DJ, Wolff & Collin 2-Ball Challenge on the 10th Hole at RIV | TaylorMade Golf

17 feb 2021
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It's one of the most famous, and regarded, short par-4s on the planet. But how do Dustin Johnson, Collin Moriakwa and Matthew Wolff strategize to play the hole? Hint: it involves a lot of swings with the all-new SIM2 driver.

  • Wolff needs to go ahead and get off the pro tour after the last few performances

    Brandon WilsonBrandon WilsonDag sedan
  • Wolff is the annoying guy who gets grouped in with your twosome. Never hits a shot as good as what he says he can, and doesn’t otherwise shut up.

    EHEH2 dagar sedan
  • I’m relatively new to golf (about 2 years of playing and watching) and I missed Tiger in his hay day but when I look at Dusty I just think “What an absolute specimen”. He’s just so athletic, as a sports fan it’s so easy to identify people who are just good at their sport vs athletes who would be good at whatever sport they tried. He’s truly impressive.

    Sbu MthembuSbu Mthembu8 dagar sedan
  • Might be the worst camera work ive ever seen

    Mark ClementsMark Clements8 dagar sedan
  • DJ showing the whipper snappers how its done.

    MrbigolnutsMrbigolnuts8 dagar sedan
  • Why is Wolff so annoying? LOL

    Dustin IntarachotDustin Intarachot8 dagar sedan
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    Jordan GuiltJordan Guilt20 dagar sedan
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    Jose SchreiberJose Schreiber21 dag sedan
  • Wolff to DJ: We’ll play again in 5 or so years, when I have more experience. 💀💀💀

    Johnny HuangJohnny Huang27 dagar sedan
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    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez28 dagar sedan
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    Merla MccanlessMerla MccanlessMånad sedan
  • Thanks Taylormade for showing us why we have to pay that extra $200 for your drivers. Love DJs talks !

    Mike WinifredMike WinifredMånad sedan
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    Simon WangSimon WangMånad sedan
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    Simon WangSimon WangMånad sedan
  • Who’s here after Wolff shot an 83

    Jack DixonJack DixonMånad sedan
  • Matt Wolfe in a soft pink shirt is all I need at every tournament for the rest of my life. That is classy fashionista stuff right there for golf.

    Dan DowningDan DowningMånad sedan
  • What shorts does Collin use in this video?

    Hampus WallavuoriHampus WallavuoriMånad sedan
  • These more laid back videos hearing guys talk through what they’re playing and pick each other’s brains is so cool. Props to TM for doing what no other manufacturers been doin and embracing their staffers personalities and building their brands along with Taylormades

    Caleb GreenCaleb GreenMånad sedan
  • Wolff, el swing más horrible de la historia del golf..

    Omar TobarOmar TobarMånad sedan
  • 0:06 2nd shot any club you want.....Looks like Driver Driver.

    Lee Trevino FansLee Trevino FansMånad sedan
  • TM, thank you for proving the short game is more important than long drives.

    brobb1969brobb1969Månad sedan
  • Those hats are without a doubt the most 90s from an insurance seminar type I have seen.

    lonelongboarder27lonelongboarder27Månad sedan
  • Wolff´s voice and personality is mad annoying

    græssefargræssefarMånad sedan
  • Watching the playoff at the Genesis Invitational and thinking about how prophetic this was. Both players hit their drives left, but only one of them ended up against a tree. And both just missed their par putts and on to number 14.

    David WilsonDavid WilsonMånad sedan
  • DJ doesn't want to be here lol

    P LiP LiMånad sedan
  • You guys are booming

    Rodrick RogersRodrick Rogers2 månader sedan
  • Wolfe seems annoying as (bleep)

    crog09crog092 månader sedan
  • “Worst case, make par”

  • This was a lot of fun -- but yeah, TM with the 90s Photoshop hat logo game isn't a good look lol -- still lots of fun to watch!

    Golf After 50Golf After 502 månader sedan
  • Matt's got girly legs

    Follow MediaFollow Media2 månader sedan
  • On the first tee shot did DJ tee it down low? if so why what was his thoughts

    Mark BrookMark Brook2 månader sedan
  • Whats the name of the hoodie that morikawa wears?

    Christoph 1211Christoph 12112 månader sedan
  • DJ is just a guy being a dude..

    Jackson MillerJackson Miller2 månader sedan
  • Playing the hybrid like a putter is a nice tip

    William Joseph 67William Joseph 672 månader sedan
  • Why hit driver with both balls? Tee off with an iron on 2nd ball and let's see the difference!

