Dream VS Technoblade (Minecraft Championship)

14 jun 2020
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Dream VS Technoblade.... these are highlights from Minecraft Championship including Dream and Technoblade's perspective. A mighty battle...
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This event was SO much fun! This was my first live stream on SEworld in a very long time and it was a lot of fun! Technoblade is an awesome guy and it was a lot of fun to have a little "rivalry". I'm sure he'll bounce back and embarrass me at some point. Overall the best Minecraft event I've played in and incredibly well hosted. Thanks to everyone who came and supported me!
Technoblade: @Technoblade
George: @GeorgeNotFound
Mefs: @Mefs
Eret: seworld.info
Thumbnail Art: Twitter @datedliquid
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  • This tournament was a lot of fun! Technoblade is an amazing player and can definitely come back and totally embarrass me in the future, but not for today! I'm looking forward to doing a collab with techno and I won't be surprised if he totally wrecks my day. This tournament went in my favor and I had a lot of fun (even though our team didn't win). Hopefully we'll do well in future tournaments too!

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    • Hi

    • 😁😁

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    • you did well dream

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    • De moto

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    • I want this comment have 500 mini comments so

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  • Didn't realize this was dream's channel at first lol

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  • This is the crossover I've been waiting for. Techo VS Dream

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  • Can I

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  • bastiGHG and Papaplatte best one :D

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  • blade is better

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  • So drea is better

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  • Dream: BACON!!!!!!! GET THE BACON!!!!!! dreams neighbor: ???

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  • who wants PvP da like

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  • i love you dream you and the best minecreft player ever

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    • Why do You wanna Know

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    • Noooooo

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    • @kakashi senseio you're 10 then

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    • No

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    • @kakashi senseio you're 12 then

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  • No techono it's not an amazing player you are

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  • Final mente o dream jogou online

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  • E

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  • 666

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  • LOL you think pro than me NOPE

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  • hey dream iam the biggest fan of urs can u invite me in ur smp please man.......pls i commented in ur every video to remind u p.s. i am a biggest fan of urs pls broooooooo

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  • tommy'int in the corner trying to keep up to dream

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  • Dream!

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  • Dream well done I make for you one statue in my world to

  • Noob tech

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  • Hi, I love your videos from Turkey, man. İnşallah You'll pass pewdipie

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  • George sucks!

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  • This server is a hypixel?

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  • Drem is better in 1.16

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  • You're the best!!

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  • Everyone gansta until dream turns on the speedrunmusic

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  • Whose this dream guy I only know Dre

  • 27:58 There's sand right there...

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  • 20:17 tbf he was laggy

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  • Dream: "I have a wooden sword" also dream: hits with arrow

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  • Kkkkkkk bom demais

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  • Salve pa o brasil

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  • What bro its not fair George is colorblind

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  • Dream when he kills Tommy: Just killed a child feeling good

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  • 👍👍👍👍👍

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  • Yo estoy en un realm con tegnoblade

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  • Oof! First Dream supports smallishbeans in the boat, and at something at 8:00 he kills him!

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  • When I see a Hermitcrafter: I know them! I know them! *I KNOW THEM!*

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  • ᵐᵃˢᵗᵉʳ ᵖˡᵃⁿ ʷᵒʳᵏˢ ᵍʳᵉᵃᵗ

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  • This is like GODZILLA VS KONG ✨

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  • Good job dream.

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  • 0:05 look in the chat

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  • this was amazing

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  • De eminem rap god be like: 1:24

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  • I only realized a few minutes through that this was dreams vid and not on techno’s channels

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  • What's the song name

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  • Dude why toxic

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  • Where is TOMMY

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  • Reading dreams comment in the middle of the vid LITERALLY SPOILED IT FOR ME

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  • Ryguy Rocky got owned by dream lol

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  • George in dream

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  • If you guys were wondering Dream SMP is a series not for real..

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  • I will post his face tomorrow

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  • I have also seen dreams face

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  • Hello dream, my brazil,não sei falar muito em ingles;-;

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  • LET'S GO Dream!!!

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  • head phone warning would of been nice laugh out loud

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  • Are pig is halal

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  • Who saw dream vs tecnoblade in mrbeast gaming channel tecno actually won

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  • Cool

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  • You don’t shower

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  • 6:12 amog us sus..

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  • Único en español :V

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  • Hi dream , I LOVE YOU DREAM 😘😘💕💕💕😍😍😍 YOU ARE SO PRO

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  • 21:41 the child

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  • Look Dream you are a really good player, but YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT A VEX IS?!?!?!?

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  • i watch you to make me feel better

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  • your the best player

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  • AMEI ✊👁👅👁✊Dream

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  • they are literally instantly running away as they see you, no matter their actually course

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  • Dream team killed hermicraft members

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  • nice

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  • 20mil?

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  • “Smooth as butter” *fucking dies*

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  • Who knows smallishbeans and ldshadowlady there literally there 😳😳😳

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  • dont say smooth as butter cause its a cursed word

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  • Lets go bro. You are fucking good at this game. You're the best bro 👍😂👏

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  • dream lost the mr beast duel an 100k dollars karl was so mad and also dream was so sad on the dream smp

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  • dream is better at 1.15

    Samrat VibhutiSamrat Vibhuti20 dagar sedan
  • The fact I was in Grian’s stream when this was going down and I could have been in Dream or Techno’s stream 💔

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  • Yea Dream

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  • 2:32: Tommy, what did I tell you?

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