The Many Faces of Steve Zaragoza (Animated)

28 sep 2014
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A fun little SF Animated extra I made.
MY DEVIANTART: tezebe.deviantart.com1
Track: "Proctor", from the SEworld Creative Library

  • Looking back at this in 2020 You’ve grown a lot

    Nate ProductionsNate Productions20 dagar sedan
  • Your carryer was really dying for sure

    Sherlockian 2007Sherlockian 20072 månader sedan
  • 2020 enyone?

    Nur GusmirovicNur Gusmirovic4 månader sedan
  • This is great even though it is old

    Diva DimondDiva Dimond6 månader sedan
  • 2020?

    yessir skiyessir ski7 månader sedan
  • This is so cool just browsing your old content ❤️❤️

    deno barreydeno barreyÅr sedan
  • Wow, u r very good, nice to see you channel grown so much

    DreamerXGXDreamerXGX2 år sedan
  • Rip

    ExpoExpo2 år sedan
  • Do Seth rogan please

    JarvisJarvis4 år sedan
  • You forgot snooty porn steve

    Phsh GamingPhsh Gaming4 år sedan
  • Was that a watchmen pin?

    KuntMuntKuntMunt4 år sedan
  • cop steve looks like the blues brothers

    AnnaAnna4 år sedan
  • Nice music. What is that, a coffee machine?

    Nicholas BelzNicholas Belz5 år sedan
  • I'm now naming my child Jonathan Gay

    MiraclelittlepieMiraclelittlepie5 år sedan
  • Is there a high res version of animated Steve with the epic face? Like an image?

    noah buddynoah buddy6 år sedan
  • Draw Joe next!

    msrjjonmsrjjon6 år sedan
  • SUCH ARTISTRY! Your animations get better with every video! Keep up the amazing work my man!

    Steve ZaragozaSteve Zaragoza6 år sedan
    • Wow. The real deal is here!

      PuppyPawsFilmsPuppyPawsFilms8 månader sedan
    • Yo what's up

      Cristian BricksCristian BricksÅr sedan
    • Thanks so much!

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei Terbea6 år sedan
  • Amazing! :D Love it, as always, Andrei.

    avalon91avalon916 år sedan
  • Mate I’m so glad u're getting paid for this, talent deserve recognition

    DiscoCjDiscoCj6 år sedan
  • jonathan gay should get his own spinoff

    Susie CanoSusie Cano6 år sedan
  • You're so fantastic, Andrei.

    N0ELLEx33N0ELLEx336 år sedan
  • That was awesome!

    GreatUsernameGreatUsername6 år sedan
  • The return of Jonathan Gay :')

    DaInbetweenahDaInbetweenah6 år sedan
  • Love it, another awesome job Andrei.

    Sandy EspinoSandy Espino6 år sedan
  • Oh my gosh I love this so much. Please do one of these for Lee or reina please :)

    Emily PerrinEmily Perrin6 år sedan
  • Awesome XD

    GreenOnionBrotherGreenOnionBrother6 år sedan
  • That John Gay episode was just too funny, he literally couldn't stop laughing and neither could I. xD Awesome promo vid Andrei. =)

    TactTact6 år sedan
  • Haha that was awesome! Is what you use to animate free? if not is there a free program you would recommend?

    Carly MadisonCarly Madison6 år sedan
  • This is amazing. If you have the time, I'd love to see the other hosts as well

    connor hughesconnor hughes6 år sedan
  • Woah that was great!

    Breezey breeBreezey bree6 år sedan
  • Are you laughing because of the name Jonathan Gay? .....No?

    Jiddy12345Jiddy123456 år sedan
  • Keep up the good work man, I look forward to these every weekend

    Garth BowersGarth Bowers6 år sedan
  • LOL Jonathan Gay X'D

    glynglyn6 år sedan
  • Dude I'm always amazed by your talent! Great work!

    Aaron RawrAaron Rawr6 år sedan
  • Awesome. Would love to see something similar done with the other hosts.

    KenKen6 år sedan
  • Is it hard to make the facial expressions with a full beard? I've always wonder since the animated Steve always has mutton chops

    itachi03uitachi03u6 år sedan
    • @itachi03u Yep. I thought about giving him the beard but it takes away a lot of what's so fun about cartoon Steve.

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei Terbea6 år sedan
  • wow! awesome promo! Will there be other promos for SFAnimated like this one but featuring other hosts? :D

    Oliver JacksonOliver Jackson6 år sedan
    • @Oliver Jackson Haven't thought about it, but maybe :)

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei Terbea6 år sedan
  • its like saturday morning cartoons but on the internet

    lydiaorsomethinglydiaorsomething6 år sedan
  • Sourcefed!

    Zythain SMOCZythain SMOC6 år sedan
  • This is too cool!!!!!

    Abby FerrisAbby Ferris6 år sedan
  • Jonathan gay

    Pie SPie S6 år sedan
    • Fried Noodles no u

      Cyper NexusCyper NexusÅr sedan
    • It can't be real

      Dr.Rev.JewsaurousDr.Rev.Jewsaurous5 år sedan
  • I think i enjoyed that more than I should have

    Jaime FernandezJaime Fernandez6 år sedan
  • Thank you for making Saturday's even cooler love your stuff! :)

    Morven BrownleeMorven Brownlee6 år sedan