Building my Dream Computer - Part 2

12 sep 2019
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  • Please incorporate modern fast storage like CF, SD or TF or even mSata or m.2 NGFF

    Marlou MadrioMarlou Madrio12 timmar sedan
  • I want I want I want

    Marlou MadrioMarlou Madrio12 timmar sedan
  • 19:25 This is epic

    Wonseok SongWonseok SongDag sedan
  • I like the red and black design for the case. I love the idea for this project.

    JohnnyJohnny2 dagar sedan
  • Obey your thirst 1:46

    Gangway GamerGangway Gamer2 dagar sedan
  • Please I want help I need a converter from USB or ps2 to the old 5din pin keyboard who has xt coding I want to make an at to xt keyboard for my very old computer and I don't have pic 12f629 in my country so I can't use it put I try with pic12f675 but it didn't work because the coding isn't right

    Ahmed hechamAhmed hecham2 dagar sedan
  • 14:49 lol

    yobb89yobb893 dagar sedan
  • why does shift and 2 type a '@' symbol on the emulator

    GyroByte626GyroByte6264 dagar sedan
  • David - an update on the project overall would be greatly appreciated. I really want to learn how to program for the X16 - I wish I had been like you and really gotten into this as a kid - but now time is way more limited and knowing the status of the components would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and I can't wait to get one (or more!) of these when they're ready!

    Mark LamMark Lam4 dagar sedan
  • Hert

    daily videos and contentdaily videos and content6 dagar sedan
  • 14:37 ok m8

    JUL StudiosJUL Studios7 dagar sedan
  • Whoa! This Yamaha YM-2151 has an AWESOME sound! This really must make it inside. Even if rebuilt by FPGA. It sounds awesome :)

    Clarissa 1986Clarissa 19868 dagar sedan
  • I would really like to see this in a kit!

    apb311apb3119 dagar sedan
  • The cute mosquito unsurprisingly share because balloon willy bathe including a instinctive november. optimal, spiritual fur

    Bonnie BishopBonnie Bishop11 dagar sedan
  • Do you think there will ever be a successor to this? It would be interesting to see what improvements they could make- personally I am filing for a handheld option

    Luigi MarioLuigi Mario11 dagar sedan
  • I hope the stage 3 one at least has some GPIO pins

    Luigi MarioLuigi Mario11 dagar sedan
  • It’s a shame that nobody makes off-the shelf video chips anymore, but if designing computers like this were easy, everyone would do it.

    Luigi MarioLuigi Mario11 dagar sedan
  • please someone tell me the name of that space ship game around 1:35 i played that a ton as a kid and for the life of me cannot find it or remember what it was called...

    Andrew BarnardAndrew Barnard12 dagar sedan
  • I made a 4 chip AY-3-8912 PC card back in the very early 90's. Fun stuff. Same as 8910 minus the extra I/O ports. Miss the old days. One would think wait states could be added to the bus when accessing the AY-3-8910's. Not sure how easy that would be with the 6502.

    Jeff MJeff M13 dagar sedan
  • i am a little BIT late, wow this is getting me jumping, i miss my C=64c &128 & plus4, i enjoyed testing ideas through the user port on the 64, please bring it all back

    Garry BrewsterGarry Brewster13 dagar sedan
  • 19.10 Sinclair spectrum (dead flesh keyboard original version as shown) DID not have any sound chip.

    Ken MeadeKen Meade14 dagar sedan
  • I'm eating this stuff up, as I'm a retired EE working from 1981, so this equipment brings back that warm familiar feeling. I broke down and bought a VIC-20 from K-Mart when the price dropped to $239. It only came with 5k or 6k of RAM. I put a 24k expansion card on it. You have a new subscriber! 🙂

    MikeinVirginia1MikeinVirginia114 dagar sedan
  • i wish i could buy one to port doom to it

    Gslayer SlaysGslayer Slays16 dagar sedan
  • Excuse but Commodore was defunct 26 years ago.

    Seven7 1987Seven7 198717 dagar sedan
  • 41:17 Could I get song pleeease.😱 Sounds sooo sweeeeat!

