GMC Sierra Goes Over The Edge - 2WD Truck!

2 maj 2021
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So we got a call for a GMC Sierra that went over the edge, oh yeah, it's only 2WD.
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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

  • Till the shot on 11:05 I though Matt you're wrong this time. But seeing the slope hill side on the other side I changed my mind. It indeed works out at the end very good.. Well done!

    rob4b4rob4b411 dagar sedan
    • @Rob4b4, I did too! It’s so difficult to judge what’s going on with a recovery. Add the perspective of being behind a camera, and it’s 10 times more difficult to judge. As soon as I saw them pull it up I knew it was right. @Matt’s off road recovery, what do those jeeps weigh? I’m guessing in the 3,400 lb range?

      Jason ThomasJason Thomas8 dagar sedan
    • ​@Matt's Off Road Recovery Love it! imho there is no "right" way to perform a recovery. Just a whole lot of wrong ways to do it. You got it out with minimal to no damage, that is a win! - Former army H8 recovery operator

      Some Dude NHSome Dude NH8 dagar sedan
    • @Matt's Off Road Recovery As you were pulling it perpendicular to the hill I was questioning why you didn't just pull it along the hills, with the sand being as a stop on the side of the tires. As it dug out and the sand quickly moved out of the way I realized that being a computer chair rescue person, I have only the fundamentals and no practical experience, not to this level. Great rescue and fantastic videos. Keep them coming.

      Jeremy WilhelmJeremy Wilhelm10 dagar sedan
    • @Matt's Off Road Recovery I originally thought you was going to put a jeep off both corners. Using both winches to slide it back up onto the road basically the same way it slid off. But... a video just doesn't allow us to see the entire scope of the terrain that you're dealing with. Great job. Nice vid

      Anthony AubuchonAnthony Aubuchon10 dagar sedan
    • @Matt's Off Road Recovery There comes a time and place where you have to wonder WTF were you thinking!?

      DragonZer0DragonZer010 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe that truck made it so far with 2x4 and street tires

    Joe GeorgiaJoe Georgia3 timmar sedan
  • Just bought a F-250 Super Duty 4x4 super cab with an 81 inch bed. Slightly longer than a standard PU. Put 3k in wheels on it. Learning what not to do when traveling even with an appropriate set up.

    Andre RadnotiAndre Radnoti13 timmar sedan
  • A- blood here and the bloody bloodsuckers eat me alive when fishing etc. Mosquitos are one thing I could live without in the world.

    Karl ShanerKarl ShanerDag sedan
  • Lizzy! Buckle your Seatbelt!

    Lee PrimmLee PrimmDag sedan
  • What would have been wrong with pulling it straight out from the front in the beginning. I'm genuinely asking? Obviously I don't know as much about vehicle recovery as these guys lol I was just curious.. awesome recovery though!!

    Adam SpiveyAdam SpiveyDag sedan
    • Nevermind, I just read your pinned comment with that exact answer!! Thanks!!

      Adam SpiveyAdam SpiveyDag sedan
  • Matt to Rudy "Bury it to the axle." Then he does the same thing. Took me by surprise because never seen before but makes perfect sense. It was also great fun watching the two Jeeps dig themselves in. Makes me wonder how many tricks Matt has up that sleeve of his!

    deltavee2deltavee22 dagar sedan
  • My God you guys are good. Kudos

    David WaldenDavid Walden2 dagar sedan
  • not only 2wd but with bald tires.. gotta be insane to drive that road.

    Robert SimsRobert Sims2 dagar sedan
  • Put the two jeeps in front of it and just pull it out

    Toby DyesToby Dyes2 dagar sedan
    • That would’ve been a disaster. We had several Recovery experts on the job, including an observer that was not affiliated with us. Not one person ever considered that maneuver.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road Recovery2 dagar sedan
  • Just about everything you do is look new

    Toby DyesToby Dyes2 dagar sedan
  • Thanks Matt. Your videos help me play Snowrunner on my PC much better.

    eieioeieio3 dagar sedan
  • How stupid do you have to be? Don't drive 2 wheel vehicles in utah you dumb ass people. 4×4 is what you need and make sure you know how to drive it.

    Levi LittlefairLevi Littlefair3 dagar sedan
  • Nice work guys and gals.

    Arik PetersonArik Peterson3 dagar sedan
  • The question is...why drive a 2wd truck in a area that will need 4WD.

