All This Drama Over VITAMINS??

27 apr 2019
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James Charles has been in the news for many reasons over the past week, from Coachella and the whole Tati Westbrook betrayal controversy, to the Sisters tour and the $500 VIP tickets, and we're here to spill the tea.
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  • You called it! Way before Tati's video, which made the internet implode. You should post an update. Love your videos, I find them extremely entertaining and more logical than most drama channels 🤓

    Lizett SilvaLizett SilvaÅr sedan
    • Hi

      The random SavageThe random Savage17 dagar sedan
    • Totally! There so descriptive and you can put your own opinion in it, but he also gives you his. He also gives both sides of the story so you can make your own opinion! I live it!

      Lane DoeLane Doe25 dagar sedan
    • Not to be mean I have been watching you for a few years now and I have only just noticed you have pac man eyes lol love ur vids

      Volcano ProductionsVolcano ProductionsMånad sedan
    • E

      Aidan ManzanoAidan Manzano5 månader sedan
    • 2020???

      SuSSuS6 månader sedan
  • So... he endorsed a vitamin... for money... He’s literally just doing his job as an influencer....

    BreBre2 dagar sedan
  • I looked up those sugar bear hair pills and... They're gummy bears

    MayflowerMayflower3 dagar sedan
  • Haven't "hair pills" never been scientifically proven to work and is just a bunch of *quack* pseudoscience? xD

    Erica ClacherErica Clacher3 dagar sedan
  • Am I going to be judged if I say I hate tea? (Edit) I'll see myself out

    Vignesh NehruVignesh Nehru3 dagar sedan
  • Do these vitamins even work ?

    Lilie ScarfyLilie Scarfy4 dagar sedan
  • Me on discord, minecraft, roblox: hI sIsterssss

    professional content stealerprofessional content stealer4 dagar sedan
  • Yes, James Charles is a snake

    Vivian GrandyVivian Grandy7 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact:Tati in romanian means daddy

    Recycled GdevRecycled Gdev10 dagar sedan
  • Tati suck it up whys she cry over everything that little baby SUCK IT UP ITS SEworld

    linus 1010linus 101010 dagar sedan
  • Lisa Montgomery

    max richardsmax richards11 dagar sedan
  • Tati is definitely being over dramatic 🙄😒

    Nathan GriswoldNathan Griswold16 dagar sedan
  • 2:25 I'm not sure if I'm on SEworld or I just clicked on one of those dodgy links you'd find on *insert in-game currency here* scam websites

    Bonnie_fazbandBonnie_fazband18 dagar sedan
  • James did it to get a special pass for Coachella because he didn't feel comfterble

    Zeppelin SulzbachZeppelin Sulzbach20 dagar sedan
  • The art community: Children who haven’t grown up yet The beauty community: People who never grew up and never will

    crissy4445crissy444523 dagar sedan
  • 0:07 Just got checked

    The VR FurryThe VR Furry24 dagar sedan
  • MakeUp Community:Cries because of fucking Vitamin Pills Gamers:Crying because of a Graphics card (Thats real pain)

  • There are two types of gay men. The one are dressing and acting like men, they just like having sex with men. Which is okay, nothing unusual. *And the other type of gay men are those that dress up like total beauty queens, which i find amusing because they're men. They have those manly jaws and structure of the skull which destroys the beauty of the make up* ... no offense, but i meant to offend just a little bit :D It's not about how nicely done the make up is, it's about if it fits on the face. Imagine putting a wool blanket in an Aventador. Right? It's weird. It doesn't belong there.

    Mister Phresh OnyoMister Phresh Onyo27 dagar sedan
  • Boohoo- James promoted a different brand- BOOHOOHOO you cant trust NOBODY

    ScraggyisSaltyScraggyisSaltyMånad sedan
  • Dude, James Charles be shady as f@ck!

    smickVRsmickVRMånad sedan

    ᗰIՏՏ ᗴᗪITՏᗰIՏՏ ᗴᗪITՏMånad sedan
  • Feuding over vitamins. What’s next. Nobody wears a mask!? Oh wait

    HeyLillySubHeyLillySubMånad sedan
  • The next day a guy payed james charles and begging him for being his boyfriend

    That Gam3r thelma.D.AlmaasThat Gam3r thelma.D.AlmaasMånad sedan
  • the first segment of animation kinda weirded me

    Basil ඞBasil ඞMånad sedan
  • tati is overdramitic

    BuggyCanGameBuggyCanGameMånad sedan
  • Imagine losing a friend because of taking anxiety medication 😃

    Two little divasTwo little divasMånad sedan
  • They were fighting over ketamine

    roko fašenroko fašenMånad sedan
  • james has such a feminine face framed with a "masculine" body

    dr. cheese YTdr. cheese YTMånad sedan
  • Coaie ce trist ca nu ie niciun roman

    Nicolae Razvan VoicuNicolae Razvan VoicuMånad sedan
  • Imagine losing a friend because of taking literal anxiety medication.