    Amal Irfan KCAmal Irfan KC18 dagar sedan
    • I got it But I am not sure about if it's level to download them. I will just hear em from youtube 😂

      Amal Irfan KCAmal Irfan KC18 dagar sedan
  • I would be happy if the Enter key become L shaped and the backspace key is 2 rows, that is my dream keyboard

    blhtmlblhtml18 dagar sedan
  • When will there be more updates about the Commander X16?

    Jjsnx YdhdndjxnndndJjsnx Ydhdndjxnndnd20 dagar sedan
  • পশচিম বাংলার রাজা এবার হবে পৃথিবীর সেরা ইনজিনিয়ার পানতিক দোয়ারী যার একটা সইয়ের দাম হবে কয়েক হাজার কোটি টাকা ☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝

    Prantick DwariPrantick Dwari21 dag sedan
  • Cool! Is it ghost private compatible so you can use it when not alive?

    Alexander KurtAlexander Kurt23 dagar sedan
  • dedicated video ram? Make sure you support enough sprites in a row and scroll registers, otherwise you end up with the same issues as an MSX has. Edit: after watching a bit more, a 3D game with this approach means you have to build image in RAM and then blit it to the videoram. This is slow. Direct addressing would be a very useful feat.

    Danny SedneyDanny Sedney25 dagar sedan
  • Respect ! I bow to you 8BitGuy1 !!! I was raised on - my first exp was Spectrum (my 5 yrs older sister and her friends....) Than my best friend got Commodore 64 and later I had Amiga 500..... What a great times ! Wish you very best of luck and thanks for video !

    Uros PetrovicUros PetrovicMånad sedan
  • I want one

    Jose ZapataJose ZapataMånad sedan
  • But can it run doom?

    Yes 160Yes 160Månad sedan
  • I love the 7805. So many cheap awesome toys have come my way because of it.

    Alfie's GamesAlfie's GamesMånad sedan
  • How is this boring and interesting at the same time?

    Paul PavliscsakPaul PavliscsakMånad sedan
  • 39:19 no, everyone would try to run doom on it

    nolemretaWnolemretaWMånad sedan
  • 20:42 The circuit board mock up reminds me of a Doom I or II map, ngl. (Probably, MAP14 "Suburbs")

    The Autotronics & Co.The Autotronics & Co.Månad sedan
  • Over a year and no Part 3?

    Dendrite DigitalDendrite DigitalMånad sedan
    • @‌ I know other people are working on the CX16 and I know from other sources there are problems with the new boards. I don't see any identity for your channel. So who are you to say?

      Dendrite DigitalDendrite Digital28 dagar sedan
    • @Dendrite Digital No, The 8-Bit Guy is just focused on other projects

      ‌28 dagar sedan
    • @‌ Are there any problems with the Commander X16 boards?

      Dendrite DigitalDendrite Digital28 dagar sedan
    • Correct, he's currently working on other projects and has no time for the Commander X16

      ‌28 dagar sedan
  • The handy europe electronically trust because panther intrestingly wriggle for a unarmed price. toothsome, boundless almanac

    one clickone clickMånad sedan
  • Have you tried to use TempleOS?

    Robert Bledsaw IIIRobert Bledsaw IIIMånad sedan
  • What is NMI/button do/for? (Pardon my Commodore ignorance). Interesting, PetDraw is like the very old ANSI drawing program called just "TheDraw"... :) RichE San Diego, CA

    Gogle Plus SucksGogle Plus SucksMånad sedan
  • i took a class in community college about computer programming flucked the hell out of that class cuz Everything flew over my head, but i can tell what your going after, and I agree the way that games are made now, everything is just pre-made and pre-packaged the closer people get to machine language, the better, because it forces you to think differently and therefore forces more character in games anyway, i like the premise of the project hope it keeps going

    Madison HangMadison HangMånad sedan
  • Man. You should of been hired by commodore in the 80s.

