The American Civil War - OverSimplified (Part 1)

31 jan 2020
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  • Love the Goodfellas reference (the Lincoln is funny part)

    Kushagra BhatnagarKushagra BhatnagarTimme sedan
  • actually Africa sold their own people to America

    Tristan ShewTristan ShewTimme sedan
  • catch me watching this the day before staar

    Pragya RaoPragya Rao2 timmar sedan
  • I don’t know how you can name something “oversimplified ” when it has multiple parts

    Tudor PavelescuTudor Pavelescu3 timmar sedan
  • Uuuuh

    Jackson CoalJackson Coal5 timmar sedan
  • Away down South in the land of traitors, Rattlesnakes and alligators, Right away! Come away! Right away! Right away, come away! Where cotton's king and men are chattles, Union boys will win the battles, right away! Come away! Right away! Right away, come away! We'll all go down to Dixie, away! Away! Each Dixie boy must understand that he must mind his Uncle Sam Away! Away! We'll all go down to Dixie! Away! Away! We'll all go down to Dixie! (Back to singing) I wish I was in Baltimore, I'd make secession traitors roar right away! Come away! Right away! Come away! Right away, come away! We'll put the traitors all to route, I'll bet my boots we'll whip 'em out, Right away! Come away! Right away, come away! We'll all go down to Dixie, away! Away! Each Dixie boy must understand that he must mind his Uncle Sam Away! Away! We'll all go down to Dixie! Away! Away!We'll all go down to Dixie! (Continue singing) O may our Stars and Stripes still wave forever roar the Free and brave! Right away! Come away! Right away, come away! And let our motto forever be for Union and for Liberty, right away! Come away! Right away, come away! We'll all go down to Dixie, away! Away! Each Dixie boy must understand that he must mind his Uncle Sam Away, away, ! We'll all go down to Dixie! Away, away, we'll all go down... TO DIXIE!

    Inquisitor DannasInquisitor Dannas6 timmar sedan

    Sindre HanssenSindre Hanssen6 timmar sedan
  • Leude abonniert Riconect

    lonko dinkerlonko dinker10 timmar sedan
  • Gramma got dem good grammar

    Smol MeguminSmol Megumin14 timmar sedan
  • 17:00-18:00 *Skip nord vpn*

    The MэoиgThe Mэoиg14 timmar sedan
  • Anyone realize how he says southern DEMOCRATS and that Abraham Lincoln became a significant figure in the newly formed Republican Party? Yeah, checkmate Democrats

    itstim 210itstim 21015 timmar sedan
    • The democratic party has changed

      Dave dude has a dislike for people named BenjaminDave dude has a dislike for people named Benjamin6 timmar sedan
  • 6:11 is the "NIGGA LAMP" meme and that's really funny.

    Christian DiPaolaChristian DiPaola16 timmar sedan
  • Crazy. Conservatives are still bad people

    Avi GindrattAvi Gindratt17 timmar sedan
  • 10:40 its Cornell Sanders

    Alex De JesusAlex De Jesus19 timmar sedan
  • Rewatching this makes me wish u'd do a Hatfields vs. McCoys feud based video! That would be so interesting to watch. Anyone else w/me?

    Ziva DiNozzoZiva DiNozzo19 timmar sedan
  • POV. You pausing the video to read the poem.

  • 1:37 well I got a bright full moon for you all right here!! Lincoln: now that's what I call a re butt al. LOL

    Tien NguyenTien Nguyen20 timmar sedan
  • Democratic south and Republican north, President Lincoln was a Republican

    ddrgkdddrgkd20 timmar sedan
  • Why are confederates tryna lose 2 times? Lol

    Miike HazeMiike Haze21 timme sedan
  • I didnt lose I merely failed to win

    DL MCDL MC21 timme sedan
  • 0:17: Hahahahah that’s really funny

    Portable hole from the futurePortable hole from the future22 timmar sedan
  • I believe the south was democrat and north republican i.E Lincoln was republican am I correct? If so why is the south red and the north blue?

    Mr TMr T22 timmar sedan
    • Because red means conservative and blue means liberal

      Dave dude has a dislike for people named BenjaminDave dude has a dislike for people named Benjamin6 timmar sedan
  • McLean's wife was actually named Virginia but using Martha sounds better. Because I'm Batman

    awungsauceawungsauce22 timmar sedan
  • Did Stanton fart tho?

