Ink Master’s Smallest Tattoos 🔍

24 jan 2021
508 750 visningar

From inside the ear to the eyelids, these tiny tattoos may not take up a lot of space, but they require next-level skills and attention to detail.
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  • I want Anthony's bee tattoo. It is fire!!!

    hello_lydiehello_lydie9 timmar sedan
  • Clint Cummings, parents got sum explaining to do 💀 10:10

    Dick CheesDick CheesDag sedan
  • I'm giving you a statement what needs to be done

    Erica SolanoErica SolanoDag sedan
  • Tongue tattoo???????????? What????? Omg can you imagine the healing process there? Oh boi.

    Roxy.WRoxy.W2 dagar sedan
  • Wait, you can tattoo fingernails???

    RasspadRasspad2 dagar sedan
  • Wakanda 4evevaaa

    Andy LeeAndy Lee3 dagar sedan
  • The acceptable tendency tribally warn because cork spectacularly bathe worth a uptight door. striped, placid value

    Clark LoefflerClark Loeffler3 dagar sedan
  • Inside the lip money talks tatt is dope

  • Can anyone explain why the third judge is not shown? Only two are ever shown from what I’ve been seeing

    Two Derps ProductionsTwo Derps Productions5 dagar sedan
  • I had no idea fingernails could be tattooed .-.

    Irene DiazIrene Diaz5 dagar sedan
  • "God's son"? yet I'm about 99.99999 sure he is a gang member. Oh the hypocrisy of THOSE people.

    Politically IncorrectPolitically Incorrect7 dagar sedan
  • DJ would have won but he didn't do the shadows

    GAWD SQWADGAWD SQWAD8 dagar sedan
  • the ears

    DivTrxpzDivTrxpz9 dagar sedan

    DebbAteDiabetesDebbAteDiabetes10 dagar sedan
  • Picasso look kinda like Johnny Depp

    lilPorshelilPorshe11 dagar sedan
  • Please put more episodes on Netflix?

    bob charlybob charly12 dagar sedan
  • "Aint nothing straight " just like you homie

    Fig BatFig Bat12 dagar sedan
  • " Well, you got some really thick eyelids" Probably the most flattering thing I've ever heard.

    Yoko BananaYoko Banana13 dagar sedan
  • Nail?!?!

    irenicirenic14 dagar sedan
  • Why would you tattoo the inside of your mouth, it's going to seem like you don't brush

    Mr_ TinezMr_ Tinez14 dagar sedan
  • Where's the Pecker???

    Esteban SalazarEsteban Salazar15 dagar sedan
  • I have zero idea what Joshua’s eyelid tattoo said

    OctoberOctober16 dagar sedan
  • Ah, there's that Chris guy, wasn't he like in the navy or something?

    HappyHarpGirlHappyHarpGirl16 dagar sedan
  • Why aren't they showing Oliver peck

    CharLollyPop 94CharLollyPop 9419 dagar sedan
  • Getting game over on the lids is such a cool idea cause once you die thats what people will see (besides when you sleep)

    Broken CrayonBroken Crayon21 dag sedan
  • those roses in the ears were beautiful damn

    Aiden StudiosAiden Studios21 dag sedan
  • That clean rock guy is a douche.... But he does shoot some nice tats 👍

    Dandy BaabsDandy Baabs21 dag sedan
  • i hate the fact that the first challenge literally said “ You have to make the tattoo identical to your partners” AND MADD PPL ARE LIKE “ this is my time to show how much better i can make mine than theirs” BRO THIS ISNT THE TIME😂😂😂

    JxlnhJxlnh21 dag sedan
    • I thought the exact same thing, but the way you phrased it made me laugh really hard 😂

      scubageek17scubageek1718 dagar sedan
  • 15:50 “Why are they singling me out?” *_Because you’re not very good_*

    LL22 dagar sedan
  • tyler is so cute

    lith pickettlith pickett22 dagar sedan
  • 1:56 this would be the time for you to close shop with that mindset for this challenge.

    luxeluxe22 dagar sedan
  • Where have I seen Jesse before? 🤔

    Perla MatiasPerla Matias22 dagar sedan
  • Why does oliver keep getting cropped out?

