55 KNOT STORM + HUGE WAVES 😬💨⛵ Storm that Broke our Pole - SV Delos Ep. 314

2 apr 2021
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We're rocketing down the Chesapeake Bay in storm conditions of 55 knot winds and huge waves. Then our rig makes a sound like a gun shot and we scramble to asses the damage before we hit a lee shore.....
After finishing our mini-refit in Annapolis we set sail under calm, beautiful conditions. Our destination is Little Creek, Virginia where we'll stop and prepare to round the notorious Cape Hatteras. On our 2nd day out the conditions build throughout the day and by afternoon we find ourselves in terrible winds with huge following seas. The winds are a solid 40 knots with gusts to 55 knots. Things go sideways when we get hit by a combination of a wind shift and a large breaking sea that causes our jib to backwind and smashes our downwind pole into Delos. With a lee shore ahead we need to asses the damage and get some sail up to get into a protected anchorage.
Many hugs and hope you liked the video! Brian, Karin and little Sierra
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  • As a resident of Willoughby Spit I am sorry you guys had such a tough go. Well done dealing with the crazy conditions!

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  • You are storm proof.

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  • Hi which country do you pay income tax from SEworld earnings

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  • Yep nice job Brian! Life, the weather, situations sometimes deals it to us and we have to take it on the nose and deal with it calmly, without drama or hysteria. Qualities not often seen much anymore in our world presently. nothing like sail and the sea to bring us back to the real. Sail on safe and true guys

    Paul OsbornPaul Osborn19 timmar sedan
  • As a mom to a baby her baby's age, I simply cannot imagine the fear. I personally could never live on the ocean with a baby who can't fend for themselves if something goes wrong. I would have a stroke.

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  • You deserve it

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  • learn you're child ASAP swimming please with and without clothes so dangerous not a child friendly surrounding.

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  • Why endanger your kids?..

    G Scott.G Scott.2 dagar sedan
    • Why wrap them in bubble wrap? The conditions were nothing that the boat and the crew couldn't handle even if they were a bit more than expected. Sure things could have gone drastically wrong but that's no different when you're driving down the road in rain. Life is about managing risk, not eliminating it - in this case any risk was managed fine.

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  • Nothin like the Oh Shit, I almost killed my family drink. Combination of celebration and repression, yen and yang in harmony.

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  • My comments on first ten seconds: Why on earth would you be out in a boat if you are going to be so scared of possible weather conditions that you are crying and tearing up?

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  • We are brave, we are strong, nothing can stop us, with wine to drink and wind to propel. We are forged by iron and fire.

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  • I do not think I have ever seen you show actual fear before... Glad you guys are safe... only a couple more episodes in this binge watching session. Be safe. as a side note... I can just picture Sierra thinking "what is this not normal sailing?"

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  • Bro you guys were soaring! So if im ever in a damn sail boat w high winds would i cut sails dropping and fattening them? Or cut right thru it?

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  • Saya kagum dengan keluarga kalian. Selamat berjuang dan tetap semangat. Salam dari kami di Indonesia, para penggemarmu💪👍

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    • Buddhism is a religion not a race. Nothing quite like the ignorant getting all offended on behalf of someone else over something they know nothing about aye.

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  • What an adorable little girl!

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  • Hi folks ,I highly recommend a planned what to do if you do end up in the water, the main thing besides the survival raft and the basics that you do have/do you have dry suits? Do you have a way to shelter on land? How about a fire . As a commercial diver another extremely important factor is that you STICK together , possibly a tether for the baby, also recommend practicing drills in EVERY area, enjoy and God bless,James

    James SouthardJames Southard4 dagar sedan
  • Checking your video after a few months and seeing sierra standing was so cute. I wish the best for you, your family and delos. Keep sailing .

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  • stay safe guys. i wish i could try this but i would need sea sicness pill from minute 0

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  • Sierra is a sailor, that's for sure! :) Glad you made it there safe! Captain.

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  • I was in a similar situation near Point Lookout in the Chesapeake last August. Crazy standing waves and 45 or so wind. Surfing up to 11.7 in my Alberg 35.

    Heath P.Heath P.5 dagar sedan
  • You take care chicos!, it is never a good idea to sail with children, right! ... Until now they have always shown a lot of common sense, but you can never trust the sea. Nordic girl captain's wife is very brave, laid-back, and confident, ..which you need to be a true sailor.

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  • Been there done that. This is what hard weather sailing should look like in a well prepared bluewater yacht, with experienced crew. Small drama's here and there but overall just another days sailing. Good job keeping up with a bit footage at the same time! Legends!

