Edd China's Workshop Diaries Episode 1 (or What have I been doing all this time? Part 2)

2 apr 2021
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I am really chuffed to finally be able to bring you some actual content on SEworld, after all these years of nagging me, I've finally got around to it!
As you know, though I'm quite good at fixing things, I'm not very good at documenting and sharing what I do. Which is why this is made possible by my excellent little crew of production pixies who will film me and make videos for you to see.
And I've been able to do that thanks to my brand partners who are supporting the channel. To find out more about them, please go to our website: www.workshopdiaries.com
But first; enjoy the video and let me know what you think and feel free to give me any suggestions for future videos.

  • Great to see you back in action. I'm looking forward to seeing your next series on SEworld. Take care & stay safe Edd.

    Ray ClarkRay Clark2 minuter sedan
  • Super happy about this!

    C C LeBlancC C LeBlanc48 minuter sedan
  • nice to have you back Edd .. you been missed buddy

    OldFartUKOldFartUKTimme sedan
  • I’ve been waiting for a show like this for years 🤷🏼‍♂️ thank you for for putting it together, good luck 🍀 with your plans 👍🏼

    wotrulkewotrulkeTimme sedan
  • Maybe you could help. I have a problem with the flange bucket on the z wheel sprocket and it seems to be annoying the foo foo valve. I think my double overhead flingback tube is totally knackered. If you can solve that one Mr China I will donate 3 previously owned teeth, a broken fake Rolex and a used tube of instant gasket. And the title Super Brain. Glad I found this little weekly. Keep it up. Some of us need something to stop us going insane. Too late for me though as you can see from this comment.

    MoanyOldBustardMoanyOldBustard2 timmar sedan
  • Edd, could you please do Turkish subtitles or translation? We are watching you fondly, please have fun.

  • Edd, could you please do Turkish subtitles or translation? We are watching you fondly, please have fun. Türkçe altyazı veya çeviri için yazdım beyler beğenin görsün ! !

  • He's back! The white haired workshop wizard is back! Nice to see you Ed, it's like watching S1 of WD all over again ;)

    Phil GrahamPhil Graham4 timmar sedan
  • Welcome back orange gloves 👏🏻 we’re glad to see you again at workshop. Keep pu the good WORKS. Hi form İstanbul.

    METE SAHANMETE SAHAN4 timmar sedan
  • thank god i have found you again!, sorry for your loss. Greetings from belgium, o yeah, i also follow your Belgian version D3Sshooter, you should meet

    J FlossieJ Flossie6 timmar sedan
  • Мы скучали🎉🇷🇺

    Andrew MischenkoAndrew Mischenko9 timmar sedan
  • This is worth the wait.

    cproteuscproteus11 timmar sedan
  • Excellent news Edd... Looking forward to it..

    CyclicscoobyFlyerCyclicscoobyFlyer13 timmar sedan
  • Good to see you mate.

    Jeffrey jacksonJeffrey jackson13 timmar sedan
  • Nice to see you Edd... Me old China 😊😃🤣😉👌🤍👍😎

    McQueen FrancisMcQueen Francis14 timmar sedan
  • Nice to see you back enjoy yourself with this one🦺👍

    Thomas CoyneThomas Coyne14 timmar sedan
  • Nice to see Edd back

    UnderGr0undErnieUnderGr0undErnie15 timmar sedan
  • really happy that you are back...so sorry about the passing of your mother.

    jpgochocojpgochoco17 timmar sedan
  • It's good to see you again Edd, we miss you a lot... I hope you keep doing this videos for a long time... Greetings from Chile.

    Ricardo Morales GuerreroRicardo Morales Guerrero19 timmar sedan
  • Happy to see you back Edd! All the best for you!

    J GJ G23 timmar sedan
  • So sorry about your mom Ed. Praying for you and your family. Very glad to see you back! Just subscribed and looking forward to catching up on your videos. Welcome back Ed!

    John HayesJohn HayesDag sedan
  • As a retired [71] garage mechanic and commited petrol head since the 1950s its been a joy to watch Ed getting down to jobs I may have done in the past and the inventive stuff that I was always eager to have a go at when working for others over the years.Its been like working in the garage with him and brings back so many memories of dirty hand and smelly overalls,I loved it...Keep at it Ed .