    Brent DurmireBrent Durmire2 månader sedan
  • My favorite hole on the PGA Tour

    BrushyMtnGolferBrushyMtnGolfer2 månader sedan
  • Miss walking the Riv... to watch these guys play... Maybe next year

    iMando323iMando3232 månader sedan
  • Woofs a simp

    Sean ArcherSean Archer2 månader sedan
  • How come Rahm and Jason Day aren't there?? Oh wait...

    cgasuckscgasucks2 månader sedan
  • I do like all three of these guys, but Jason Day was like the glue that made it all work. Not sure I will be dropping whatever I am doing to watch these TM videos with Jason gone

    Jeff AdamsJeff Adams2 månader sedan
  • Rocking the "Generic 1998 Technology 1.0" stickers on those hats 😆

    Andrew RobinsonAndrew Robinson2 månader sedan
  • Do you really need guys in masks 30 feet away from anyone? Mask cult looking dumber by the day

    Matt DMatt D2 månader sedan
  • I see Ollie in the back! Thanks for all the good content dude!

    Steve ChooSteve Choo2 månader sedan
  • Anyone else feel like DJ has become a little more personable lately? For years it seemed to me like he hated even having to have a conversation with people. He actually seems fairly interested and even carrying the conversation! Good to see

    Jack CaseyJack Casey2 månader sedan
  • Those are the ugliest tour hats i think I’ve ever seen 😂. We’ve got to do better guys! Normally Taylormade is on top for having cool gear.

    Cody WhittingtonCody Whittington2 månader sedan
    • Don't buy it 🤷🏼🥱

      Dav RobertDav Robert22 dagar sedan
    • @Cody Whittington yea I agree

      DDMånad sedan
    • @D yeah, I saw Wolff wearing the normal one. That new logo they tried is just odd.

      Cody WhittingtonCody WhittingtonMånad sedan
    • They do the normal ones with sim 2 on the side aswell, they’re better

      DD2 månader sedan
    • We? You are a team of Taylormade? Sponsored? lol

      RV FanRV Fan2 månader sedan
  • camera work so bad here... cant even see the result of the shots. 😞

    Aaron ColeAaron Cole2 månader sedan
  • The Sim logo and hats look like something from the 90's, surfs up dude!!

    Tim MacDermotTim MacDermot2 månader sedan
  • Did TM overspend on staff players n ran out of budget for the filming dept? Wolff hit a great bunker shot at 4:08 but all we see is a green with his face on it, where's the ball?

    Wilson GohWilson Goh2 månader sedan
  • won a tourney like sim1... act like he use the sim2 in a tm ad... ok

    LabiLabi2 månader sedan
  • That Hybrid shot is insane !!!

    Under Da HoodUnder Da Hood2 månader sedan
  • So much fun! Would have been even more fun with the Barstool Boys just watching if not anything else.

    AJS2425AJS24252 månader sedan
  • 1:54....... Morikawa with the steel spikes anyone?

    Elijah BuffingtonElijah Buffington2 månader sedan
  • I guess Morikawa switched to a claw grip?

    Ben ThomsonBen Thomson2 månader sedan
  • Good lord those Sim2 hats are bad

    RicheeeeRicheeee2 månader sedan
  • which ball is morikawa using? tried pausing at 6:08 but it’s kinda blurred. 2017 tp5 black line?

    James Wilson GolfJames Wilson Golf2 månader sedan
  • i think your videographers need some help with racking focus. that was rough lol

    James Wilson GolfJames Wilson Golf2 månader sedan
  • Those clubs ain't no better than the rest

    Jason FrishkornJason Frishkorn2 månader sedan
  • Wolff dressing like every character I’ve made in PGA golf game

    David WardDavid Ward2 månader sedan
  • That short intro from DJ 👏👏👏

    William PeetWilliam Peet2 månader sedan
  • Morikowa with some rat glue in there. Definitely doesn’t sound that good.

    Blake baroneBlake barone2 månader sedan
  • DJ seems more opened up around the younger guys. Idk why but maybe because it’s my first time watching these videos

    Dakota YoungDakota Young2 månader sedan
  • I need to know why Collin and Mathew were unable to spin the ball as much as DJ on that pitch, from the same spot

    John KurtzJohn Kurtz2 månader sedan
    • Wolff was hitting from the rough, not the fairway.

      Kevin DKevin D2 månader sedan
    • @Blake barone thanks, I was referring to both players saying that they couldn't spin it as much, before they hit...

      John KurtzJohn Kurtz2 månader sedan
    • Good question. DJ uses the original MG wedges, the other guys use the MG2’s. DJ does use lighter and softer shafts in his wedges. Maybe just contact. Colin’s got up on the face i think.

      Blake baroneBlake barone2 månader sedan
  • DJ is sooo competitive I love it

    Ian ShepherdIan Shepherd2 månader sedan
  • Collins driver sounds like persimmon.

    HighSpinSwingSpeedHighSpinSwingSpeed2 månader sedan
    • Hot melt. I said the same thing. Sounds so good.

