CallMeCarson VODS: Terraria (Part One)

28 apr 2019
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Part One of Minecr- I mean Terraria.
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  • Bunger

    SoRe-Spreadshot GamingSoRe-Spreadshot Gaming26 dagar sedan
  • 22:04 classic

    Jonathan RedmondJonathan RedmondMånad sedan
  • 1:33:13 uh, did he just predict Minecraft Steve in Smash?

    TamBrix22TamBrix222 månader sedan

    Bald DededeBald Dedede3 månader sedan

      GooshabaGooshaba3 månader sedan
  • ayyo

    Lapeez 22Lapeez 223 månader sedan
  • 9:20 fortnite umbrella parachute

    Lapeez 22Lapeez 223 månader sedan
  • 1:10:30

    SnowySnowy3 månader sedan
  • My life be like oooh aaah

    SnowySnowy4 månader sedan
  • guys here is the funny timestamp 22:03

    hayeshayes7 månader sedan
  • can we play terraria together?

    gadoogezgadoogez8 månader sedan
  • “The best weapon in the game is a yo-yo” I got triggered because he hasn’t tried the last prism

    Fletcher PerryFletcher Perry8 månader sedan
    • use nebula armor and it's lit

      GrizzlyGrizzly7 månader sedan
    • last prism bad, terrarian >>>>

      Charles II of EnglandCharles II of England8 månader sedan
  • you messed up the helevator by 1 block dude it so anoying

    Grady LeavittGrady Leavitt8 månader sedan
  • carson you have sinned imagine using acualy TABLES instead of workbenches for npc homes

    Grady LeavittGrady Leavitt8 månader sedan
    • Tables look good

      TheAngryMidgetTheAngryMidget8 månader sedan
  • "I'm so cute" -travis YeS YES YoU aRe BB

    Liv TorianLiv Torian9 månader sedan
  • It's funny how they sometimes just refer to Travis as "The small one"

    vanessa reynosovanessa reynoso9 månader sedan
  • 22:02 the timestamp we all needed

    JulesJules9 månader sedan
  • As a hardcore Terraria fan this was hard to watch.

    AWSUMSASAWSUMSAS9 månader sedan
  • I'VE FOUND IT!!! GOD BLESS 22:02

    mere_ serendipitymere_ serendipity10 månader sedan
  • iron what the bonk? where is da lead

    Asolt 14Asolt 1411 månader sedan
  • 1:36:00 -w-

    Fishy noodlesoupFishy noodlesoupÅr sedan
    • Wah

      mere_ serendipitymere_ serendipity7 månader sedan
  • you can make a sapphire sword carson lies

    dolemomodolemomoÅr sedan
  • You sweet Summer child. You will be lost in this game.

    ArtiusArtiusÅr sedan
  • “It is the red forest, it is now autumn, the blood is now W A T E R.”

    Josephi KrowkowskiJosephi KrowkowskiÅr sedan
    • \^о^/

      mere_ serendipitymere_ serendipity7 månader sedan
    • AWSUMSAS __/\_____

      Mia FøxidMia Føxid7 månader sedan
    • That's what we in the business call a "Travis Spike"

      AWSUMSASAWSUMSAS9 månader sedan
  • Ok

    Jay 2Jay 2År sedan
  • watching this whole vod while doing my daily bike yuuhhhh

    TunAbnoxiousTunAbnoxiousÅr sedan
  • Help

    NikstroNikstroÅr sedan
  • i have vivid memories of playing terraria on my xbox 360 and killing a pinkie. i also was a noob when that happened, but now i know more about terraria.

    inconinconÅr sedan
  • When they gonna get to pumpkin moon and other they are so gonna get butchered in this underground house

    PurplePurpleÅr sedan
  • I have 3000 hours on this game just kidding only of 1300 something

    Sinful EmoSinful EmoÅr sedan
  • 1:29:00

    Justin Y. 2.0Justin Y. 2.0År sedan
  • When cooper said” aWh

    Sophiamlb BrownSophiamlb BrownÅr sedan
  • 57:59 *wow*

    madam moonlightmadam moonlightÅr sedan
  • When I heard that one donation that said he had 400 hours in the game I shook my head. If you don’t have over 1000 hours in this game you are a faker.

    KittyKatzFTW 666KittyKatzFTW 666År sedan
    • True, I've played for about 3 hours

      MoistBoy 5MoistBoy 5Månad sedan
    • @慧眼秋 some people take things slow my guy

      Raptor PeepRaptor Peep7 månader sedan
    • @Tostper thats nice. its really nice ythat how long oyu play the game is your own desicion and you can spend 200 hours or 20.

