The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast - Season 4 Episode 1: Matthew McConaughey

10 jan 2021
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This episode was recorded: 12/21/2020
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Matthew McConaughey (actor, producer, and best-selling author of Greenlights) sits down with Jordan B. Peterson to talk about Matthew’s new book, his upbringing, his relationships with his mother and father, his journey to being at peace with his fame, what it’s like to play malevolent or dark characters in movies or on television, and a surprising satirical review of Greenlights.
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Show Notes:
[1:00] Jordan Peterson kicks off the conversation by asking why and how Matthew McConaughey wrote his book Greenlights.
[4:00] Matthew realized he needed to write the book himself without a ghostwriter as initially planned and dig back into his journals as a form of necessary reflection on the past.
[6:00] Matthew’s old journals revealed their common thread through all the stories, poems, and bumper stickers. That common thread was the creation of good things in life through mindset or action “Greenlights.”
[12:00] Jordan talks about his initial response after reading Matthew’s book and how his expectations were changed.
[14:00] Matthew talks about his solo trips when starting to create the structure of his book. Jordan comments that this was a book written by a celebrity that did not really focus on the traditional parts of being a celebrity (very family-focused and foundational). Matthew states, “When we were editing the book, I found that the more personal the stories became, the more relatable they seemed to become, to the human condition, and that was my hope.”
[18:00] Jordan and Matthew revisit the African trip, chasing dreams and having the same exact dream multiple times over the span of many years.
[24:00] What was the personal impact on Matthew during his trip to Africa where he got to strip away the identity we all know him for and exist as something else? Jordan comments that very often, people confuse their reputation with who they really are, and they start to act as a representation of their reputation instead of themselves; it’s an easy trap to fall into.
[22:00] Matthew discusses dealing with the pitfalls of fame. Matthew covers his changing relationship with his mother due to success.
[25:00] Jordan B. Peterson asks Matthew McConaughey about some of his acting work in True Detective and playing dark characters. “How do you play a dark role very well without letting the darkness invade you?”
[32:00] Matthew talks about the positive aspects of the sometimes tense relationship with his father and having a childhood that balanced love and hardship directed from the same people.
[37:00] Jordan and Matthew continue talking about going deeper into the psychology of a dark character like Rustin Cole on True Detective
[45:30] Matthew expanded on the short-term effects of initial fame.
[51:30] Matthew and Jordan discuss the long-term effects of fame.
[55:00] Jordan points out, “If flawed people were incapable of creativity, we would have no creativity.”
[1:03:00] How Matthew and Jordan first became friends.
[1:07:30] Matthew shares a comical review of his own book written as if Jordan was the one reviewing it.

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  • Matthew McConaughey’s new book Greenlights:

    Jordan B PetersonJordan B Peterson10 dagar sedan
    • boycott amazon

      Judith SantibanezJudith Santibanez22 timmar sedan
    • @Michael Godwin it wasn't a criticism

      Incel KingdomIncel Kingdom23 timmar sedan
    • @Incel Kingdom hes recovering from ailments, and even if he did... hes done more in his life than I have, I could only hope to be as brilliant an an autistic person

      Michael GodwinMichael Godwin23 timmar sedan
    • I’m soooooooo happy you are back, Dr. Peterson!!! You’re looking gray and healthy. The world is better with you !♥️ Praying for you and your family🙏🏼

      Corinna CastanedaCorinna CastanedaDag sedan
    • Two excellent & wonderful role models. Thank you Jordan & thank you Matthew.

      Robert GosselinRobert GosselinDag sedan
  • Matthew 'look at me' McConaughey is soft power (like the rest of his 'star' class) for the police State and the transnational capitalist class that directs it. Every time I go to GooTube for something (I wish people like David Martin would ditch GooTube), I see there on the right side of the page, McConaughey. It's McConaughey, McConaughey, McConaughey. I guess he's good branding for fascist covid 19 propaganda. Check out Del Bigtree's takedown of this 'star' on my Bitchute channel ("Arby").

