USAIN BOLT - Love Is The Only Solution 💯⚡️

6 jan 2021
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    Karl NiiloKarl Niilo17 dagar sedan
    • war is good

      hunter 5hunter 52 dagar sedan
    • Cool post my dude

      GGGG2 dagar sedan
    • This is not your content.

      amelia !amelia !3 dagar sedan

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    • Hero

      Andrew BuckleyAndrew Buckley4 dagar sedan
  • Humble role model. 😌 just a pure man who love his athletics.

    btownballer27btownballer2711 minuter sedan
  • Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que você procura 🇧🇷

    Ton OliveiraTon Oliveira13 minuter sedan
  • That is a genuine soul. Beautiful to watch.

    Simon PSimon PTimme sedan
  • Absolutely beautiful ☺️

    Kelly RuizKelly RuizTimme sedan
  • Crazy how humans feel this type of way when face to face with another human that they perceive as being on another level of life. I've experienced it myself and it is a wonder.

    Papa DeePapa DeeTimme sedan
  • 💖💖💖💖💖

    mohammad84 magedmohammad84 magedTimme sedan
  • well, the smallest things coming from an incredible and legend of a person.

    pls don't ban me again you libtardspls don't ban me again you libtardsTimme sedan
  • Usain Bolt never ceased to make me smile when i watched him run. From something like this to his showmanship on the track he truly was unique. Even though i cheered against him every olympics, I couldn’t help but want him to succeed

    Carter OwensCarter Owens2 timmar sedan
  • He leads with love. A great man!

    Your Car Has No DriverYour Car Has No Driver2 timmar sedan
  • I enjoy seeing God's people in the sports industry doing their random acts of kindness it's true touching thing to see

    Devon JonesDevon Jones2 timmar sedan
  • Lo maximo, por eso es un campeón

    vanorcovanorco2 timmar sedan
  • Class act right there!

    Heath ThompsonHeath Thompson2 timmar sedan
  • Greatness

    Tg_linkzTg_linkz2 timmar sedan
  • Великий спортсмен 👍👏👏💪

    Alex SAlex S3 timmar sedan
  • Just a little love goes a long way

    Charles SmithCharles Smith3 timmar sedan
  • What a great champion

    Lolly HarnetLolly Harnet3 timmar sedan
  • Salute you sir

    study with krushnastudy with krushna3 timmar sedan
  • Jamdown in the house. Respect to Bolt.

    Burro BBurro B4 timmar sedan
  • Class act

    Steven PalmerSteven Palmer5 timmar sedan
  • The only thing i didn't like about him was he wasn't running for my country. I've always thought good things about him, now this

    Richard HolmesRichard Holmes5 timmar sedan
  • The only thing i didn't like about him was he wasn't running for my country. I've always thought good things about him, now this

    Richard HolmesRichard Holmes5 timmar sedan
  • That dude is still smiling today.

    KymmberliestarrKymmberliestarr5 timmar sedan
  • Respect Bolt ❤️✌️

    Dinushka RajapakshaDinushka Rajapaksha6 timmar sedan
  • That smile on their face is awesome

    Aisha's Kitchen and vlogAisha's Kitchen and vlog6 timmar sedan
  • the guy's smiling shows everything

    Muhammad DafaMuhammad Dafa7 timmar sedan
  • Remmember. Be sporter ≠ Be fancy.

    Jaxon BladeJaxon Blade7 timmar sedan
  • He is the greatest

    Adalberto QuezadaAdalberto Quezada7 timmar sedan

  • Probably won’t get moments like this again

    Robert Odeneal Jr.Robert Odeneal Jr.9 timmar sedan
  • Miss him so much... favourite athlete after lional Messi.

    Jithin PurushothamanJithin Purushothaman10 timmar sedan
  • These things makes you a great person ✌

    Abhishek ChoudharyAbhishek Choudhary10 timmar sedan
  • what a man down to earth 😊😊

    Biplov BhattaraiBiplov Bhattarai11 timmar sedan
  • Superb

    Parmeshwar SonarParmeshwar Sonar11 timmar sedan
  • The goat

    Roy BondRoy Bond11 timmar sedan
  • Honestly when i watch anime the characters are always bad asses but this because they have a heart of gold and i think the same implies here i mean he is the fastest man I'm world rn so i like to think if your true to heart then you have potential for countless things

    king louieking louie11 timmar sedan
  • Theo god speed.

    PensarelandoPensarelando12 timmar sedan
  • So lovely 💯❤🙌

    ananthus Nairananthus Nair12 timmar sedan
  • Хороший человек!

    Руслан АртеменковРуслан Артеменков13 timmar sedan

    AIM THE SHOTSAIM THE SHOTS13 timmar sedan
  • How much u fly high in the sky at the end u come down on the ground he is very down and humble guy respect

    Mohammad IrfanMohammad Irfan14 timmar sedan
  • Человек

    Анатолий ЕфремычАнатолий Ефремыч15 timmar sedan
  • As it once was said It's better to give than receive. His giving those moments to others put him in a much more relaxed state of mind. You could see it his face.

    James GoinesJames Goines16 timmar sedan
  • Two more legends like him: Messi and Rafael Nadal.

    Hemant kumar SharmaHemant kumar Sharma16 timmar sedan
  • He knows its value and he had been through very tough times...❤️❤️

    Nikhil LigamNikhil Ligam16 timmar sedan
  • I really wonder if usain jams the reggae.

    adam dixonadam dixon17 timmar sedan
  • I love the bolt. A great man.

