Diablo One Shot | BlizzConline 2021

21 feb 2021
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We teamed up with BlizzConline 2021 for a special one-shot inspired by Diablo! Matthew Mercer runs players Laura Bailey, Marisha Ray, Liam O'Brien, and special guests Mica Burton and Carlos Luna through a dungeon-crawling adventure!
Character art by Jessica Nguyen: twitter.com/Jessketchin
GM Matthew Mercer: twitter.com/matthewmercer
Laura Bailey: twitter.com/LauraBaileyVO
Liam O'Brien: twitter.com/VoiceOfOBrien
Marisha Ray: twitter.com/Marisha_Ray
Mica Burton: twitter.com/MicaBurton
Carlos Luna: twitter.com/CarlosCrits
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  • HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 0:30 Player introductions 1:50 ADR 2:45 Intro cinematic (awesome art) 3:50 Episode Starts 5:00 Deckard Caine requests aid 7:30 Tauro intro 8:30 Laslo intro 9:25 Mordred intro 10:15 Remuil intro 11:00 Indra intro 14:00 Smashing pots 14:30 Onyx intro 17:55 First battle 23:20 Devour 31:10 Don’t forget to thank your necromancer 34:45 Spell Slots is born 35:45 Spell Slots is doing its best 40:35 Smashing more pots 41:40 Mordred is seeing the simulation 46:55 Mordred threatens a door 48:45 Shoot first 50:00 Just a dude 51:45 Crocodile arm 54:45 Montage 56:10 Spell Slots the bard 57:55 Auto-tune skeleton 59:50 Second battle 1:09:35 You can also kill things that don’t bleed 1:14:10 I’m Johnny 1:19:30 Spell Slots in Yeezy’s 1:22:00 D12 hype 1:26:45 MORE POTS 1:28:55 Domechal, Eater of Storms 1:31:30 Sacrificing Johnny 1:35:00 Regret 1:35:55 Pranking Tauro 1:38:00 This kid sucks 1:41:25 Final Battle (Return of the cows) 1:47:55 Moo, bleep 1:48:45 Mordred the bullfighter 1:51:50 Mooman beings 1:55:25 RIP Spell Slots 2:09:25 Battle ends 2:15:40 Coming full circle on the pots 2:16:30 Justice for Spell Slots 2:17:45 Episode Ends A bit late on my part, but not bad Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

    Flando MaltrizianFlando Maltrizian9 dagar sedan
    • @Ayaan Lucas Cool! Took like 10 mins but it worked!

      Callum MakaiCallum MakaiDag sedan
    • Dont know if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my gfs Instagram password using InstaPortal. Find it on google enjoy!

      Ayaan LucasAyaan LucasDag sedan
    • Your the best my man

      Chad AgaChad Aga4 dagar sedan
    • 38:55 - 39:56 Mordred's Final Flash ;) ... I believed you play Diablo, and not Dragon Ball.

      Senok13Senok135 dagar sedan
    • Bless you Flando for not only doing the campaign time stamps but these as well

      Kelly R.Kelly R.6 dagar sedan
  • "hellish bovine moo".... I love the closed captions here

    chad mclewinchad mclewinTimme sedan
  • I wish they release this module.

    Frederico DargelFrederico Dargel6 timmar sedan
  • The ghost Its was Wirt from D1!!!! (T^T) awwwwww so sad he just wanted to have gold so he and Gillian could get out of Tristram (; ^ ;)

    SakkigamiSakkigami11 timmar sedan
  • Man, Carlos fuckin' slayed during this, he brought the charisma to the table and I dig it.

    tomtheawesomenesstomtheawesomeness12 timmar sedan
  • Was soooo good loved it, wished it didn't end

    Joseph NJoseph N12 timmar sedan
  • Idk if it's just me, but the lighting on this episode makes Marisha look like a vampire🤷‍♂️ Big mood

    MonsteR_NuggetSMonsteR_NuggetS13 timmar sedan
  • Matt Mercer is so good

    Unfiltered RealityUnfiltered Reality13 timmar sedan
  • Liam's enthusiasm at being a tank is just so adorable!

    whovianEvaremarkswhovianEvaremarks15 timmar sedan
  • I love how this started out pretty serious and then spiraled to comedy lol

    The Ninja DanThe Ninja Dan16 timmar sedan
  • No one got Carlos Luna's "College Dropout" reference, but I did Carlos. I did.

    masgrizzlymasgrizzly16 timmar sedan
  • This is on par with their latest campaign 2 episode! XD

    StitchStitch16 timmar sedan
  • they have so much talent :) seems so much fun

    peterpeter17 timmar sedan
  • Omg I love this so much! I really hope you will do Diablo more often and maybe even WoW too, please🙏!

