Lionel Messi & Antoine Griezmann shine as Barcelona destroy Granada, Riqui Puig makes an appearance!

10 jan 2021
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Lionel Messi scored twice, including a stunning free-kick, along with Griezmann also scoring a brace as Barcelona beat Granada to put the pressure on Real Madrid in La Liga. Is Ronald Koeman finally finding some consistency with his team?
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  • La Liga took down my match review guys... even though I didn't use any footage, so sorry if you didn't get to see it last night. But here's some further reaction for you. No-one is gonna dampen our spirits right now 😎

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    • @FootyTalk pedri subs in ucl

      d md m7 dagar sedan
    • @d m where is Pedri tho?

      FootyTalkFootyTalk7 dagar sedan
    • Barca magic trio for ucl must be be Pjanic puig and de jong These 3 must be there Winning UCL our old dominance and respect will be back again

      d md m7 dagar sedan

      Karim BashoKarim Basho7 dagar sedan
    • Did the vids for the members only start?

      Daniel BallinDaniel Ballin7 dagar sedan
  • Griezmann always performs good if Dembele is starting, it gives him more freedom as Dembele can occupy both wings whilst messi and Griezmann are like trequarista's they will go anywhere the ball goes. When Suarez was playing he played in the centre, but Dembele goes on the wings and more pacy, there is always a threat with him

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  • I appreciate you uploading this, bro, especially with bloody La Liga taking your match review video down... 😒

    Jordan95 HDJordan95 HD5 dagar sedan
  • Who is going to come out if pigui come in

    Emmanuel budeEmmanuel bude5 dagar sedan
  • Nice vid

    Barça CommunityBarça Community5 dagar sedan
  • Hi jamie i love ur all videos im a regular viewer of ur video.Thank u for ur effort.and love to watch xavi hernadez al-sadd goal and tatical reiwe plz make a video about its im wating.thank u.VISCA BARCA.

    Sangay LamaSangay Lama6 dagar sedan
  • Too many ads... ads every 2 minutes ruin your videos. Don't be so greedy.

    Brian RainesBrian Raines6 dagar sedan
  • Let's just take this into consideration The reason why we scored 4 goals, was because we made use of our chances. Let's just say, we didn't convert any of those chances, and the game ended in a draw. It's just like other games when we lose, it's about use converting the chances really well. Because in those games that we lose this season, I'm pretty sure we had chances to score and we didn't. Now the morale of this is; whenever we start converting all our chances, we as Barca fans can always be happy 😊

    V ClockaV Clocka6 dagar sedan
  • I would wait for 10 more games to see if they are consistent

    adnan burzicadnan burzic6 dagar sedan
  • Can u do player rating more offen pls

    Matthew HaddadMatthew Haddad6 dagar sedan
  • Busquets controls midfield

    aMythaMyth6 dagar sedan
  • Remember guys umtiti was one of the best defender in his prime We can expect that if he plays more

    aMythaMyth6 dagar sedan
  • Can we watch supercopa de Espana in Facebook......

    veena sveena s6 dagar sedan
  • this season the reason why we lost too many games was clinicality and consistency due to squads mentality,also we lack a quality complete forward like prime suarez and quality ball playing centerback, if we had those players at the beginning of the season ,we would dominate the season with ease because we have very good depth as squad but we lacked those that i said

  • No player is more powerful with the force than Messi 🐐

    Qui-Gon JinnQui-Gon Jinn6 dagar sedan
  • The young is so good in the midfield and also going to the front💪

    ARU MinistriesARU Ministries6 dagar sedan
  • I'm sick and tired about Koeman vs Puig. Puig deserves being in the starting XI. Every minute he get's he does something great, a pass, a dribble or a play that provides a scoring opportunity. How do you leave a player like that on the bench or compare him to others on the bench. PUIG will play 1 min in a game and provide either a scoring opportunity or an amazing play that hasn't been seen in 90min. Koeman has to go.

    Jonathan MolinaJonathan Molina7 dagar sedan
  • Hey Jamie someplace I heard the news about Liverpool interested in swapping Sadio mane with griezmann do you think it will be a good business for us?

    Abdul KhanAbdul Khan7 dagar sedan
  • I love seeing Dembele take on some of that creative responsibility set on Messi, he was all over the place!

    Leonardo CruzLeonardo Cruz7 dagar sedan
  • Bro he has nothing against Puig. Stop creating this media hype. At the beginning of the seaseason he told him go on Loan.....

