Everyone Gets Disqualified | Taskmaster

19 mar 2021
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Task: Fill this cup so that it overfloweth. The cup must remain atop the cup pole at all times. Only liquids may touch the red green. Fastest wins.⁣

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  • When did Johnny Vegas grow hair?

    Stewart PerryStewart Perry6 timmar sedan
  • this season and season 7 are truly golden

    Annie GoodAnnie Good2 dagar sedan
  • so what i want to know is what was filmed first, this or the danish version season 4 episode 5 where all contestants also got disqualified during a test too

    Jesper GammelbyJesper Gammelby6 dagar sedan
  • When the encounter results in a Total Party Disqualification

    scarylion.roarscarylion.roar9 dagar sedan
  • A

    Matt MorganMatt Morgan10 dagar sedan
  • everyone missed it once you have the cup in your hand pull the pole out of the ground fill cup

    robert jacksonrobert jackson11 dagar sedan
  • 1:37 😂🤣

    T BZT BZ13 dagar sedan
  • To be fair, I'd like them to show how this was supposed to be possible

    MoultingRoachMoultingRoach14 dagar sedan
    • daisy did it, the only time anything touched the red was when she dropped the task, which didn't help her, mawaan only slightly touched the red with his foot, this was definitely doable without touching the red, they all just fucked up

      Monty SwiftMonty Swift8 dagar sedan
    • same way, just minus the slipups.

      SharkForceSharkForce14 dagar sedan
  • Gotta love Mawaan just slowly cinching his hoodie closed

    GubbywubbyGubbywubby15 dagar sedan
  • Johnny falling is exactly how I imagine Johnny would fall 😂

    NeaNea15 dagar sedan
  • Break the pole, stick the top in the ground, fill, win!

    Kyra MarieKyra Marie16 dagar sedan
  • I really fancied Mawaan until he outed himself as a grass 💔😩

    PaulJohn KellyPaulJohn Kelly16 dagar sedan
  • At first, I thought, it was the flag of Bangladesh.

    A AlamA Alam16 dagar sedan
  • Somebody could have waited for it to rain and they still wouldve had the fastest time

    Andrew MythheartAndrew Mythheart16 dagar sedan
  • This was easily my favourite season of the show oh my god

    LabergeLaberge16 dagar sedan
  • In terms of points and standings, this is literally the exact same thing as any 5 way tie, with any number of points from negative infinity to infinity. I believe the point system should be changed. But who cares, because it's not about points, it's comedy.

    Solomon ParkerSolomon Parker16 dagar sedan
    • I mean... yeah. Because in both situations no one did better than anyone else

      Mada NotapMada Notap3 dagar sedan
  • I love Johnny

    GileadGilead17 dagar sedan
  • Go back to Pointless Celebrities, 8OO10CDC, WILTY, or MTW (none of you have the brains for HIGNFY) and don't sully the airwaves with this inane cringeboring rubbish. I watched one episode of this dross and thought it a waste of limited talent.

    215Gallagher215Gallagher17 dagar sedan
  • I think the best part is Greg reverting to full teacher mode at the end.

    MegaVikingenMegaVikingen17 dagar sedan
  • Great display of inept contestants, oh and side note.... 4:37 I recognize that shape, I think I've had the same diet as Greg the recent years, started to run this spring and it was not a day too early.

    Anders WickströmAnders Wickström17 dagar sedan
  • Cock you channel number 4 give Dave back there shit and get me a girlfriend and sense of purpose, and a hamster...

    Paul LarkinsPaul Larkins18 dagar sedan
  • I noticed Daisy's paper hitting the green the first time I watched this. I was waiting to see if they mentioned it.

    SirDisticSirDistic18 dagar sedan
  • I would have got the hose and sprayed under the red tarp to push it toward the pole then I could just walk over and bend the pole and fill the cup with the water.

    eq2lornickeq2lornick18 dagar sedan
    • could also remove the pole from the ground and just fill it up in a tap, rules say the cup must remain on the pole and only liquids on tarp, nothing about removing the pole itself

      Blitz_Blitz_13 dagar sedan
    • i mean it wasn't hard to bend the pole as is

      Sara DsSara Ds16 dagar sedan
  • The hose isn't plugged in 😂😂😂😂

    Phillip HalversonPhillip Halverson18 dagar sedan
  • I love the fact that not only did they all get disqualified in the first task, but this set the tone for how they were all going to cope through the rest of the show. Mawaan looks like he's constantly trying to solve long division in his head during every task, Johnny ends up testing the show's liability insurance to it's absolute limits, Katherine looks like she's either going to laugh or cry or both and she doesn't even know which, Daisy steamrolls her way through everything and God help who gets in her way and Richard is just having a nice time.