    JPMzJPMzMånad sedan
  • Oof

    Cristalyn RiveraCristalyn RiveraMånad sedan
  • This would’ve not happened if they used flinstones gummies.

    Super notswagkillerisopSuper notswagkillerisopMånad sedan
  • James Charles and Tati are horrible they are like the devils of the beauty community

    Amin ZeitAmin ZeitMånad sedan
  • I never cared or knew what the heck was going on but.... She cried (or fake cried) over him taking both vitamins?... Thats...petty at the very least...

    Krispy AlyKrispy AlyMånad sedan
  • I think that james charles was morally in the wrong *but* legally in the right

    danny richdanny richMånad sedan
  • James: look theses vitamins are good 💊 Tati : 😱 your a snake James because you promote other peoples vitamins

    Mars Likes catsMars Likes catsMånad sedan
  • aaand james was innocent 👏😌

    el chapoel chapoMånad sedan

    Fisher and Hunter Do StuffFisher and Hunter Do StuffMånad sedan
  • April 14th is my birthday Hmmmmmm

    BootlegGamerBootlegGamerMånad sedan
  • MAWK!!!

    Weegee GamingWeegee GamingMånad sedan
  • They called James a hisssssster.

    shea morreyshea morreyMånad sedan
  • I take sugar bear hair care something and i didnt know about this at all

    Sanik Ring StudiosSanik Ring StudiosMånad sedan
  • Tati Means Poop In Hindi .... You can search for proof

    Akuther’s BricksAkuther’s BricksMånad sedan
  • Damn she is overreacting

    Luke HerringLuke HerringMånad sedan
  • The "beauty" community seems like a bunch of meaningless highschool drama and makes no sense to me

    TheBeanLordTheBeanLordMånad sedan
  • I just realised noone has a nose 😳 I guess everyone is voldemort in his vids no offence btw

    therealdav1d yttherealdav1d ytMånad sedan
    • Taking away facial features makes the style more unique

      DeliocacheDeliocacheMånad sedan
  • Tatti means shit in hindi

    Rajesh SaidasanRajesh SaidasanMånad sedan
  • I hope they makeup Yeah its a joke get it

    DanishDanishMånad sedan
  • Bro im so dumb I thought Animated Tati was Animated Pokimane

    xxweirdoxxxxweirdoxxMånad sedan
  • Once upon a time there was a SEworldr that sells vitamins...

    Tanisha AhmedTanisha AhmedMånad sedan
  • Tati 40 and complaining about sum vitamins

    jahnaldre Audainjahnaldre AudainMånad sedan
  • I actually thought that Tati was the lady who did the “HOW WILL HE GET A KIZZ KIZZ, VERY UGLY” lady 😭😂😬

    Sk8pepe *Sk8pepe *Månad sedan
  • Just because he used other vitmins. ( does not mean hes 🇺 🇸 🇪 🇩  🇾 🇴 🇺

    Honey LuvHoney LuvMånad sedan
  • The ending dance more interesting than the whole thing

    Solo -SoulSolo -SoulMånad sedan
  • In India TATI means shit🤫😆🤣🤣🤣 When andrie speak Tati I am 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • it was obviously all too much! like, who would call out anyone for being a creep AFTER they made an ad with their friend's competing brand?

    Mosquito LipsMosquito LipsMånad sedan
  • Ha ha ha

    ISA khanISA khanMånad sedan
  • Is he a boy or a girl

    • Boy just a very feminine one who’s a makeup artist

      Julian ColonJulian ColonMånad sedan
  • millions of views but no one subs like me

    D'Angelo MayfieldD'Angelo MayfieldMånad sedan
  • So is james a boy or a girl?

    TheStickManGamer YTTheStickManGamer YTMånad sedan
    • Boy just a very feminine one who’s a makeup artist

      Julian ColonJulian ColonMånad sedan
    • I legit don't know

      TheStickManGamer YTTheStickManGamer YTMånad sedan
  • "Hi SiStErS" Me, a male: *I'm about to end this mans whole career*

    TheStickManGamer YTTheStickManGamer YTMånad sedan
    • Yes

      Shamsun NaherShamsun NaherMånad sedan
    • #RealBoy

      TheStickManGamer YTTheStickManGamer YTMånad sedan
  • Dramatic

    PurpaniacPurpaniacMånad sedan
  • #busted

    Ian Mitchel R.KIan Mitchel R.KMånad sedan
  • Do you know tati in indian language means poop

  • I thought James Charles was a girl.

