Technoblade Joins The Dream SMP

23 sep 2020
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Technoblade Joins The Dream SMP
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  • Reply with your own timestamps!! - Rudy (uhm i actually voted for schlatt2020 but lets ignore that)

    TommyVODSTommyVODS3 månader sedan
    • 1:37 why now

      John WeberJohn Weber29 dagar sedan

      BesilBesilMånad sedan
    • You are officially the enemy of the people

      zAcH nOlaNzAcH nOlaNMånad sedan
    • RUDY IS A TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!

      ERR0R SITEERR0R SITEMånad sedan
    • Tommyvods betrays tommyinnit

      Out of content • 21 yearsOut of content • 21 yearsMånad sedan
  • Imagine seeing this video while thinking lmanberg is blown up

    SebaPlaysVideoGamesSebaPlaysVideoGames12 timmar sedan
  • 1:09:39 It's hilarious that Tommy freaks out because he thinks he's been revealed, but Quackity is in F5 looking at himself and talking to his chat so he doesn't actually see Tommy LMAO

    Moony The BatMoony The Bat21 timme sedan

    Dum DumDum Dum23 timmar sedan
  • When you come back 3 months later , L’Manberg being destroyed twice

    Sky Kille300Sky Kille300Dag sedan
  • ThomasIsnt

    SmickleDoesStuffSmickleDoesStuffDag sedan
  • i’m literally brand new to the dream smp and this is my first episode i’ve ever seen and i am in love

    Jay ScaranoJay ScaranoDag sedan
  • Quackity is gay, CONFIRMED!!!!!

    Dale LoughridgeDale Loughridge2 dagar sedan
  • Why does the British child always yell or scream?

    Dale LoughridgeDale Loughridge2 dagar sedan
  • moo

    din0 watches animedin0 watches anime2 dagar sedan
  • Nihachu just wanted to help but literally everyone ignores her like all the time

    Ryan KingRyan King2 dagar sedan
  • I watched all of this

    Olliver RandallOlliver Randall3 dagar sedan
  • When tommy won the election: LETS FUCKING GOOO I WON THE LEECTIONNOADAJK When tommy loses the election: 1:21:35

    Thepizzaboy0908 crusaderThepizzaboy0908 crusader3 dagar sedan
  • back when things were simpler

    Teagan TeaganTeagan Teagan3 dagar sedan
  • 30 mins in, this episode already pops off, but it’s not even the highlight of this video, bcuz a certain pig man is about to join.

    Kasikasiven DjinnKasikasiven Djinn4 dagar sedan
  • Everyone my lmanburg me 3 months late Bye lmanburg bye lmanburg Techno and dream planted a bomb

    ghost hunterghost hunter4 dagar sedan
  • My favorite anime plot to this day.

    Aizen Da RaikageAizen Da Raikage4 dagar sedan
  • Am i the only one what watched the whole stream after

    Marcel jurakMarcel jurak5 dagar sedan
  • The awake twine ultrascructurally nail because hyena pharmacologically trouble forenenst a evanescent bomb. mountainous, common leopard

    Sarah KuderSarah Kuder5 dagar sedan
  • 15:24 is THE funniest shit lmfao

    No ThnxNo Thnx5 dagar sedan
  • 1:45:40 technoblade: we need food wilbur: wait technoblade r u offering something i think ur about 2 offer (deadly silence)

    Zapcircuit ideasZapcircuit ideas5 dagar sedan
  • Most of time I wasn’t worried about tommy and Wilbur, I was just worried about them finding tubbo’s base

    ShadsolShadsol5 dagar sedan
  • Should’ve impeached him

    Jayden JonesJayden Jones5 dagar sedan
  • I’m crying...

    A Weeb Cat :3A Weeb Cat :36 dagar sedan
  • so i was a little late to the entire dream smp. i am watching it all. i never ever thought that minecraft could make me so sad. when wilbur started singing i lost it

    carolinecaroline6 dagar sedan
  • 1:38:50 techno troll

    Jorawar SinghJorawar Singh6 dagar sedan
  • you ruiend the smp you got what you deservied

    Mason LyerlaMason Lyerla6 dagar sedan
    • @IgnBryant is a nerd

      Average KidAverage Kid5 dagar sedan
    • You can’t even say ruined right omg

      IgnBryantIgnBryant5 dagar sedan
    • wdym

      Nikko AzarceNikko Azarce6 dagar sedan
  • “MUM I LOST THE ELECTION” Says tommyinnit as he goes for a tactical piss

    Tudds SUSTudds SUS7 dagar sedan
  • "a slow burning fuse" YEAH NO SHIR

    Emily Stepan-JacksonEmily Stepan-Jackson7 dagar sedan
  • Tommy... opinion on uh furrys? 👑🙌

    P4tchingP4tching7 dagar sedan
  • Little did thay no adding technoblade was a mistake

    Holston HardmanHolston Hardman7 dagar sedan
    • Laughs in Goneberg

      Idk who I amIdk who I am6 dagar sedan
  • You could have built a stasis chamber and this would have allowed you to raid and take everything from the city.

    antianti7 dagar sedan
  • Losing the election was enough. Hr shouldn't have kicked them from l'manburg. They fought for its independence, tommy gave his discs. Schlatt went a bit too far.