    Arik PetersonArik Peterson3 dagar sedan
  • Lizzy Rocks!

    64jazdude64jazdude3 dagar sedan
  • after watching more of this, YOU WILL NEVER get called by me. this was a Straight pull out with a real truck. you Jeep driver have NEVER seen off road. come to Montana and you'll crap your pants.

    Mark smithMark smith3 dagar sedan
    • You are absolutely correct. I would be set up much differently if I was working in Montana. Most people that meet our soft blow sand call it something like diabolical, evil, nothing like they’ve ever seen.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road Recovery3 dagar sedan
  • if you drove a Ford F250 4x4 you wouldn't need a snatch block and 2 vehicles to pull this turd out

    Mark smithMark smith3 dagar sedan
    • They don’t work in the sand here. 10 yards into the sand I would be making a call for an extra light little XJ to come get me.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road Recovery3 dagar sedan
  • Two wheel drive? I thought this call was for a truck!

    Russell WiegandRussell Wiegand3 dagar sedan
  • I think it's funny how the dogs just look at the rescues like mmm this is gonna be something...

    izaiah minerizaiah miner3 dagar sedan
  • I think I'm in love... 😍

    Tyler PflumTyler Pflum4 dagar sedan
  • 2WD trucks are as useless as a styrofoam hammer

    Jared PhillipsJared Phillips4 dagar sedan
  • Lizzie said dukes of hazzard. Now I know why there weren't any ad's in this vid👌 Edit: there was an ad after the vid.

    Biden has DementiaBiden has Dementia4 dagar sedan
  • Classic DAD type response..... that truck over

    Aaron BaleAaron Bale4 dagar sedan
  • Awesome video. Next a lowered XJ with a Hellcat motor.

    Corey HilinskiCorey Hilinski4 dagar sedan
  • For your safety keep safe distance from the tow rope to avoid any injury

    Mohanad Al-ahmariMohanad Al-ahmari4 dagar sedan
  • You guys broke a mental sweat on this one!!

    Ben MeyerBen Meyer5 dagar sedan
  • I'm just curious. You must have some really nice and heavy duty winches on your vehicles. What kind of winch is that?

    jose jimenezjose jimenez5 dagar sedan
  • Mowrons!

    Mike KogerMike Koger5 dagar sedan
  • Na, it'll be fine

    SydmanSydman5 dagar sedan
  • WTH goes four wheeling in a 2wd truck😩

    bbaaspencer1bbaaspencer15 dagar sedan
  • GREAT JOB GUYS as usual. Your big fan from ALGERIA

  • Surely the snatch should have been on the tree .. not the car !

    Steve WilliamsSteve Williams5 dagar sedan
  • Sometimes our economy is stimulated by mistake committed by non-sense. Put this aside, this is one of those good demonstrations.

    xplorefurtherxplorefurther5 dagar sedan
  • I really like the channel, but please get some block and tackle. Weight is a non issue and you get better position with your vehicles.I recovered 67 ton tanks from the mud with broken track in Germany for the army and you cant just wing it.

    Kevin DoyleKevin Doyle5 dagar sedan
  • Jeeps looking sick Rudy!! What rock lights you running?

    Ajita WhiteAjita White6 dagar sedan
  • Frickin great camera work guys 😎

    Christopher HedgecockChristopher Hedgecock6 dagar sedan
  • Where do you buy your stretchable from?

    Evan LuttrellEvan Luttrell6 dagar sedan
  • My daddy told me that any good 2wheel drive can pretty much go anywhere a 4wheel drive can go. NoT!

    Neil YakuzaNeil Yakuza6 dagar sedan
  • Lizzy is too pretty to not wear a seatbelt

    Foo BarFoo Bar6 dagar sedan
  • Why does ED smell like cigarettes

    art Rochesterart Rochester6 dagar sedan
  • KFZ Bergen ???? Wenden in 45 Zügen

    Hias HiasHias Hias6 dagar sedan
  • GMC was tough, the young lady does all the work.. 4 x4 plus right tires.

    J. LuisJ. Luis6 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic technique team!

    Steve ParetteSteve Parette6 dagar sedan
  • Who buys a 2wd truck?

    Teufel HundenTeufel Hunden6 dagar sedan
  • Lizzy what's going on with that seatbelt ? Be safe out there ! Best from Norway

    kai müllerkai müller6 dagar sedan
  • Lizzy does a great job on camera too! I'm glad she joined the crew, y'all are good folks doing good work.

