Quibi - The Netflix That Never Was.

5 nov 2020
531 117 visningar

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  • 10 mins chapters?? Really? Just no..

    Dammit Greg!Dammit Greg!14 timmar sedan
  • It’s baffling that someone that Quibi was a good idea.

    JohnJohnDag sedan
  • Old people making content to 20 year old. What could go wrong.

    JCSJCSDag sedan
  • Who the fuck wanna watch short movies or show.?

    Joshua BanksJoshua Banks2 dagar sedan
  • would have targeted early adopters and influencers.. partner with Apple or a verizon to get product in the hands of the target market and the pricing was WAY off

    Enlighten The BelowEnlighten The Below9 dagar sedan
  • Respect to old people, but those old people who cant change their old way of thinking just stop working go retired and have fun with the millions you have in few days u still have on this earth. sorry my english sucks but hope u got the idea. lol

    Mandy DoneMandy Done14 dagar sedan
  • I remember seeing ads for Quibi a couple of years back. It seemed like an interesting idea but I was like "there's already Netflix and SEworld..." and I don't even have Netflix, just watch SEworld because there is so much quality content like Cold Fusion and its free. Why would I pay 5-7 dollars a month for something I'm honest probably not even going to use? People used to pay hundreds of dollars a month for cable service for information and entertainment and now it's all just free online...what a time to be alive.

    Vic HVic H15 dagar sedan
  • Their main problem was the stupid name.

    treeman Micool Jacksonntreeman Micool Jacksonn15 dagar sedan
  • Tiktok content is usually fun, short term, short investment. Short investment being you can watch it and not have a huge plot line to think of, remember and talk about. Even if Quibis were short versions of movies or shows, they were making content people could get invested in. This does not work especially since Tiktoks is free and people even comment under some amazing content "I cant believe this app is free.". Tiktok has a ton of content that is made by millions of people, heck maybe billions. There are tons of genres and types of videos to cater to anyone. I believe Quibi was a terrible idea, and should never have been begun, because its "gap in the market" is just so dumb. You're paying for a service, logging on, and choosing what to watch which you cant usually do on a short commute. Whereas tiktok you open the app, wait 3 seconds, hit back to skip the ad, and boom you're in. And tiktoks algorithm is truly amazing, it shows content you would enjoy plus viral content a ton of people enjoy. Tiktok also promotes making stuff together, hence trends and viral sounds and people can create stuff for it when they're at school, work, or even at home. Quibi just doesn't have any of this. The guy who realised Quibi said that people would watch short high quality content on commutes and breaks. This is flawed and dumb. We already get high quality content on Tiktok, and its simple and quick, well made, and even humorous. Whereas Quibi quality degraded a lot. Not much to say honestly. This was just a dumb idea that was severely misunderstood. Maybe it couldve been executed well, but I believe it costing money was a huge part of its failure.

    MarielCareyMarielCarey21 dag sedan
  • I remember a little about this. My first impression was that I didn't care for the name and shortness of the content.

    AllaiyaAllaiya21 dag sedan
  • Holywood has been dead for a long time. These fools didn't know. But they know now. Hahahaha

    Ramon CardonaRamon Cardona22 dagar sedan
  • Katzenburg in his arrogance bulling didn't understand

    Ramon CardonaRamon Cardona22 dagar sedan
  • Obama signed with netflux not quibi

    Ramon CardonaRamon Cardona22 dagar sedan
  • So they blame China. How about your service sucked! As Meg

    Ramon CardonaRamon Cardona22 dagar sedan
  • Fail fail fail.

    Ramon CardonaRamon Cardona22 dagar sedan
  • China Virus china virus. China runs hollywood. They forgot

    Ramon CardonaRamon Cardona22 dagar sedan
  • Katzenburg led them all off a cliff. Hope they don't get into politics...

    Ramon CardonaRamon Cardona22 dagar sedan
  • Your hype aka vaporware evaporates

    Ramon CardonaRamon Cardona22 dagar sedan
  • Meg fails again

    Ramon CardonaRamon Cardona22 dagar sedan
  • It's really disgusting and sickening that people are finding their new "celebrities" on Tiktok and Instagram.