    Bagel MakesBagel MakesMånad sedan
  • Afew late but... what do you think about the parallax propeller as avideo and/or sound chip...?

    vainsang66vainsang66Månad sedan
  • 20:50 , maaaaate.... you've gone WELL overboard. A custom ATX case?!?!? At best it should be a laser-cut plastic box, at worst you just cut holes in the cardboard box it comes in. Expandable!?!? Mate you're not replacing the PC. Apple gave up on competing like that years ago, and they were the biggest competition to PCs (and still a small fraction of the market). Chuck 2 sound chips in, why not 6? 8? Dude, there is no nostalgia attached to this, nobody had one as a child, and very few people even learned BASIC never mind machine code. Especially C64 unfinished BASIC where there were no commands for graphics or sound, despite those being the machine's selling point. You're aiming at, who? Millionaires who enjoyed programming 6502 machine code back in the day, and the people who want to learn BASIC in a way that's completely useless and unrelatable to modern machines. 200 - 300 dollars!?!? Make a list of how many people are working on this project. You might sell your product to half of them. That's it. FFS don't remortgage your house to pay for this. Obviously you're doing well with the SEworld money, and I suppose if this project brings in viewers then it's paying for itself that way. But you've let feature creep get in. You need to maybe set a fixed budget, and anyone who says "it would be nice to have xxxx" has to take something else out of the design to pay for it. If you really want expandability just have 1 port like the Spectrum did, an open bus. Same sort of thing in the C64's cartridge port. 1 connector, and if you want to be economical make it a PCB edge, $0 extra cost. Then if people want to expand, they can add a 4-way expansion adaptor if they want one. Lots of companies back in the day offered boxes like that, multi-way expansion. And not a single one of them was ever sold. You really, really need to identify your market here. Obviously, "nerds", but you need to go further than that. Anyone can add new chips when it's just a chat on Facebook, but when it comes to actually buying them it's a much heavier commitment. How about anyone who proposes to add a new chip, has to buy 100 of them out of their own money? That'll cut down the daydreamers. Anyway, dude. This whole caper might be educational as an example of how tech companies fail, but it's all been written down and recorded before back in the 1980s, featuring actual professionals and their crazy blue-sky ideas driving them out of business.

    greenaumgreenaumMånad sedan
    • Ok just seen stage 3... an FPGA on a board. FFS! Was that not exactly what you wanted to avoid? Other people already make boards with FPGAs and RAM, dozens of companies do that. How many of your enormous market are gonna buy a Stage 3 having not wanted a Stage 1. I dunno if I even need to pick it to bits. Put your parachute on and jump. This project has failed, gotten out of hand, bad management and not sticking to the plan. And also not having a plan to start with, just some nebulous things that might be nice. Seems like nobody was able to say "No" to any suggestion, so you got further and further away from anything anyone would buy, and then with Stage 3, light years away from reality. 1 stage! That's what you get, 1 stage! They didn't sell the first cars with square wheels, round ones coming in Stage 2, and in Stage 3 you get an engine instead of having to stick your feet through the floor like the Flintstones. You have to have a viable sellable product from the start. You're really not gonna need to get an ASIC made for this, trust me.

      greenaumgreenaumMånad sedan
  • Wow, Periphractic guy is so unbearably smug. He could do between-programme announcements on some minor digital channel at 4 in the morning, his voice is so calm and well-modulated that sometimes it's impossible to actually hear. And his girlfriend makes cutesy noises and he has his fucking dog in the videos and..... I bet he does captions over stills of the dog, and does a funny voice like the dog is speaking. Sorry California, apparently you're where the British are now offloading our considerable git surplus to. Just put him in a corner somewhere. Occasionally he'll try and launch his own tech startup but ignore him, just make sure he's got enough food, water, and hair product.

    greenaumgreenaumMånad sedan
  • We've gone well over a year since the last update video. This seems to be taking longer than planned. Any new updates coming? Even if just a brief snapshot of where things stand?

    Peter CamilleriPeter CamilleriMånad sedan
    • Apparently, updates now only in the Facebook group.

      Marcelo SoaresMarcelo SoaresMånad sedan
  • If I'm honest, I'd definitely buy this if it came in a breadbin like the Commodore 8 bit machines.

    Jimmy SotoJimmy SotoMånad sedan
  • When part 3?

    AmnesiacAmnesiacMånad sedan
  • I think Admiral 16 would be another cool name because admiral (rear admiral anyway) is the next naval rank up from commodore, the latter of which was abolished in 1983 (the year after the Commodore 64 was released!)

