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24 okt 2020
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Follow Player in this compilation of episodes 1-5 of Among Us Logic! Whether he's playing on The Skeld, Mira HQ, or Pollus, Player just can't seem to catch a break. Join him and his good friends Captain, The Gentleman, Veteran, and of course Mr. Cheese, as they try to win both as crewmates and impostors...
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  • Among Us Logic 6 is next Saturday! In the meantime, check out GameTunes -

    GameToonsGameToonsMånad sedan
    • Woq

      Hadi HajjHadi Hajj11 dagar sedan

      ZaidK22ZaidK2227 dagar sedan
    • Is Player ever gonna win?

      Crowman261 ._. Because I’m Batman!Crowman261 ._. Because I’m Batman!Månad sedan
    • MR CHEESE!!!!!!!! and plz i want player to win

      Daniel ValverdeDaniel ValverdeMånad sedan
    • @• l u p i i • ok

  • coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Hassan SabrahHassan Sabrah24 minuter sedan
  • Gentlemens being mean

    Mason BMason B28 minuter sedan
  • I feel bad for veteran F for veteran

    Ayden GarciaAyden Garcia59 minuter sedan
  • 14:46 and 14:59 are my fav parts

    FlameKing_YTFlameKing_YTTimme sedan
  • This is awesome.

    Quar WilliamQuar WilliamTimme sedan
  • Cheese.

    Tristian LefebvreTristian LefebvreTimme sedan
  • 🐝

    peterdone2009peterdone2009Timme sedan
  • i love among

    Tom NeedhamTom NeedhamTimme sedan
  • 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😣😣😣😞😞😞😓😓

    Maximus BurlileMaximus Burlile2 timmar sedan
  • Can I join your game please I play Among Us

    Keyana GreenKeyana Green2 timmar sedan
  • I wanted to see what happend if he kill the mother

    You bloody BarstedYou bloody Barsted2 timmar sedan
  • Like

    mohammad ajlounymohammad ajlouny3 timmar sedan
  • player: no listen to me it’s the gentle everyone: I

    Gavin BarrettGavin Barrett3 timmar sedan
  • One of my favorite parts in the Among Us Logic is when, they say that Mr. Cheese is too stupid to be an impostor. And, when Goober says "Mr. Cheese dumb" Mr. Cheese automatically killed Goober and then he got voted out.

    Rabab YoussefRabab Youssef3 timmar sedan
  • This was made so well

    Theo NTheo N3 timmar sedan
  • Angle was so low honey

    Xx_FallenWolfie_xXXx_FallenWolfie_xX4 timmar sedan
  • Mr egg is killlng player

    Dan W.Dan W.4 timmar sedan
  • VELEM nya bagus”

    Play with PiyoPlay with Piyo4 timmar sedan
  • Times Infinity = 0

    Sci-FI Discussion TalksSci-FI Discussion Talks4 timmar sedan
  • It's great and so great

    Mrs.CorlisseMrs.Corlisse5 timmar sedan
  • I

    Samkae RempilloSamkae Rempillo5 timmar sedan
  • Wait i know mr. Cheese i saw you

    Minerva MartinezMinerva Martinez6 timmar sedan
  • The pirate sounds like mr krabs

    Brandon GrahamBrandon Graham7 timmar sedan
  • I love this

    Somila DyantyiSomila Dyantyi7 timmar sedan
  • All my family members like Among us

    GamingWithHalimGamingWithHalim8 timmar sedan
  • mr cheese is disguised as player and killed mr egg cause hes jealous that hes with the gentle man

    omkolfa 24omkolfa 248 timmar sedan
  • But poor the king because he said that player was not his best friend anymore....I'm not gonna say that Mr cheese is evil for lying to king but at that moment,it was so sad.

    Mandy JazzyMandy Jazzy9 timmar sedan
  • Poopy farts is super funny 🤣🤣🤣

    Belle MercadoBelle Mercado9 timmar sedan
  • Imposter

    lorilee walkerlorilee walker9 timmar sedan
  • Ini ceritanya fitnah fitnah terus padahal impostore yellow sama hijau tua

    Salamah SuwitaSalamah Suwita9 timmar sedan
  • Im doin A meme soundborad on ThIS

    Tina GrahamTina Graham10 timmar sedan
  • 🌞🌻🦋 Have a joyous day, rest of the week and weekend all! Loving hugs 🥰❤🤗😀👍, Susanne.