    Cynthia RaaumCynthia Raaum18 timmar sedan
  • This guy reminds me of CM PUNK and i have no idea why

    Chris AronsonChris Aronson19 timmar sedan
  • Carlos should have had Spellslots try to pick the lock. Skeleton key, yo! I also admit that I was waiting to see classic Diablo bosses... but the spirit was a pleasant surprise!

    aq_acefanaq_acefan19 timmar sedan
  • what is this shit

    v iv i19 timmar sedan
  • Glad Matthew gave the shout out to Michael Gough. LEGEND.

    Phil CookPhil Cook20 timmar sedan
  • Go ahead, and roll to hit, because I like ones. 🤣

    Brandon Toilet-ArtBrandon Toilet-Art21 timme sedan
  • My first thought was, 'where's Travis?' Then, oh right. Poor baby XD

    StitchStitch21 timme sedan
  • How do i get this auto-tune effect on Foundry VTT

    Steve RapSteve RapDag sedan
  • I love how edgy af everyone's characters are. Hey, it's a Diablo campaign, gotta go all in. :)

    Cronyx RavageCronyx RavageDag sedan
  • It feels nice to learn Matthew Mercer is a D2 fan :). Matthew - voicing Decard Cain Me - "Wait did Matthew did the voice for Decard in the Game?"

    NairnehNairnehDag sedan
  • where can I find the used set of rules for this diablo pnp? This was fun to watch

    0L1ver S0L1ver SDag sedan
  • Worth it just to hear Matt voice Deckard Cain XD

    Justin BeveridgeJustin BeveridgeDag sedan
  • The size of my smile as soon as Deckard Cain started epeaking was immeasurable. Brought me right back to my childhood. Praise Lord Mercer.

    YCCM TunaYCCM TunaDag sedan
  • I am pretty certain I could 'stay awhile and listen' to this guy read a Sears catalog...

    mourngrym1969mourngrym1969Dag sedan
  • The cool part with this is i can see these spells being cast bc I've played too much Diablo lol. i loved every part of this

    Ricky SchaffnerRicky SchaffnerDag sedan
  • Is there a module to run this?

    Joseph SouchakJoseph SouchakDag sedan
  • is there a pdf or something that the diablo rpg that they are using?

    animewatchaanimewatchaDag sedan
  • Matt's voice acting was seriously on point. Such Nostalgia, goosebumps!!!!

    Adam RowlandsAdam RowlandsDag sedan
  • Damn i think i have a crush for laura.

    Grey KnightGrey KnightDag sedan
  • Not gonna lie, I was REALLY hoping for a Dark Tower reference from Liam as soon as I heard "Mordred"

    Derek HoldenDerek HoldenDag sedan
  • Incredible impression Matthew... Uncanny!!!!

    Esteban CillerueloEsteban CillerueloDag sedan
  • "Hello my friends!" a cold chill shoots down my spine, goose bumps rise on my arms as my ears perk up....Yo wtf?!? Thank you random play youtube gods, you bless me again lol. Diablo....ahhhh my childhood lmao!

    Dread-Pirate_WesleyDread-Pirate_Wesley2 dagar sedan
  • For Remuil I was just imagining The Witch from Suicide Squad and the vibes were so high. Love this character. Laura Bailey (harps play*) is a legend.

    Ruby GeeRuby Gee2 dagar sedan
  • Mica immediately blanking on basic math and looking around the table like "who's good at math??" Is such a strong mood i had to pause lmao

    Ivy BisterfeldtIvy Bisterfeldt2 dagar sedan
  • Did Marisha knew that there actually is a Treasure Realm in Diablo or did she just came up with it?