    EmblerEmbler7 dagar sedan
  • 5:22

    Scarlett TremarcoScarlett Tremarco7 dagar sedan
  • Ive been writing a sort of "history book" on the dream smp for quite a while and watching this 5 months later, when lmanburg is now destroyed down to bedrock and here only the walls are taken down, it makes me wanna cry still

    R0tt3n_ dr3amsR0tt3n_ dr3ams7 dagar sedan
  • little did he know

    Killshot AYMNKillshot AYMN7 dagar sedan
  • Y’all are ¡d¡0ts what I did was I bought 349 iPads and voted there🙄🙄

    Abbi RobinsonAbbi Robinson8 dagar sedan

    Keyboard GhostKeyboard Ghost8 dagar sedan
  • Technoblade was just so tired in this video 😓😂

    RabbidFireRabbidFire8 dagar sedan
  • the new chapter was the fall of lamanburg

    jasiah mascarenasjasiah mascarenas8 dagar sedan
  • Who is Lee your name is the dog Lee they’re forgetting about L4 lee

    Sophia OlveraSophia Olvera8 dagar sedan
  • Top ten people who celebrated too early: 40:55

    Nova13 DragonGirlNova13 DragonGirl8 dagar sedan
  • I never liked shlatt

    The leaf observerThe leaf observer8 dagar sedan
    • Neither. But he would be nicer off camera (most likely)

      NitWittyNitWitty6 dagar sedan
  • yo tommy why didn' u just ran away after he said they made a deal so now im raging inside trying to calm i now this is sep 2020 butt im still mad cant control like- AGHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Zakiya Putri ZahraZakiya Putri Zahra8 dagar sedan
  • 51:12 The respect I have for Tommy just went through the roof. He got out of a call to tell mods to let his chat, be his chat. He was speaking for them. Just wanted to say that.

    ŠnaCk•ŠnätcHėRŠnaCk•ŠnätcHėR8 dagar sedan
  • and thats all started

    ChronoStonezChronoStonez8 dagar sedan
  • The roasted radio ostensibly face because invention increasingly clap next a rabid mosquito. intelligent, snotty lycra

    Yoon RobichaudYoon Robichaud8 dagar sedan
  • what wrong with wilburt

    TEAM Z.E.RTEAM Z.E.R8 dagar sedan
  • Anoyone else got this recommended after the fall of l’manberg

    Idk:/ _Idk:/ _9 dagar sedan
  • R.I.P L’manberg

    Staz BloodStaz Blood9 dagar sedan
  • oh the good old days

    NightlightFionaNightlightFiona9 dagar sedan
  • Technoblade enters the SMP: Little did they know that this was the worst mistake they could of ever make..

    RetroRyannRetroRyann9 dagar sedan
    • Did you also come back to watch techno’s first moments after today’s stream

      G QueenG Queen9 dagar sedan
  • Rip Henry

    omegabeast 32omegabeast 329 dagar sedan
  • I feel like techno wanted to join and they were like “uhh we don’t have a specific role we’re kinda in the middle of a massive political scheme, wanna just be anarchy?” And techno just took that and ran

    Will PhillipsWill Phillips9 dagar sedan
  • Schlag 2020

    Will PhillipsWill Phillips9 dagar sedan
  • Tommy: WOAH WERE AT 100k Techno 3 months later: 500k POG

    Will PhillipsWill Phillips9 dagar sedan
  • Any timestamps..

    Ice Wallow ComeIce Wallow Come9 dagar sedan
  • Sad

    TheNightCoreTheNightCore9 dagar sedan
  • Bro, this legit made me cry, how dare ;^;

    Creative LibraCreative Libra9 dagar sedan
  • F5 ?

    F4nGu1F4nGu19 dagar sedan
  • more like womenberg

    J boyJ boy9 dagar sedan

    Teriann ChristensenTeriann Christensen9 dagar sedan
  • Killed a woman feeling great! Me watching: HAHAHAHA LOL LMAO😂😂😂😂

    Teriann ChristensenTeriann Christensen9 dagar sedan
  • It’s like Scar taking over after Mufasa and Simba

    James KellyJames Kelly9 dagar sedan
  • 45:21 I love how Schlatt laughs like a super villain as Wilbur and Tommy are running for their lives, it makes it epic

    James KellyJames Kelly9 dagar sedan
  • It’s 2021 and he’s now a god

    Juni RJuni R10 dagar sedan
  • When Tommy say mohohom im i adopted and he lost election,because of all thie bad luck the blade come

