FULL VOD | Twitch Jeopardy ft. CallMeCarson, Jschlatt, ConnorEatsPants, Slimecicle

16 sep 2019
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  • well bad time for this to pop up

    uSmell BaduSmell Bad16 dagar sedan
  • where it all started...

    A Plus OneA Plus OneMånad sedan
  • Mac sauce has pickles lmao

    R and R FishingR and R FishingMånad sedan
  • Yo im from cyprus and thats not how u say it my dude

    Deppression is my passionDeppression is my passionMånad sedan
  • Ludwig saying chat is always right but when the final jeopardy question is ASIAN GEOGRAPHY chat types Russia. Yeah okay.

    Acoustic Child 69Acoustic Child 692 månader sedan
    • Acoustic Child 69 It’s considered a European country, but your initial argument was that chat was stupid for saying Russia in Asian GEOGRAPHY, which Russia is in so you are still wrong.

      SunEDSunEDMånad sedan
    • @Max Park it’s usually considered a European country so I assumed it was just considered European despite being a huge country that also spans into Asia so

      Acoustic Child 69Acoustic Child 692 månader sedan
    • @Acoustic Child 69 about half of Russia’s landmass is considered to be in Asia, so it is widely considered to be an Asian and European country, as it is large enough to house a wide variety of demographics, although majority are European. With that being said in both World Wars there were countries involved that weren’t located in Europe, so I’m not sure what your point there was.

      Max ParkMax Park2 månader sedan
    • @James On a Cross it’s not? It’s a European country? I- what? Like the whole world war where every European country got involved? A major player was Russia?

      Acoustic Child 69Acoustic Child 692 månader sedan
    • Russia is in Asia dumbass

      James On a CrossJames On a Cross2 månader sedan
  • I’m from the future. Boys make sure to invest in Tesla stock trust me

    NinjaNinja3 månader sedan
  • His chat clearly doesn't understand the concept of anagrams.

    Chaos Br1ng3rChaos Br1ng3r3 månader sedan
  • This video suck because that's not the lyrics to revenge. It's not "I'm a warrior, through and through. Take my revenge that's what I'm gonna do." It's "Take my revenge, that's what I'm gonna do. I'm a warrior baby, what else is new." So fuck you Mr Ludwig go back in time and fix it how DARE you.

    JustWeirdOutJustWeirdOut4 månader sedan
  • I'm watching this at night and the crickets are noisy which makes for a fun sound effect during silent moments

    Kamryn EditsKamryn Edits4 månader sedan
  • still pulling the lulws 1 year later

    Nathan EngelmannNathan Engelmann4 månader sedan
  • Best Melee Jigglypuff? Hungrybox on Twitch Jeopardy Make it happen

    Phoenix TritePhoenix Trite5 månader sedan
  • What pisses me off is everyone was so against ludwig on the whole "sup" thing and the whole situation was so uncomfortable to watch, He literally did not say Sup.

    Lord ChafeLord Chafe6 månader sedan
  • What was the fast money song?

    MentalCaseMentalCase7 månader sedan
  • 53:36 Von Hoenhiem (Full metal alchemist lul) 😅

    Morgan RyalsMorgan Ryals8 månader sedan
  • i, too, wanna be dead when i grow up.

    dawndawn8 månader sedan
  • 53:18 saving my ps

    Cool KidCool Kid8 månader sedan
  • I'm pissed, how could Schlatt not eat pickles. Infuriating.

    hackinthebackwithjackhackinthebackwithjack8 månader sedan
  • People from Phoenix are definitely not Phoenicians they’re ancient people that were located in modern day Lebanon

    Kristin SpivackKristin Spivack8 månader sedan
  • by 1 point?

    Lucy WalkerLucy Walker9 månader sedan
    • RIGGED

      Captain AhabCaptain Ahab8 månader sedan
  • I swear Carson makes enemies everywhere he goes

    Luke OakleyLuke Oakley11 månader sedan
    • his intelligence is just so high that its impossible for him to not make enemies.

      God _God _6 månader sedan
  • In Square Circle is a Stevie Wonder album from 1985

    firkinjackanapesfirkinjackanapes11 månader sedan
    • The Squared Circle is a bar owned by a ex-WWE wrestler

      GonzoGonzo9 månader sedan
  • Carson was crushing this

    DragmireDragmireÅr sedan
  • S

    Josh Keith’s VideosJosh Keith’s VideosÅr sedan
  • happy new year

    chubchubÅr sedan
    • @Blue - you beat me to the joke by 2 whole months

      • Gilgamesh• Gilgamesh3 månader sedan
    • doofart damn you beat me to the joke by a whole month

      Blue -Blue -5 månader sedan
    • It isnt a happy year

      doofartdoofart7 månader sedan
  • Damn I would have just won cause of the Squared Circle category alone....

    MarcusFenixKOMarcusFenixKOÅr sedan
  • >doctor got 0 votes >it was doctor then astronaut then streamer then dead

    Lolita BlueLolita BlueÅr sedan
  • BTW Liverpool is Scousers

    ShadownateShadownateÅr sedan
  • I think Carson and Charlie might have been trying to share a single brain cell

    Jackson PetrykaJackson PetrykaÅr sedan
  • 29:50 how the fuck did I get that I literally just guessed 😂

    Hunter KennedyHunter KennedyÅr sedan
  • gorsh

    silassilasÅr sedan
  • really funny host thank u for this !!!

    SophiaSophiaÅr sedan
  • I feel like this slowly turned into payback for the torture Carson got for the lifelink stream lmao

    Captain SpiceCaptain SpiceÅr sedan
  • CUBE LAND is my favorite too

    ann marieann marieÅr sedan
  • today i learned jschlatt is a devout christian

    AdamAdamÅr sedan
    • He’s in a perpetual bit, so take what he says with a grain of salt

      Quinn NosbodQuinn Nosbod6 månader sedan
    • Fool have you not learned about the minecraft bible Ft. Jschlatt

      KiwiKiwiÅr sedan
    • He isnt a Christian, he is God himself

      Acorn SwirlAcorn SwirlÅr sedan
  • This was fantastic, thanks.

    ghostkill221ghostkill221År sedan
  • upload old vods pls :-)

    marenamarenaÅr sedan
  • I verbally LOL'd at this content

    Bigdaddy 55Bigdaddy 55År sedan
  • shilling lul

    Klien 10 in 1 Multipurpose DriverKlien 10 in 1 Multipurpose DriverÅr sedan
  • love the streams lud

    h0rs3andp1gh0rs3andp1gÅr sedan
  • He’s funnier on SEworld

    MaziMaziÅr sedan
  • bad content ludwig sorry

    :blam::blam:År sedan
  • running this on the background while I watch stream

    Fabian SerranoFabian SerranoÅr sedan

      ZyptheZyptheÅr sedan

    lol m2CoryBaxterlol m2CoryBaxterÅr sedan
  • Meh I'd rather have Melvin host

    PsyK FilmsPsyK FilmsÅr sedan
    • Nah this guy killed it

      ghostkill221ghostkill221År sedan

    Kid AnarkistKid AnarkistÅr sedan
  • awesome. really cool. ahaha any dockers? Any dockers hahahahahahhahahhahaha any docker/????????? ghahahahahahaa

    PunchPunchÅr sedan
  • short

    atacomanatacomanÅr sedan

    LeukeyLeukeyÅr sedan