    Medjai KMedjai K18 dagar sedan
    • You do realise that they only knew about their disqualification weeks later at the studio show. So I wouldn't say this helped them in any way

      aashish prajaaashish praja10 dagar sedan
    • Beyond accurate

      Tommy BanksTommy Banks14 dagar sedan
  • The exact same content on the actual show would take 20 minutes and include 2 advert breaks.

    Dave HoldenDave Holden18 dagar sedan
  • Well, the air which is a gas, not a liquid, was touching it the whole time. So it was impossible from the getgo.

    Dan SDan S18 dagar sedan
  • This basically sums up why this round of contestants was my favourite round ever

    Fabrice MüngerFabrice Münger18 dagar sedan
  • 97% liquid? What are You a cucumber 🥒?

    JippidyjappersJippidyjappers18 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if social distance wasn't a thing, can you imagine what gregs reaction would have been? What if he did the nish to the side moment not realising that all 5 would have to be done. Can just moment him sighing every time and be like "right come here..

    Portsmouth TaskmasterPortsmouth Taskmaster18 dagar sedan
    • Daisy would stand up and scream at Mawaan xD

      Dani JohanssonDani Johansson16 dagar sedan
  • this is it. the best task of the season

    FreedleFreedle18 dagar sedan
  • I would be disqualified in the first 3 seconds. XD

    Shadow HeartShadow Heart18 dagar sedan
  • Tar (asphalt) is a liquid. I would have just asked if there were any loose chunks of asphalt around and used them to roll up the red mat.

    Finn UnderwoodFinn Underwood18 dagar sedan
  • Greg's teaching past coming out there. Honestly, there are contestants I don't like on a series (and only a couple of them. There have been people I expected not to like but I actually enjoyed in the show) but I don't think there is a whole series that I wouldn't rewatch. Every series has moments like this of pure hilarity.

    Sian TaylorSian Taylor18 dagar sedan
  • I know some ppl didn't like this season, but for me it was one of the best!

    imaginarealityimaginareality19 dagar sedan
    • First I've heard of it It only suffered in that it was the first in lockdown I think. Compared to the first 2 of season 11 that have aired as I write this, it's slightly ahead.

      Brum RacingBrum Racing18 dagar sedan
  • Five different shamed faces. They could have improvised and substituted points based on most to least contrite.

    mooalijasminemooalijasmine19 dagar sedan
  • It must be the cameras and the timer, because when we watch this we think we could surely acknowledge the task properly, right?

    Dominic AustinDominic Austin19 dagar sedan
    • It's the pressure and limited resources and time. You have to think quickly and thinking quickly usually means stupidly. Plus when we watch it we see their failed attempts and realise a better one. They don't.

      OverWimsOverWims18 dagar sedan
  • When you is THE USA version WHY Didn't you just air this instead of making a new messed up one with "retired" us "comedians"

    cohenlabe1cohenlabe119 dagar sedan
  • "Only liquids may touch the red green." They were all disqualified upon uttering that rule. The air, grass, and ground were touching the green; these things are not liquids.

    QwentarQwentar19 dagar sedan
    • I mean, come on

      Sara DsSara Ds18 dagar sedan
  • was it on air? i missed it somehow..

    mienzillazmienzillaz19 dagar sedan
  • Biggest load of woke rubbish 🗑

    Gavin DouglasGavin Douglas19 dagar sedan
    • How is it woke? Because an asian person and women are on it? Or that it requires a thinking process or humour? Geez...

      philwill0123philwill012316 dagar sedan
    • @Brum Racing thank you kind sir for agreeing with me love and prayers 🙏

      Gavin DouglasGavin Douglas18 dagar sedan
    • Funny how you got to that conclusion when no political views have been expressed at all. 🤔

      Brum RacingBrum Racing18 dagar sedan
  • He really gave them the "I am not mad, only disappointed" look.

