Impostor Perfection

20 okt 2020
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This is the greatest impostor save of All Time

  • Damn this lobby is like endgame

    SleightSleight9 timmar sedan
  • Charlie with big brain pl-

    Popstar JuandissimoPopstar Juandissimo10 timmar sedan
  • Betraying sykkuno feels like shooting a puppy

    MicrowaveMicrowave17 timmar sedan
  • that man has strength to end the video halfway through a sentence... may I one dy be as strong as him

    ShreksLeftElbowPeircingShreksLeftElbowPeircingDag sedan
  • Why this video cuts on nothing?

    Vano SanchezVano SanchezDag sedan
  • God damn marcel is annoying

    aaron4094 _aaron4094 _Dag sedan
  • 6.9m

    Simon LimonotSimon LimonotDag sedan
  • 3 guarantees in life: Death Taxes And Charlie winning as imposter

    CharlieschickenCharlieschicken2 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, imposter imperfection would have been a better name, after all it does rhyme

    Octo GenOcto Gen2 dagar sedan
  • I love it when Marcel gets mad.

    SomebodyIn TheUniverseSomebodyIn TheUniverse2 dagar sedan

    Jonathan SinticJonathan Sintic3 dagar sedan
  • Yeah his edits are annoying I'm unsubbing

    XxGame YardxXXxGame YardxX3 dagar sedan
  • This is the greatest lobby of All Time

    flawlessremixflawlessremix4 dagar sedan
  • I mean, if we vote Corpse out-

  • *STUPID*

    TheOddNatiTheOddNati4 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: Charlie edits his own videos

    AP Jumpman Joey #1 FanAP Jumpman Joey #1 Fan4 dagar sedan
  • im so confused why does the video just cut randomly? and at the end he was about to vote corpse and it just ended

    Kyle HegKyle Heg4 dagar sedan
  • cono

    Luís MonteiroLuís Monteiro4 dagar sedan
  • syukkuno saying "i know its not charlie" is so cutteeee aww

    viberoniviberoni4 dagar sedan
  • 6:25 His life's work, the perfect crime, but it was only in vain

    Ian LehmanIan Lehman5 dagar sedan
  • Corpse’s voice dominates the whole lobby

    JoseJose5 dagar sedan
  • Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover in history. Me, an intellectual:

    King StarshadeKing Starshade5 dagar sedan
  • charlie gaslit sykkuno so hard lol

    Soupington souparuSoupington souparu5 dagar sedan
  • the hell is that where you choose to end it?

    Nick PerrinoNick Perrino5 dagar sedan
  • Marcel and nogla screaming at each other is like listening to and old marry couple

    DadDad6 dagar sedan

    Cinnamon BunCinnamon Bun7 dagar sedan
  • Charlie and PVC are the only two people i can watch play this game. Very Yin and Yang vibes there.

    snickle1980snickle19807 dagar sedan
  • “I can’t kill Shaun” “I’ll kill Shaun”

    Trevor BrightlyTrevor Brightly7 dagar sedan
  • Jerry was a racecar driver his name was mud,,,,who gets the reference

    LegoTime 111LegoTime 1117 dagar sedan
  • 14:28 "Toast pushed the buh in"

    Merciful TorturerMerciful Torturer8 dagar sedan
  • I wanted to see what happened to corpse at end !!!!

    Arafat ShaikhArafat Shaikh8 dagar sedan
  • 14:40 is when the screaming starts, lmao

    NominalNominal8 dagar sedan
  • Brr

    Joel KimJoel Kim10 dagar sedan
  • Probably one of the better things I have ever heard "KILL ME RIGHT NOW, SYDNEY!"

    Megan CoffeeMegan Coffee10 dagar sedan
  • Glad no one went ribbing Dream for being a Minecraft you tuber

    Peyton MillerPeyton Miller10 dagar sedan
  • 17:07

    ButterButter11 dagar sedan
  • Charlie puts the most less effort on his SEworld videos and they still r pretty great Imagine them with good editing but I think this is just his style

    Mr GlassMr Glass11 dagar sedan
  • i click like on all of justin y's comments just to spite the people who relentlessly hate on him

    st arst ar11 dagar sedan
  • Charlie nos it’s Rae still say it could be anyone 😂

    Detective SomethingDetective Something11 dagar sedan
  • Dont mind me just watching this in band class