    Ian popIan popDag sedan
  • How to feel like an under achiever...Watch Edd China

    nickdryadnickdryadDag sedan
  • The master is back 👌👌👌👌👌

    Mark GreenMark GreenDag sedan
  • I'm sorry for your loss 😣

    Kieran PickavanceKieran PickavanceDag sedan
  • Welcome back sir, you have taught me a lot, thank you

    Kieran PickavanceKieran PickavanceDag sedan
  • Glad to see you again!! :)

    You'll Like It TooYou'll Like It TooDag sedan
  • Yep...... this is how I remember it. I dipped in and out of the "new" WD, it's good but after this Ed China refresher I think I know how it should have been. I'm into this. Mike Brewer and the WD team dropped a right clanger!

    Sam KirkSam KirkDag sedan
  • collaborate with guy martin! fit his merlin engine into a reclining office chair

    ingloriousdonkingloriousdonkDag sedan
  • Great to have you back, love the format, great to see the in depth fixes missing from other shows;) regards from Israel 🇮🇱

    Howard FinkHoward FinkDag sedan
  • Great start Ed look forward to this on a regular basis 👍🏻

    tony bullocktony bullockDag sedan
  • Dear Edd China. I'm sorry for your mother! And congratulations on your new program, we from Brazil are looking forward to seeing you again on active duty. Hugs.

    The GarageThe GarageDag sedan
  • Fantastic work Edd

    Lee AvisonLee AvisonDag sedan
  • Hmmm,what about the big diesel morrina van convert it into a camper?

    Anthony RogerAnthony RogerDag sedan
  • Nice to see you back Edd

    John DaviesJohn DaviesDag sedan
  • Hola saludos de Bolivia, subtítulos en español por favor

    Juan Carlos AguirreJuan Carlos AguirreDag sedan
  • I’m very happy to see you again Sir China, the right man at the right place 👍🏻

    Christophe FERREIRAChristophe FERREIRADag sedan
  • Great to see you back again Edd getting bored of series 14 on Freeview! Have to say you did not look very happy in the last series in America we could almost feel your pain! That episode (13.6???) where you initially refused to come out and see the car Mike had brought was very telling! Then Mike doing some of the repairs did not bode well!

    Garry GemmellGarry GemmellDag sedan
  • Welcome back Edd sorry for your loss you would have made your mum proud ❤

    Joanne ParkerJoanne ParkerDag sedan
  • great to see your hand is back in it.

    jib bijjib bijDag sedan
  • It’s great your back on our screens it’s been a while ✌️

    Aaron HallAaron HallDag sedan
  • In some ways this is how every channel should be

    Martin HMartin HDag sedan
  • GREAT EDD::..... Welcome back Edd. But you are in USA or in UK now???

    Antonio PerilloAntonio PerilloDag sedan
  • I'm not so sure about the music, sounds kinda dark and moody, could you maybe look into more relaxed fun stuff?

    Dean CalawayDean CalawayDag sedan
  • It was a bit of a running joke in a lot of the episodes. Edd would have had the engine out and done a load of other jobs and Brewer would turn up later saying you’ve not done anything but look at this I’ve got a shiny new gear knob for you!

    virtious8virtious8Dag sedan
  • Hello Ed, fantastic to see you back fixing cars. Sincere condolences on the loss of your mum. Great video no scripted nonsense and no salesman BS to endure. Top tip would be more lighting like a spotlight on you gifted hands. See you next week.

    Pj GoldenPj GoldenDag sedan
  • Welcome back! Could a spark eroder have been used on those stuck studs?

    TheTimeChamberTheTimeChamberDag sedan
  • Hello Edd, welcome back ... 👍

    Irman OvalIrman OvalDag sedan
  • Missed you Ed please no visit from brewer I can’t stand him!