      Blake baroneBlake barone2 månader sedan
  • Already looking forward to his masters title defense

    Sander VLSander VL2 månader sedan
  • What a legend is DJ

    Sander VLSander VL2 månader sedan
  • Thank goodness Me and My Golf weren't there..much better Without those two Taylor Made cling ons

    muddymarvellousmuddymarvellous2 månader sedan
  • The 3 dislikes must be Bryson fans!

    flavio castroflavio castro2 månader sedan
  • Never knew they put netting around the greens like that. I guess they don’t want a ton of divots for when the tournament starts.

    Tom 54Tom 542 månader sedan
  • how is dj a real person?

    Stevey Irwin 'RAWMMA Hair Analyst'Stevey Irwin 'RAWMMA Hair Analyst'2 månader sedan
  • DJ pulling rank. Wolff: you have to go first DJ: No

    RhetoricRhetoric2 månader sedan
  • I love not being able to see the actual golf shot. Really like seeing their faces zoomed in with a slight blur cause I'm clearly not here to see golf shots... Please just film the golf shots next time.

    Alan ReadAlan Read2 månader sedan
  • I’ve never heard dj talk this much. Kinda awesome lol

    Cannon KlementCannon Klement2 månader sedan
  • Better than watching Bryson DeShanko hit into the desert a million times.

    Ryan MichaelRyan Michael2 månader sedan
  • Collin rocking the claw grip I see on putting

    Joseph HughesJoseph Hughes2 månader sedan
  • The film/edit crew need to be better at showing the GOLF aspect. Wider shots of full swings, multiple angles that aren't zoomed in too close to the face. I would agree it makes the video more "cinematic", but this isn't a movie, it's golf.

    JMJam59JMJam592 månader sedan
  • Dj is a stud lol he’s grown on me

    Johnny DunnJohnny Dunn2 månader sedan
  • Did anyone notice that Morikawa is trying a new putting grip? 5:01

    Ryan ArnoldRyan Arnold2 månader sedan
    • Cool that you caught that a week prior to Morikawa winning with his new grip.

      Joseph TreeshJoseph TreeshMånad sedan
  • DJ is clearly the alpha dog in this group

    Frank ArbanasFrank Arbanas2 månader sedan
    • Alpha dog in any group not including tiger honestly

      Brett NeavesBrett Neaves2 månader sedan
  • How bad are the taylormade editors and film crew with the blurry shots and terrible angles

    Ryan MasonRyan Mason2 månader sedan
    • About as bad as the Sim2 hat logo designers

      pulsar_pulsar_2 månader sedan
  • All those cameras and we miss the entire Wolff bunker shot??

    Mike GeronimoMike Geronimo2 månader sedan
  • Seriously has anyone ever seen Dustin in shorts?? Guy is ALL business

    Chabby DrewChabby Drew2 månader sedan
  • Only thing wrong are those hats

    Matt ReynoldsMatt Reynolds2 månader sedan
  • No more Z Grip for Wolffie

  • DJ with an LA Golf shaft

  • Most I've ever heard DJ talk

    David ChenDavid Chen2 månader sedan
    • He's been more talkative recently

      Nickyb 123Nickyb 12315 dagar sedan
    • Confidence

      cj coylecj coyleMånad sedan
    • same

      kaigee wongkaigee wong2 månader sedan
  • Can you show their shots and not zoom in on their faces?

    HBblazasHBblazas2 månader sedan
  • Taylormade top golf manufacturer with top players but the dustiest sim2 hat....

    Remy McCayRemy McCay2 månader sedan
  • I love taylormade

    Nate GahmanNate Gahman2 månader sedan
  • Geez! Collin hits lasers...

    Spy-C- BoiSpy-C- Boi2 månader sedan
  • Listening to DJ chat with the younger guys is awesome. I enjoy DJs on course commentary. Dudes got a future in broadcasting.

    Marc RubyMarc Ruby2 månader sedan
    • @New York Giants no I'm not. I know he has a bit of a monotone voice, but he has confidence and knowledge and that's what I believe makes Nance great. DJ would be awesome.

      Marc RubyMarc Ruby2 månader sedan
    • your joking right?

      New York GiantsNew York Giants2 månader sedan
  • Editing or did wolffie drop his trigger move?

    Justin AnderlikJustin Anderlik2 månader sedan
    • bloody edited out! that's what we came to see haha

      Nicholas CoxNicholas Cox2 månader sedan
  • Good content

    Nat TurnerNat Turner2 månader sedan
  • I just realized that I do not watch these videos to learn anything. I watch them for the entertainment value. How often will one get to hear someone conceding a putt to "the number 1 golfer in the world".

    David WilsonDavid Wilson2 månader sedan