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  • Looks like you guys had a little fun with a North blow yes it gets rough out there real quick it Stacks up especially when the tide is against it oh, I see you passed the spot where we used to be anchored offshore over there Buy Back Bay on your way down to Fort Monroe oh, yep that corner would have been hellish to make and if things would have gotten much worse it could have been even worse for sure those swells build up real fast there I remember we were headed out of back be coming down and ended up with are blown head gasket having to Anchor just off of Salt Ponds oh, but the water so shallow we had to get out to the 40 foot mark which you're lucky to find out there in that shallow bay but we're left for about an hour at anchor waiting for a couple of larger u.s. tow boats strimple Listen to Safety we were hoping we weren't going to have to actually anchor at that point cuz the Nor'easter was blowing up as it was we are getting 6 to 8 breaking as they were trying to even hook up to us throwing us line to pull a big line over they couldn't get within 30 yards of us for fear of Collision on the breakers oh, yep never felt so good to duck around the corner there and get in behind it is amazing how it can be hellish out there and your pop around the corner and it's like a light switch just turns off but riding out Dorian and a half a dozen good nor'easters up there made for an interesting winter season 2 years on the hook now we're down here you guys are parked just across the bay from us actually but we were in Port for the last month or so doing our final Reef before ducking around it was nice to see you had a pleasant adventure around Hatteras awesome, they can be a deadly one down there if anything goes wrong in the wind blows up out of the North oh, boy Sierra is getting big it is amazing to see her with a pair of sea legs already just doing her thing like nothing's going on thanks for sharing the adventure will be headed your way soon we would have said hi if we would have known you're in the neighborhood but even as it was that was a really unexpected quick blow we saw those speeds up here behind the seawall but ended up having to throw another heavy line onto a piling just to keep from carrying the pier Part we were getting pushed real hard that's unusual we ended up with Seven Lions on the northeast side and for two poles on the opposite side just to hold our position without ripping the spear apart it's amazing what a sneak in here but I think some of our best Adventures were in the East End Of The Bay you anchored across from on the other side of the Naval Station it's amazing in a hurricane and that last one last summer that wrapped around and came behind us from the West that was hellish we pulled in drug only about a hundred yards Maybe before our anchor reset but I was ready to deploy the other one because we've seen enough vessels either on the rocks at the Navy base or the big one that got blown up on the East Shore the year prior nothing like hanging on the hook in the Chesapeake, sending best wishes to you and the crew hope to see you out there down south it's that time

    Kim BellagurlKim Bellagurl6 dagar sedan
  • Th sea isn't the place for a young Mum and a baby these days. Anxiety is bad for one.