    ArrbyyArrbyy3 minuter sedan
  • Mathew McConaughey for President! They'd have a hard hard time painting him Racist... just saying

    J FaulkJ Faulk7 minuter sedan
  • What the hell is with the male Hollywierd celeb fascination with wearing the gayest possible nerd glasses they can find?

    Dark BulbDark Bulb33 minuter sedan
  • I could spend every day listening to Jordan Perterson but it's a bonus to hear an intellectual conversation with an actor of Matthew's stature and the cherry on top is the fact that he's very attractive. :)

    Betsy ZarazuaBetsy Zarazua58 minuter sedan
  • Glad to see McConaughey still has his soul. I normally assume all of Hollywood actors dont. God bless Texas... They raise great Americans.

    bassbuckmasterbassbuckmasterTimme sedan
  • why does youtube suggest this to me?

    Drew ThompsonDrew ThompsonTimme sedan
  • Jordan, you should interview me. I have better solutions to the issues than any of the presidential choices we had this cycle; at jgreene4prez2020 on FB. LMK.

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  • Can a state leave America ? if more states leave the capital would that remove sleepy joe.

    John HallJohn HallTimme sedan
  • Lord, save us from the celebrities.

    Matt CMatt CTimme sedan
  • Thank you you two for being you and sharing your work and life with us. It's really healing and inspiring for me to see men trying to live a sincere, courageous, meaningful and compassionate life, leading by example. Thank you so much 🙏🏽

    Gautam NimaGautam NimaTimme sedan
  • is this same guy that cussed out lighting nobody guys on the set.. treating everyone like a piece a shit or is that another actor lol

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  • Wow.....what an interview from both gentleman!

    revolutionredrevolutionred2 timmar sedan
  • His role as "Rust" in True Detective is his most powerful role even more than Dallas Buyers Club.

    Thecornerstone 33Thecornerstone 332 timmar sedan
  • Matthew has always been one of my favorite actors, now it all makes sense.

    Thecornerstone 33Thecornerstone 333 timmar sedan
  • Mr. P. looking ever more like he was, especially when he gets wind up. So bloody glad about that :)

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  • How lovely. Role models uniting to make the world a better place. Thanks to both of you!

    Matt Dempsey FilmMatt Dempsey Film3 timmar sedan
  • Mr. Peterson, I think enough time has been already spent talking about self. We've been talking about self since we've been able to talk. Is there anything else in the Universe worthy of the same amount of time a selfish human race dedicated to itself? I'm only asking because I cannot find any difference between us when we first started talking about ourselves and us talking about ourselves today.

    Sweet AweSweet Awe3 timmar sedan
  • This guy is powerful.

    Marcin CizioMarcin Cizio4 timmar sedan
  • Matthew when I say I haven't read his book yet - "Be a lot cooler if you did 😎"

    Pamela GrahamPamela Graham4 timmar sedan
  • Delightful. I would like to see more.

    Jon DJon D4 timmar sedan
  • This guest acts like he doesn't shit like the rest of us. Fan of Matt as an actor maybe, but not as a person.

    E=qualE=qual4 timmar sedan
  • two of my favs

    Heather WayHeather Way4 timmar sedan
  • There is a time , a time where you'll understand those lines and their purpose. In those times you'll begin to understand why you where born and for what intended way. You might feel used and while its true, it was for something beyond your great grand , huge savoir. It was so you could finally accomplish the will of the one that no one speak about. The same that One would deem ridicule to speak about. The same that actually made you through the most vile individual. Made to touch the sky, enteangled in a net. Yet never been more free than you are. Now from the tree of thee, made without a soul but built by the SOUL. What are you willing to do ? What ARE YOUR WILL.

    Ultimate Warrior X2Ultimate Warrior X24 timmar sedan
  • I want to hate mathew so much. He is part of everything wrong with society. The super coastal elite in Hollywood are fake, horrible people ,for the most part. But I listen to him talk and I'm amazed. He has great insight and just another human being trying to figure out this life. You cant hste on that. I give it up to him. Hes been out promoting his book and shows he is willing to talk. Despite all the criticism, he will talk to anyone on the left or the right

    Stephen JohnsonStephen Johnson5 timmar sedan
  • i hold being an entertainer against entertainers. i want my entertainment free. because 99.99 % of entertainers are useless.