    Beanut ButterBeanut Butter23 timmar sedan
  • Can you do the Chinese revolution next

    Gamers TurboGamers TurboDag sedan
  • How come I only understood Abe's joke after watching this 3 times-

    Myeshia RodriguezMyeshia RodriguezDag sedan
  • If You do a little more research The African tribes sold their own people to usa thay pad for them

    Benjamin StarcherBenjamin StarcherDag sedan
    • @Dave dude has a dislike for people named Benjamin : Abducted actually. Stolen feeds into the narrative that they were property.

      LR VogtLR Vogt3 timmar sedan
    • No they were stolen

      Dave dude has a dislike for people named BenjaminDave dude has a dislike for people named Benjamin6 timmar sedan
    • Is that your role model now? Slavery in the old world was just forcing someone to do labor. They didn't dehumanize them or prevent them from learning to read etc. It wasn't chattel slavery based on denying the slaves humanity. In any case, SO WHAT? Immorality remains repugnant regardless of how often it was committed in the past. It's worse if you don't learn to do better.

      LR VogtLR VogtDag sedan
  • The nickname "Unconditional Surrender" Grant was an actual nickname referred by union soldiers. Edit: Grant was normally called nicknames by Soldiers like "Uncle Sam" or "Unconditional Surrender" Because of his first 2 initials (First and Middle) *Ulysses S.* Grant. Ulysses S. = U.S

    Caleb CorpuzCaleb CorpuzDag sedan
  • Is this the correct chronological order of all Oversimplified’s videos? 3 Kingdoms Battle of Hastings War of the Bucket Hebert the VIII American Revolution French Revolution Civil War Hitler Russian Revolution WW1 Prohibition Emu War WW2 Football War Falkland War Cold War Era

    Chase HarderChase HarderDag sedan
  • @11:17. That Simpsons reference lol.

    Chris MorganChris MorganDag sedan
  • 17:06 "Hey, we should hang out sometime" Im still waiting... a year later. Call me.

    Cheeriosaregood8Cheeriosaregood8Dag sedan
  • I love that “NOTHING!”

    Kiki WinterKiki WinterDag sedan
  • This was the first Oversimplified video I showed my mom. She couldn't stop laughing at Lincoln's birth scene.

    A GuyA GuyDag sedan
  • I think gods give lincoln son death is to make him go an attack, and testing he's determination of human right

  • I’m related to one of the generals

    Wezz StuffWezz StuffDag sedan
    • Mclelan ?

      M.rafif RidhoniM.rafif RidhoniDag sedan
    • Which one

      CinderCinderDag sedan
  • The Civil War history industry has conveniently forgotten about the battle of Schrute Farms. Whatever. I’m over it. It’s just grossly irresponsible.

    Dwight K. SchruteDwight K. SchruteDag sedan
  • The south has to be just lucky it's not 2020 he had weapon from the 90s or we would have not from no one from the south

    Mele Luni TupeMele Luni TupeDag sedan
  • They weren’t stolen they were sold by other black Africans, If anyone stole anyone other black tribes stole other black tribes and sold them to white Europeans

    Mike RoseMike RoseDag sedan
    • So what? How does that justify anything? In any case; How you get your slaves doesn't make it less immoral.

      LR VogtLR VogtDag sedan
    • What were Europeans doing in Africa ?

      johnathan clarkjohnathan clarkDag sedan
  • I just noticed this the freaking picture behind the judge is freaking Batman!!!!!

    Peeup gamingPeeup gamingDag sedan
  • 19:45 nice gravity falls reference

    EndercassEndercassDag sedan
  • Do the history of Scotland and see if you can keep it under 10 mins!

    Drew McShoeDrew McShoeDag sedan
  • (26:03) good point

    Lio PrimeLio PrimeDag sedan
  • god I love these videos

    CoopTube123CoopTube1232 dagar sedan

    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieBoeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie2 dagar sedan
  • The wild west Texas is a slave

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  • google -------- faithfreedom chalenge google ------ faithfreedom ali sina articles google ------- internet archive ali sina debates

    fair weatherfair weather2 dagar sedan
  • I mean...... at least the republicans had the bigger guns at 7:45😂

    Canyon GillaspieCanyon Gillaspie2 dagar sedan
  • In England we had the war of the roses a few hundred years ago between Lancashire and Yorkshire and we won (lancashire)so we have the red rose and they have the white one a lot of people died like tens of thousands is a big number for the county’s populations

    Jud CrandallJud Crandall2 dagar sedan
  • I mean Lee was one hell of a general As was stonewall jackson

    jamesjames2 dagar sedan
    • Both were morally bankrupt killing US troops to keep millions of people in bondage and misery for profit. There is an argument to be made that Lee's concentration on his own state of Virginia led to defeat elsewhere and ultimately surrender.