    CaptainKeyboardCaptainKeyboard2 dagar sedan
    • @Follow the howl Yes, I commented before this scene :D

      CaptainKeyboardCaptainKeyboardDag sedan
    • Considering her very first instinct when seeing something going through chests was to shoot it because it was a treasure goblin, imma say she's aware :)

      Follow the howlFollow the howlDag sedan
  • Does anyone know what effect matt used when he voiced the ghost? I've been looking and nothing comes up! It's driving me crazy!!

    VirisiteVirisite2 dagar sedan
    • Well it's just reversing his vocals, not sure exactly how they did it, Just using a delay effect and putting it on reverse instead of normal

      Follow the howlFollow the howl2 dagar sedan
  • Whenever Liam says anything in character, all I hear is Gaara. I almost hear Lust/Cloud of Darkness with Laura too lol

    RS14988RS149882 dagar sedan
  • Gotta love quasi murder.

    grumpy poogrumpy poo2 dagar sedan
  • So I took a short, questionable, break from Critical Role after almost full immersion in the brand for years. And I am so happy this is what I come back to. My gods I missed these nerds.

    Rob PrudhommeRob Prudhomme2 dagar sedan
  • Are the classes they played a available thing or just something made up for this one shot

    TheFrostyAssassinTheFrostyAssassin2 dagar sedan
  • When the gold tornado and they said that everyone deal physical damage, I hear 'fiscal' damage

    Joshua PittmanJoshua Pittman2 dagar sedan
  • I just noticed all the D2 Runes around the table. xD

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire2 dagar sedan
  • 2:01:03 When Junkrat's (from Overwatch) meds finally kick in. :P

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire2 dagar sedan
  • I really hope they release the conversion stats for this

    Ian PyleIan Pyle2 dagar sedan
  • Come on cow level😁

    Chuck AllerstonChuck Allerston2 dagar sedan
  • Carlos Luna is great.... but seriously how did Matt do that shriek?!!

    Robert FindleyRobert Findley2 dagar sedan
  • 1:57:57 Holy hell, I never realized how big Matt's arms are. My man is secretly swole.

    e Swage Swag2 dagar sedan
  • @57:45 When you know Laura has played the game before :p

    Dragon ElixionDragon Elixion2 dagar sedan
  • That's an amazing Deckard Cain interpretation.

    SM CasasSM Casas2 dagar sedan
  • holy shit good dekard cain!!!

    Paul AtreidesPaul Atreides2 dagar sedan
  • I wish this was more than a one-shot. I want more of these characters!

    Enthalpy atwerkEnthalpy atwerk2 dagar sedan
  • I've been running a 5e Diablo ll D&D campaign for the last 7 months for my group.

    uruwow 8uruwow 82 dagar sedan
  • I just realized Carlos Luna is in the ad for Roll20.

    Coffee Powered NerdCoffee Powered Nerd2 dagar sedan
  • Diablo went from a PC game, to a mobile game, to D&D in just a few short years lol!

    Nonya BuzznusNonya Buzznus2 dagar sedan
  • To whomever did the closed captions: You misspelled several names, including player characters.

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire2 dagar sedan
  • kinda mad, no pieces or terrain. qq

    jtghmjtghm2 dagar sedan
  • Autotune Skeleton, I'm effing dying LOL

    kdotckdotc2 dagar sedan
  • Where are the rules for this one-shot really cool how the characters work

    Eric StolarEric Stolar2 dagar sedan

    Disun SnogootDisun Snogoot2 dagar sedan
  • 24:28 I thought Liam was wearing a short tie for way too long

    Ethan PetersonEthan Peterson2 dagar sedan

    Jesses backup channelJesses backup channel2 dagar sedan
  • This make me want to play D3 again

    Disun SnogootDisun Snogoot2 dagar sedan
  • RIP Spellslots

    robert daltonrobert dalton2 dagar sedan
  • Matt: I'm old Me: Ugh no you're adorable 💖💗💘💜💙🥺

    Katherine ElizabethKatherine Elizabeth2 dagar sedan
  • Its hiigh noon

    Mr SandstormMr Sandstorm3 dagar sedan
  • What system are they using for this game, exactly? It sounds like they translated the abilities from Diablo installment directly into the D20 form of D&D.

