Mullet El Camino Build Episode 17! Fluid System Plumbing with Earl's Ultra Pro and More Updates!!

31 mar 2021
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Sorry for the long break between videos everyone!! We have been thrashing away on Mullet, and we had to run up to Atlanta for the Trans Am Series race with Lee, but we are recovered and back to thrashing on Mullet to hopefully debut the car in some form at Cleetus and Cars Bradenton 2021!! In this video we go over some of the fluid plumbing with Earl's Ultra Pro crimp together hose ends as well as a review of some of the other work that has been completed on the car since the last video.
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  • Show more of the chevy please!!

    David TurnerDavid Turner5 dagar sedan
  • ✌🏼

    K0STK0ST5 dagar sedan
  • @KSR Performance & Fabrication I agree with you on the anti-seize on AN threads. People forget that they're compression fittings and that the threads aren't the sealing faces. Aluminum on aluminum galling is the worst! I really appreciate all the content you've been putting out! Thanks for putting in all the extra effort after working and taking care of family!

    Hollasch RacingHollasch Racing11 dagar sedan
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    ifediora kingsleyifediora kingsley11 dagar sedan
  • So excited for dyno sesh

    Nte 35050Nte 3505012 dagar sedan
  • Damm this channel has the most ads

    Matty MccolganMatty Mccolgan13 dagar sedan
  • Inner cooler lines running inside the car, is there going to be any protection from lines bursting and causing burns possibly?

    Doug HooperDoug Hooper14 dagar sedan
  • Oh also, you should get a SEMA or PRI booth... or both! And take this car, and whatever car is the other most over the top car you've done, and maybe the viper? but yeah, your work deserves to be seen by the masses with money.

    AUSTINAUSTIN14 dagar sedan
  • Such a wealth of knowlege!! Cant believe how much I learn from every single video! Your brain must be overloaded😅

    Chopper1392Chopper139214 dagar sedan
  • what you should do in the future once this thing is finished and you and cleet have some time, is remove the big box of a fuel cell in the bed for the street system. And turn the bed floor into the street tank, basically cut out the entire bed floor and have someone make a burn table program to cut out a solid sheet perfectly in the shape of the bed floor. And then calculate the depth required to achieve the desired volume and then build the rest of it with an eccentric pyramid bottom plate tapered toward the rear of the car with a sump. now THAT would be over the top custom. plus it would retain almost 100% of bed capacity for drag week to help make it a fully self contained provision setup

    AUSTINAUSTIN14 dagar sedan
  • Great job on winning the race!

    John RikardJohn Rikard16 dagar sedan
  • man..if i had the money. you would build my car. you really care. and its not just a paycheck. its art..

    bgdavid cryptonitebgdavid cryptonite16 dagar sedan
  • Love these videos! I know there are a lot of people like me that loves the technical stuff 😁🤘

    Blwn6GenBlwn6Gen16 dagar sedan
  • You can tell easily who knows there stuff and who don't. Fake it to you make it cleetus.

    Jay ZeeJay Zee16 dagar sedan
  • LOL, Love the tee shirt with all the small holes, wonder what those from....been there, done that. I would rather see the "puke" tank behind the rear wheels... I need me one of those water pumps. As I have said before, love your attention to detail, but can't believe you let the crooked cut of the heat sleeve over that return hose go...jk

    PawPaw's GaragePawPaw's Garage16 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations on the win brother!!!

    Adam KennedyAdam Kennedy16 dagar sedan
  • What is the net for?

    Massimo FalsoneMassimo Falsone16 dagar sedan
  • Not trying to be “that guy” but would it be safer to put the catch can in the bed rather in front of the rear tire? I’ve seen a lot of those things leak at the track.

    TheChad138TheChad13816 dagar sedan
  • you could use heatshrink on the ends of the heat sleeving to make it cleaner

    ValleVaanValleVaan16 dagar sedan
  • as you see from my comment 2 days ago. Congrats on the W!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    swissmochajswissmochaj16 dagar sedan
  • GREAT WIN AT FREEDOM 500!!!!!!

    Blake FriesBlake Fries16 dagar sedan
  • What brand heat sleeving are you using?

    dualsnorkeldualsnorkel16 dagar sedan
  • Can’t wait to see and hear this thing alive!!!

    Mike DoubleOhDoubleUMike DoubleOhDoubleU16 dagar sedan
  • Kevin, no need to apologize for not filming every little detail on these builds. We all understand you are a real shop, with real customers, and they come first. Thank you for documenting and sharing what you can, with the limited amount of free time you have!

    Ryan MRyan M17 dagar sedan
  • Nothing spared. First class all around.