    Eliott SmithEliott Smith22 dagar sedan
  • meg whitman=failure

    Edward AngelusEdward Angelus23 dagar sedan
  • One of the ads were the story was about a sex doll that comes alive, yeeeaaah no thanks

    Jason ParkJason Park26 dagar sedan
  • Maybe if they bought out The other streaming platforms? Is that realistic?

    Sabina SimjeeSabina SimjeeMånad sedan
  • What I would've done differently? I wouldn't have created it in the first place.

    Komitet Gosudarstvennoy BezopasnostiKomitet Gosudarstvennoy BezopasnostiMånad sedan
  • If I was the king of the world I'll have Togogo to do a video about the fire festival

    Zanardi MZanardi MMånad sedan
  • Do not hire Meg Whitman

    JollibeeJollibeeMånad sedan
  • Yeah, never heard of it. Clearly their marketing didn't reach.

    ArgumemnonArgumemnonMånad sedan
  • I remember the ads. Chrissy Teagan is one of these celebs that's like nails on a chalkboard, a real turn off. Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Oscar LOscar LMånad sedan
  • This could’ve ended successfully if A, they didn’t use a subscription based service and B, they didn’t pour their money into celebrities that no one cares about.

    ChunkymilkChunkymilkMånad sedan
  • The death of Quibi may have been the best part of 2020. It's a low bar, sure, but there ya go...

    Faye Ming-FlagitFaye Ming-FlagitMånad sedan
  • There was absolutely nothing that I would have done differently because I wouldn't have ever joined this company; this idea was sort of doomed from the start. All they were doing is marketing their own SEworld and Netflix without actually calling it Netflix or SEworld. The mobile entertainment market is already established by "Non-Mobile" markets, so to speak. Netflix isn't a mobile service but DOES offer mobile services. Same thing with SEworld although, arguably given the circumstances of the 21st century, SEworld wasn't originally a mobile entity. This is just another case of a great idea that was already being done by many others (Dominated, I will say) but was just called a different name.

    Dameon RhoadesDameon RhoadesMånad sedan
  • So...they made 2006 SEworld but for mobile and with high budget programmes with celebrities *and* you had to pay for it?

    TachyonKingTachyonKingMånad sedan
  • Sounds like a rehash of Vine

    Samuel WalkerSamuel WalkerMånad sedan
  • Billion dollar boomer bust.

    AxelAxelMånad sedan
  • Nobody wants to watch Crissy Teigen

    Dave JDave JMånad sedan
  • this app should be free like youtube or a premium service platform for youtubers like floatplane

    Butcher KenButcher KenMånad sedan
  • a failure to understand the modern internet world and how it works

    Inventor ManiaticInventor ManiaticMånad sedan
  • Watching movies only on phone◔_◔rich people are stupid.

    Eszter FodorEszter FodorMånad sedan
  • Literally have not heard of this thing existng until this point in time

    Chill Naga's DenChill Naga's DenMånad sedan
  • Prior to watching this, i had no real clue what quibi was

    BearPigsBearPigsMånad sedan
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      Crypto MobsterCrypto MobsterMånad sedan
  • People won't be dumb enough for Quibi until 2075

    MutomboMutomboMånad sedan
  • I’m surprised that Disney invested in this

    Denzil AgbettorDenzil AgbettorMånad sedan
  • Quibi forgot that the pause button exists on Netflix or any steaming service lol

    AAMånad sedan
  • Short content? Isn’t that called SEworld?

    Pride of DuvalPride of DuvalMånad sedan
  • its not hard to attrack dwayne johnson just throw some money his way and he will do anything

    MrMakosiMrMakosiMånad sedan
  • watching videos on the phone would be my last go to

    A AA AMånad sedan
  • This is what happens when you get a bunch of out of touch execs who try to appeal to a younger demographic. Remember when katzenberg predicted that 3D would be the next big thing and that people would own pairs of 3D glasses? Just another sign of how he’s lost his touch since his heyday.