    CoolShool GamingCoolShool GamingMånad sedan
    • Me too

      Parnitha VlogsParnitha VlogsMånad sedan
  • 4:42

    Just Living lifeJust Living life2 månader sedan
  • did she say hollywood? 👁👄👁 uh no sis lol u’re just a youtuber...

    mrs. potatoheadmrs. potatohead2 månader sedan
  • Tati was dramatic

    baneet kaurbaneet kaur2 månader sedan
  • All that drama was the equivalent of who gets to play with the basketball in 2nd grade.

    Aris VelasquezAris Velasquez2 månader sedan
  • who’s here from LARRAY’S song

    Kierstin L’myaKierstin L’mya2 månader sedan
  • This is kinda childish

    sourav T Ssourav T S2 månader sedan
  • why does wilfer always hate su

    mehidcmehidc2 månader sedan
  • For the OG,s who know what 'tati' means in India

    NJ GaMiNgNJ GaMiNg2 månader sedan
  • Tati fouty and complaining about some vitamins you dont like james so wht the hell did you invite him in 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Drama

    JustCrumbsJustCrumbs2 månader sedan
  • But he did the add for sleeping pills 💊 not the beauty pills 💊

    TatiTati2 månader sedan
  • 0: 10 there are some parta of life that u will regret

    mangomango2 månader sedan
  • James Charles is gay

    markoalfamarkoalfa2 månader sedan
    • No shit I forgot he didn’t mention liking boys

      Julian ColonJulian ColonMånad sedan
  • fun fact :- tati means sh*t in my language

    bts_mylachimolalabts_mylachimolala2 månader sedan
  • _Please don't jump-scare me with a buttosh picture again..._ _(out of context this sounds really bad XD )_

    CandyThePuppyCandyThePuppy2 månader sedan
    • someone just learned what out of context means

      autism kittenautism kitten2 månader sedan
  • April 25 is my birthday..WILFUR!

    Genderless BaconGenderless Bacon2 månader sedan
  • It’s literally just a promotion for money all you tubers do it TF

    Rosalyn ReneeRosalyn Renee2 månader sedan
  • 3:14 a 30 year old making petty SEworld drama wooooo

    Squiddo kiddo99Squiddo kiddo992 månader sedan
  • I saw those sugar bear thingys at my pharmacy and I saw it and muttered to myself *all this for some hair gummy bears*

    Squiddo kiddo99Squiddo kiddo992 månader sedan
  • It seems there is another cockroach with the vitamin lawsuit

    the Were Dragonthe Were Dragon2 månader sedan
  • 0:01 gorge glasses

    Progamer DGDProgamer DGD2 månader sedan

    Progamer DGDProgamer DGD2 månader sedan
  • When i was little i thought james was a girl🤣🤣🤣

    dumb_human64dumb_human642 månader sedan
  • How is she whingeing over a few vitamins James promoted its just a vitamin brand.

    noob news official channelnoob news official channel2 månader sedan
  • I have a cousin who's name Tatiana

    That fedora guyThat fedora guy3 månader sedan
  • He wasn’t paid. He got Coachella tickets for it

    Felicia KelleyFelicia Kelley3 månader sedan
  • Has anyone else realized how much the beauty industry is like among us

    The milk ManThe milk Man3 månader sedan
  • im bored im very very bored..... me thinking of the fight

    Hacker WackerHacker Wacker3 månader sedan
  • yes Booo yes🏳️‍🌈🤣

    Dylan CaiDylan Cai3 månader sedan
  • Yes boo yes🤣🏳️‍🌈

    Dylan CaiDylan Cai3 månader sedan
  • I just think Tati is being a bit dramatic. James has the right to support any brand he wants, and he chose to support his friend's competitor. Yes, it did offend her and she thought it was betrayal. But from how close they are, something like that shouldn't be a big problem. It is wrong of James to support his friend's competitor, but probably and most likely James didn't mean to offend Tati in that way. So therefore I think Tati is being a little over dramatic. No matter where this goes, this is both their fault, they are equally at fault. I know this was already resolved but I just want to share thoughts.

    pxrplerapxrplera3 månader sedan
  • That was shady of chareles to do that but also tati is also bieng a bit too overdramatic she is acting like james just microwaved tati's family

    KhrispyboiKhrispyboi3 månader sedan
  • who hate james charles? james gay:)

    schatter3dschatter3d3 månader sedan
  • hi sisters!

    VinnyVinny3 månader sedan
  • Bruh I’m crying he called Sugar Bear Hair Care “Honey Boo Boo pills”😭 I CANT BREATHE

    Desthebless U͙w͙U͙Desthebless U͙w͙U͙3 månader sedan