      Raptor PeepRaptor Peep7 månader sedan
    • i got 3000 hours in terraria. it was the first game i ever played. i started playing modded a couple days ago

      Raptor PeepRaptor Peep7 månader sedan
    • It took you 200 hours to beat the moonlord? Wtf, you’re so fucking slow

      慧眼秋慧眼秋7 månader sedan
  • I swear being slightly ok at this game is a curse, the skill gap is so high that this video displeases me.

    Please dont shoot officer, i have a wife and kids!Please dont shoot officer, i have a wife and kids!År sedan
  • If this crew was the penguins of Madagascar , Carson - Kowalski Cooper - Rico Traves - Private before the movie

    Five GeeseFive GeeseÅr sedan
  • 52:04 I just came here from watching that

    MetalAppleSauceMetalAppleSauceÅr sedan
  • that small dirt hole underneath their house bothers me *immensely*

    ashashÅr sedan
  • Carson is so innocent thinking that yoyos are the best weapons

    JDN9JDN9År sedan
  • Whoever at the beginning said they have over 400 hrs on terraria I have over 700 get owned loser

    Lil DuccLil DuccÅr sedan
  • Being the terraria addict I am, it makes me annoyed seeing Carson not be able to do the maneuvers I do on a hourly basis

    lemon time mondaylemon time mondayÅr sedan
    • @Alain I did this twice dude! Once on my mage playthrough, And once on my ranged playthrough. I imagine melee would be impossible though.

      lemon time mondaylemon time mondayÅr sedan
    • Sages Sad reviews VEVO can you nohit moonlord?

      AlainAlainÅr sedan
  • *_H_*

    Válter EstêvãoVálter EstêvãoÅr sedan
  • 1:50:19 "should one of us go to one side and then [Travis] and Cooper go to the other?" Wow, leaves a lot of options there for who should go by themselves!

    Joe WoodJoe WoodÅr sedan
  • i am happy this exists. you are a good man, thank you.

    2fakind2fakindÅr sedan
  • :(

    Bailey VaskeBailey VaskeÅr sedan
  • 1:29:00 is my fav part

    redskull 38redskull 38År sedan
  • look at this nerd boi i have 4000 hours in terraria and this kid is do do

    Epic Gamer ManEpic Gamer ManÅr sedan
  • How would that guy have a computer if he's homeless

    Ace 05Ace 05År sedan
  • 1:39:48 Their player tags say “Green Top Fucker”

    JaidenTheMemeJaidenTheMemeÅr sedan
  • 39:12 What. How did that zombie get through the floor?

    WeneWeneÅr sedan
  • *Found out if you hold down 3 on the video Carson makes San's sounds.*

    This is kinda pogThis is kinda pogÅr sedan
  • 36:50

    Doug DougsDoug DougsÅr sedan
  • When your favorite youtuber plays your favorite game

    Donald ThomasDonald ThomasÅr sedan
  • 2:10 "I have over 400 hours on this game" well i have over 3100 sooooo

    Marine RusherMarine RusherÅr sedan
  • Soup time

    FBI AgentFBI AgentÅr sedan
  • The good thing about this is that you don't have to watch the stupid ass chat go sonic speed for 3 hours

    SaxicusSaxicusÅr sedan
  • Outrageous He didn't join the red party 0 Товарищи out of 10

    SaxicusSaxicusÅr sedan
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this channel just stealing Carson's content?

    VixsixonVixsixonÅr sedan
    • they dont have ads and Carson approves

      Jwrry 1Jwrry 1År sedan
    • It kinda is but he isnt making any money. Its mainly for people who dont like to use twitch vods.

      BubbleNuggetBubbleNuggetÅr sedan
  • 48:14 *mr.crabs laughing*

    Kevin the Big dogKevin the Big dogÅr sedan
  • carson shouldn't play terraria

    victory dancevictory danceÅr sedan
  • watching carson play terraria while waiting for my friend so we can play terraria. now this is epic

    VoiD7VoiD7År sedan
  • I think Carson should pull an RTGame

    BigBoy KenoBBigBoy KenoBÅr sedan
    • @Siyah davis not knowing RTGame smh WeirdChamping

      BlueBlu MakesThingsBlueBlu MakesThingsMånad sedan
    • @Siyah davis uncultured swine

      ExilentExilentÅr sedan
    • What?

      Siyah davisSiyah davisÅr sedan
  • You guys should get the extremely difficult Calamity mod, you guys'd have fun.