    SerasitasSerasitas6 dagar sedan
  • Great jobs guys, but I would recommend standing back from those winch lines 😬 and a winch line weight might be a good pre caution. Especially with the truck owner and family standing 3 feet from the line.

    Marshall BaileyMarshall Bailey7 dagar sedan
  • Why oh why would the owner of the GMC Red truck buy a 2 wheel drive truck!!!!! unless you live in a metropolitan city. If not, They are useless....

    Garland Remington IIIGarland Remington III7 dagar sedan
  • Liz:: So, what are you all pulling out? Matt:: That truck over there. LMAO!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ed BarrientosEd Barrientos7 dagar sedan
  • You guys make me really nervous when you allow humans and pets around moving winch lines, even if they're made of synthetic material. 😲

    Kimo ClydeKimo Clyde7 dagar sedan
  • What's up with the guy brandishing the big knife at 1:23

    Dont CareDont Care7 dagar sedan
  • Is the blond girl Matt's daughter?

    GoatRoper911GoatRoper9117 dagar sedan
  • "I want to make sure that I get home before breakfast". That is priceless Great job @matt'soffroadrecovery

    Jim DerrickJim Derrick7 dagar sedan
  • Ok lizzy beautiful lizzy ma babie

    nandoo boomnandoo boom7 dagar sedan
  • Pro tip: a short section of PVC slid over the gas shock will drop and hold the hatch when it's opened. To close, just move the PVC so that the tube can slide in it.

    Mighty HareMighty Hare7 dagar sedan
  • GO ARMY, at least to the dealership and get a 4x4. Silly rabbit 🤣

    Matt KristoffersonMatt Kristofferson7 dagar sedan
  • Dont bring a knife to a gunfight buddy. Weirdo

    Richard NowakowskiRichard Nowakowski7 dagar sedan
  • That was Rad

    Frank BarcenasFrank Barcenas7 dagar sedan
  • Man o man, these guys taking a 2WD down that terrain have a screw loose or something! Great recovery though and I love the first thing you do is give your dogs water, Brill.

    Phil GrahamPhil Graham7 dagar sedan
  • What are your views of the truck stunts in the movie Sorcerer? I think they're the reason I love your channel.

    TheRinger1976TheRinger19767 dagar sedan
  • "It's still lit with our smiles" Now that's a cool slogan ❤️

  • The snatch block should have been on the tree noch in front of the truck!

    Michael NitschkeMichael Nitschke8 dagar sedan
  • Really interesting. Wish I were out there with you. Greetz from Germany :)

    SIR EBHANSIR EBHAN8 dagar sedan
  • So I think I'm officially hooked on your channel now. I don't know how it happened really... I was just surfing around on YT one day a couple of weeks ago and stumbled on one of your rescue episodes and now I can't stop watching them! I think I'm gonna need therapy pretty soon if this keeps up but there's something really interesting about watching you guys figure out all these extractions in the most impossible locations! Best one so far is the 4x4 wagon train with Paul's dad's wrecker pulling the Jeep Wrangler up those hills and you all were tied together and made it out in record time. If I had bet money on that one being a total fail I would have lost the farm because I didn't think there was a snowball's chance in hell you were getting that one out. You either really know your stuff or you are all just plumb loco but it sure is fun watching you get 'er done!

    David McDavid Mc8 dagar sedan
  • Geometry was all wrong on that pull

    Wizard AceWizard Ace8 dagar sedan
  • Where do you guys get the flags for your Jeeps?

    Collin ZoellnerCollin Zoellner8 dagar sedan
  • Yeah I too just sharpen my huge knife when talking to strangers

    Collin ZoellnerCollin Zoellner8 dagar sedan
  • Haha, I do that same thing to my dash

    Jacob EJacob E8 dagar sedan
  • AHHH Why was the rather massively large kid sharpening a knife at the start?? The owner is a goof who should show some respect. Pretending to toss his keys like that is the action of a moron. I hope that tow cost them a lot.

    Home DADHome DAD8 dagar sedan
  • the one time matt should have stuck to plucking on a vehicle rather then using the winch lol

    XxDeltaProneXxXxDeltaProneXx8 dagar sedan
  • You sure have to know your angle of pull. I was so able to learn angles of pull. I like the Old Man ha ha granny90.