    G CrauwelsG Crauwels17 dagar sedan
  • I have no intention to build any cars really ever, most I ever do is change fluids. I have to say I really really appreciate these videos that Kevin puts out. At first I found them a bit slow but I’ve really grown to appreciate the calm, laid back, and informative nature of the videos. This is one of those channels which really helps to teach a lot of people! Kevin’s channel and The Skid Factory are probably my favourite channels at the moment.

    Daniel MDaniel M17 dagar sedan
  • Freedom 500 late entry ksr Kevin top contender .....if kev drive's anything like he builds race cars they are all in for a ass whooping

    Motorsport EuropeMotorsport Europe17 dagar sedan
  • I say it almost every video, but the attention to detail and all the planning is unreal. Looks amazing 👏

    Robin WendtRobin Wendt17 dagar sedan
  • isn't a hose system something to behold? we started using crimped hoses in the 80's and never looked back.. looks like you do some great work... I have also used anti-seize on AN fittings.. it is especially important with alcohol and fuel motors where there is no lube property to the fuel.. Damage the anodize and you damage the fitting..

    randalljamesrandalljames17 dagar sedan
  • It’s coming along very good, well done to Kevin and crew. Can’t wait to see you going through the tuning.

    Phillip CavePhillip Cave17 dagar sedan
  • Is this beast going to do sixes?

    MrForrestclMrForrestcl17 dagar sedan
  • Any benefit of using one boost controller per turbo and using compressor speed sensor information to control the boost controllers to balance out the load between turbos to even out the flow. Long sentence but I think you get the point :-). If the flow is not close to similar on intake collector, this will create more turbulence and worsen the intake manifold efficiency and cylinder fill ratio.

    TaifuuniTaifuuni17 dagar sedan
  • I think you should put the water/ice tank drain behind the rear tire incase of a leak.

    Ray OlsonRay Olson17 dagar sedan
  • I use anti-seize to prevent galling as well. Be sure to keep it off the seats of the fitting, as it has an abrasive in it.

    T MT M17 dagar sedan
  • Loving the attention to DETAIL on this build!!! Doing a great job Kevin!

    Joe OliverJoe Oliver17 dagar sedan
  • Information overload on how its done right, and I say that in a good way, never new how it all works and thank you to Kevin, its bloody interesting, cheers mate 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

    steve_kemp70steve_kemp7017 dagar sedan
  • Comment

    Barje. WafflesBarje. Waffles17 dagar sedan
  • I'm thinking of sending you my 67 Elco, I 4-linked it and an building a 572 Alum. Big block. Turbo. Elco's were the working man's muscle car.

    Steve SoloSteve Solo17 dagar sedan
  • i must commend kevin for making an effort to use proper english.that is rare in these vids.cleetus and cleetuses vs.i and i s or me and mine or my.

    teknoäijäteknoäijä17 dagar sedan
  • It's so awesome to be able to watch how this car is being built. Im close to 50 and the magic of the internet gave me ability to see how its done. Thank you so much for letting me see the start of this car's life . I'm so excited WOOOOOT!!!!!!!

    SlySmasherSlySmasher17 dagar sedan
  • Can’t wait to see this car at Cleetus and cars this weekend.

    Diesel DogsDiesel Dogs17 dagar sedan
  • I hereby dub the, “fab Jesus”.

    Dallas SimeonDallas Simeon17 dagar sedan
  • I just had a sad realization..... Who's gonna drive Leroy on race week???

    Robert StevensRobert Stevens17 dagar sedan
  • This has to be Taylor rays dad😂 2 biggest perfectionist!!! Love it

    Owen MeanyOwen Meany17 dagar sedan
  • Badass fab work and work all around I had to subscribe 👍

    PRIVATEPRIVATE17 dagar sedan
  • 417 Motorsports - repping SW MO right up front!

    Colby WakefieldColby Wakefield17 dagar sedan
  • Is there any flexibility built in between the exhaust headers and the charge piping intake? Or it the whole turbo setup ridged?

    MaximilianMaximilian17 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to race week where you bring your street car to race in 6 different cities. Also, welcome to race week where I built a 6sec drag car that is also a 6sec street car

    Matthew SelphMatthew Selph17 dagar sedan
  • Seriously, Kevin, are you going to let anyone drive this work of art?

    James PlotkinJames Plotkin17 dagar sedan
  • It would be fun to use a small piece of ratty duct tape somewhere and see Cleet's reaction.

    James PlotkinJames Plotkin17 dagar sedan
  • Would that water pump work well on a semi daily driver? I'm ls swapping a c3 corvette with twin turbos and something like that would help with engine bay room.