    Geoffrey GualtieriGeoffrey GualtieriMånad sedan
  • If I am in charge I would have made it available to all platforms, tv, etc. and not just on mobile. i would have also not limit the length of the videos in just under 10 minutes and make the subscription cheaper

    CJ AslaronaCJ AslaronaMånad sedan
  • “If we only get 2% of that market, we would make it” that type of thinking is how you get rejected by all investors on shark tank 😂

    Bastian RiveroBastian RiveroMånad sedan
  • You can't come with great content ideas everyday. You get tens of thousands of movies made every year. Maybe a couple of hundreds are great. For one platform to make good content continuously... it's impossible. You can't go to a producer and ask of him to come with 5 great movies a year. It's stupid.

    George SimonGeorge SimonMånad sedan
  • China and fair, man you disappoint me

    Anna BAnna BMånad sedan

    Mr. ProgMr. ProgMånad sedan
  • I guess some people just clicked on this because they thought the story sounded interesting. I clicked on it because I thought it sounded hilarious! How does anyone lose $2,000,000,000 in six months? What a moron!

    WaitingtoHitWaitingtoHitMånad sedan
  • I only got Quibi to watch Reno 911

    PresidentSaxy GamingPresidentSaxy GamingMånad sedan
  • Not hired my grand parents to start this business.

    mierpub8lammierpub8lamMånad sedan
  • maybe people didn't want to give money to the guy who screwed robin williams...

    king james488king james488Månad sedan
  • should have hired strategic help

    Charles SkotekCharles SkotekMånad sedan
  • howdoyoudofellowkids.jpg

    360flip19360flip19Månad sedan
  • It was a solid idea unfortunately the content was absolute trash

    J CheckJ CheckMånad sedan
  • I only ever heard of this app when they were promoting the Chrissy Teagen show and then suddenly they weren’t. I had completely forgotten it existed and now its gone and, again, I didn’t even notice lmao

    Sabrina RosarioSabrina RosarioMånad sedan
  • actually from the start they failed to determine their target market; he said the millenial population is 2 billion, 2% of that--> its a segment (people that watch movie on the go); he failed to determine (undermine) and fail to choose the profitable target market. fail to determine the target will always yielded wrong positioning strategy: paid premium content; shame though; he was genius in management and has tons of experience; but he just a good manager but not a good master strategist. if only he hire people like me that can correct his business strategy early on. he will success; like apple tv plus. good originals always sell, even if you never as successful as netflix etc, you will never fail

    Talkmedia idTalkmedia idMånad sedan
  • Could have just put Cold Fusion on there. I watch this on my daily commute 😀

    Jared MaherJared MaherMånad sedan
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      Crypto MobsterCrypto MobsterMånad sedan
  • This has to be the most expensive "ok boomer"..

    Kostas KekerisKostas KekerisMånad sedan
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      Crypto MobsterCrypto MobsterMånad sedan
  • Please do Wirecard xD

    Anar UranchimegAnar Uranchimeg2 månader sedan
  • For me, it was their marketing. I’m familiar with the name but never knew what they offered

    TayneTayne2 månader sedan
  • Dagogo, your stuff is top notch in a sea of mediocrity, thank you!

    Jeffery SternerJeffery Sterner2 månader sedan
  • Wow, Meg Whitman is on a long losing streak. I wouldn't have hired her.

    eggsngritseggsngrits2 månader sedan
  • The founders are legit though. They gave money back to investors, even if it wasn’t a good outcome overall, at least they have honor. Compared to so many others.

    ryei6ryei62 månader sedan
  • They skipped a step to research if real world users will actually use it. I'm laughing at the numb nuts who invested in that company.

    homebohomebo2 månader sedan
  • The only thing I knew about Quibi was that they showed commercials for that Anna Kendrick show with a dummy. 🤷‍♂️

    FlipgurujnFlipgurujn2 månader sedan
  • After reading about his political donation s to the democrat party. I'm glad it failed

    Midnight RamblerMidnight Rambler2 månader sedan
  • *Jeff is working on another project. This failure will help him.*

    LK SLK S2 månader sedan
    • care for Bitcon investment tips for good returns?

      Crypto MobsterCrypto MobsterMånad sedan
  • Nothing can replace youtube...

    Dennis VuDennis Vu2 månader sedan
  • Never knew it exist

    Muhammad IkhwanMuhammad Ikhwan2 månader sedan
  • Wait, $5 with ads? Are they crazy? Maybe in the USA it isn't expensive, but globally for most countries that's pushing it a lot, especially when there are better options for the same price.