    Philippe Gauvin-ValléePhilippe Gauvin-Vallée19 dagar sedan
  • I like Katherine as far as I know her, and I kind of think full group disqualification is the greatest thing that's happened yet, so def no hate But we have to talk about that throw.......... She threw it almost perfectly for it to go nowhere

    slipknot95maggotslipknot95maggot19 dagar sedan
  • I like to think that Joe Wilkinson has cursed the red green so that whenever it appears in a task at least one person has to be diqualified

    vsvs19 dagar sedan
    • To be fair, if Joe had not stepped on the green that potato would have been all rim and just bounced

      Gary KingGary King4 dagar sedan
    • Joe Wilkinson, the Voldemort of Taskmaster, forever curing the red-green

      LaneyStudios5LaneyStudios515 dagar sedan
    • @Brum Racing I’m so happy other people understand this comment

      Kat LouvainKat Louvain17 dagar sedan
    • @Sian Taylor Agreed. But also, it made the show what it is, though. Think about how different Taskmaster would be if that one decision would have been different

      Kevin LKevin L17 dagar sedan
    • @Sian Taylor Please dont take it away from me

      Thomas LawsonThomas Lawson17 dagar sedan
  • Greg is superb, born for this role!

    Hawsrule BeginHawsrule Begin19 dagar sedan
  • Katherine trying to fill the net with water for far too long will never stop being hilarious.

    LeroyLeroy19 dagar sedan
    • Mawaan trying to fill an egg with helium is up there too.

      WookieCookiesWookieCookies18 dagar sedan
    • Gets me every time

      hkh25hkh2519 dagar sedan
  • I love how seriously they take this nonsense. Some of them looked truly ashamed and remorseful.

    Jack LongstonJack Longston19 dagar sedan
    • @Add Later dude if you were in this game, wouldn’t you feel something like that. It’s competitive, and and everyone single one of them failed by touching the red green. I would be embarrassed lmao

      katykat978katykat97815 dagar sedan
    • @Add Later you seem like fun

      jmckendry84jmckendry8419 dagar sedan
    • they are acting

      Add LaterAdd Later19 dagar sedan
  • 🤣😂🤣😂 I was laughing so hard by the end I couldn't breath!

    Stephen MataganogStephen Mataganog19 dagar sedan
  • At the end Johnny laughing into his hat and Mawan looking like he’s in detention or something. 😂

    AmeliemichelleAmeliemichelle20 dagar sedan
  • As it seems with most series, I didn't know how this would go when the first episode hit, but by the end I loved all of them and wanted to see more. I especially loved Katherine (big fan of the I.T. Crowd). I REALLY want a series with the Holiday Special lineup because that was hilarious.

    Nicholas RospapaNicholas Rospapa20 dagar sedan
    • lol, didnt realize that she was that actor in it crowd

      Lubos ŠimkoLubos Šimko19 dagar sedan
  • The fact that this was the first task and everyone was already out is so funny

    Sian ValadianSian Valadian20 dagar sedan
    • Nope, that's another task. You're thinking of the carry drinks with a Teddy bear.

      Rensie NiltiacRensie Niltiac18 dagar sedan
  • Alex: "and now, let's see how that affected the score..."

    Classic XClassic X20 dagar sedan
  • That was an impossible task, only liquid can touch the red green. So all the gas in the air wasn’t allowed to touch it.

    Aaron CunninghamAaron Cunningham20 dagar sedan
  • Let's just forget that ever happened... ... and put a clip of it on SEworld!! :D

    Sicho84Sicho8420 dagar sedan
  • Throughout the entire season Daisy looks furious. Katherine looks on the brink of tears. Johnny looks like hes about to have a nervous breakdown. Richard looks shifty. Mawaan looks confused.

    thesimpsons17thesimpsons1720 dagar sedan
    • @FloatingHamstick agreed Daisy ruined the series, everyone else did great

      churro schurro s5 dagar sedan
    • ​@Charlie Louise In regards to how she's sitting...she's clearly far along in a pregnancy. I'm sure she was looking for any comfortable position she could.

      Rachel HallRachel Hall14 dagar sedan
    • @Loki I think this current season is the worst

      Ziggy AZiggy A15 dagar sedan
    • @92RedRevolverJosh was made to suffer with three extra tasks, that must've been enjoyable to watch

      Ron OnyonkaRon Onyonka16 dagar sedan
    • @onunca possibly! There was also that story that they told where Daisy basically said nothing for a whole episode because Greg and Alex didn't like her film

      FloatingHamstickFloatingHamstick16 dagar sedan
  • Wait! Wasn't first time in the first episode of the season with the drinks?

    Dani JohanssonDani Johansson20 dagar sedan
  • "I am 97% liquid". Um......

    LyssaLyssa20 dagar sedan
  • I felt so bad for Johnny falling over 🤣

    Red DwarfRed Dwarf20 dagar sedan
    • @mooalijasmine Absolutely. I loved his determination.