    77RestoModVette77RestoModVette17 dagar sedan
  • As we watch Kev and listen has anyone else had thoughts of "F-1" engineering and fabrication? Yes I know, those teams have manpower and all the best equipment in the world, they must have it to build the cars they build but Kevin takes a back seat to NONE OF THEM.

    John ZJohn Z17 dagar sedan
  • Sorry but he doesn't have OCD. He is a prodigy of this generation. If I ever have the money to build a car/truck. I know who is building it.

    Jeremy ReakaJeremy Reaka17 dagar sedan
  • Kevin, would love to hear more about why controlling dome pressure is better than "traditional boost control"

    Jason DiasJason Dias17 dagar sedan
  • A little dab of anti seize on AN fittings, YES indeed.

    John ZJohn Z17 dagar sedan
  • im here for mullet but that viper is fantastic

    tigerjebtigerjeb17 dagar sedan
  • Just a thought on hose angle coming from heavy equipment where we make a lot of hoses I try to always leave a straight coupling on the opposite end of an angled coupling and use a fitting to achieve the required angles. This makes serviceability easier and straight couplings are usually more readily available.

    Tikyman081Tikyman08117 dagar sedan
  • What about the. Air jacks

    Rachael DesjardinsRachael Desjardins17 dagar sedan
  • When is this this gonna be done and all fired up I wanna see it rip

    Brady MeyerBrady Meyer17 dagar sedan
  • The guy in the background is the best

    Rachael DesjardinsRachael Desjardins17 dagar sedan
  • Kevin, have a question. Was just watching Jeremy over at Fasterproms. He said he likes to place O2 sensors pre turbo. I can't tell if that's what you do, but what are your thoughts on it?

    KJKJ17 dagar sedan
    • I have always heard that the pressure in the exhaust pre turbo messes with the readings.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication17 dagar sedan
  • What's the timeline for this beast first start up

    HTGB_ SkylerHTGB_ Skyler17 dagar sedan
  • Can't wait to see it fire up

    Kenneth DispainKenneth Dispain17 dagar sedan
  • Are we going to get a preview at the Freedom 500 Kevin?? Cleet said in his last video your racing now!!

    Weldmonster1Weldmonster117 dagar sedan
  • So many cool little details. Cleetus and James aren't going to know what to do with all their free time with how easy it'll be to replace or fix things.

    Chris BeckerChris Becker17 dagar sedan
  • Hey ya Kevin, great work and enjoy watching your channel! Just a question and I am no expert but wont having the exhaust pipes so close to the turbos cause unessessry heat to the turbo?

    Reece LinesReece Lines17 dagar sedan
    • Is there going to be a response to my Question @ksrperformance? Or just a like? I am interested to know!

      Reece LinesReece Lines16 dagar sedan
  • You should ask Cleetus about their setup they had on Ruby's trans cooler because they were having overheating issues while cruising on the highway during race week the first time. The second time they had fixed it by changing the setup. Just a thought! Awesome work as always Kev. Your work is impressive, inspiring, and top notch. I would love to be able to be your apprentice. I would legitimately work for free.

    Duner250RDuner250R17 dagar sedan
  • Whats the dash panel going to be like kevin? Its going to be a shame to cover all that bar work up! Cant improve on perfection! Plus it looks awesome all bare

    Josh RoseJosh Rose17 dagar sedan
  • Your attention to detail or OCD is absolutely amazing, you were born to build cars and it's amazing to watch someone being successful doing something they love and have a great passion for. Keep it up brother! Love the content!

    SSGT AbelSSGT Abel17 dagar sedan
  • When do we get to hear the 2 step

    Adam ResslerAdam Ressler17 dagar sedan
  • I like to shrink band the heat sleeve to the fitting half the band on the crimp sleeve and half on the heat sleeve. 3:1 adhesive lined heat shrink works well to. It’s a cleaner look and it prevents the sleeve from walking on the hose. Pro builder /Aviation tech, tech tip .

    Resto RodsResto Rods17 dagar sedan
  • Kevin love your common sense approach, and attention to detail !

    Sharky's Garage - RC and MoreSharky's Garage - RC and More17 dagar sedan
  • What transmission and converter you guys using?

    Omar E36 M3 TurboOmar E36 M3 Turbo17 dagar sedan
  • Imagine how relaxing it would be to watch Kevin and Car Wizard work on a car together

    Joshua LittleJoshua Little17 dagar sedan
  • Mullet is one Heck of a piece of Fabrimagification ! Well done guys.

    BryDuhBikeGuyBryDuhBikeGuy17 dagar sedan
  • Kevin - most aircraft standard practices recommend Loctite C5-A (MIL-PRF 907) on AN hot air fitting threads and Turbine engine oil (MIL-PRF-23699 or -7808) for AN fuel lines.