    English ProtestantEnglish ProtestantDag sedan
  • It's good to see you back Edd. I hope the see a lot more of toy

    Richard DooleyRichard DooleyDag sedan
  • Great to see you back. Sorry to hear about you Mum. Edd would you ask Mike Brewer to appear as a guest?😲👀

    Leon BarkerLeon BarkerDag sedan
  • Excellent. Greetings from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

    Jaime BanchJaime BanchDag sedan
  • Hi, love the content and have always enjoyed watching u fix things , the care you take regardless of the project shows how professional you are, keep making videos, all the best regards steve

    Steve ChristiansenSteve ChristiansenDag sedan
  • Thanks for coming back and doing what you do best.

    Tim EcklundTim EcklundDag sedan
  • Necesito que alguien suba este contenido en español 🙌🏻

    Yeah BabyYeah BabyDag sedan
  • Hi Ed have my own lock down project still have a lot off work ahead off me. Got a 2005 vw caddy of a farmer for 300 euro engine and gear box still work so not to bad👍 I had planned to replace the timing belt soon but discovered the camshaft and lifters are warn so my question is should I do this all at once or keep them separate jobs. I have no experience with any of this type of work learning on the job and am worried I mite be over my head doing it all at once wats your advice . Lots of love from tipperary Ireland thanks ed

    dean kdean k2 dagar sedan
  • For difficult sheared bolts, you can use a piece of copper pipe cut to the length of the depth of the remaining bolt hole, use a tool to furl out the top of the copper pipe so it's funnel shaped and fits snugly. Then, use a tig welder at a fairly slow rate to fill the inner of the copper pipe and weld to the top of the sheared off bolt. Finally, weld the shaft of an old screwdriver (or similar) to the top of the filled copper pipe to use as a lever to turn the now de-oxidised bolt out.

    weedfreerweedfreer2 dagar sedan
  • Finally. There is a God!!!

    romian mcgheeromian mcghee2 dagar sedan
  • Im in! Your inspirational and your involvement in W/D is why I got hooked on mechanical engineering.

    PhildPhild2 dagar sedan
  • I am so glad to see you back in the garage, Edd. You are the best!

    Sergio MezzaliraSergio Mezzalira2 dagar sedan
  • Yes ed we are with you your a legend keep going

    Ken BoswellKen Boswell2 dagar sedan
  • Never understood the over the top love for Ed and the over the top hate for Mike, they were just brilliant together. That being said I thought Ant would be a terrible replacement for Ed but he proved me wrong and I have thoroughly enjoyed the series in California with Mike and Ant. If anything I thought Ant went that extra mile with his fabricating and other skills. I expected Ed to quickly pop up on TV with another presenter but whatever his reasons, if he's honest with himself he dropped a massive bollock when he walked away from the show but glad to see him back.

    Usilleek huntUsilleek hunt2 dagar sedan
  • Great to have you back Edd,onwards and upwards 👍

    The MavThe Mav2 dagar sedan
  • Love your explanations Ed nice and clear, glad your back !!!!!!!!!👍

    Clas RobinsonClas Robinson2 dagar sedan
  • Great show

    John McLaughlinJohn McLaughlin2 dagar sedan
  • Can't wait great show

    MYviewTV HiltonMYviewTV Hilton2 dagar sedan
  • This is even better than wheeler dealer! Great to see you back Edd!!!

    hugieflhr03hugieflhr032 dagar sedan
  • How dare you shoot a rare illuminated moose and the mount the poor bastard on the wall of your shop. Shame on you! Great to see you again. looking forward to your channel. Subbed.

    Doug RobinsonDoug Robinson2 dagar sedan
  • Sorry to hear about your mum. Glad to see you back on our screens

    Tom AsheTom Ashe2 dagar sedan
  • Its like wheeler dealers... but good!!! 😂😂😂

    Red Dwarf NerdRed Dwarf Nerd2 dagar sedan
  • Sorry for your loss. I've been watching all his episodes, and there is just something off. I can't figure out why I'm not into this new show. Loved wheeler dealers. But this just isn't doing it for me and I can't figure out why exactly.

    Kevin KevinKevin Kevin2 dagar sedan
  • Canal top, deveria ter legendas em português Brasil

    Roni RobertoRoni Roberto2 dagar sedan
  • Looking forward to your show and projects... Hope will pick up more tricks!!! Thanks

    Rumel's Adventures and Food VlogsRumel's Adventures and Food Vlogs2 dagar sedan
  • Miss you. Love you. We are back!