    EclipseSethEclipseSeth2 månader sedan
  • "HBO level quality content" is not the good thing they seem to think it is. Besides, there's no net neutrality here, so why use Quibi when data usage on Facebook and SEworld doesn't count towards your mobile data cap?

    Ilfar DrachadiIlfar Drachadi2 månader sedan
  • Maybe because they kept advertising on SEworld expecting people to actually give a fuck.

    Mayank VermaMayank Verma2 månader sedan
  • Celebs have been canceled! Lol!! Thats just awesome

    Em22Em222 månader sedan
  • well, as of today, I haven't heard of that app before and probably if I new that Chrissy Teigen was there, I wouldn't never get it.

    Juan PerezJuan Perez2 månader sedan
  • Jeffreys expression during that final call is enough to tell you that this wasn't a wework type scam, he seems to have genuinely wanted this to do well, and returning the investment when they knew it wasn't going to work was a class act.

    Mighty_MeMighty_Me2 månader sedan
  • no innovation . why tik tok was successful ?, they brought something NEW and they were a chinese firm . Ameticans don't innovate anymore

    john gordonjohn gordon2 månader sedan
  • If these celebrities don’t give a damn for me, why should I give them any of my time or money, just doesn’t make any sense.

    Tony MontanaTony Montana2 månader sedan
  • Seems like a good way to move a tone of money around to different pockets

    Tony LopezTony Lopez2 månader sedan
  • Clear Evidence of Boomers no longer dominant the market.

  • He clearly doesn’t know today’s audience.

    Jack KnightJack Knight2 månader sedan
  • It was a retarded idea right from the start

    stenbak88stenbak882 månader sedan
  • but at least they did the right thing by shutting it down and trying to return as much money as they could money

    animesh kunwaranimesh kunwar2 månader sedan
  • Burn Water - Circles (Unreleased), lit

    Peter Tapiwa TichagwaPeter Tapiwa Tichagwa2 månader sedan
  • Chrissy Tiegan contributes nothing. She's a retired model who milks her husband's name and talent. Who would subscribe to a new platform because of her? 🙄

    Lina KhalilLina Khalil2 månader sedan
  • So cathartic to see this fail. Ads annoyed the shit out of me and it was obvious that it was going to fail.

    Benjamin KeyBenjamin Key2 månader sedan
  • Hey guys, there was news that Quibi will be available on the Roku Channel. Spread the news.

    Infinity White EditionInfinity White Edition2 månader sedan
  • It would've been cooler if they sponsored small filmmakers and gave them funds to create series on the platform instead of just putting regular celebrities on there and hoping that would work. Then we would've gotten more original and interesting content.

    Jennifer MareaJennifer Marea2 månader sedan
  • i hated how their videos were horizontal i thought that was the dumbest thing

    thelucky11.11thelucky11.112 månader sedan
  • Quibi is a terrible name. I can imagine people calling its fanboys qweebs

    Last WordLast Word2 månader sedan
  • The problem with quibi the name, lack of flexibility, did not take advantage of the novelty, not enough promotion, didn't target a big enough market

    TheMiguelTheMiguel2 månader sedan
  • They wanted millenials to get in yet forgot to appeal to them with the proper celebrities Honestly they could have made some partnerships with a bunch of youtubers, give them money to make their shows and you are already at a better start imo They just thought everyone had the same appeal toward these celebrities when in reality we couldn't care less

    Samus AranSamus Aran2 månader sedan
  • Quibi what? i can’t even pronounce it

    Smith JsSmith Js2 månader sedan
  • Seems to me it was greed as in intention.... I am sorry i see it that way .! It’s like another by product as Tik talk . Easy glitch .! Lol didn’t work out. Cuz it’s a greed . No competitive advantage other Other platform give us the same service on the move . Nothing has stopped .! Things are moving different way may be new way .! They couldn’t grab the wave .!

    Rayhan ChowdhuryRayhan Chowdhury2 månader sedan
  • Quality contents like yours , I would pay for.

    Tipu RahmanTipu Rahman2 månader sedan
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  • I knew Quibi existed, saw the advertisements before the super bowl last year, but I just didn't care

    Dnkykng33Dnkykng332 månader sedan