    Major HavocMajor HavocÅr sedan
  • 40:35

    Ibo EshakIbo EshakÅr sedan
  • traves saying "im so cute guys" but he's actually a naked man with green top

    • Ur pfp is poggers

      C.J. SkullsC.J. Skulls3 månader sedan
    • your pfp is 😤👌

      grainofmushgrainofmush10 månader sedan
  • I'm sorry but this game is so much better than Minecraft, nothing against Minecraft but come on

    HeyItsLukeHeyItsLukeÅr sedan
  • Hey it’s your boy, your seventh subscriber. I approve.

    Evan StephensonEvan StephensonÅr sedan
  • 2d minecraft

    taha gamestaha gamesÅr sedan
  • 1:00:35 *this water's broken*

    Prince SanielPrince SanielÅr sedan
  • Guys I am mom101tv

    Kevin WoodmenKevin WoodmenÅr sedan
  • When did travis exclaim about autumn again

    HauntedKenmaHauntedKenmaÅr sedan
  • Carson just be honest the reason you started this series was because you were being cheap and did not want to pay for the 3rd dimension

    Max BroussardMax BroussardÅr sedan
  • Id be in hard mode right about now, but this is entertainment right here

    Random ThingsRandom ThingsÅr sedan
  • The amount of fun you can get from Terraria is amazing. By endgame you can become almost a literal God.

    Incognito KongIncognito KongÅr sedan
  • I hope he doesn't mute the guys, I hated in minecraft where he muted them and just talked to chat (that we can't see ) and just thanked everyone for the bits...I like hearing everyone and the stupid things they say

    WolfieWolfieÅr sedan
  • 13:50 O, so that's how I died?

    PLKPLKÅr sedan
    • Oh I didn’t expect you to be here

      PrizzmarPrizzmar11 månader sedan
  • I see Cooper's name and all I can think is "Don't touch me matherfacker."

    DAN123MAN T.E.M.DAN123MAN T.E.M.År sedan
  • Next game - Hytale

    LSOLSOÅr sedan
  • Never knew I wanted it till I got it

    Ethan Mc AEthan Mc AÅr sedan
  • Minecraft stream but it's bad quality

    CHEGGCHEGGÅr sedan
  • Wow what a Northerlion rip off 🤣🤣

    CjCjÅr sedan
    • Cj what do you mean

      AlainAlainÅr sedan
  • 1:38:16 explain without context

    Hayden BlackleyHayden BlackleyÅr sedan
  • I swear to god ill call the police if he starts playing terraria and stops playing Minecraft...

    KrabbKrabbÅr sedan
    • someone didnt watch the entire vod

      EntropyEntropy8 månader sedan
  • i enjoy this video

    aaÅr sedan
  • This is the craziest 2D minecraft server

    LLÅr sedan
  • Why tf nobody named dummy thicc

    boof hitterboof hitterÅr sedan

    The Anal AtheistThe Anal AtheistÅr sedan
  • Yes

    hooonga babyyhooonga babyyÅr sedan
  • Says "dungeons are very valuable" then selects Loot All

    WillWillÅr sedan
  • 1:35:01 old markiplier?

    crayola markerscrayola markersÅr sedan
  • Pls set up Terraria Server

    BlockBreaker88BlockBreaker88År sedan
  • I would tell Carson I have completed this whole game

    Newest TectNewest TectÅr sedan
  • should've been a modded game with bizarre shit

    Rivery JeraldRivery JeraldÅr sedan
  • Minecraft and terraria I feel like Carson is as simple as a block

    Cheesey BurkinaCheesey BurkinaÅr sedan
  • Yes please

    AtmosphereOSUAtmosphereOSUÅr sedan
  • If traves was a tool in my shed he would be a... Hammer He isn’t very sharp

    SpeedyKidZoomSpeedyKidZoomÅr sedan
    • I dislike this comment with all of my soul for dissing traves

      ShiigarakizShiigarakiz10 månader sedan
    • but the hammer has a part for removing nails that is used less often. he clever when he want to be

      twangustwangus11 månader sedan
  • I’m happy he’s playin terraria

    Fedora StoatFedora StoatÅr sedan
  • yooooooooo carson doin terraria bet

    olive the uwuolive the uwuÅr sedan
  • I can’t wait for them to actually learn how to play

    ChroNickPainChroNickPainÅr sedan
  • Carson when is the calamity death mode playthrough

    Ethan KnightEthan KnightÅr sedan
  • Yes

    KirbyTheSpaceGodKirbyTheSpaceGodÅr sedan