      LR VogtLR VogtDag sedan
  • Resume: CSA* i want to get independencie Union*ok CSA*so can your trops leave our land? Union* no CSA* shoots Union* the confederates started the war! People that think*visible confusion

    KikoKiko2 dagar sedan
  • "What does he like to drink?" "Whiskey!" "Then send him more!"

    Joe RuthJoe Ruth2 dagar sedan
  • I’m sure a lot of people realize this is left-wing propaganda… Although it does Skrt the truth occasionally.

    JnLJnL2 dagar sedan
    • How does the right-wing propaganda go?

      LR VogtLR VogtDag sedan
  • (Salutes to Lincoln)

    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieBoeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie2 dagar sedan
  • Bring fourth to the brave nation and I'm also not gonna touch him

    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieBoeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie2 dagar sedan
  • This speech by JFK should be memorialized by a bronze plaque on each entryway of every educational institution /government building: The President and the Press excerpt: by John F Kennedy Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961 two years before the assassination on November 22, 1963 .................................... The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know. ................................... We also know that JFK was in the process of dismantling the international bankers fiat currency system through the Federal Reserve, which JFK had turned over to the Treasury dept through an Executive Order since he knew it would never fly through congress. He ordered $1 bills to be backed by Silver and to be issued as US Treasury Notes instead of Federal Reserve notes and that was done before his assassination and were widely disbursed. A second blow to the international zionist bankers. They needed the Fed Reserve to complete their take over of the globe. "The high office of President has been used to format a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office must inform the citizen of his plight." (John F. Kennedy at Columbia University, 10 days before his assassination). ........................................ The most rapacious are those who hide behind philanthropic works ............................ The New World Order is made up of various controlling components, Political, Military, Economic, Academic, Scientific, Cultural and Religious. These entities are the outer core of what you and I see and understand today while the inner core is concealed through the inner workings of occult societies of secrets. Their goal is a One World Government with a one world leader, their New Adam known as the Antichrist. Today, the United States plays a major role, holding onto a veneer of Christianity and a core of pure Gnostic Luciferianism ............................................... There's a deeper context to it which justifies one of the core ideas of the luciferian doctrine.Those that do not use their intelligence have none and therefore are no better than beast of burden and steaks at the table by choice and consent. From the initiate prospective anyone that sees the public notice and is too stupid to see it is no better than an animal. Note the mason's are renown for defaming this stellar president, they do everything within their power to besmirch him...imagine the gall of those people. He freely laid down his life for us knowing full well the evil forces surrounding him. Let it be known let it be trumpeted from the roof tops May his deeds be proclaimed thru all eternity and may masontre be crushed under the heel of justice

    vasari corridorvasari corridor2 dagar sedan
  • Post-Video Quiz: 1. Why did the north want slaves but the south want to abolish slavery? 2:48 2. When was the cotton gin made by Ely Whitney and what effect did it have? 3:08 3. Why did the problem of slavery cause a divide between the north and south? 3:13 4. Why were the number of free and slave states continually balanced? 4:10 5. What was the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850? 5:18 6. What happened with Nebraska and Kansas that went against the Missouri Compromise? 5:33 7. Who was John Brown? 6:03 8. What was 'bleeding Kansas'? 6:23 9. When was the Republican Party formed? 6:50 10. What happened in the dread scot case and why was it important? 7:47

    MattMatt3 dagar sedan
    • are you a teacher?

      A random Person from the InternetA random Person from the Internet2 dagar sedan
    • Pretty sure you’re a teacher

      Tropical EagleTropical Eagle2 dagar sedan
  • This is fantastic

    SCTSCT3 dagar sedan
  • 6:13 you undertand that reference and so do I

    CaviaroleCaviarole3 dagar sedan

    hampterhampter3 dagar sedan
    • Let’s fattofin go

      BearBear2 dagar sedan
  • time traveler: Hey is America during a civil war? Americans: Yeah! Why? Time traveler: First time or second time? Americans: °○°

    황오현황오현3 dagar sedan
  • The party of slavery hasn’t changed much

    kevmofulkevmoful3 dagar sedan
    • @kevmoful : I'm reminded of Amos Burton on The Expanse. "You don't have to be a good person to do good things"

      LR VogtLR Vogt21 timme sedan
    • @LR Vogt I agree but doesn’t change the history of lbj he wasn’t what we would consider a good person

      kevmofulkevmoful22 timmar sedan
    • @kevmoful : Huh? No they did it despite the fact that they' expected to "lose the south for a generation" -LBJ. They did it because it was the right thing and the Constitutional thing to do. No one is truly free unless we are all free.