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  • When Jordan talked about True Detective I got goosebumps, the first season is a masterpiece.

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  • A superb interview by Dr. Peterson...and an incredibly articulate Mr. McConaughey. A tremendous synergistic quest of writer and interviewer. Truly interesting indeed.

    The Deboxifier: Tech and Cryptos ChinaThe Deboxifier: Tech and Cryptos China8 timmar sedan
  • This pseudo-intellectual celebrity has only pomposity and the absence of humility to offer. He has spent his entire life pretending to be other people yet expects us to take heed to what a professional charlatan has to say... The fruit from his root is malformed and plastic. When we interview celebrities as intellectuals, we put a crown on a dung hill.

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    Restoring RealityRestoring Reality9 timmar sedan
  • ugh, such a shame we live in a world where just TALKING to someone gets you labeled all sorts of nasty stuff, welcome to idiocracy yall. Props to Matt for making the rounds, even with known right leaning people

    MrDynamiteMrDynamite9 timmar sedan
  • God how I’ve missed you’re longform conversations Jordan! I’m so pleased you’ve come through the fire and are continuing to heal. In my family we suffer from autoimmune disorders and my younger sister and I have struggled, she more than I. We are the same age, you & I but have lived very different lives. Mine has been the Soldier/Sailor/Biker/Trucker Howe I’ve always been a voracious reader and was blessed with a Classical education at the hands of Benedictine Nuns for which I will be forever grateful. Great to see you Jordan, may God continue to Bless you. From deep in the heart of my Beloved Texas.

    cavscout62cavscout6210 timmar sedan
  • Absolutely brilliant discussion. Amazing to listen to and it I just wanted the discussion to continue. One thing though.... Getting towards the end I'm sure I saw Matthew's naked knee poke up. I pictured him sat there in his underpants and shirt like on Anchor Man. It tickled me to think of him sat there having such an in-depth conversation whilst in his underwear. I wander if he tucks his shirt in? Oh, how I've missed you Jordan Peterson.

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  • "Dark characters have a stronger identity" The undeniability of pain

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  • A celebrity being interviewed by Mr. Peterson does not really make the subject more interesting as it is: The life of another person with all its ups and downs, all questions, sufferings, survival efforts and trying to go forward and make sence of own life. Am I missing something profound here??

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    • How?

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  • 20 jan 2021 ...the day that America was handed over to marxists ....never to be free again !!!!

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saski16 timmar sedan
  • A solid dude!

    Pudd FaddyPudd Faddy16 timmar sedan
  • Funny Moment 01:08:35 Matthew writes a review of what Jordan might have written about his book. He does the voice too!

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    Colton ShanleyColton Shanley18 timmar sedan
  • Regarding (very peripherally) the negative side of humility: for many years, I lost my OCD. The result was not positive. I finally got it back and can again notice tons of details, think faster, and focus on progress. Three cheers to OCD!

    Kelly WKelly W18 timmar sedan
  • optimism and sincerity will always triumph over cynical irony at the end of the day.

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  • I enjoyed this conversation. I cannot help but think of another actor and another project that I find extremely interesting: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn + Robert Downey Jr. = Robert Downey Jr. is at a mature age where he will, I believe, be much more selective in choosing characters that he would portray. There is no need to lay out his creative abilities. Alan Turing + Benedict Cumberbatch = The Imitation Game 8 out of 10 on IMDB. Alan Turing was truly a great hero. Many people were not aware of his enormous influence in the war and the future of our communication. Huge. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a huge hero who captured the truth behind ideas that were sold as wonderful but only led to selfish cruelty and suffering. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn + Robert Downey Jr. =. ???????? Why not see what you, Dr. Peterson, can produce or influence to produce a film just as amazing with another huge star that can also relate to spending time in a facility, despite his prison time as a much less horrible and debilitating experience. Is there another actor that can begin to understand the psychology of at least a portion of the life of Solzhenitsyn? I hope you consider this idea seriously. I’m sure there have been others mentioning potential for such a film. I started to listen to Gulag Archipelago. I hope to finish it sometime but I must also maintain the great balance I need in my life with the family I cherish. Hope your family has the strength from the Lord to continue all the good works y’all can do to uplift others in the search for understanding and truth. God bless! Jonathan