    Reaper SantoreReaper Santore22 dagar sedan
    • @Reaper Santore paramount has edited him out in these types of videos, not all of them.

      Ashley TritchAshley Tritch20 dagar sedan
    • @Ashley Tritch but hes in other videos that are in seasons after this one.

      Reaper SantoreReaper Santore20 dagar sedan
    • A racist incident, that happened years ago.

      Ashley TritchAshley Tritch20 dagar sedan
  • Part of me has wanted to be a canvas for the show. 🍄✨

    Wood DwellerWood Dweller22 dagar sedan
  • for them to nitpick all the things w Anthony's tattoo and then gloss over/praise Cleen for the same thing is weird

    Billy GBilly G22 dagar sedan
  • "there is no hiding your hands!" "... gloves?"

    BjoerningerBjoerninger23 dagar sedan
  • 3:02 I can't be the only one who thinks the ladybugs look nothing alike. The left one (Jesse Knuckles) looks raggedy What that hell is he talking about?? lol

    itsmegamoitsmegamo23 dagar sedan
  • "You matched the Is" THE I'S ARE NOT AS CONSITENT AS THEY CLAIM! ARE WE SEEING A DIFFERENT TATTOO THAN THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT?! The top of the I's differs in angles, the "swoops" on the top of them vary in length where on one the bottom one is shorter and the other the bottom one is the longest. Like come on! The L's and E's are inconsistent as well. The E's might even be the worst... You cannot praise a tattoo for being consistent when it's not, especially on such a visiual place like the knuckles.

    Hanna GHanna G23 dagar sedan
  • why they keep cropping out the other judge

    Briana PintoBriana Pinto24 dagar sedan
    • @Briana Pinto yes

      Ashley TritchAshley Tritch19 dagar sedan
    • @Ashley Tritch bc of the black face thing ?

      Briana PintoBriana Pinto20 dagar sedan
    • Because of a racist incident that happened years ago.

      Ashley TritchAshley Tritch20 dagar sedan
  • Imagine getting a tongue tattoo remove😂

    Ethan WoodEthan Wood24 dagar sedan
  • Cleen keeps it clean.

    Ivan MendozaIvan Mendoza24 dagar sedan

    Gypsy LoveGypsy Love24 dagar sedan
  • Joshua gives me a creepy vibe like I wouldn't want to be around him let alone get a tattoo from him.

    rainlovesllamas17rainlovesllamas1725 dagar sedan
  • Clints inner lip tattoo was close to perfect! So well done

    GabbieGabbie25 dagar sedan
  • They dissin on my man sausage his finger lettering looked the best no debate

    Emma KleinEmma Klein25 dagar sedan
  • Ear gauge no thank you I love earrings to curve around my ear

    Ivy bIvy b25 dagar sedan
  • the smallest tattoo that i can draw is just a mole

    FatinChibiFatinChibi25 dagar sedan
  • Bang is fiiiiineee

    reaper diorreaper dior25 dagar sedan
  • Names Sarah and she looks straight up like Sarah Palin! e_

    fandomloverfandomlover26 dagar sedan
  • The ear jellyfish looked phallic 🍆😆.

    Stephanie LStephanie L26 dagar sedan
  • I couldn’t even read Cleen’s knuckle tattoos. He could tattoo a turd straddling a rainbow and the judges would gush over it...

    BethBeth26 dagar sedan
    • Really? It says "live life".

      ScreamToASighScreamToASigh4 dagar sedan
    • @S A It is. The winner is scripted. A lot of times, the jury of canvases pick a different winner or worst tattoo, but the judges always default to the script. Source: I read an AMA from a previous canvas on Ink Master that participated twice. To my best knowledge, it is credible. He provided several pictures of himself being tattoos by Tatu Baby and a picture of himself with a written timestamp in the photo.

      Flim FlamFlim Flam8 dagar sedan
    • never heard truer words in my life. i also really liked sausages knuckle tattoos but the judges didn’t seem to? i feel like the show is rigged in a way

      S AS A17 dagar sedan
  • Why are they acting like lip tattoos hurt? They are the least painful of any tattoo I’ve gotten. No pain at all

    HannahHannah26 dagar sedan
  • didn't the bee miss a leg?