      LR VogtLR Vogt22 timmar sedan
    • @LR Vogt so you think democrats passed the civil rights act to lose control? Read a history book pal

      kevmofulkevmoful22 timmar sedan
    • Except 150 years later, Democrats championed civil rights and all the racists can be seen flying their banners at Republican Trump rallies. Gee that's kind of a huge change.

      LR VogtLR Vogt23 timmar sedan
  • Narrator=Racist

    jake wadejake wade3 dagar sedan
    • May I ask how?

      SkyboundSkybound2 dagar sedan
    • @M.rafif Ridhoni born and raised in the USA im pretty sure I can distinguish a racist from a normal human being

      jake wadejake wade2 dagar sedan
    • R u sure bout that

      M.rafif RidhoniM.rafif Ridhoni2 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for mentioning that Anti slavery at the time was an economic issue and not a moral one, but Abe didn’t free the slaves out of morality, he did it to weaken the voter power of the south

    Jonathan ThorntonJonathan Thornton3 dagar sedan
    • @LR Vogt I advise you to read a few more articles on the subject. The civil war was fought over more than that even this video explains that...

      Jonathan ThorntonJonathan Thornton23 timmar sedan
    • @Jonathan Thornton : It was certainly a moral issue for the huge abolitionist movement. The South fought to preserve slavery. The North fought to preserve the Union.

      LR VogtLR Vogt23 timmar sedan
    • @LR Vogt it was not a moral issue. People were not walking around thinking those slaves need to be freed. The north abolished chattel slavery but there were still slaves in places including New York, Washington DC and Delaware. The civil war started because the south tried to secede the Union afraid that the abolition mindset would reach them, which would’ve destroyed the north’s economy because they didn’t grow things such as cotton or tobacco, which were some of America’s main exports at the time. It was all over economy and power not morality

      Jonathan ThorntonJonathan Thornton23 timmar sedan
    • It was a moral issue for a lot of people. It just wasn't Lincoln's issue at first. Lincoln wanted to diminish the enemies ability to fight. He held no sway over voters in the confederacy at the time.

      LR VogtLR Vogt23 timmar sedan
  • I can't believe they used nord vpn.

    Jay RoJay Ro3 dagar sedan
  • Polandball

    Argun GamingArgun Gaming3 dagar sedan
  • I live near where Abraham Lincoln was born

    Brayden waters HiBrayden waters Hi3 dagar sedan
  • “You can’t own a dude that’s hella gay” ~Abraham Lincoln

    Clarkken AnimationsClarkken Animations3 dagar sedan
  • I’m in Robert E. Lee’s direct bloodline lol

    爪卂D҉卂尺卂爪卂D҉卂尺卂3 dagar sedan
  • A way down south in the land of traitors

    Patricia MPatricia M3 dagar sedan
  • Remember each Dixie boy must understand to respect his Uncle Sam

    Patricia MPatricia M3 dagar sedan
  • When a SEworld video is more funny and informative then history class. part 1

    Jay WernerJay Werner3 dagar sedan
  • All bull shyt there was just liar 🤥 & back stabbing thieves stealing peaceful people land my Great 👍🏾 Ancestors. There were no slaves but that jail shyt was the free labor camp & no one was stolen from no were. We been here in America the real Native Indians/Aboriginal & never going nowhere, evil ass ungrateful cowards.

    David DesieldsDavid Desields3 dagar sedan
    • Yadadada, no ones cares you neo confederate

      Victor TranVictor Tran2 dagar sedan
  • Some stolen jokes but cool

    Ryan TatumRyan Tatum3 dagar sedan
  • John Brown was doing God’s work.

    Thready0ceanThready0cean3 dagar sedan
  • Can’t wait for the coronavirus one

    Jawaka 66Jawaka 663 dagar sedan
  • Sold from their home lands 👍

    English CraigEnglish Craig4 dagar sedan
  • California being a Free State has less to do with being progressive, and more that they were so racist they didn't want slavery because it would mean importing African Americans. After all it was the same state that dispossessed Latinos, exterminated Natives, and worked to ban Chinese immigration.

    Navajo GuyNavajo Guy4 dagar sedan
  • That moment when you realize the Republicans abolished slavery. Seems the Dems are just wrong at every turn of history.

    • @LR VogtStop downplaying Antifa. You know what they are. They’ve done way worse than supporting some historical monuments. You think black people care more about some monuments or their livelihoods being looted, their businesses being burned down? If you claim to be a logical, unbiased person, take a moment to stop talking out of your ass and consider the truth.