    Patrick Correlli IIIPatrick Correlli IIIMånad sedan
  • Anxiously waiting for continuation of this series. David you’re videos are like therapy to me

    Parag RautParag RautMånad sedan
  • I would use an Arm. I wouldn't bother with a 6502.

    scott rossscott rossMånad sedan

    Media MikeMedia MikeMånad sedan
  • keep the 65816 on the motherboard with 64k ram to use 16mb of ram use an expansion card with the extra components on one of the slots

    Ed biaggioEd biaggioMånad sedan
  • i definetly will be all for this! it looks amazing already!. also could there be a possible Sound Card (like a Soundblaster or Adlib?)

    BlueSpartan 076BlueSpartan 076Månad sedan
  • would you be releasing your games (Planet X2 and/or Attack of the Petsky Robots) as launch titles for the system? also would you be releasing a GUI OS for the Commander X16 (maybe inspired by GEOS, GEM, or Amiga Workbench)?

    BlueSpartan 076BlueSpartan 076Månad sedan
    • BlueSpartan 076 Good idea!

      micah lindleymicah lindleyMånad sedan
  • Who made the design of the commander 16 the guy was showing? I need someone for a simple custom design for a product I'm developing. thanks

    dario vicenzodario vicenzoMånad sedan
  • This is like an underdog story

    cakedoncakedonMånad sedan
  • I bumped my toe and it megahert

    Wolfgang BischoffWolfgang BischoffMånad sedan
  • I love the idea of this. A community coming together to build a PC. It's nostalgic. As if you guys were your own startup PC company in the 1980s.

    Shirley BennettShirley BennettMånad sedan
  • I already want a C compiler for this dude.

    FP 63FP 63Månad sedan
  • Honestly, if talking about CREATING an actual computer as a hobby, this would be also my dream computer.

    TelomintTelomintMånad sedan
  • Please give another update!

    TheNexxuzTheNexxuzMånad sedan
  • When you asked what real machine this would be similar to I thought about the NEC SuperGrafx, the ill-fated update to the TurboGrafx 16. 7.1MHz 6502ish CPU, 32KB SRAM, 1MB external memory bus w/built-in bank switching, 128KB VRAM, two graphics layers with sort of almost 256 colors (15 color tiles but 16 palettes) plus 128 sprites and 6 channel simple wavetable sound. You could get all that extra RAM and ROM on a cartridge (Arcade Card had 2MB RAM). Doesn't exactly have an 80 column mode but you could do 64 column (512 pixels wide) by about 60 rows w/interlacing, it just wouldn't look too good on a TV. No true bitmap modes but you can emulate it with tiles.

    ExophaseExophaseMånad sedan
  • The Vera chip is like putting an rx580 in a powermac g4

    Henry AsbridgeHenry AsbridgeMånad sedan
  • @3:55, in fact you can test individual components if you leave debugging probes in the prototype boards and expansion room for changes thst may be needed. That's what is done in clean sheet designs.

    Gabriel TeixeiraGabriel Teixeira2 månader sedan
  • Instead of that boring 6502 you could have selected 6809 or (even better) Hitachi 6309 - I mean one of the two probably best 8-bit CPUs ever made. "Dream computer" featuring just 6502? A modest dream indeed.

    beholder2012beholder20122 månader sedan
  • IS this project still ongoing? I haven't heard anything in a while.

    Johannes DolchJohannes Dolch2 månader sedan
    • @Ashton Snapp Thanks!

      Suryan IsaacSuryan IsaacMånad sedan
    • There is a website - Should be up to date there

      Ashton SnappAshton SnappMånad sedan
    • ​@Sebastian Larrosa Wow... Seems you are actually missing the point of the project. He addressed the pi in his first video... 🤦‍♂️

      Chad WindhamChad WindhamMånad sedan
    • @Sebastian Larrosa No that argument was specifically addressed in the first Video. The Raspberry Pi, as a Linux Machine, is not suited for this project. The 400 didn't change that.

      Johannes DolchJohannes DolchMånad sedan
    • @Sebastian Larrosa that’s not the point of this though, it is not supposed to be a powerhouse it is supposed to be a modern retro computer

      Henry AsbridgeHenry AsbridgeMånad sedan
  • Did we ever get a part 3?

