x6 100% of the time. That truck is so sick. I absolutely love it

    Z Wise-ManZ Wise-Man2 dagar sedan
  • I have a good idea... you should put a Lamborghini on tracks😄

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  • Only a Ford lol. Lock hubs ?! What's the switch for then lol

    adam CHIARAMONTEadam CHIARAMONTE2 dagar sedan
  • I want to see a Lamborghini in tracks

    Bikes Beards And BeersBikes Beards And Beers2 dagar sedan
  • Tracks=awesomeness!

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  • You guys rock..glad you all are safe.

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  • Thanks for the content Heavy D. Also the super duty 6x6 love that truck bro

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  • Lol he’s definitely scared it almost looks like he’s just seen a ghost

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  • 6 min its the best

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  • I have never left so hard

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  • rather see a RollsRoyce on Traks!

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  • That’s just awesome would like to take that for a ride

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  • Bring It On Lamborghini on tracks you guys are crazy but I love it

    Bart LymanBart Lyman2 dagar sedan
  • This was amazing, I would love to come out and just spend an hour let alone a day or more with y’all. Truly an inspiration, keep up the awesome work and the great content!!

    thereal Prairiethereal Prairie2 dagar sedan
  • Lamborghini on tracks

    Patrick LevenPatrick Leven3 dagar sedan
  • Okay heavy d put the lambo on tracks yeah I was I want to see him going up that mountain on tracks in a Lamborghini that's like a fat a chiny man

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  • Holy shit. Lambo on a 4wd chasis on tracks would be sweet

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  • Lambo on tracks I think yes but gotta make it wide to stay low ish lol (now actually low)

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  • That was sick! Makes me love tracked vehicles more and more.

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  • Send it!!! On tracks LOL love you guy 💪

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  • Some great edits. Thanks for making me laugh out loud while I’m at work! Lol

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  • Lamborghini on tracks

  • Lamboo Time...

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  • These guys push it too the limit. My kind of Bros

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  • lambo on trucks

  • Man I love watching you guys. Reminds me of when I was younger and all the fun stuff we used to do.

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  • That looks like a blast. But I'm pretty sure he slightly pooped his pants.

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  • I was already a supporter when the Tesla was put on traxx especially when it was a get ya back prank!!!!!! Love your guys fortitude!!! Go get it!!!

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