    • @HERROPREASE HERRO : The klan supports Trump because as David Duke said essentially. "Trump supports our agenda. " It's only Republicans defending monuments to racism, flying confederate flags. Antifa is a fringe blip. The Republican Party has become a fascistic, racist threat to the Republic.

      LR VogtLR Vogt22 timmar sedan
    • @LR Vogt Burns down cities, loots black businesses, defund the police, sound familiar to you? If not, keep your head buried in the sand. I’m sure some terrible people support Trump. Does that mean he endorses white supremacy and the KKK? Absolutely not. Do the democrats endorse Antifa. Yes, vocally on several occasions. Antifa is a radical Marxist domestic terrorist group that is endorsed by the government. Think about that. Everybody knows the switch sides theory is a popular excuse for the behavior of the Democrats.

    • @HERROPREASE HERRO : Hmmm. Not racist not fascist. I don't see your point.

      LR VogtLR Vogt22 timmar sedan
    • @LR Vogt @LR VogtAntifa.

  • I liked Franklin's reaction to Jefferson: Cannonball!

    sqseqsqseq4 dagar sedan
  • 2:43 - 2:44

    sqseqsqseq4 dagar sedan

    CyberBot17.CyberBot17.4 dagar sedan
  • well, I learn more history from U.S.A. and I'm not even American lol

    CyberBot17.CyberBot17.4 dagar sedan
  • I am related to Robert E Lee.

    AgentCow27AgentCow274 dagar sedan
  • Slaves were traded for goods, men didn’t go hunting for them, it woulda be a waste of time and resources to do that...

    FishingLunkies!!!FishingLunkies!!!4 dagar sedan
    • @FishingLunkies!!! : I was being sarcastic. It doesn't matter one bit. It's all grossly immoral.

      LR VogtLR Vogt22 timmar sedan
    • @LR Vogt absolutely, as long as it’s the truth that’s being told

      FishingLunkies!!!FishingLunkies!!!22 timmar sedan
    • Oh, I guess how you get your slaves makes all the difference.

      LR VogtLR Vogt23 timmar sedan
  • american civil jihad - admiral aladeen 2012

    aloysius fungaloysius fung4 dagar sedan
  • The goodfellas reference

    † Unrighteous MC †† Unrighteous MC †4 dagar sedan
  • 16:35 is this the Mexican flag i haven't seen it

    MemecreamMemecream4 dagar sedan
  • I like how their not actually sitting their just standing on the chairs

    Bere678 0978Bere678 09784 dagar sedan
  • Me over here who can like my elbow

    It’s ya Boi skywalkerIt’s ya Boi skywalker4 dagar sedan
  • me: oh im bored I wonder what to watch this video: *history history but more entertaining than freaking reddit*

    Disgust Cat ParodiesDisgust Cat Parodies4 dagar sedan
  • uk first country to get rid of slavery

    isaac hutchisonisaac hutchison4 dagar sedan
  • hey at least mine homestate didnt depend on slaves (pennsylvania)

    cool kingcool king4 dagar sedan
  • little do they know the democrats controll everything in 2021

    yureiyurei4 dagar sedan
  • and now we're going to go through it again, any time now this time, not about slavery, but about woke V non-woke

    JustAGuy1250JustAGuy12505 dagar sedan
  • eh good fellas refrence

    BIG JEEBBIG JEEB5 dagar sedan
  • The south characters look exactly the guys from django unchained

    Maeve HerlihyMaeve Herlihy5 dagar sedan
  • Smoothest promo transitions I've ever seen.

    Ars0n1stArs0n1st5 dagar sedan
  • bruhmoment

    AmethyssiteAmethyssite5 dagar sedan
  • I loved the founding father pool party!

    sqseqsqseq5 dagar sedan
  • Gotta love the propaganda of making the Confederacy red like Republicans. Even though Lincoln and the Union were the Republicans, and the slave owners were the Southern Democrats.

    David WilliamsDavid Williams5 dagar sedan
    • It has nothing to do with that, it's blue for winners and red for losers.

      Simon DahlSimon Dahl4 dagar sedan
    • Actually, it's just a common strategy of Red VS Blue mapping when portraying sides of a war. And if there is a 'good' team, then that team will usually end up as Blue; not much of a reason to it, just kinda the culture. Not always how it works, but sometimes. Also, the US is often portrayed as blue on most global maps nowadays. No real reason to it.

      Ryan WelpRyan Welp4 dagar sedan
    • Maybe this channel has an agenda...?

      David WilliamsDavid Williams5 dagar sedan