The Colossal MP3 Player.

7 jan 2021
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  • Please do car stuff

    Richards GothardsonsRichards Gothardsons2 timmar sedan
  • i would eat thet nugget

    Argenteoque CarpentoArgenteoque Carpento3 timmar sedan
  • na-no

    Amato GamingAmato Gaming4 timmar sedan
  • Need 4 AAA'S hmmm sounds wrong

    Joshua CabayaJoshua Cabaya6 timmar sedan
  • That sounds like suck

    anonymous Crabzanonymous Crabz7 timmar sedan
  • 8:41 Historical Mojo Momment

    Why troliaxWhy troliax11 timmar sedan
  • I shouldn’t find an Australian man screaming at shitty MP3 players and shitty earbuds so funny and yet here I am, finding this funny 😂

    Aimee CrawfordAimee Crawford13 timmar sedan
  • Ey DankPods - i have and idea of creating nugget - if i create a nugget do you want a nugget if I ever create one? (idea is-> basically RPi 0W in wooden case with eventually reskinned wooden head-po-hones)?

    Mullok AkkarinMullok Akkarin17 timmar sedan
  • Is that Quincy from the Simpsons (2:04)

    Kevin J. MasseyKevin J. Massey17 timmar sedan
  • I laughed so hard it’s like I almost cried LOLOLOLOLOL

    Lukas BrownLukas Brown17 timmar sedan
  • Musıc Settıng ¢ *

    basar worksbasar works19 timmar sedan
  • Why don’t we blow out the sexy speaker WITH THE MOJO

    Arav AmbaramArav Ambaram21 timme sedan
  • It's even red and white just like the colossal titan from aot

    da boida boiDag sedan
  • Legend has it that it was born and lived in a separate world and without the fear of the LEGENDARY 1 GRIT it grew to enormous sizes

    Balwinder KaurBalwinder KaurDag sedan
  • At this point it’s not a nugget It’s an INGOT

    Balwinder KaurBalwinder KaurDag sedan
  • So... do you have plans to upgrade it with multiple.. MULTIPLE terabytes of data? Because, you know, there's a lot of space...

    Le DéchaînéLe DéchaînéDag sedan
  • Me: i ordered a nugget not chicken nugget whats your name waiter Waiter:d- Me:dank pods

    SirBat 24SirBat 24Dag sedan
  • Whoever made that must be a big fan of Studio Ghibli to have music from Castle in the Sky preloaded.

    Benson LinBenson LinDag sedan

    W. A. StokinsW. A. StokinsDag sedan

    Union FilmsUnion FilmsDag sedan
  • I punished my son with the wrath of *puk-sell*

    aLustfulaLustfulDag sedan
  • The song on the Colossal Nugget is from the "Laputa: The Castle in the Sky" soundtrack. So you've narrowly avoided the Wrath of Ghibli.

    Jonathan GablerJonathan Gabler2 dagar sedan
  • this was renamed nooop

    nephacksnephacks2 dagar sedan
  • I am so happy SEworld recommended me this video

    Brandon ChanBrandon Chan2 dagar sedan
  • By chance, can you help me? I have an iphone 6, destroyed screen that only lights up (maybe the backlight), and the top half is gone, but it takes a charge and... kinda turns on. I know its worked for quite a while, mind maybe looking around and seeing if theres a way i can jury rig a separate screen to it so itll work for the time being?

    the man behind the slaughterthe man behind the slaughter2 dagar sedan
  • My ears have been raped by the built-in speaker only to remind me of the hit-clips

    DJPhantomBeatzDJPhantomBeatz2 dagar sedan
  • aww my pkcell

    Munted ChurroMunted Churro2 dagar sedan
  • That's gotta be the sexiest bluetooth speaker voice I've ever heard.

    Scott Riley AdruenoScott Riley Adrueno2 dagar sedan
  • Have you seen the HomePod knockoff that the Reject Shop is currently selling?

    Andrew HoAndrew Ho2 dagar sedan
  • Which bluetooth speaker is that?