    K for KronicK for Kronic7 dagar sedan
  • a word about the young pedri? the guy was phenomenal 👏 annnnnnnnd he is only 18 year old people. is it even normal? lol

    Sedeck K.Sedeck K.7 dagar sedan
    • also Koeman is a boss. we should give some credit and let the guy work... he is building

      Sedeck K.Sedeck K.7 dagar sedan
  • De Jong has been our BEST player since the Levante game

    Daniel LopezDaniel Lopez7 dagar sedan
  • As we are probably gonna start next season with six defenders who do u think needs to stay who needs to go

    shaduff nkabuleshaduff nkabule7 dagar sedan
  • Jamie. Your match preview was not viewable because of some copyright issues.😢. But I'm glad that we won🔴🔵. Visca El Barca

    Tyler Alex IngramTyler Alex Ingram7 dagar sedan
  • I can see that De jong, pedri and messi will be the next amazing trio.And MSN will never be forgotten.Vamos barca

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  • Nice 1

    cally Bosscally Boss7 dagar sedan
  • Mahn messi started performing after the return of 4-3-3

    Football 101Football 1017 dagar sedan
  • What do you think? @TalkFCB . Can we see El-Classico again in Spanish Super Cup Final this season?

    Adithya ChandAdithya Chand7 dagar sedan
  • I’ll like to see you do a video about Barcelona financial situations and then how that will affect the transfer window and if they’re plans to bring anyone new in.....if they’re how it will affect the younger players looking to break into the team

    richard afamefunerichard afamefune7 dagar sedan
  • Maybe rotate busi with puig when busi gets exhausted then we are ready for any team 💪

    soya Toyasoya Toya7 dagar sedan
  • When Barca win and the team work were at the top level , everyone get the slice of that victory pizza

  • 4-3-3 = Barça. Period ♥️

    joshwildemusicjoshwildemusic7 dagar sedan
  • The current position Pedri plays nwo, Puig can also play there. Would we rather play him ahead of Pedri?... My answer is Yes. Puig is more creative than Pedri in my opinion, though may be defensively not there

    Hassan AyoadeHassan Ayoade7 dagar sedan
  • Why did they do that thye don't have any right to do it weird stuff?

    Nikita ZaikinNikita Zaikin7 dagar sedan
  • That pass from Frenkie to Griezmann was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it was him. That’s what he can do. What a player.

    Emmanuel StephensonEmmanuel Stephenson7 dagar sedan
  • Griezmann was always world class

    Anirudha ChoudhuryAnirudha Choudhury7 dagar sedan
  • Tbh, koeman is the best coach to have in this transitional period. He is actually doing a good job. I reckon we dont get beaten 8-2 if we were to face Bayern right now.

    Ame KgomoAme Kgomo7 dagar sedan
  • If you wanna know how special messi's free kick goal was, here's a small detail for you - All 11 granada players were present in the box for the free kick, some formed a wall, one slept under the wall and 2-3 trying to prevent passes. You know what happened next.💥

    aditya gargaditya garg7 dagar sedan
  • OFC Griezmann will score in a game where Jordi Alba who's a defender almost score🙄

    Recospok MuzikRecospok Muzik7 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand why koeman is being critisized for not playing Puig. He was explained thousands of times that he plays the players who deserve it and work hard for it. We cannot look into all the training sessions, so we cannot blindly assume that Puig is doing everything he can to get play time. Tbh i won't be surprised if Puig really does have a bad attitude, he seems a bit arrogant if you ask me. Also Pedri plays every game and is even younger, so age isnt the case. And how would a midfield with Puig and Pedri work? They Will be overrun by almost any team.

    The real slim shadyThe real slim shady7 dagar sedan
  • Too early to say we are back.We need to win against big clubs like real and atletico madrid

    Hassan KhreissHassan Khreiss7 dagar sedan
  • The job MATS doing is. Just unbelievable

    Disguised toastDisguised toast7 dagar sedan
  • Dude, you just say Koemans says there is no problem between him and riqui. Just a second later you say WTF IS KOEMANS PROBLEM WITH RIQUI😂😂 U alright?😂 I like ur vids, but you’re really biased towards this kid, while there are other great players to. I don’t get why in your opinion he should play more than them. I mean Koeman and huis team asses them all almost daily right?

    Tobyan AkkermansTobyan Akkermans7 dagar sedan
  • Can we get a face reveal

    David VillaDavid Villa7 dagar sedan
    • @Nicolas Perez thx

      David VillaDavid Villa7 dagar sedan
    • He’s done one search it up

      Nicolas PerezNicolas Perez7 dagar sedan
  • How long till Sergi Roberto comes back? Rest needs rest desperately

    Satyajit DuttaSatyajit Dutta7 dagar sedan
    • Will be back in a week or two

      Nicolas PerezNicolas Perez7 dagar sedan
  • Do people remember de jong’s slide tackle to take the ball off the defender? It was so beautiful.

    diulikadikadaydiulikadikaday7 dagar sedan
  • Thank you very much koeman!