    Jenny MayJenny May6 dagar sedan
  • 13:41 Vilken liten gullunge!🌼👧🏼

    soilgrasswaterairsoilgrasswaterair6 dagar sedan
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  • Back in the mid-1980s, my sister's boyfriend and I (he had been a stunt double for Burt Reynolds) sailed to Catalina Island on his teeny, tiny, 22' Catalina. The morning we left King Harbor, the Pacific was absolutely the most "pacific" we had ever seen it. It was literally glass-smooth and so, we had to motor for eight hours all the way to the island. Not a spit of wind to speak of. We had planned to spend two nights there in Avalon Harbor and then head back on the following Monday. A storm warning was issued for that Sunday evening and they were right, a very large storm came in, one of the biggest the West Coast had seen in quite a few years. Avalon is on the wayward side of Catalina Island, so storm waves were minimal at best. As it turned out, neither I or my sister's boyfriend had very much money on us ... actually, no money, which is not a very good way to travel if you're on a boat. Hahaha! Anyway, the harbormaster told us that if we couldn't pay our $12.00 mooring fee, then we would have to skedaddle. We didn't have any choice, so we left and proceeded to head out into the channel between L.A. and Catalina Island. The water appeared to be fairly calm. There were swells, but they were only about five or six feet. My buddy was so confident at that point, that he decided to start drinking beer. I told him I thought that we should be concentrating on sailing the boat. He told me to p!$$ off, so, for a while, I did. He was captaining the boat, it was his, right? But, I also didn't want to end up dead, either. Anyway, the first two hours out, it was relatively smooth sailing, until, of course, we no longer had the protection of the island at our backs. The waves and the current steadily started getting worse. My buddy, the "captain?" was aiming the boat straight at the Palos Verdes Peninsula, we were headed due north on the compass, it was starting to rain and the marine layer was getting lower and lower to the point where it was basically starting to become fog. The captain was driving us straight into the shipping lane, in the fog, in a dimming, darkening sky, in storm swells that were getting bigger and bigger. The forecast said eighteen to twenty-foot sea swells. I told my sister's boyfriend, who was now fairly buzzed from the several beers he had been swilling down, that I thought that we should change course and point the boat West-Northwest and head up the coast parallel to the coastline which would help us from getting capsized from the massive swells which were higher than our boat was long ... almost. He didn't like my idea and he argued with me about it and it finally got to the point where I told him that if we maintained the course he had us on, that we would end up in the kelp beds and eventually on the rocks on the peninsula. Luckily, he was angry and drunk enough to release the control of the boat to me. He was wearing the only wetsuit we had on board, so he agreed to take it off and hand it over to me. Meanwhile, we had been motoring the boat this whole time and now at least five hours had elapsed and the gas tank was now running out of gas. I had suggested earlier that we should at least put the mainsail up to half-mast to capture some of the wind, but not high enough to capsize our tiny boat. He agreed, luckily, but he wanted to try and put some more fuel in the outboard engine's gas tiny gas tank. So, imagine two men, one drunk, the other freezing (me), trying to pour gasoline into the small hole of an outboard motor in 18' to 20'-foot swells. Fuel was going everywhere, then, the gas cap dropped out of my buddy's hand and down into the water, gone forever, then, he slipped and fell in! He was OVERBOARD! In this insane storm! I mean, I could see the fear and panic in his face as the boat drifted away from him. But, for some reason, I didn't panic. I mean, I was freaked out, but I knew what to do and so I brought the boat around which took me about a minute and a half to do while keeping my bearing on where he was in the water. As I came around, I saw him flailing his arms and waving at me, and yelling for me. Afterward, I was very glad that the motor had run out of gas and wasn't running because the only place I could really get him back up and into the boat was on the stern. I had thrown a tow rope out into the water just before I came up alongside him, the boat drifted past him a bit, but he was now sober enough to grab the rope and pull himself toward the back of the boat. I gave him an arm up and he was back on board. Whew! Crazy! He, however, was as white as a ghost. Maybe I was too, but I couldn't see my face for comparison. It was at this point where he offered his wetsuit and told me, you want to be in control, fine, be in control. I put the wetsuit on and then I turned the boat into the swell and started heading West-Northwest, back out to sea. Only about ten minutes after I had pulled my buddy back into the boat, there was a HUGE school of blue tip sharks, which looked to be easily over a hundred sharks or more. I thought to myself how lucky we had been, how lucky HE had been by just a few minutes. A large cargo ship came within a few hundred yards of us in the dark, as the sun had long since gone down, not that we would have known either way, since it had been getting dark around 4:00 PM or so. I had us on a heading that was all mostly in my gut, since all we had for navigation was the boat's compass, and, well, my gut. Finally, about nine hours later, the fog had lifted enough in the pitch of night that I would get glimpses of city lights on the coastline, then they would disappear in-between dipping down and back up again in these massive swells. But, to tell you the truth, I felt great! I felt fairly confident and decided that I could turn the boat towards land now, at this point, since I could at least now see the coastline to the east. Now we were riding the waves and, like you guys in your big boat, we were FLYING down the faces of these huge waves. It was enough that I could even keep the boat on a straight keel. But, somehow, I did. Meanwhile, I hadn't heard a peep out of my buddy, who I think was nursing a bit of a headache at that point. I can't imagine that he had been able to sleep, not in that storm. Finally, we crept closer and closer to the shoreline, and, at first, I wasn't sure where we were exactly along the coast of Santa Monica Bay, and although I had been hoping that my angle of attack would have brought us to Marina Del Rey, it hadn't. We were still quite a few miles south and I found that we were heading straight into King Harbor. Well, you don't understand how big a BIG storm swell is until you see it breaking OVER the top of the Redondo Beach Pier and the tiny sea wall. So, yes, this really WAS a HUGE storm, indeed. Somehow, we got the tiny, 22' Catalina into King Harbor and our hearts had started to calm down and we moored the boat to a 76 station slip. Almost as soon as we had tied up, the harbor patrol came by and told us that we couldn't moor our boat there. We both told of our harrowing story having just gotten in from Catalina through that insane storm, but, he didn't seem to care. He told us that we would have to head up the coast to Marina Del Rey or risk getting ticketed and arrested. My buddy and I looked at each other in amazement, I mean, absolute amazement. To think that here was this "safety" officer who was telling us to go BACK into that storm, which, at that point, was basically a death sentence for us. Like idiots, we untied the boat and motored back OUT of the harbor, but we didn't get very far, as the storm swells were so massive, that we couldn't break through them. We almost ran into Redondo Beach Pier as the waves were just slamming us like a toy, but somehow, through sheer luck, we somehow got the boat turned around and headed back into King Harbor. We went straight back to the 76 station and tied up again and we figured, if that Sheriff's deputy wanted to ticket us and arrest us, then so be it. Luckily, he was nowhere to be seen. We quickly called my sister who, at three-o-clock in the morning, came to pick us up. We went back to the boat the next day, spoke with the owner of the 76 station and he said he totally understood why our boat was there and had no problems with it at all. We sailed the boat back to Marina Del Rey in moderate weather and I think my sister's boyfriend sold the boat a couple of months later. I love sailing but haven't been on a boat since then. Not out of fear or choice, but just because of opportunity, basically. Nowadays, I don't think I could sail because my body has too many problems. Bad back, unhappy knees, you name it. Oh well, I'll sail again someday in a future incarnation. Hahaha! I know that I have been a sailor in past lives, thus, I think the reason why I am so comfortable being out on the water. Also, I love the solitude of being out there where literally the rest of the world is not.

