Arnold USA September 25th?!? + Thor's New Boxing Footage + Patrick Moore Out-Angles Phil Heath

27 apr 2021
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#ArnoldClassic #ArnoldSchwarzenegger #HafthorBjornsson
0:00 Intro
0:08 Arnold Classic IS ON for September
3:10 Thor's New Training Footage
4:29 Labrada
4:54 Blessing Shows Legs
5:49 Nick Walker 1 Day Transformation
7:19 Patrick Moore Out-Angles Phil Heath?
8:45 Steve Laureus Next Show
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  • TIMESTAMPS BELOW 0:00 Intro 0:08 Arnold Classic IS ON for September 3:10 Thor's New Training Footage 4:29 Labrada 4:54 Blessing Shows Legs 5:49 Nick Walker 1 Day Transformation 7:19 Patrick Moore Out-Angles Phil Heath? 8:45 Steve Laureus Next Show

    Nick's Strength and PowerNick's Strength and Power14 dagar sedan
    • @Alijah Marcus yup, I've been watching on flixzone for months myself :D

      Kristian JustusKristian JustusDag sedan
    • A tip: watch series at flixzone. Been using them for watching all kinds of movies these days.

      Alijah MarcusAlijah MarcusDag sedan
    • I Heard good vito got angina and lost weight Why haven't you covered that nick

      what's in the namewhat's in the name12 dagar sedan
    • You’re such a clown

    • Thor is going to knock eddy out!!

      John DoeJohn Doe14 dagar sedan
  • Can we talk about how the strongwomen aren't going to be competing this year? I think this needs some attention✋

    Pancakes N WeightsPancakes N Weights8 dagar sedan
  • I really think nick walker has the advantage over blessing WHO DO YOU THINK IS THE FAVOURITE TO WIN?

    D RAVERD RAVER8 dagar sedan
  • Wooohooo Arnold is happening!!! It’s not a Tumor! 😬

    R AR A9 dagar sedan
  • Thor is moving well here. My money's on him over Hall tbh

    El GuapoEl Guapo10 dagar sedan
  • Phil has always gotten a bit smaller between shows

    Nick Van TinterenNick Van Tinteren11 dagar sedan
  • Some mighty elite bodies

    White LionWhite Lion12 dagar sedan
  • Thor definitely looks improved all around with his boxing, but needs to keep his hands up on his chin and stop dropping his hands like he is in an MMA fight.

    Doctor SquidmanDoctor Squidman12 dagar sedan
  • Jake Paul fights winner of the Eddie Thor fight

    Ma-t 69Ma-t 6912 dagar sedan
  • Thor still looks slow. Come on, guys, boxers practice for years. This guy has not been doing it for a year. This fight will be a joke compared to professionals. Dude is a strongman, not a boxer, LOL.

    dobbins2550dobbins255012 dagar sedan
  • Only 4.5k of us want the Arnold classic usa to happen

    Sir DakotaSir Dakota12 dagar sedan
  • Thor's boxing xd xd so bad

    weetjewatikwil1weetjewatikwil112 dagar sedan
  • He’s improved but he just jumping around

    BIG STANKBIG STANK12 dagar sedan
  • Thor needs some Valet classes to get some rhytm like Lomanchenko took when he was a kid.

    Flavor GainzFlavor Gainz12 dagar sedan
  • How is the weather in september at Ohio?

    Flavor GainzFlavor Gainz12 dagar sedan
  • 5:33 David njoku in blessings comments? Wonder if it's the nfl te. Pretty unique name so maybe

    M FruscianteM Frusciante12 dagar sedan
  • Thor 😧 damn. Major improvements! With footwork like that, Eddie will have to try a bit harder for the big knockout hit that he wants.

    ZZ12 dagar sedan
  • "Phil downsized!" "Nick vs Blessing". Ctrl C... Ctrl V....

    Phil MassonPhil Masson12 dagar sedan
  • Patrick Moore is overrated ..