      Red DwarfRed Dwarf19 dagar sedan
    • But that he went with it, like a safe stuntman, tucking and rolling is kind of amazing.

      mooalijasminemooalijasmine19 dagar sedan
  • Daisy looks DEVASTATED in the thumbnail 😂

    Kate OliviaKate Olivia20 dagar sedan
  • The ending is so perfect he’s standing there like a teacher in front of the kids who misbehave that won’t stop laughing.

    Troy StreetTroy Street20 dagar sedan
  • Honestly one of my favourite cast panels - they're ✨iconic✨

    Meadow 92Meadow 9221 dag sedan
  • The hands on hips really keys in to his past as a teacher desperately looking for a little control

    Jessie BJessie B21 dag sedan
  • "You're literally disqualified. Metaphorically, you're still in with a shout." Greg Davies is *AWESOME!*

    flyawaytodieflyawaytodie21 dag sedan
    • @Povilas Šimanskas Oh haha, I meant to type shout. You made me double check, but it's definitely 'you're still in with a shout'. We do use 'in with a shout' and 'in with a shot' for the exact same thing and both are probably just as common.

      HIROWHIROW18 dagar sedan
    • @HIROW so shot or shout?

      Povilas ŠimanskasPovilas Šimanskas18 dagar sedan
    • @pinkham4corgis It wouldn't, because you don't leave the show for failing. It was definitely in with a shot

      HIROWHIROW19 dagar sedan
    • @pinkham4corgis nah, in with a shout

      Ruqayyah QadriRuqayyah Qadri19 dagar sedan
    • I thought Greg said "metaphorically you're still in the show." I think that makes more sense too.

      pinkham4corgispinkham4corgis19 dagar sedan
  • They were my favourite group. Love them all!

    ZuzuAnnaZuzuAnna21 dag sedan
  • Hmm. I wish this was the full clip and not edited down...

    mycatatefrancemycatatefrance21 dag sedan
    • @Alexander Abrahamsson oh heck yes. Thank you! :)

      mycatatefrancemycatatefrance19 dagar sedan
    • seworld.info/will/aG-ryNS6fnZmnXU/video

      Alexander AbrahamssonAlexander Abrahamsson19 dagar sedan
  • the thing is, this happened THREE TIMES in this series. including twice in the pilot episode! so good

    Greta C WinkGreta C Wink21 dag sedan
  • Lol you can tell from the way he admonished them he _definitely_ used to be a teacher

    Anna WoodsAnna Woods21 dag sedan
    • The way he stands up made me scared a talking to was coming.

      Gordon WileyGordon Wiley18 dagar sedan
    • @John Fry "your not a bad guy Nish, why don't you actually give it a try, really have a go at it" paraphrasing of course

      Michael Ashely LewisMichael Ashely Lewis18 dagar sedan
    • @fergieson32 I seem to remember him taking Nish Kumar to one side too after he kept self sabotaging!

      John FryJohn Fry19 dagar sedan
    • "I'm not shouting. I'm not angry. I'm just very, very disappointed." * every teacher has this tattooed on their forearm when they graduate - it's a right of passage.

      Richard AllsebrookRichard Allsebrook20 dagar sedan
    • Upon rewatching I misquoted but it was still funny 😂

      fergieson32fergieson3221 dag sedan
  • katherine at 4:48, as usual, looking like she's gonna explode from laughing

    Manuela MagalhãesManuela Magalhães21 dag sedan
  • Help a non-Brit out, please. What the hell is a red green? "Nothing other than liquid can touch the red green." It's just red, isn't it? What am I missing?

    Josh CarricoJosh Carrico26 dagar sedan
    • @Luis Leano Thank you.

      Josh CarricoJosh Carrico26 dagar sedan
    • A green is the surface in golf or mini-golf. They're referring to the carpet as the green and since it's red its the red green

      Luis LeanoLuis Leano26 dagar sedan
  • Mawan on the Wilkinson technicality

    Fulano de TalFulano de Tal26 dagar sedan
  • ''''Kin adds = environmental destruction!!!

    Natiform OrificeNatiform Orifice27 dagar sedan
  • You can if you like But I won’t be there

    Mr MeeseeksMr Meeseeks28 dagar sedan
  • And in the latest episode 4 people got disqualified too

    Calum PhillipsCalum PhillipsMånad sedan
  • 😋

    nonindividualnonindividualMånad sedan