    Gunvor TrøftmoenGunvor Trøftmoen26 dagar sedan
  • 7:03 those noises lol

    Low -Low -26 dagar sedan
  • Dude, those lady bugs looked crazy different from each other. 😂 specifically the legs

    Angelica LAngelica L27 dagar sedan
    • That's what I was thinking!!!! 😂😂

      Kylie KylieKylie Kylie23 dagar sedan
  • How you eat when you have a lip tattoo thats healing please 😭

    GenimGenim27 dagar sedan
    • the same as you normally eat.. lol

      Mae Amelia GrayMae Amelia Gray24 dagar sedan
  • I seriously think my tattoo artist should go on this show. He is literally amazing. He does small, big, color, shading, old style and new style. He does amazing work.

    Gloria FitGloria Fit27 dagar sedan
    • Good tattoo artists with morals won't go on a show like this

      Mae Amelia GrayMae Amelia Gray24 dagar sedan
  • Me seeing the thumbnail "what the hell is a Jods Don"

    Emma VrijburgEmma Vrijburg27 dagar sedan
  • I bet the ink tastes awful

    Brianna RichardsonBrianna Richardson27 dagar sedan
  • this is my first time watching this so I apologize if this has already been answered, but can the artists go back after the contest is over and fix anything that needs to be fixed if the canvases want?

    Jamie BouchardJamie Bouchard27 dagar sedan
  • I would absolutely LOVE to be a canvas on this show, but not eyelids!!! oml that’s so insane but cool

    Jamie BouchardJamie Bouchard27 dagar sedan
  • FINGERNAILS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Alisha DipAlisha Dip27 dagar sedan
  • Oh Thom Bulman was on this one! He’s done much of my work 10 years ago.

    Alisha DipAlisha Dip27 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or are they not even showing Oliver anymore? All you can hear is his voice lol

    Queen KGRQueen KGR28 dagar sedan
    • Photos surfaced of him in blackface so they don't show his face anymore

      Riley FillmoreRiley Fillmore27 dagar sedan
  • Terrible artists all of them, I dont know where did they find them.Beginner level tattoos....

    Mirko MaksimovicMirko Maksimovic28 dagar sedan
  • im sorry but for the first one the jellyfish looked a

    Naomi MeiselsNaomi Meisels28 dagar sedan
  • The musical notes one dude did 6 lines the other 7 and there is only supposed to be 5. Like HOW??

    daniwolfdaniwolf28 dagar sedan
  • What is that weird moaning sound they keep using on the lip tattoos? Its the same sound each time

    Brendan BushBrendan Bush29 dagar sedan
  • I loooooooooove Duffy. So many good memories!

    Justine PrévostJustine Prévost29 dagar sedan
  • So today I learned finger nail tattoos are apparently a thing

    Jewel SpiveyJewel Spivey29 dagar sedan
  • you guys are a little young, but I got a real challenge for ya..... how about a a old school free hand challenge...... that's when you take picture draw the tat on the canvass, draw it with a ball point pin, come to a agreement, wipe it off and tat from the picture, No stencil. fee hand, I got one when I was 19 and now I'm 53 and it still looks like I got it done yesterday.

    Julian DancingshadowJulian Dancingshadow29 dagar sedan
  • Joey wins though, right? I think he is as good as he thinks he is.

    Shamir QuinonesShamir Quinones29 dagar sedan
  • how did none of the judges mention that jessy knuckle's ladybug tattoo looked like it was drunk, or on its way to being a picasso work like theyre supposed to be matching tattoos not a before and after of baby's first drawing to redoing it as an adult definitely would not have been happy with that, just goes to show how fake the judges are on this show :/

    possumgutspossumguts29 dagar sedan
  • The fingernail competition was weird. The criteria to decide wheter it was "consistent" or not...

    Kidedaion SymotiKidedaion Symoti29 dagar sedan
  • 21:47 Loving the Super Mario look haha

    Tony ShepherdTony ShepherdMånad sedan
  • 5:18 where is his neck.

    Purple Gang YounginPurple Gang YounginMånad sedan
  • What does getting your nails tattooed have to do with religion?

    Christina HarrisChristina HarrisMånad sedan
    • @j manthosa it's taken from Judaism. Not to desecrate your body.