    Jonathan MalleyJonathan Malley19 timmar sedan
  • So a fifty one year old male McConaughey been writing of His experience since He was 1 year old. Wonder what kind of experience Matthew is gonna get when He is standing before God Awemighty!

    Kencando 1st Amendment AuditingKencando 1st Amendment Auditing19 timmar sedan
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    NastiaNastia19 timmar sedan
  • It was great to see a mature convesation between to different people who have a mutual admiration for each others qualities and differences. One a gifted academic and the other an authentic "Good-ole boy" - I guess he's from Texas. "Keep your hands on the wheel of life."

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    Dan iDan i20 timmar sedan
  • What an enlightening conversation! Time just flew by.

    Henrique LaydnerHenrique Laydner21 timme sedan
  • When your psychologist tells you to face your problems honestly and then gets a hair transplant you need to find a new psychologist.

    Uncle KerrUncle Kerr21 timme sedan
    • @Jared Schmidt your many word obfuscate the fact that you never once specified my absurdity let alone confront it, all you did was label it and affirm it as so.

      Uncle KerrUncle Kerr2 timmar sedan
    • @Jared Schmidt Most people consider consensus as truth but in reality consensus is just a matter of geography so when you leave a certain geography you end up confused because the old consensus is no longer present. We need to find a better way to evaluate ideas as since the dawn of time man believes what suits him so you find a teacher who already accommodates your preferred mechanism for self development. This is why Jordan is popular, he accommodates and excuses the workaholic type and they flock to him and defend him with the same vigor they'd defend themselves failing to realise they are simply defending themselves but pretending they are defending him.

      Uncle KerrUncle Kerr2 timmar sedan
    • @Jared Schmidt The amount of lies inside us is generally underestimate and this is the main problem and blockade to all true personal development, I don't know you but I wonder if you will ask yourself honestly if this applies to you? It's an extremely uncomfortable realisation and you might need to take a week off work afterwards. Here are some of the most common types of lies I used to tell myself. 1. A lie of magnitude, telling myself something was less or more than it was in reality, exaggerating a virtue and down playing a flaw. 2. Lies of chronological geography, pretending that a circumstance of one time frame applied to another- I might view myself as a nice guy and superimpose that conclusion on to a different time frame where the evidence contradicts it. 3. Lies of applying the general to the specific or the specific to the general, and this is what you do with me. I have made a specific claim that a hair transplant is a sign of vanity and vanity is a problem in humanity which causes is problems and reduces the quality of our mental health. This is a specific claim which may or may not be logical but you address me generally and say I am illogical without ever contending with the specifics of what I say. This is just an imagination because it's very comforting to us and makes us feel a bit better for a short time so we tend to protect our illusions vigorously not realising that they are infact they are the source of our problems. All the best in your life but no amount of effort or apparent intellect can make a lie into a truth and we can only develop via the truth. I can't handle the truth! It's brutal.

      Uncle KerrUncle Kerr6 timmar sedan
    • @Jared Schmidt Logic is a fantasy, everyone considers what they do logical. What makes you think I want to be taken seriously? I want to have good mental health and since this is so rare it's not reasonably to hope to find it in conventional and popular ideas such as Jordan Peterson. My equation that a hair transplant equals vanity and vanity equals misery can only be evaluated by some who has experienced an absence of vanity, a vain person considers their vanity normal because the have no precedent for it absence. I understand why you consider what I say as nonsense but this is built on the assumptions that conventional wisdom holds water and I see no evidence for that. Ordinary thinking gets ordinary results- misery. Jordan is ordinary dressed up in sophisticated language but the results are ordinary- temporary small improvements to mental health with mandatory regression into poor mental health. His life proves that last statement true. It's extremely hard for us to let go of ideas we have a lot of our hopes invested in, this is why you try to characterize me and a fruit cake, this is a habitual human behavior you will see everywhere is as innately human as anything else. It's very difficult to over come it, it is very difficult to attain good mental health which is why Jordan is famous- he gives us a few rules to follow painting the picture of hard work and sacrifice what really it exactly what we wish for, someone to take the edge off the difficulties give us an easy solution dressed up as a sacrifice and a means to distract ourselves.