    4dogyard4dogyard18 dagar sedan
  • Keven has so much specialist knowledge and expertise. It's a wonder how he has learned so much at such a young age. I just love hearing him describe the build, and these videos are getting the car a big following before it even hits the track. It's going to be a legend!

    Trevor DennisTrevor Dennis18 dagar sedan
  • man this car deserves mirrored turbos

    Bribable PineBribable Pine18 dagar sedan
  • I need a job :(

    Pretty Red’s GarageryPretty Red’s Garagery18 dagar sedan
  • Anti-seize aka dirt grease. P.S. I use it too. 😂

    AntsanityAntsanity18 dagar sedan
  • Are you sure this is not a Sema build?

    Dan HDan H18 dagar sedan
  • Kevin is a brilliant man. This is what a car looks like when no corners are cut in the build. Great work!

    Jarrett SansoniJarrett Sansoni18 dagar sedan
  • Is there a reason to run those cooler lines under the frame?

    Adam WardAdam Ward18 dagar sedan
  • 11:00 a mark of a true fabricator/machinist: an arm full of Mcmaster Carr bags

    MrKtm200excMrKtm200exc18 dagar sedan
  • The 35 dislikes must be the racers "Mullet" will destroy first!! 😂 Great work KSR!!!

    Slick Six RacingSlick Six Racing18 dagar sedan
  • Not sure Garrett will be comfortable in mullet, as he’s not used to proper fitment, like the net, they would just say Wedge it!!

    Mike McElligottMike McElligott18 dagar sedan
  • Does having the catch tank in front of a rear tire present any safety concerns? Nightmare scenario where everything vents into the tank and overflows it...

    Mike SavageMike Savage18 dagar sedan
  • Swapping fuelrails is nice, but just an idea.... Why not have a valve somewhere there where fuel can be redirected to the other fuel rail? As such, when on the road or on the track and an injector fails, they just need to swap the injector map over, flip the valve and off you go till next time it's possible to wrench on it. As I undestand it now, the fuel feed/return needs to be swapped manually/physically?

    MrMattofswedenMrMattofsweden18 dagar sedan

    Deborah PellDeborah Pell18 dagar sedan
  • Kevin your sir are a fab artist. Incredible work you and your guys do. You make it look so easy. Tons of knowledge up in that cranium. Keep up the good work.

    Tracey CostilowTracey Costilow18 dagar sedan
  • What a masterpiece Kevin.

    Dakota HarbertDakota Harbert18 dagar sedan
  • Can't wait to see you finally powering up this beast, and run it on the dyno... Damn fine job there, Kev!

    TheRealXescTheRealXesc18 dagar sedan
  • Kevin I've worked on and with Pro race car builders and I have to tell you you attention to detail is 2nd to NONE. Any young person living around you would be blessed to intern with you. If your young,live close to Kevin's shop,Treat others with respect and want to build rase cars. This is the Man you want to learn from!!!!!! Great Job Kevin

    Eli BroomeEli Broome18 dagar sedan
  • Love this build! So well thought out, top quality. Quick question, the overflow is in front of the rear tire? 🤞 Hoping no overflow/leak of the overflow. 😳

    Eric DraperEric Draper18 dagar sedan
    • The tank is ahead of the tire, the actual vent will be on the top side of the bed at the back of the bed.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & Fabrication18 dagar sedan
  • Man I wish I had the funds to have Kevin help finish the race truck. You are as OCD as i am, great work man!!!

    Cam HookCam Hook18 dagar sedan
  • I love anti seize. Especially living in Michigan it is a life saver. My uncle turned me on to it years ago, only instead of the silver bottle brush cluster bomb that you end up wearing,I switched to an aerosol can. 100x better. 👊

    Cerakote LyfeCerakote Lyfe18 dagar sedan
  • I can't get over how nice the quality of work at KSR is. Out of curiosity what would that car cost? From start to finish cost. I know the plan is to run 6s with this car, but does it have the potential to ever break into the 5s? I have never had the experience to work on/play with cars of this caliber so I genuinely don't know. I'm still trying to get into the 10s on a budget 🤣

    dominic mcgoydominic mcgoy18 dagar sedan
  • Suprised how tight the guys at probab made the transmission tunnel that trans looks hard to work on

    Jesse DiasJesse Dias18 dagar sedan
  • Well thought out, well designed for use, repair, future alterations. Somebody give Kevin an engineering degree.

    mrmiscastmrmiscast18 dagar sedan
  • BRAVO! Great content. What causes a new fuel pump to fail? Just curious.

    BIG TRBBIG TRB18 dagar sedan