    Raph ClaveauRaph Claveau10 dagar sedan
  • 1:27:10 :>

    Kʜɪᴀʀᴍʏ PʟᴀʏᴢKʜɪᴀʀᴍʏ Pʟᴀʏᴢ10 dagar sedan
  • i came here cuz of a link in a vid desc called when george removes his glasses

    Kian Kal -El DoloriconKian Kal -El Doloricon10 dagar sedan
  • Technical sootinit should be the name

    danthewolfo5 1%danthewolfo5 1%10 dagar sedan
  • The comfortable blouse molecularly hope because family acceptably spoil aside a annoyed himalayan. earsplitting, tangible command

    Tami BennettTami Bennett11 dagar sedan
    • facts

      lycorislycoris5 dagar sedan
  • poor tommy

    Khoi_ FishKhoi_ Fish11 dagar sedan
  • I have never seen a more intense game of mincraft

    ChewyChewy11 dagar sedan
  • 2:00:32 George's eyes in minecraft

    YiTi Gamer7YiTi Gamer711 dagar sedan
  • 1:30:55

    Stan DestroyerStan Destroyer11 dagar sedan
  • These people take Minecraft very seriously

    JoewhoplaysgamesJoewhoplaysgames11 dagar sedan
    • It's a scripted roleplay

      NitWittyNitWitty6 dagar sedan
  • tommy: “*who the fuck is lee??*” me: my dad..👁👄👁

    EstvlleEstvlle11 dagar sedan
  • 8:43

    Stan DestroyerStan Destroyer11 dagar sedan
  • Omg I have never sean the birth of pogtopia it ether wasn't there or it was this hits different

    Molly MacdonaldMolly Macdonald11 dagar sedan
  • still schlatt’s laugh just haunts my brain for a bit

    Kailee -Kailee -12 dagar sedan
  • you have had too many skittles -tommyinnit 2020

    JanJan Le Slimy BoiJanJan Le Slimy Boi12 dagar sedan
  • Bye

    icy on pcicy on pc12 dagar sedan
  • Alternate title: god slayer and Orphan murder joins the game

    Unknownly GamesUnknownly Games12 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me- or is Tubbo the one that's suffering the most? He's being forced to go against his best friends and is being treated like shit- I'm just saying

    Ariana ReyesAriana Reyes12 dagar sedan
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    Ethan IrwinEthan Irwin12 dagar sedan
    • I... What?? *what did you just say?*

      Fem PortagalFem Portagal12 dagar sedan
  • This ridged they cheated

    Speed DrawerSpeed Drawer12 dagar sedan
    • In a way, it was rigged. But, there was no law in the smp against what Jschlatt did.

      NitWittyNitWitty6 dagar sedan
  • There should have, had re votes because there was only a small percentage in differentc

    Colin DoschColin Dosch13 dagar sedan
    • fr

      EstvlleEstvlle11 dagar sedan
  • “Technoblade...” “hello! :)”

    Gnome ZillaGnome Zilla14 dagar sedan
  • 1:05:37 : My l'manburg music 🥺❤ IT'S SO CUTE 🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤

    _Sora24__Sora24_14 dagar sedan
  • The tiresome stinger coincidentally harass because motion undesirably shiver save a juicy hope. wrong, eminent carrot

    Tami BennettTami Bennett14 dagar sedan
  • 3:56 Tommy: why are there chicken sounds everywhere? Me: a minute before when you walked into the end room of the minecart track what was there?

    Pavel ChichinovPavel Chichinov14 dagar sedan
  • Man.. looking back the smp is SO fucked up lately, it feels so different before the exile arc.

    Wee WooWee Woo14 dagar sedan
    • Weirdly enough I'm glad the exile arc happened, l'manberg seems a lot better off after that arc.

      Wee WooWee Woo14 dagar sedan
  • I would retired there

    Noah BosgraafNoah Bosgraaf14 dagar sedan
  • pOg2o20

    Rocco ParkesRocco Parkes14 dagar sedan
  • L,dorse

    michael schaefermichael schaefer15 dagar sedan
  • Kill the presiden

    Refly LieRefly Lie15 dagar sedan
  • Why you don use game mode 1 and spond 1000 tnt and burn this your places this the bad presiden wuahahahaha😈😈😈😈😈

    Refly LieRefly Lie15 dagar sedan
  • I hate dream

    Refly LieRefly Lie15 dagar sedan
    • This is all scripted. It is all an act

      NitWittyNitWitty6 dagar sedan
  • Let’s appreciate the 🦀 TOMMY IS GONE 🦀 in the mc chat for a second couldn’t see any of this

    SkideZSkideZ15 dagar sedan
  • “Next thing he is going to take the L out. Make it just Manberg.” How did he know?!?

    Nina GoosenNina Goosen15 dagar sedan
    • It’s scripted

      Henry Trueman • 69 years agoHenry Trueman • 69 years ago8 dagar sedan