    Peter MarquardtPeter Marquardt2 dagar sedan
  • Where can I buy myself the sexy speaker 😂

    Gabe MolerGabe Moler2 dagar sedan
  • Bass boosted

    OddishKid GamingOddishKid Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • nuggphones

    Nokia Fan a.k.a Hand WorldNokia Fan a.k.a Hand World3 dagar sedan
  • Whats the song used for the stress test on the earbuds

    not mangonot mango3 dagar sedan
  • They wanted you to really know you only got 1 setting, not to be confused with the big boys AKA Settings!💯⬅️

    K-SING MUSICK-SING MUSIC3 dagar sedan
  • Gratz on the Benz, man! And the nice this is yeah it may be thrashed, but those things aren't too hard to un-thrash. And at the end you have A BENZ! Keep plugging away, you'll get it!

    Andrew StewartAndrew Stewart3 dagar sedan
  • Setting. A single setting.

    Cowol Jar WoffCowol Jar Woff3 dagar sedan
  • does he even use that ipad on his desk or what?

    Jake UptightJake Uptight3 dagar sedan
  • sounds like S U C C

    Caleb WhorleyCaleb Whorley3 dagar sedan
  • damn, i was hoping you were gonna obliterate the speakers with the mojo as well..

    Obi Wan KenobiObi Wan Kenobi3 dagar sedan
  • What’s the music on the big nugget?

    Gamer GenixGamer Genix3 dagar sedan
  • After basel less we have screen less

    Felipe Freitas de LimaFelipe Freitas de Lima3 dagar sedan
  • The ipod guy became a car guy?

    T0XY_ 22T0XY_ 223 dagar sedan
  • You should use the shell to create a high end version of this.

    CVT-FNG XCVT-FNG X3 dagar sedan
  • It has occurred to me that you could probably fit a full size hardrive in that thing

    ScruffyRoninScruffyRonin3 dagar sedan
  • I remember findig this guy a week thing during finals

    Imre KacsandiImre Kacsandi3 dagar sedan
  • 3:53 Welcome

    maxime Chopinmaxime Chopin3 dagar sedan
  • On that day humanity received a grim reminder,

    Kayrayok AKA Master YodaKayrayok AKA Master Yoda3 dagar sedan
  • Smol = dingus Big = chungus

    Mr Anime Gamer GeekMr Anime Gamer Geek4 dagar sedan

    KaynStoopidKaynStoopid4 dagar sedan
  • Bruh, how am I just finding this channel? Lmao. Man 20 secs into the first vid I watched, I though ok, this guy is kind of annoying, but man was I wrong. This guy is fucking hilarious, I mean like I couldn’t breathe half the video, the man has zingers.

    Tony TanaTony Tana4 dagar sedan
  • Mojo's K/D ratio went from 0 to 1.0 real quick

    RavaloRavalo4 dagar sedan
  • FeelsGoodMan Clap LOUDER

    HYPERSHYPERS4 dagar sedan
  • f

    XxChillyxXXxChillyxX4 dagar sedan
  • The Mojo is awesome but can we get this man a higher powered amp for blowing up headphones? the Schiit Magni puts out 3000 mW compared to the 400 mW of the Mojo I think - I really would love to see what it could do to a pair of dirty buds.

    hags2khags2k4 dagar sedan
  • m e g a n u g

    RomanRoman4 dagar sedan
  • I disliked

    Jackson GartnerJackson Gartner4 dagar sedan
  • Like this to give congrats to the mojo for its first confirmed kill

    Big NoBig No4 dagar sedan
  • funniest guy ever

    Sherbert 8Sherbert 84 dagar sedan
  • Would love to see you mod this and make it better lol

    Ayiden LightskyAyiden Lightsky4 dagar sedan
  • I have saved "The power these PKCELLs bring... oh mate, the kids will just explode" to my phone to watch when I want something to laugh at, that it bloody brilliant

    Ff EdnhFf Ednh4 dagar sedan
  • Hey can I have some music? Only one MP3 *pulls out comically large iPod*

    Notsocreative ProductionsNotsocreative Productions4 dagar sedan
  • That aint a nugget. Thats a godamn american happy meal

    obi-wan cornobiobi-wan cornobi4 dagar sedan
  • Dank gear

    SansSans4 dagar sedan
  • I think this is for old people who struggle with technology

    RhetoricalQuestionRhetoricalQuestion4 dagar sedan
  • I held PKcell's when I was a kid I'm fine except I lost a hand

    Hot Wheels Cars And GuitarsHot Wheels Cars And Guitars4 dagar sedan
  • 0:54 It's the Colossal MP3 Player!