      Uncle KerrUncle Kerr6 timmar sedan
    • @Jared Schmidt You have not addressed anything I said. Your goal seems to be to paint me as stupid with out ever responding to the details of my points. This is characteristic of an intellectual bully, how's self worth is identified with their smarts and thus attack others to augment themselves. I don't this sometimes, it's very tempting and hard to avoid but that doesn't make it nutritious, it's still a problem to be overcome. It can only be over come by honestly contending that it is a reality.

      Uncle KerrUncle Kerr6 timmar sedan
  • So freaking refreshing watching Mr Peterson speak with someone who’s nice to him!!

    ceerw butyceerw buty21 timme sedan
    • need to describe it as a burden and putting yourself as a victim of life and circumstances ... MHO. By the way i find Matthew a fucking great actor.

      ceerw butyceerw buty21 timme sedan
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  • I wonder if Jordan has seen True Detective. I'm sure he could write a book analyzing it.

    CosmosisCosmosis21 timme sedan
  • "It's hard to have humility without being arrogant about it. Humility is a form of courage." "It's very difficult to put forth a message without propaganizing." Telling a story is one way.

    jossfangirljossfangirl21 timme sedan
  • the name of the philosopher mentioned at 29:40 is david benatar

    pyrilpyril22 timmar sedan
  • Being busy with the unnerving news about Covid, this is a nice little escape....

    JasmineJasmine22 timmar sedan
  • WHITE SUPREMACY? YES, BUT... NO! EVERYTHING absolutely EVERYTHING humanity enjoys nowadays: from Socrates, Democritus, Aristoteles, to Kant, Hegel intellectuality to all the extraordinary art, Michel Angelo, Da Vinci, van Gogh, Velazco, to all the classical music, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Gershwin, to all the big Rock bands, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd, to all the physics, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Bohr, Shannon, Turing, Ma. Curie, to trains, cars, planes, transistors, computers, smartphones, movies, Bell Labs, NASA, Pixar, internet, atomic energy, vaccines, the pill, penicillin, to defeating fascism (2xWWWs + Berlin Wall), to democracy, civil rights, freedom of speech, not to mention to the post Mao-Stalin communist´s massacres and famines RECOVERY in China, S. Korea, Japan, Taiwan etc., EVERYTHING absolutely EVERYTHING has been done and enabled by very white western men from the Judeo-Christian capitalist culture. (I repeat) EVERYTHING absolutely EVERYTHING!!! It is UNDENIABLE! I am brown, and I have two options: admire these overwhelming historical and scientific truths and be grateful, this is why our parents came to America, OR fill my heart and brain with ENVY and hate to destroy it and "justify" our failure and mediocrity. Even resentful Marx was white!!! PS.: adorable black people had been peacefully fundamental to it in the last 4-200 years. We, brown, came after it was all here, and we suck what our socialist fanatic countries were and still are incapable of doing. This is why WE Latinos (and Islamists…?) want to invade America and grab all of it. For free. EVERYTHING absolutely EVERYTHING!!! Now what? Kill and "cancel" history and reality? Good luck on that.

    Truth ImperativeTruth Imperative22 timmar sedan
  • GREAT intervieuw love it

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  • Awesome interview, looking forward to the next

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  • Two crazy old white men that never got past an adolescent "intellectualism" and hero complex. If anyone doubts the power of white male privilege, behold two prime examples.

    Human BeingHuman Being22 timmar sedan
    • Human Being You swung and you missed. Better luck next time.

      Jared SchmidtJared Schmidt9 timmar sedan
    • yawn...

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