20 feb 2021
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  • It's such a masterpiece

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  • 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

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  • Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

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  • Good afternoon everyone.

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  • You never left!

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  • GOT7 is really full of surprises. We have to be prepared ahgases. Hold on your seat. They'll surely wouldn't make us wait. ;)

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  • Be happy!!! skrrt skrrt

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  • Omaygat

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  • waiting for you guys ,always💚🐥

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  • I cried listening to this song..🤧

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  • Günaydınn en iyi grubun hayranları:)

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  • Lets get this to 10M!

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  • ใครไม่ร้องไห้คือคุณแกร่งมากแต่เราไม่ไหวแล้วเราไม่ได้เป็นอากาเซ่แต่สัมผัสได้เลยว่าเค้าตั้งใจทำเพื่อแฟนคลับที่รักเขาขนาดไหน😭มันจะเป็นความทรงจำที่ดีมากๆเลยGOT7

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  • Encore~

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  • I love them

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  • ปั่นวิวไปน้ำตาไหลไป

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  • i love love them

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  • This is Got7 in the purest form. Thank you guys. I will wait for you no matter how long it takes. See you again. IGOT7 forever 💚

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  • Es real esto?

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  • You make me believe in the word forever.💚🕊️miss you guys🕊️💚

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  • Çoğu kişi 2018 için Got7 altın cağı diyor.Altin cağını neden şimdi başlatmıyoruz.Onlar şimdi istedikleri kadar özgür.Bizim de onlar gibi özgür olmamız lazım.Izlenmeleri değil verilen şarkının değerini anlayarak işe başlayalım.Encore Aghase 'nın gazı olacaktır.

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  • The way they included the cheering and then their fans' voices gets me every. single. time.

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  • Forever. Truly thankful for everything. Keep spinning ahgases

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  • What's up! What's up! Yeah what's up! G-G-GOT7! bam bam bam bi dam bi da bi dam bam She's NICE ~

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  • -ค คิดถึง -นะ--ค คิดถึง -นะ-22 minuter sedan
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  • You are my most important piece ~~

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    • ;)

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  • Can u please kidnap Stray Kids from JYP?

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  • i will never ever get tired watching this.. i love you all GOT7, im so thankful for your existence

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  • Love

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  • Jinyoung o falsettondan ısırırım seni.

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  • Encore

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  • Let's all wear black and not tell bb abd yj

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  • ahgabirdmariaahgabirdmaria34 minuter sedan
  • A beautiful scene, ahgases cheering for got7.. got7 looking lovingly back to ahgases . This my friends, is the what peacemakers means. No hate. Just love.

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  • The fact that got7 gave us this song.. The fact that got7's last major concert was held in Ph.. The fact that they included clips from Ph.. ..and the fact that THEY KNOW that Ph aghases will still wait for them no matter what.. because they promised to come back.. Because they said.. they found a new home in the Ph 💚

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  • I believe in got7 💚

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  • Love this sm 🥺🥰

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  • my boys are so busy rn agh i love them

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  • GOT7 best boy

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  • Baby, you are just... Just Right... Just stay... the way you are... You look perfect just the way you are ~

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  • ฟังทีไรน้ำตาก็ไหลออกมา คิดถึงพวกนายนะ🥺❤️✌️

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  • How not to cry while spinning hm

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  • Love GOT7 n IGOT 7

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  • Everything about you is a Gift ~~

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  • U guy are like all ways love u so hard and i wish u will do well 😢😢😢 I ame crying from happiness Thanks for cming back 😘😘😘😘

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  • for the sake of what I really miss🥺

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  • 💚💚aghase forever 7 💚💚

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  • 9 M soon?

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    • Today

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    • Yes! Fighting!

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  • Bay

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    • @Sormayın Bilmiyorum 7 ♡

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    • Bay :)

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  • ~ Turk¡sh ahg4se ~

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    • ^^

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  • *I cried again remembering how got7 do this mv they come together for only one reason. The reason is to release this wholesome song and music video for their soulmates ahgases all around the world*

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  • To I will go to a song yugyeom

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  • I will go to a song jackson weng

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  • 9M GOOOO

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    • Let's go!!

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    • Yas

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    • :)

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  • Encore!! Encore!! Team Wang!! Team Wang!! XD

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  • Everytime, everyday I listen to ENCORE I feel so lucky and blesssed to know GOT7. This song is so SPECIAL.

    Rina PiterreRina Piterre54 minuter sedan
  • كم عربي هنا فل يثبت حضوره

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  • احبكم

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  • Sorry, I did not complete the singing with you, because the account has frozen and now another account is

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  • Still trending!!

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  • Phillipines ahgases are u still here?

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    • With u!!

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  • happy sunday!!!

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  • This is so good

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  • u here?

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    • Here

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  • Delete emoji freeze view please

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  • Nostalgia siempre me da cuando me acuerdo de ti.

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  • They are very good. They seven are not from the same family but the bond between them are like brothers. In this mv when Jackson enter it was really nice. We all missing you guys . This mv is amazing I like it. Love from India 💕💕

    Akanksha SrivastavaAkanksha SrivastavaTimme sedan
  • Any filos here for day 4 mass spinning?

    joy ann danieljoy ann danielTimme sedan
  • Keep on stre**ming if u want people to respect got7

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  • Str**m

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  • Hi

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  • We'll sing for you

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  • Isn't their contact already ended? And they still released the

    Aiman KaiAiman KaiTimme sedan
    • @Bam this song only take 1 month to produced

      Aiman KaiAiman Kai53 minuter sedan
    • they left jype together but they are still got7

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  • wazzup man :P

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  • Burdayım

    Sormayın Bilmiyorum 7Sormayın Bilmiyorum 7Timme sedan
    • ^_^

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  • Love u guys... this song is perfect I cant way until listen your next song... Hopefully soon.

    Lupitha PzLupitha PzTimme sedan
  • "they're not in jyp anymore" "No wanders its good" look's who said that hahaha I cant-

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  • Happy spinning guys! I'm still here :)

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    • With you~

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  • So emotional :")

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  • Again again°---°^

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  • Sad and smiling

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  • Everything about you was a gift~ ♡

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  • Kimya dersinden çıktım geldim

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  • Ain't seen anyone this caring and trustworthy like the sevens

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  • back here after seeing behind the scene video

    Winda OktariWinda OktariTimme sedan

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  • since i become an ahgase in 2014, its already 7 years. this song really tell me that GOT7 is seven or nothing and seven or never. i didn't have the opportunity to meet you yet, i hope one day it will happend. selama tujuh tahun belum pernah satu kalipun nginjakkan kaki di green ocean. berharap green ocean bakal terjadi lagi. thankyou for being GOT7 thankyou for being my moodbooster and thankyou for everything i wish all the happiness come to you i love you to the moon and back ♡

    Magdalena EzraMagdalena EzraTimme sedan
  • Encore Encore!!

    IGot7 Forever KuhuIGot7 Forever KuhuTimme sedan
  • This the most expensive MV for ahgase Mark

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  • GOT7 has everything you need in a group.

    Divya GOT7 skrrtDivya GOT7 skrrtTimme sedan
    • Yes a full packaged !!

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  • everytime I hear this song, my heart bursts with happiness.

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  • Ok here again

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  • Como tenho orgulho dos meus meninos ❤

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    • Delete emoji freeze view pleas

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  • heree againn

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