    Just Some Guy With Half a MustacheJust Some Guy With Half a Mustache11 dagar sedan
  • next video: impostor shows his

    tesseramtesseram11 dagar sedan

    IndieIndie11 dagar sedan
  • lolllll

    zomgthisisawesomelolzomgthisisawesomelol12 dagar sedan
  • Nogla: Why are you listening to me? Im the dumbest fucker here, whya listening to me? That sounds exactly like me in class

    CatacusCatacus12 dagar sedan
  • Marcel: KILL ME SYDNEY x6 marcel 2 seconds later: I knew it was grease

    Josiah .jJosiah .j12 dagar sedan
  • Charlie and nogla are s teir

    Elconno RElconno R12 dagar sedan
  • Jesus

    Game HistoryGame History12 dagar sedan
  • corpses voice is literally just constant burping lmfao

    House KingHouse King12 dagar sedan
  • *leat fingies*

    Dragon Vlogs Dragon VLOgsDragon Vlogs Dragon VLOgs13 dagar sedan
  • KILL ME 14:36 this is for me later

    PinkchizuPinkchizu14 dagar sedan
  • I didnt know dream plays among us lol XD

    The awesome GamerThe awesome Gamer14 dagar sedan
  • I hate corpses voice it's so annoying

    Eduardo LopezEduardo Lopez14 dagar sedan
    • I mean he can’t really control it he has a throat condition,,,,

      PinkchizuPinkchizu14 dagar sedan
  • We’re starting off STRONG BOYS. We’re hopping in as crew mate

    Dry TunaDry Tuna14 dagar sedan
  • Who the fuck edits these? What match am I watching who won what’s the outcome of the match?

    Carson CamperCarson Camper15 dagar sedan
    • hes just showing you clips of gameplay, its all small parts from different matches. if you want to know who won, watch him while he's streaming.

      st arst ar11 dagar sedan
  • That’s rough

    WamuuWamuu15 dagar sedan
  • i like to think corpse has a squeaker voice and uses a voice changer

    KnoxKnox15 dagar sedan
  • There is so much screaming it’s just like a random lobby

    Thatguyintheroom 14Thatguyintheroom 1415 dagar sedan
  • the video is cut off at teh end

    Selena LinSelena Lin16 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Mr PeanutMr Peanut16 dagar sedan
  • Holy shit the way that one game broke down with the insults and shit like got dang. And i thought the lobbies i play in could get heated lol

    allanime01allanime0118 dagar sedan
  • 6.69 mil subs???? (THE 69 THO)

    DtwixDtwix18 dagar sedan
  • I don’t like corpse

    Bigbeefybiscuit *im very beefy*Bigbeefybiscuit *im very beefy*18 dagar sedan

    Replenish RowenReplenish Rowen18 dagar sedan
    • gtfo

      PurpellentPurpellent13 dagar sedan
  • when someone walks in on you after a kill, try to create a scenario that's NOT in that room. As long as it's not in that room, it has a chance of working, otherwise, there's no way, and you will be voted off eventually no matter what. Like, for instance, say: I was walking down the hall and found a body around the corner. and you can develop on what they say. You can't let them say they just walked in on you.. ya know. If you create a scenario where you're not in the room, anything is possible.

    aBanabisaBanabis18 dagar sedan
    • @st ar dude, all i said was, if someone finds you in a room with a dead body, it'd might be a good idea to place you and the body right outside the room, as to give you more leeway. it allows you to hold a conversation other than just saying, "yeah idk what to say, you can believe me or him". and relax man. I don't want to fucking argue with you about this shit. If you can't or won't do it, then fine. Jeez.

      aBanabisaBanabis11 dagar sedan
    • @aBanabis so the only possible risk-free way of un-sussing yourself would be to say "i was outside of electrical, then i entered and found the body"? what if somebody SAW you fake tasking next to somebody before killing them, so they know in fact that you were not outside at all?

      st arst ar11 dagar sedan
    • @st ar it's the difference between inside the room and outside of the room. If you were inside the room, you should have been just outside of it not too long ago, right?

      aBanabisaBanabis11 dagar sedan
    • @aBanabis what about the second part of what i said? if other people were in the areas you list in your narrative and they never saw you there?

      st arst ar11 dagar sedan
    • @st ar key word "some ONE" ;) yeah I mean, I agree, if multiple people saw you done it, it's kind of over.

      aBanabisaBanabis11 dagar sedan
  • Ngl i really dont enjoy the vids just cutting randomly it just kinda takes away from the rest of it

    Gertboi_Gertboi_19 dagar sedan

    Epicyes7 yesEpicyes7 yes19 dagar sedan
  • Jeff & Geoff are watching this. Like for real, this isn't a bot, every video I watch I comment something like this on. I am being serious, and while this is copy and pasted, I am watching these videos.