    Coleman GailloretoColeman Gailloreto3 dagar sedan
  • Matt: sorry we went a little over. Me: if you make more of these I would watch them this was fantastic

    C.S. GilmoreC.S. Gilmore3 dagar sedan
  • So the Wendy Oneshot was "Don't associate with bad companies"-ed by some twitter outrage, but Blizzard (which would warrant even more outrage than Wendys) is A-ok ? The Double standards of Twittards strike again ... Oh well ... as long as Matt and the players get to have fun it's fine I guess

    arykaasarykaas3 dagar sedan
  • 1:34:44 I'm glad that now the wider Blizzard audience has gotten to partake of this running gag. :P

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire3 dagar sedan
  • Thank goodness thjey removed the bleeps. The hypocritical censoring (the game director of Diablo 4 said "bullshit" uncensored during his panel) on this when it was live was so weird.jj

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire3 dagar sedan
  • 57:43 Live voice modulation. Awww, yeah.

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire3 dagar sedan
  • Thumbs up for the cleavage

    Elgar T.W.Elgar T.W.3 dagar sedan
  • 42:05 lol. There literally is. You can go there in Diablo 3. :P

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire3 dagar sedan
  • This overlay is on point! I especially like how they worked in the health and mana globes. xD

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire3 dagar sedan
  • Don't mean to be _that_ guy, but Matt would do so for Exandria. Tristam is not near Westmarch. It's part of a region called Khanduras. They are part of the same general area of the continent they're on, though. Just a few hundred miles apart...

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire3 dagar sedan
  • Are they using homebrew spells? i could not find the devour of the Necromancer nor the electrocute of the wizard right in the beginning of the first encounter.

    Ben PumplerBen Pumpler3 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, Matt has probably the best Cain impression I've heard.

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire3 dagar sedan
  • What classes did they use?

    Charles WilliamsCharles Williams3 dagar sedan
  • These people speaking send chills though my body as I put there voices to the games I played.

    Bill BryantBill Bryant3 dagar sedan
  • CR and Hivemind, i'd love to try DM this Diablo one-shot for my fellow adventurers. Anywhere i can buy/download it?

    Frank MonacoFrank Monaco3 dagar sedan
  • 28:17 _Gorn._ you turn into a Gorn, Laura.

    NighthawkNighthawk3 dagar sedan
  • I cant believe Mcree narrated a Diablo dnd game

    Kash MoneyKash Money3 dagar sedan
  • No Staying awhile to listen here, lads :(

    Grilled LeeksGrilled Leeks3 dagar sedan
  • Matt's Deckark Cain is spot on.

    robofthewestrobofthewest3 dagar sedan
  • i hope mica talked to marisha, laura, and liam about 🔊getting reani to help with the tomb takers🔊

    Sage KuhlmanSage Kuhlman3 dagar sedan
  • I love Liam's Edginess

    Alejandro ValenzuelaAlejandro Valenzuela3 dagar sedan
  • pretty sure the spirit is Wirt, the peg legged boy from Diablo 1

    Rafael FerreiroRafael Ferreiro3 dagar sedan
  • As soon as Mercer did Cain, I lost my shit. This was phenomenal.

    Labor DaysLabor Days3 dagar sedan
  • We need Bruce Campbell on a campaign

    VerbalVerbal3 dagar sedan
  • When you order Keanu reeves from wish... and they almost nail it.

    VerbalVerbal3 dagar sedan
  • Oh hey it's some CR but as theater of the mind gameplay, hell yeah!

    Roxx RamRoxx Ram3 dagar sedan
  • Carlos was absolutely my favorite on this. Love to see him with the mighty nein at some point.

    mr yindlesmr yindles3 dagar sedan
  • Not me crying over Spellslots

    trekkieminajtrekkieminaj3 dagar sedan
  • I so want to do a 5e Diablo campaign. Thanks, now I know I have to :D

    Garth McCarthyGarth McCarthy3 dagar sedan
  • If you had a PC in the Diablo-era in middle-school, you are NOT old. ;) If you had a Vic20 and played Shamus, then we can talk about it.

    Vince DickinsonVince Dickinson3 dagar sedan
  • Mica "My character needs to have great cleavage" Burton 😂

    Edward HandyEdward Handy3 dagar sedan
  • Matthew Mercer playing discount Deckard Cain playing discount Michael J. Gough had me in stitches

    Aaron DicksonAaron Dickson3 dagar sedan