    Natural Born LiftersNatural Born Lifters12 dagar sedan
  • Nick is pretty insane idk bro.....

    Joseph LopezJoseph Lopez13 dagar sedan
  • Yea Cali is filled with maskholes, F Cali! Ohio Trumpland all the way!

    Andrew RiveraAndrew Rivera13 dagar sedan
  • I hope it happens and it being in Ohio. I’m in Cincinnati and would like to attend if there are spectators

    Donald StacyDonald Stacy13 dagar sedan
  • Eddie still looks miles ahead in terms of speed and power

    fishingmasterxyfishingmasterxy13 dagar sedan
  • Thor doesn't put anything behind his punches while hitting the heavy bag .

    David MarreroDavid Marrero13 dagar sedan
  • More cardio walker! Nick walker could win the whole show if he’s peeled !yes sir I want walker to get on the cardio wagon

    James MacJames Mac13 dagar sedan
  • Thor's got a long way to go but that cross he throws is picture perfect 👍

    Todd MasonTodd Mason13 dagar sedan
  • Business-wise it would make better sense to hold the Arnold in Ohio since many would not or could not travel to California with all the bullcrap restrictions in place.

    el hombre bilingueel hombre bilingue13 dagar sedan
  • Stick a fork in him, Phil is done!

    RegGRegG13 dagar sedan
  • Phil should go for the 212 this year.

    Audio ImpactAudio Impact13 dagar sedan
  • Glad to see the Arnold. Wish it would be in Columbus. I know you said your from Cincy and I'm about 3.5 hours away from Columbus from Louisville Ky. I went to every show in the 1990s according to my memory. It kept growing so rapid you really need several days to take it in.

    Sameul L JacsonSameul L Jacson13 dagar sedan
  • Phil downsized is still a huge human lol

    Adrian OrtizAdrian Ortiz13 dagar sedan
  • Thor does look faster. But he's still going to be beat by Eddie!!!!

    Shawn BakerShawn Baker13 dagar sedan
  • Thor has definitely improved. Whether it’s enough to win is another question.

    Jon SmithJon Smith13 dagar sedan

    Sakis MSakis M13 dagar sedan
  • thor dosnt know how to fuking box .. wtf turtle boxin

    The shaDowThe shaDow13 dagar sedan
  • Damn! So many boxing experts up here, mainly the classic and toxic Eddie Hall's ball sniffers! 😂

    Okram VinciOkram Vinci13 dagar sedan
  • Can't judge any of these updates. All you can do is predict how you think the athlete coming along this far. Nothing matters but the day of competition

    Bobby boydBobby boyd13 dagar sedan
  • Thor is definitely improving

    Tim DixonTim Dixon13 dagar sedan
  • Man. I hope it is columbus! We should do a meet up or something

    Tim DixonTim Dixon13 dagar sedan
  • 💪🏽

    Opus Dei LeviathanOpus Dei Leviathan13 dagar sedan
  • Maybe Nick vs Blessing next boxing match 🥊🥊

    Raamie IbrahimRaamie Ibrahim13 dagar sedan
  • What if Phil downsizes and competes in classic??🤔

    KenKen13 dagar sedan
  • hey what happened to the strict curl competition? Nick's Strength and Power

    holyroller4uholyroller4u13 dagar sedan
  • California fully reopens June 15, so that's not really a factor.

    Alireza AlivandivafaAlireza Alivandivafa13 dagar sedan
  • Phils head looks fucking tiny 🤣🤣🤣

    -Nath--Nath-13 dagar sedan
  • Speaking of flex Lewis what are his plans on competing or Evan centopani

    Damon MillerDamon Miller13 dagar sedan
  • Thor still looks slow. He's wide open to a right hand. He's gonna get hurt

    Stuart SuttonStuart Sutton13 dagar sedan
  • This wasnt in my sub box!!!!!!!!

    william liggettwilliam liggett13 dagar sedan
  • Bring Arnold to Houston

  • POV: I’d pay hundreds to see iFbb pro bodybuilders max out on like bench squat or deadlifts! I’m curious to how strong those guys really are

    Tawanda MoyoTawanda Moyo13 dagar sedan
  • Thor looks a 1,000 times better then before, this should be a great fight

    bustin yanutzbustin yanutz13 dagar sedan
  • Thor is still slow AF! Eddie is going to knock his head off his shoulders.