    Abdul Muhaymin17Abdul Muhaymin177 dagar sedan
  • 4 points from 1st place, LET'S GOO

    J. AlexanderJ. Alexander7 dagar sedan
    • @Ras sadly true. But they also face Bilbao and Sevilla, hopefully they slip up

      Nicolas PerezNicolas Perez7 dagar sedan
    • Well Atletico have played 3 games less then us so if they win all 3 then we'll be 13 points from first

      RasRas7 dagar sedan
  • Riqui entering field with a smile made my day 😍👌

    aniket gotarneaniket gotarne7 dagar sedan
  • Can’t wait till fati comes back imagine the front 3

    Zero L’zZero L’z7 dagar sedan
  • As much as I'm all for having more of Riqui on the pitch, but right now I wouldn't drop anybody for that's the real question who sits for Riqui to play?

    Charles EsomCharles Esom7 dagar sedan
  • Good match from Puig despite the fact for not paying for how many games but you still at your best

    James OdicoJames Odico7 dagar sedan
  • We will we will Riqui you! 🌸

    R ErdjnzR Erdjnz7 dagar sedan
  • Dembele, Puig, dest ❤️🥺🌍

    Sujal PadayaSujal Padaya7 dagar sedan
  • Riqui smiles like young Tom Cruise

    Hitesh MahavarHitesh Mahavar7 dagar sedan
  • Which player would Puig replace?

    Ayush kawaleAyush kawale7 dagar sedan
  • Messi is the best!😍

    Mix ArtMix Art7 dagar sedan
  • why they played schindler's list music before game?????

    Nischay Jit SinghNischay Jit Singh7 dagar sedan
  • Feel bad for Grizzy Man's gonna find it hard in the squad when Ansu is back🙁💔

    Akinyemi DivineAkinyemi Divine7 dagar sedan
  • Lenglet is weakest link in barca defence

    Gr-15 Ashish ChaturvediGr-15 Ashish Chaturvedi7 dagar sedan
  • Let's make it 0 losses in 2021

    Tyrado 181Tyrado 1817 dagar sedan
  • Jamie what app do you use in checking match info and average position/heat map

    Gospel ChimaGospel Chima7 dagar sedan
  • Our worst signing will be Coutinho.... He just contributed nothing big till now

    PrashantPrashant7 dagar sedan
  • Love Barcelona's black kit

    Your Daily Dose of NewsYour Daily Dose of News7 dagar sedan
  • I hope they continue with the consistency level. To have a great team, then consistency is needed in every department of the team

    Mutiu AmusaMutiu Amusa7 dagar sedan
  • Koeman is now showing consistency and the team playing consistently

    Mutiu AmusaMutiu Amusa7 dagar sedan
  • Let's not hype of this team and some of these players..everytime we have done that,they have disappointed us...

    DevRaj RijalDevRaj Rijal7 dagar sedan
  • Shut up to talk about puig all the time 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊stop wasting a min

    Pascal NPascal N7 dagar sedan
  • If Araujo, Mingueza, Lenglet, Pique continue good form, do we still need Eric Garcia?

    Ankur SahaAnkur Saha7 dagar sedan
  • Puigggg ❤️🔥

    zizu zazizu za7 dagar sedan
  • Koeman has agenda against Puig

    Adish Junior009 AdanAdish Junior009 Adan7 dagar sedan
  • Griezmann was very bad last season and so far shit this season, yes he played well against Granada. 1st goal lucky 2nd goal super. So Griezman need to show this every game, can he? When ANSU back we don’t need him. We have Dembele Ansu & Messi or a new striker. Midfield we need Puig DeJong Pedri or Puig Sergio Pedri. Pjanic is good enough for the bench. SELL Griezmann Countinho Umtiti and BUY a worldclass striker, level of Suarez. That’s it.

    Master YodaMaster Yoda7 dagar sedan
  • Busquets is finished, against big teams his weakness will be clear

    iyad muhseniyad muhsen7 dagar sedan
  • How many people want Griezmann to take free-kick in Messi's absence?