    lowerastrallowerastral6 dagar sedan
  • That was pretty intense. You definitely want to experience those conditions right off the coast of the US rather than out in the middle of the X ocean.

    Chad WhisnantChad Whisnant6 dagar sedan
  • more and more families are taking to the water. The children of your families will grow into fabulous adults with an appreciation of the World and all of Its family. Cheers !

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  • So glad your all safe and what a video guys x

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  • That’s how I like my drinks stiff... 😂

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  • I love Delos too...but in light of all these comments has it not occurred to anyone that the videos are edited by Brian himself? He’s a great guy by any measure but surely capable of getting scared, impatient and even angry at uncontrollable circumstances. Remember when a camera is rolling nothing is ever 100% real. I’m sure he can be an ass at times just like the rest of us.

    Brad MilanoBrad Milano7 dagar sedan
  • As well as you did, none did as well as Sierra.

    Ying WuYing Wu7 dagar sedan
  • I think I was feeling some empathetic seasickness, but I can just close my eyes!

    Joel T JohnsonJoel T Johnson7 dagar sedan
  • if you are that afraid of weather you can't control stay on shore.

    Donald LehouxDonald Lehoux8 dagar sedan
  • I've been following you guys for years....but I must admits you're so amazing! Your journey makes me daydreaming and it's my night company, so good vibes to see how you manage to sail every sea on the globe (and your personal life as well) during these years

    Filippo BusatoFilippo Busato8 dagar sedan
  • I love nugget with a pineapple hair do!

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  • @6:49 rah

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  • Brian makes his rum and Coke’s just like me😉.

    sailingreillysailingreilly8 dagar sedan
  • This is why in a storm use only the staysail.....

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  • Oh man. Brian's got this. You should sell t-shirts...

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  • sv delos is family

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  • Kazza, you need to take a Valium in the stressful times....

    Bear ManBear Man8 dagar sedan
    • Valium can be highly addictive, and it does not remove the source of the stress

      Alpha OmegaAlpha Omega8 dagar sedan
  • LOVE YOU GUYS!! Delos is a Strong capable Vessal 💪!!

    masskilla469masskilla4698 dagar sedan
  • Just love following you guys on Delos! Kazza - what a wonderful Sailor Mum! Brian just loved watching your mouth as you poored your stiff - well earned drink - priceless. Jordan great crewman in challenging weather. I remember 50+ knots over the deck just off Michalmas Island out of Albany, Western Australia 40 years ago- middle of the night - big swells - white water everywhere! 8 crew - 6 down below in their bunks totally disabled with sea sickness. The steel keel came loose and we were taking water - knee high in the salon! White water everywhere - skipper at the helm and me trying to secure the life raft which had come loose on the coachroof. We made it into Albany the next day bruised and battered but safe. Great sailing Delos crew and the little Nugget what a joy to behold. Can't wait for your next episode

    Lance SandersonLance Sanderson8 dagar sedan
  • An awesome display of seamanship!

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  • Crazy condition's Cap't, but you are the sailor ! That freshy double pour as celebration drinkie poo was awesome and well deserved !!

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  • Hi Guys! Many thank for you videos from me and my family

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  • Boys and girls did a good job :) have a good sailing

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  • I just want to say thank you for giving me experience I cant get right now or probobly ever will have the chance to get☺❤👍🍺 Im going to have a skål/ toast for you all. Cheers! From Luleå in the North of Sweden. Cheers!❤

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