    Joan LittleJoan Little8 dagar sedan
  • Why on earth would you go off roading with a 2wd???!?😂😂😂😂

    MM8 dagar sedan
  • I spend so much time watching this channel, I may as well work there.

    Joel BondurantJoel Bondurant8 dagar sedan
  • Not impressed. Should of pulled it out from the front. U made this way to dangerous!

    Justin McnamaraJustin Mcnamara8 dagar sedan
  • I hate to say it Matt, but I think rigging the winch to the tree first then to the back of the truck, and back to the tree would have cut your recovery time at least in half. It would have pulled the back of the truck the proper direction on the first pull. But you did get it done, and that's what counts!

    recoveryteamrecoveryteam8 dagar sedan
    • I agree rigging it to the truck then the tree put most of the pull back when directly sideways would seem to be better. But Matt knows what he's doing I'm sure there was method to what he did.

      Ben MacBen Mac7 dagar sedan
  • 11:26 Those tires look bald AF.

    pacone1026pacone10268 dagar sedan
  • Don’t hold back the reveal. We have been waiting man. Wow Lizzy brightens your videos for sure.

    Douglas LoweDouglas Lowe8 dagar sedan
  • Guy sharpens knife outside the jeep Matt: you guys want a ride? 😆😆😆

    XRAYDIDXRAYDID8 dagar sedan
  • That's why matt is a professional that man knows what to do every time

    R&R8818R&R88188 dagar sedan
  • Start to finish, how long did that take?

    Greg DentonGreg Denton8 dagar sedan
  • Hay Matt. Thanks for the F/C dgree's Trans. very Helpful. I wonder how do have Snow up there in April. Great Channel. Thanks.

    Blinka BotBlinka Bot8 dagar sedan
  • What are the specs on Rudy’s Jeep?

    Brian LeeBrian Lee8 dagar sedan
  • poor trees

    hatterhatter8 dagar sedan
  • "Do you guys want to go with Rudy?" ... "@#$%$!#$ yes"

    Dean DufresneDean Dufresne8 dagar sedan
  • This pleases chef pee poo

    Chef Pee pooChef Pee poo8 dagar sedan
  • Dat dare is a professional recovery

    ibesailingibesailing8 dagar sedan
  • (5:45) Enter the pinnacle of wisdom, experience, leadership and guts in a man called Matt. Take note the necessary equipment and learn! Whenever you go off-road, bring the Yellow Banana 🤠

    Joe A BeaneJoe A Beane8 dagar sedan
  • Lizzy (0:40) For the love of God Put your seatbelt on. All of y'as.

    Joe A BeaneJoe A Beane8 dagar sedan
  • Has there ever been a vehicle that you couldn't recover?

    80sCats&GunsAddict80sCats&GunsAddict8 dagar sedan
  • سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

    سبحان اللهسبحان الله8 dagar sedan
  • It’s a useless 2wd and the tires need replaced. I’m amazed it made it that far.

    BrianBrian8 dagar sedan
  • Charge the Hell outta dumb and dummer just for having no damn sense!

    jday1965jday19658 dagar sedan
  • Did someome remember the dogs water bowl?

    Joseph DeckerJoseph Decker8 dagar sedan
  • Hey Matt, I have seen in a few videos where you have issues with the AW4 hunting for gears, mostly in the dunes. Check out the RA Designs shift controller, it’s an awesome little unit and I run one in my Cherokee. Changed wheeling and towing for me entirely. It gives full control of gear selection and lockup.

    Jett RhoadsJett Rhoads8 dagar sedan
  • Why do people buy 2wd trucks? Because they are more expensive and most people never use or need 4wd.

    IAm TheBatmanXIIIIAm TheBatmanXIII9 dagar sedan
  • Hell Of A Job! Nothing Broke Or Upside Down - No Blood - Every one Is Still Smiling - That Is 1 Hell Of A Good Day : - )

    John MonteroJohn Montero9 dagar sedan
  • You have the best crew😁💛. Lizzy is just the very best does what she is ask to do . Stay safe. God Bless you all🎅🏼🏍🇺🇸

    Leon BeckLeon Beck9 dagar sedan
  • Hey guys just watched the video on the Jeep but I see it’s much different now. I know you hated it but could you do an update?

    Luke LamingLuke Laming9 dagar sedan
  • Peoples lack of knowledge and driving skills proves a real money maker for Matt 🤣

    stewiestewie9 dagar sedan