    JeffJeff19 dagar sedan
  • Whenever corpse speaks my phone literally vibrates

    Sebastien DouseSebastien Douse19 dagar sedan
  • Toast was trying to be a wannabe sherlock with the weapons

    penguinpenguin19 dagar sedan
  • shot of bacardi with each kill laid me out

    DevanDevan19 dagar sedan

    LooP_KryptonLooP_Krypton19 dagar sedan
  • 0:54

    downloadable Contentdownloadable Content19 dagar sedan
    • pervert

      st arst ar11 dagar sedan
  • I mean if we vote corpse out

    Xtended_autismXtended_autism20 dagar sedan
  • Dream skips too much for someone who likes speedrunning

    DJ SaladDJ Salad20 dagar sedan
  • spedicy: i just dont want to tie up vote

    Roman A.Roman A.20 dagar sedan
  • Charlie looks like a caveman I just realized that now 😂😂

    LudumEndedLudumEnded20 dagar sedan
  • 12:20 this time when charlie knew he was dumber

    Schmidt GatesSchmidt Gates21 dag sedan

    icediamondsicediamonds21 dag sedan
  • That ending was legendary

    JackJack21 dag sedan
  • “I can’t kill Sean” “I’ll kill Sean” The duality of man

    Jenifer MillsJenifer Mills21 dag sedan
    • This is literally so copied lol

      C h l o eC h l o e20 dagar sedan
  • U should play mindnight with this crew

    VyllanVyllan21 dag sedan
  • Is that the SEworldr Corpse Husband? With that deep voice?

    Kem LifestyleKem Lifestyle21 dag sedan
  • 3:57 " okay!!!!!!!" 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    Bobert LambertoBobert Lamberto21 dag sedan
  • I p0p f/-\t b0n3~ and f/-\~t1n9 goodness

    Ronald GallRonald Gall22 dagar sedan
  • He cringed at himself when he said yessir

    Ruck 100Ruck 10022 dagar sedan
  • I died when everyone is screaming and Charlie just says “ can someone do the reactor with me “

    antonyantony22 dagar sedan
  • Boring

    TropeTrope22 dagar sedan
  • You know he's a skilled guy when he writes "impostor" instead of "iMpOsTeR"

    Kinda TimKinda Tim23 dagar sedan
  • *Toast and Charlie being big brain and fighting with each other*

    HisokaHisoka23 dagar sedan
  • Why does he just end the video randomly lol

    Ur A ButtHeadUr A ButtHead23 dagar sedan
  • 15:20 my favorite backhanded compliment ever

    Kuli Does ThingsKuli Does Things23 dagar sedan
  • hey Charlie there is a new update for Among us with things like anonymous votes where everyone's color isnt shown during voting (it shows black icon), task bar can be updated always like when you do a task it updates (the norm) you can have it update during meetings or never. and there is a lot more so yeah.

    eddiemonkeybutt armyeddiemonkeybutt army23 dagar sedan
  • Imposter perfection more like Imposter Requiem

    Made In DogeMade In Doge23 dagar sedan
  • I now yearn for the day CORPSE and Charlie get impostor together.

    Spooks YTSpooks YT23 dagar sedan
    • @spadofe errrrmmmmmm.. uhhhhhhh... Yeah *chuckles and closes Reddit* ERM, it's already happened a few times?

      OrangeCheekunOrangeCheekun17 dagar sedan
    • @spadofe thx

      Spooks YTSpooks YT22 dagar sedan
    • Uhhhhhhh. Its already happened a few times. You can check out Corpse's channel

      spadofespadofe22 dagar sedan
  • Rare footage of corpse losing an impostor game

    Flyingpiggles10Flyingpiggles1023 dagar sedan
  • What's up with the editing?

    Veronica WexelVeronica Wexel23 dagar sedan
  • And this is why Toast is the boogeyman of Among Us

    MatrixGamingYTMatrixGamingYT23 dagar sedan
  • bababooey from the past

    vibe on de BonKvibe on de BonK23 dagar sedan
  • fuck why dream is not lime :(

    Nicolas SilveiraNicolas Silveira23 dagar sedan
  • K

    wqsdiwqsdi24 dagar sedan