    ImaginationToFormImaginationToForm2 månader sedan
    • Not yet.

      Ivan SimpsonIvan SimpsonMånad sedan
  • His masterplan is so great that Technoblade is in shame

    Nikolas ZisoudisNikolas Zisoudis2 månader sedan
  • That's machines a beast. Well-done so far.

    Dean WoodwardDean Woodward2 månader sedan
  • not a fan of seeing prats like retro recipes appearing in your videos. now unwatchable and unsubcribed.

    Trevor GibbsTrevor Gibbs2 månader sedan
  • I'm drooling!!

    evilborgevilborg2 månader sedan
  • when is the next update coming??

    AnonymousAnonymous2 månader sedan
  • if you ever do this again you should really get in contact with youtube Ben Eater, he built an 8-bit computer on a bread board and an 8bit cpu on a breadboard. his videos actually helped me learn how the 65c02 worked and everything about an 8bit computer. not to mention the mad man built his own GRAPHICS CARD ON A BREADBOARD!

    JackieJackie2 månader sedan
  • Amazing work, but this is a niche product to put it mildly.

    Daniel DouganDaniel Dougan2 månader sedan
  • Dream.

    ColdSaltColdSalt2 månader sedan
  • I think this is most of our dream computers

    JordanJordan2 månader sedan
  • Can I say the "approval" for the Facebook group is really aggressive and unfriendly. I know you don't want to be replying to the same question over and over, but often who is searching needs to know the just right keyword to get and answer that is obvious to others in the know.

    smartroadbikersmartroadbiker2 månader sedan
  • Update

    gábor pappgábor papp2 månader sedan

    minecraft Bug20minecraft Bug202 månader sedan
  • Lonely 8 bit guy has built himself a robot wife

    Lee TuckerLee Tucker2 månader sedan
  • Regarding the display chip, check out the FT815 on the Gameduino 2. You can't "peek/poke" to that, but programming is nice and opengl-like. True bitmap mode is still not available in the chip (

    Jens SchneiderJens Schneider2 månader sedan
  • Please go for the black case! It looks SOOO COOL

    Luke MadsenLuke Madsen2 månader sedan
  • Part 3?

    Herobrine 100x v2Herobrine 100x v22 månader sedan
  • It can run Temple os?

    IliassIliass2 månader sedan
  • Cool!

    Powered by SergeyPowered by Sergey2 månader sedan
  • What happened to the project

    Charles BurnafordCharles Burnaford2 månader sedan
    • its going on

      DistroHopper39BDistroHopper39B2 månader sedan
  • @33:41 Its the megaman zapper graphic. Like any stage with an Elec-boss. Awesome

    Travis PintoTravis Pinto2 månader sedan
  • How about an update on the Commander X16 project? I'm still holding my money to buy this sucker as soon as you guys can produce it!

    mklcolvinmklcolvin2 månader sedan
  • M3rC1.

    Frederic JuliardFrederic Juliard2 månader sedan
  • i guess the zx spectrum harlequin project just did it. No FPGA! No microcontroller! And it has the same formfactor of a spectrum.

    OdeioLobaoOdeioLobao2 månader sedan
  • Does the webforum still exist? The link provided seems to only take me to a page where you can choose between The Geek Pub and your own website. I’d love to read up on updates but I gave up on FB and have no plans to go back.

    Tero SääreläTero Säärelä2 månader sedan
  • That logo is killer. I love it. You should have a case with a tiny amount of RGB for the logo or strip - not too much so it isn't TOO fast... ;)

    ManjushriManjushri2 månader sedan
  • You need a cpu and cooling fan and some RAM

    Almir MededovicAlmir Mededovic2 månader sedan
  • You guys are my heros

    tallmainetallmaine2 månader sedan
  • This is so cool! I want to build one when it's done and design a 3D printed case for it.

    Grumpy ModelerGrumpy Modeler3 månader sedan
  • Vera?! Vera?! What has become of you?! - Roger Waters.

    Jacob daemonspudguy TiceJacob daemonspudguy Tice3 månader sedan
  • Very exciting!

    bobcatt42bobcatt423 månader sedan
  • The C68 was first PC in 1983, I loved your ideas to build new pc.

    JK TJK T3 månader sedan