    Alan ButlerAlan Butler13 dagar sedan
  • The only fathomable reason to have the Arnold in Cali would be to show the west coast some love after the Olympia got moved to the east coast. But still, California is as restrictive as they get.

    4:13 Barbell Club4:13 Barbell Club13 dagar sedan
  • Is this for the pro arnold only or does that also include the arnold am? Justin Compton and I have been planning on me competing in the arnold am this year since 2020 thanks from 1 cincy local to another

    Tyler KnicelyTyler Knicely13 dagar sedan
  • Now, Patrick Moore is really big!!!

    André Carvalho MirandaAndré Carvalho Miranda13 dagar sedan
  • Nick walker + Carbs = Boom

    Shubham ThoratShubham Thorat13 dagar sedan
  • Watch a Thor & a Hall video back to back, that’s how you compare the speed, against your opponent.....Hall makes Thor’s speed look Senior home worthy

    Andy PitmanAndy Pitman13 dagar sedan
  • Eddie is goona destroy him Thor is still in slow motion compared

    cannibalaaron 1cannibalaaron 113 dagar sedan
  • Thors footwork looks more fluid for a man of his size and he's turning that left hand over much better as well..

    Northfloridaamericanmuscle1Northfloridaamericanmuscle113 dagar sedan
  • Think Nick should get a cut from whatever purse the Thor Vs Eddie fight makes. No one else is covering any of this pre-fight hype nor frankly does anyone really care!

    SaminPKSaminPK13 dagar sedan
  • Just subbed now. Great news,great video!

    Nikola MarinkovNikola Marinkov13 dagar sedan
  • Nobody will watch his Biden supporting shows anymore like before

    nynemilinynemili13 dagar sedan
  • 🤘

    Daniel BlomqvistDaniel Blomqvist13 dagar sedan
  • Dexter Jackson looks rly downsized ngl

    Kim ChristnsenKim Christnsen13 dagar sedan
  • Thor is taking this alot more serious than Eddie, and I'm not even a Thor fan, I'm an Eddie fan.

    CalCal13 dagar sedan
  • Phil needs a proper suit though, this was embarrassing

    stfuna4bstfuna4b13 dagar sedan
  • Did Steve kluklo retire?

    Don JohnsonDon Johnson13 dagar sedan
  • God bless you dear Hafthor! I know you will do your VERY BEST! You are the better person in and out and I wish you best of luck to beat Edward Hall in the upcoming 🥊 encounter.

    Nirmal HettiarachchiNirmal Hettiarachchi13 dagar sedan
  • Thor honestly looks much better than Eddie boxing...eddie looks super stiff as for Thor looks completely natural. I really think Eddie Hall is jelous of Thor because he truly knows He is stronger than him...he wants this boxing match so he can prove that he canbeat Thor in another sport...that’s just the feeling i have man. Eddie is a jealous little cry baby with pure madness to thor!!

    Jasmin BisaillonJasmin Bisaillon13 dagar sedan
  • 6:28 DIFFERENT LIGHT , left side not pumped - right side pumped.

    Christian AndoliniChristian Andolini13 dagar sedan
  • He's going to tire quick if he moves like that

    dimitri photellisdimitri photellis13 dagar sedan
  • Thor have to improve a bit. He is not taking his hands back after he punches, when you punch you just don't have to shoot your hand from Point A To Point B but also take your hands back from Point B To Point A!

    Samar JainSamar Jain13 dagar sedan
  • Why is nobody talking about Pittsburgh pro? Is it not an Olympia qualifier?