    Yatharth RawatYatharth Rawat7 dagar sedan
    • No one

      The BaltonThe Balton7 dagar sedan
  • Erling Haaland please Barcelona

    Marlen CockmanMarlen Cockman7 dagar sedan
  • Pedri de jong puig.. please please Barcelona

    Marlen CockmanMarlen Cockman7 dagar sedan
  • Honestly speaking I never liked our yellow Jersey. For me it doesn't bring us good results each time we have used it. If possible let's drop it. All the same, ride on guys, never write 📴 my dear club... barcelona or no club for life

  • i think umtiti in the team also helped griezmann cause some of passes were given to him by umtiti.

    parth mungeeparth mungee7 dagar sedan
  • now that griezmann is in good form, when ansu returns who will he replace? Griezmann, pedri, or Dembele?

    Football FanFootball Fan7 dagar sedan
    • @Nicolas Perez Messi and Griezmann switching up between up from and the number 10 position. they've done it before

      Football FanFootball Fan6 dagar sedan
    • @Football Fan and then Messi?

      Nicolas PerezNicolas Perez7 dagar sedan
    • @The Balton no I think griezmann could play centrally and ansu and dembele on the wings

      Football FanFootball Fan7 dagar sedan
    • @Football Fan Ansu can’t replace Pedri as their roles are completely different

      The BaltonThe Balton7 dagar sedan
    • if i was in charge i would say Pedri but i dont know if Koeman will do that

      Football FanFootball Fan7 dagar sedan
  • Jordi alba should be replaced ASAP

    majd mchaykmajd mchayk7 dagar sedan
  • I am here for Riqui Puig

    inglatheawesomeinglatheawesome7 dagar sedan
  • Hope barca have a great year ahead

    Aakash BaskranAakash Baskran7 dagar sedan
  • When individual performs good, team performs good. Looking forward for such performance, and seems Messi just turned on the god mode which we all missed last 6 months of 2020

    satyaprakash tiwarisatyaprakash tiwari7 dagar sedan
  • 1000th comment

    Shrek the CuberShrek the Cuber7 dagar sedan
  • Bob

    Shrek the CuberShrek the Cuber7 dagar sedan
  • Its going to be interesting watching Soceidad vs Barcelona this time round. Last time we could only win 2-1. Hopefully this time it will be better.

    Dorian DennyDorian Denny7 dagar sedan
  • Barca is doing well in 2021 . we are barca

    shib sankar Lahashib sankar Laha7 dagar sedan
  • even if it's not as a starter we need to be playing Puig a lot more especially if we are in more situations where the game is tied at the 70th minute because Puig is the type of player that can help you get the winning goal. No more of this throw extra centre backs on when the game is 1-1 2-2 0-0 it's stupid especially since Barcas attack is our best defence.

    Football fanFootball fan7 dagar sedan
  • just thinking when ansu returns from injury..who will be most likely to start..DEMBELE OR GRIEZMAN because pedri has been very impressive..??

    Maharzan Mrozan10Maharzan Mrozan107 dagar sedan
    • @Nicolas Perez griezman is also slowly slowly coming on his best level..ITS NOT THAT EASY

      Maharzan Mrozan10Maharzan Mrozan107 dagar sedan
    • He’ll obviously replace griezmann

      Nicolas PerezNicolas Perez7 dagar sedan
  • Last time Griezman had a good game I feel everyone got ahead of themselves with him because then he followed up with multiple not so good ones. However, lets all hope for the good of our team that he maintains a high level almost every game.

    Football fanFootball fan7 dagar sedan
  • De jong Messi Grizzi Umtiti Standout performers🤩🥳

    Manmohit GrandhiManmohit Grandhi7 dagar sedan
  • this has been the best de Jong, Griezmann, and Busquets that we've seen this season

    TheAssassinTheAssassin7 dagar sedan
  • 6:25 I was like what the hell happened to greizmanns head for a second😂

    Prabhiv AdhikaryPrabhiv Adhikary7 dagar sedan
  • Riqui was the sole reason why i watched barca matches at the second half of last season. Until he gets some decent play time i will never accept koeman

    ColdCold7 dagar sedan
  • Algorithm for Jaime

    P MishraP Mishra7 dagar sedan
  • 7:56 Damn, De Jong - unplayable? 🤔😂

    Brent GarciaBrent Garcia7 dagar sedan
  • Jamie , you should be interviewed both likely to be barca President Victor font Nd Laporta🙏

    Manish GurjarManish Gurjar7 dagar sedan
  • We've been soo good that even hater's exe has stopped commenting

    Madhav PillaiMadhav Pillai7 dagar sedan
  • Puig is the Best

    Yereyere Romeo HenryYereyere Romeo Henry7 dagar sedan
  • Maybe Messi wants a ballon dor that's why he started in New year

    sooram ksooram k7 dagar sedan