    Joshua VachalJoshua Vachal17 timmar sedan
  • Image if you hit his hand and he lost in that race

    Jie LyuJie Lyu19 timmar sedan
  • beautiful and pure.🥰 We love u Sir. Bolt...continue to spread the love wherever you go...u did us proud.🖤💛💚💯💥🇯🇲

    Tahira AndersonTahira Anderson19 timmar sedan
  • Stay humble and you will be blessed in many ways

    Samuel HernandezSamuel Hernandez19 timmar sedan
  • Because that’s what heroes do.

    Joey JerniganJoey Jernigan20 timmar sedan
  • I absolutely love watching this. He makes everyone feel like they are the same. 😊💖👌🏽

    Xxxx Big RichXxxx Big Rich20 timmar sedan
  • truly admirable

    The D DunkersThe D Dunkers20 timmar sedan

    TomasnokTomasnok20 timmar sedan
  • He wipes his hair almost every time before giving them a high five or a fist bump 🤔 Plot twist: he’s just trying to wipe the oil from his hair off

    Shu ϟShu ϟ21 timme sedan
  • ウサイン・ボルトが愛される理由が今わかった👍️

    だっふんだぁーだっふんだぁー21 timme sedan
  • 🤛🏿 😁

    Hamza HassaballaHamza Hassaballa21 timme sedan
  • Its not his speed that impresses me, its the purity of his soul

    Aaron GayleAaron Gayle21 timme sedan
    • Right

      jajuan porterjajuan porter10 timmar sedan
  • What a beautiful person.

    TripleFire 1969TripleFire 196922 timmar sedan
  • Usain sing for his alcohol dope Olympe rose is the name of it

    Light Skinned BrotherLight Skinned Brother22 timmar sedan
  • What the hell is this guy's problem ? He's RACIST !

    Max PowerMax Power22 timmar sedan
  • Omg, why did I tear up watching this video? 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Ci CiCi Ci23 timmar sedan
  • Hüseyin bolt abimiz

    Barış Aykut / Cross!CharaBarış Aykut / Cross!CharaDag sedan
  • I like all athletes no matter the sport that do that it means so much god bless

    Jim FireJim FireDag sedan
  • 😍❤❤❤

    Angelika ZiebaAngelika ZiebaDag sedan
  • Un grandioso atleta en toda la extensión de la palabra yo soy su fan

    Liliana AlvaradoLiliana AlvaradoDag sedan
  • Usain bolt is a great man

    Mr WilliamsMr WilliamsDag sedan
  • He is a legend.

    Anuraj AnandanAnuraj AnandanDag sedan
  • Todo un capo, humildad sin duda.(≡^∇^≡)

    Es Dino YTEs Dino YTDag sedan
  • Very simple ☺️

    Pierre NdongPierre NdongDag sedan

    Smit CSmit CDag sedan

    TYRACKS_13TYRACKS_13Dag sedan
  • A humble man.

    MR ALIMR ALIDag sedan
  • That is a real true sport he is. Just b kind

    Samantha TierneySamantha TierneyDag sedan
  • Brilliant

    mark dickensmark dickensDag sedan
  • God bless him, he's a good man 🤜🤛

    Fares AleidiFares AleidiDag sedan
  • He is a great man

    B TjrB TjrDag sedan
  • Good people

    Budi HidayatBudi HidayatDag sedan
  • Only jamaicans

    Joshua HendersonJoshua HendersonDag sedan
  • 👏👏👏😁☝👍✊

    KonstantinKonstantinDag sedan
  • Love Bolt

    Rush NashRush NashDag sedan
  • Beautiful 😻

    Chew Chew EatsChew Chew EatsDag sedan
  • My everytimes idol.

    TuneOf LifeTuneOf LifeDag sedan
  • Video title should be: "Grown man acts like a human being, but the world is so fucked that people are surprised."

    Yellow BellyYellow BellyDag sedan
  • We have alot of jobs, but putting a smile on another's face should be priority

    Erick HendersonErick HendersonDag sedan
  • Of course his humble because his jamicnan

    Amjad AbdulAmjad AbdulDag sedan
  • Trek please

    Сергей СоколовскийСергей СоколовскийDag sedan
  • No show off and ego like the other celebrities he knows the hard life such a great guy

  • His hard work make him like this

  • We need more people like him!

    Jude NicksJude NicksDag sedan
  • Simplicity of this man makes him stand a cut above the rest. God bless this pious heart ever. 😏 🇮🇳

  • He is great

    Goatrazzi FamilyGoatrazzi FamilyDag sedan
  • 👍

    novo 66novo 66Dag sedan
  • That’s fucking adorable

    PpNuggetttPpNuggetttDag sedan
  • It nice to be nice

    Peter nufcPeter nufcDag sedan
  • All he did was give them a pound, i have done that a million times!!!! Lmao

    Doofus McpoofusDoofus McpoofusDag sedan
  • Bolt always seems like a genuinely good guy. Admittedly, I haven’t seen too much of his interactions with people, but the times I see him he seems upbeat and nice regardless of the situation.

    alex39082alex39082Dag sedan
  • Man is originally alone. Usain is same. from South Korea.

    이현석이현석Dag sedan
  • He should give someone his boxers after a race

    knight manknight manDag sedan
  • I thought cheating made his day...

    SteveSteveDag sedan