    Denis MitaDenis Mita13 dagar sedan
  • 5:07 Meanwhile michael krizo baby calves hahaha

    Shalom GaikwadShalom Gaikwad13 dagar sedan
  • Looking at those confirmed for Indy I think blessing will have an easy pro debut win, nick would smoke it if he jumped in

    W CamdenW Camden13 dagar sedan
  • Thor training and doing a few practice fights. Meanwhile Eddie just there eating bacon n eggs

    OG LanzaOG Lanza13 dagar sedan
  • I'm English so I should be routing for Eddie but in my humble opinion Thor looks better. Eddie always seems to be focusing on punching ppl as hard as he can....I reckon if Thor focuses on sticking and moving while Eddie undoubtedly bum rushes him swinging for the fences, then within 30 seconds when Eddie gases Thor could pick him apart....

    The adventures of Bruce, Lee and the boysThe adventures of Bruce, Lee and the boys13 dagar sedan
  • Whenever a segment includes Phil Heath, I always worry for Nick again. Lawyers and all that you know.

    muscleandmathmuscleandmath13 dagar sedan
  • Thor does look better than previous videos, and this is after a (claimed) 12 tough rounds, which would tire him out significantly. Gonna be an interesting fight!!

    LilGokuLilGoku13 dagar sedan
  • Floyd Mayweather vs logan paul June 6th

    Jasraj SinghJasraj Singh13 dagar sedan
  • I think Thor's tattoos make him look like a cookie cutter

    blkmustang007blkmustang00713 dagar sedan
  • Hope the Arnold Classic goes Columbus if it goes.

    Martyrs andSuchMartyrs andSuch13 dagar sedan
  • Thor looks improved but still no where near eddie

    Miketdu 123Miketdu 12313 dagar sedan
  • My man didn’t even mention the giant Larry match going on after the Thor exhibition match.

    The Armwrestling OpinionThe Armwrestling Opinion13 dagar sedan
  • Thor looks much better, Eddie is fast but looks like a fumbling mess with how he throws punches. He looks silly.

    Blazer SpitterBlazer Spitter13 dagar sedan
  • The world is slowly returning back to normal with the return of the Arnold Classic…

    Game Ov3rGame Ov3r13 dagar sedan
  • I think Alex Simon would have destroyed Thor.

    Matt KnappickMatt Knappick13 dagar sedan
  • Nick's chest need to catch up to his delts....

    T.L MsaneT.L Msane13 dagar sedan
  • The mistake that Thor could most likely make is to try come out all guns blazing and be gassed real quick though, plus we already know Eddie going to probably take that approach too so it makes for a interesting bout

    Bobby SutherlandBobby Sutherland13 dagar sedan
  • Nick Walker should keep the moustache.

    Ruin HiggsRuin Higgs13 dagar sedan
  • Thor is gonna get clapped by Eddie, I like Thor and all... but i'm not gonna let that blind me from the truth.

    Bryan LBryan L13 dagar sedan
  • Thor is improving and i hope he smashes Eddie into oblivion. Nick's chest needs more size.

    Steven HolmesSteven Holmes14 dagar sedan
  • Downsized phil looks like theres Synthol in the it a possibility?

    am shakyam shaky14 dagar sedan
  • Love eating breakfast and watch Nick’s

    KnejbenKnejben14 dagar sedan
  • Thor is gonna get DROPPED

    ElgarElgar14 dagar sedan
  • Cali is re opening at june 15 and this is for september, even right now numb of ppl infected are pretty low.

    Mark 13Mark 1314 dagar sedan
  • there's nothing to do with the carb up what nick did is keep the stache .. everyone knows that stache gives you 10% more gains , the secret of cbum xd

    Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger14 dagar sedan
  • Thor is still going to lose to Eddie....

    Dylan BrantleyDylan Brantley14 dagar sedan
  • Ahahahahahhaha 1:59 ....the oink!!!! 🤙

    luis thisguyluis thisguy14 dagar sedan
  • I do think thor has gotten faster but it still looks like he doesn't really know what's he's doing on a skill level

    Rbot Gam3zRbot Gam3z14 dagar sedan