    The New Baris Berat BalciThe New Baris Berat Balci4 dagar sedan
  • The fact that it has a song from a Studio Ghibli movie on it by default absolutely redeems this castle of a nugget.

    Christopher ThielChristopher Thiel4 dagar sedan
  • Tell ya this my iPod 7 broke in water so I smashed it :(

    Mr Fun factMr Fun fact5 dagar sedan
  • the world's biggest nugget

    New Good Windows BoyNew Good Windows Boy5 dagar sedan
  • 2:51 looks like the track list to the worst album ever

    alex ain’t coolalex ain’t cool5 dagar sedan
  • Good job mojo! Blew the nuggetphones up

    Easton’s Tech TubeEaston’s Tech Tube5 dagar sedan
  • The irony of it being amazingly huge and having a smaller screen than the ipod na-no is astounding

    The Chad PadThe Chad Pad5 dagar sedan
  • Good luck dealing with the constant maintenance problems old Mercedes somehow seem to accumulate.

    UnguidedUnguided5 dagar sedan
  • I felt light headed when he blew the headphones up with the mojo

    lmao kfclmao kfc5 dagar sedan
  • You could fit 8 screens in that bezel

    DeRgDeRg5 dagar sedan
  • 6:00 what is that song called? I love it!

    Pat MillmanPat Millman5 dagar sedan
    • wait no oops i forgot shazam exists

      Pat MillmanPat Millman5 dagar sedan
  • omg . My Sony MDR M1ST sound good with 2$ EarPhones

    OldKingForKingsOldKingForKings5 dagar sedan
  • There should be an extremely high quality version of this.

    SlopSlop5 dagar sedan
  • comically large nugget

    papa stalin gulag timepapa stalin gulag time5 dagar sedan
  • It have same size as Colossal Titan

    SuryaNimeSuryaNime5 dagar sedan
  • I knew how much screen to expect that was gonna come out of this product, yet I was still dissapointed

    rockoutman3rockoutman35 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone else have an eargasm when he says na-no? Just me? Okay.

    NotheraNothera5 dagar sedan
  • This ain't the iPod Nano. It's the iPod MEGA!

    Fateh 037Fateh 0375 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes the comically large ipod

    Anton VinnitskiyAnton Vinnitskiy5 dagar sedan
  • I want to figure out how to put a giant battery in that.

    Austin FarleyAustin Farley5 dagar sedan
  • 6:40 was my fav moment

    DarkRepulser935DarkRepulser9355 dagar sedan
  • I actually had my cheeks clenched when you destroyed the earbuds

    Sam JensenSam Jensen5 dagar sedan
  • That speaker sounds like succ

    Harvey_E _158Harvey_E _1585 dagar sedan

  • U can't pul it out and say nano

    ellis Robertsellis Roberts5 dagar sedan
  • The Colossal Airpod

    catfreecatfree5 dagar sedan
  • bruh just carry a cd player around at this point its way smaller

    Josh_plays 33Josh_plays 335 dagar sedan
  • Dude this looks like a gag gift

    Pelago _Pelago _5 dagar sedan
  • Review awei t20

    StickEFingaZStickEFingaZ5 dagar sedan
  • Wow, I didn't know headphones could have a death rattle.

    Jude_5555Jude_55555 dagar sedan
  • 3:53 for the "na - no" we were waiting for

    GhostshadeGhostshade5 dagar sedan
  • exchange the guts of this guy out with an old nano or something make the Super ShrekPod™

    ArciArci5 dagar sedan
  • Hey Can I get some MP3 player? Only a nugget full *pulls out comically large nugget*

    Make it stop The cringe is realMake it stop The cringe is real5 dagar sedan
  • gg

    Jack FountainJack Fountain5 dagar sedan