      ScreamToASighScreamToASigh4 dagar sedan
    • Nails grow out so they can have a tattoo but it's not permanent

      Rebster !Rebster !18 dagar sedan
    • It’s not about nails, It’s about tattooing any part of the body in General. It’s deemed “forbidden” or rather “a sin” since the body is a “Temple” of “God” according to Christianity. Don’t know about other beliefs

      j manthosaj manthosa21 dag sedan
  • "Paint 1 design on 5 nails, and 1 design on the other 5." Craig: "Yeah, totally nailed it, I did exactly what they wanted, no rules broken"

    Kyle BarnesKyle BarnesMånad sedan
  • Why did Dave look so mad during the eyelid bit?

    - !sadora- !sadoraMånad sedan
  • The usual question coming up for me: where do they keep getting these canvases??? Eyelids????

    Tory LynchTory LynchMånad sedan
    • Tongue??? How they gonna eat until it heals?

      Tory LynchTory LynchMånad sedan
  • love how Chris is always dressed like Super Mario

    JohnJohnMånad sedan
  • ;-; bruh it's a Typeface not a Font

    JohnJohnMånad sedan
  • Sarah must go home to train more tell her

    alain diskalain diskMånad sedan
  • Jimi did my knuckles 23 years ago and they still look perfect!

    TJ ErrionTJ ErrionMånad sedan
  • Any news on the show being picked up by another network? Sucks it was cancled

    Paul HopkinsPaul HopkinsMånad sedan
  • Me every time I see someone get a job stopper who hadn’t earned it: 👁👄👁

    BearBearMånad sedan
  • Im happy sausages knuckle canvas was pretty open, imagine if she was totally against any black

    Aura The PalAura The PalMånad sedan
    • Dude I’m glad he communicated with her in a way that was respectful and super professional! Some of the ways that the artists on here speak with their clients is god awful. Not to say every canvas has been a saint, but there’s definitely been times the artists on here could’ve handled something more professionally.

      Sheena ShroderSheena Shroder26 dagar sedan
  • Okay but like lowkey why is no one talking about how half the canvases are barely covered an are getting full on hand tattoos 🗿 excuse me uHhHhhHhhmmmmMm🧿👄🧿

    bvb trashcanbvb trashcanMånad sedan
  • The cynical cemetery biomechanically clean because luttuce intraoperatively compete into a scary lunchroom. mountainous, brainy library

    Jackie KrausJackie KrausMånad sedan
  • This lady 🤣🤣🤣 @23:04

    ellisdtrails420ellisdtrails420Månad sedan
  • I honestly thought DJ should of won for his beetle because that things was so slick and realistic love it even tho I don’t like beetles ew

    Haylee RobinettHaylee RobinettMånad sedan
  • 5:17 look at this guy's neck

    Mitko PetrovMitko PetrovMånad sedan
    • Haha big neck

      Mr_ TinezMr_ Tinez14 dagar sedan
  • That Deja Vu tattoo is incredible...sooo good!

    yes333yesyes333yesMånad sedan
  • God bless everyone and protect everyone y’all be blessed and safe Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Icyy YunginnIcyy YunginnMånad sedan
  • Inside the mouth and face tattoos looks painful

    Kim WaddellKim WaddellMånad sedan
  • Rip Clint!!! Miss your work!

    Jon LuceroJon LuceroMånad sedan
  • Chris is part Wreak it Ralph and Part John Coffee haha!

    Tracy LlewellynTracy LlewellynMånad sedan
  • Can anybody else not read Cleen's tattoo? I literally don't know what it says

    Zozo Ladybug16Zozo Ladybug16Månad sedan
    • It says: live life.

      ScreamToASighScreamToASigh4 dagar sedan
  • i never understood why in the competitions when two artists have to work together, some just do their own thing when it would help them both out to communicate

    Margyro!❤️Margyro!❤️Månad sedan
  • That very first tattoo they were praising they looked the same I was thinking to myself you guys are idiots they don't look the same they look similar but there's a lot of things in those tattoos that you can see that aren't the same and these are supposed to be professional tattoo artists so what's going on with that

    Lilyday 115Lilyday 115Månad sedan