    Eduardo FukayEduardo Fukay2 dagar sedan
  • Glad to see Edd back onwards and upwards 😃

    S TS T2 dagar sedan
  • Woohoow!

    vulk86vulk862 dagar sedan
  • Respect from Hungary

    Full TechFull Tech2 dagar sedan
  • Welcome back, greetings from Russia

    александр гусевалександр гусев2 dagar sedan
  • Nice Show! Subscribed. Not watching weelers dealers (running on dmax german TV) , witout you, it´s not the same.

    TheHaegarsailTheHaegarsail2 dagar sedan
  • Hi Edd, firstly my sincere condolences regarding your Moms death. secondly Wheeler Dealers was a great show. It took the two of you to make it special and without either of you it would not have been the success that it was. That said I especially enjoyed your skill, knowledge and thought process that you were (and are) willing to share. You Mr China are a first class act!

    Gary WardGary Ward2 dagar sedan
  • This is much better than the other show as the buying and selling part was so fake!

    Don JohnsonDon Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • Sorry for your loss Edd been watching you since the first WD show I can only wish you all the best for your new adventure and the very best if luck. I'm an aerospace engineer and worked the world over now living in South Australia a far cry form a back street garage I worked in as a kid changing oil and filters on old Austin's and Ford's. Give me a shout if you want to play with aircraft I'd be glad to help if I can. 👌

    Aero MechAero Mech2 dagar sedan
  • US viewer here. You are the original, who got me hooked on all the greats! Goonzquad, Mustie1, James Condon, Finger, Bad Obsession, it all started with you. Sorry to hear about mum, I know what its like, lost my dad. But I am damn glad you are back! The best returns.....with a thirst to be the best, already 577K, how many more can we do?

    BriBri2 dagar sedan
  • Waching you on WD, I learned have to work on cars, thank you, greeting from Bosnia and USA.

    JK Restoration & repairJK Restoration & repair2 dagar sedan
  • Sorry to hear of your mothers passing. Glad you are back Mr. China! We are chuffed as well.

    Dave UnderwoodDave Underwood2 dagar sedan
  • Sorry for the loss of your Mum . It is good to have you back, television has not been the same without you.

    Kev smitKev smit2 dagar sedan
  • B

    Phensri WoodPhensri Wood2 dagar sedan
  • good plan

    Jason BraybrookJason Braybrook2 dagar sedan
  • Artesian,.

    Glenn OtwayGlenn Otway3 dagar sedan
  • Not sure about the back beat. Ed you are way too interesting to need background tunes.

    Steve McDonaldSteve McDonald3 dagar sedan
    • Actually, I will get over it.

      Steve McDonaldSteve McDonald3 dagar sedan
  • So glad i found your SEworld page!

    Mike SmithMike Smith3 dagar sedan
  • Good to have you back!!!!

    David VinerDavid Viner3 dagar sedan
  • it is good to see you back. :-)

    cosmocosmo3 dagar sedan
  • Glad to see you back on the screen Edd , been a fan of yours since I was a teenager watching the early wheeler dealers with tiny budget's. Good to have an interesting an informative show to watch each week keep up the good work.

    Liam JohnsonLiam Johnson3 dagar sedan
  • Edd I see a anvil there, are you doing a little blacksmithing too?

    william gordnerwilliam gordner3 dagar sedan
  • Great show Edd. Great to see you back. 👍

    Bryan JonesBryan Jones3 dagar sedan
  • Love the show ed 👍. Mitsubishi challenger 2.8 1996 . When I drive it for about 4 miles A/T light starts to flash switch engine off restart it light goes out in till you drive for another 4 miles and starts to flash again. Anyone with an idea would be most appreciated 👍

    mike edgemike edge3 dagar sedan
  • Was hoping you would start a new show. Don't like the new Wheeler Dealers. Best of luck and great success with this channel.

    Daniel VelezDaniel Velez3 dagar sedan
  • Good Luck!! Edd!!👍👍

    Kit. J. BennKit. J. Benn3 dagar sedan
  • One of the best mechanics who explain what they are doing. Can't wait to see more content!

    The GeezzThe Geezz3 dagar sedan