    Among Us FamilyAmong Us Family10 timmar sedan
  • Only people that think me cheese is better than me egg will like

    fatima ayubfatima ayub10 timmar sedan
  • Omg 😆

    Fatima FloresFatima Flores10 timmar sedan
  • The gentlemen, I will make sure you have a chaotic time with MR. Cheese helping

    John Luke TolentinoJohn Luke Tolentino10 timmar sedan

    AmyaAmya11 timmar sedan
  • one prayer for mister cheese

    AmyaAmya11 timmar sedan

    AmyaAmya11 timmar sedan
  • i was playing Among Us and i saw someone named player

    AmyaAmya11 timmar sedan
  • TheGentleman is the imposters and mr egg

    Justine FabsJustine Fabs12 timmar sedan
  • Wait im Player were decame Player

    Justine FabsJustine Fabs12 timmar sedan
  • 43:21 twins orange mr.cheese and mr.egg

    Prince kenny JuniorPrince kenny Junior12 timmar sedan
  • Player was the impostor....ଘ

    Jayden RodriguezJayden Rodriguez12 timmar sedan
  • I like the speech of ninja, I don't know a damn thing but it feels good to hear, what is this dialogue?

    kingking13 timmar sedan
  • XD good video.

  • Omg

    Adriana jaimesAdriana jaimes14 timmar sedan
  • I met at among us

    Adriana jaimesAdriana jaimes14 timmar sedan
  • Everyone: Talking about how player turned into Mr. Cheese Me: Wondering how Mr. Egg and Mr. Cheese are both orange

    Jason JeffersonJason Jefferson14 timmar sedan
  • PLAYER, how did you not hear that vent open and close

    shadow21shadow2115 timmar sedan
  • Ik u ur from tiktok

    I like tiktok sI like tiktok s15 timmar sedan
  • Make another movie please and thank you

    colton adamscolton adams16 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    king Kingsheenking Kingsheen16 timmar sedan
  • COOL😎🤑

    Sophia OrtizSophia Ortiz17 timmar sedan
  • See player? I was not the imposter.

    The GentlemanThe Gentleman18 timmar sedan
  • lmao love the ending!!!!!!!!

    Brock RodgersBrock Rodgers18 timmar sedan

    Jenn ONealJenn ONeal18 timmar sedan
  • Hello Mr cheese

    Farmer man mFarmer man m19 timmar sedan
  • I loved this it was halarius

    California and Maine DUTTP The PolenBallCalifornia and Maine DUTTP The PolenBall19 timmar sedan
  • i just noticed that the person who is acting as Mr. Egg is Ryan i think, because that is the person who acted as kit who sounds a lot like mr egg.

    TanTanJD Adventures and GamesTanTanJD Adventures and Games19 timmar sedan
  • Make more plzz

    Gloria AdekanmbiGloria Adekanmbi19 timmar sedan
  • only

    Dominic LopezDominic Lopez19 timmar sedan
  • 39:45

    Emma PerezEmma Perez19 timmar sedan
  • Mr cheese: I'm Mr cheese The gentleman: slaps

    Bryon GodwinBryon Godwin20 timmar sedan
  • Big Lzzz. that whole series is 1 big joke. Great job at making it look like the crap it is.

    Don LeeDon Lee20 timmar sedan
  • Omg mr Cheese is savage

    Angel Dust759Angel Dust75920 timmar sedan
  • This is what you watch when you have watched everything on Netflix

    Jamie GolembeskiJamie Golembeski21 timme sedan
  • I feel bad for Mr cheese

    Libby ElsworthLibby Elsworth21 timme sedan
  • I just realised that BDay sounds like Greg from Steven Universe.. who agrees?

    CreamyRøseCreamyRøse21 timme sedan
  • Oh yeah you did you killed right in front of player Oh my god you don't know how did he not know how to play this game 😎😎😎😎

    Rodrigo MartinezRodrigo Martinez22 timmar sedan
  • ew yikes

    Derek and the RoadmanDerek and the Roadman22 timmar sedan
  • Jada yes

    jeremiah Sealjeremiah Seal23 timmar sedan
  • Reds last reson to vote the gentelmen is stuped

    Gavan CorrGavan CorrDag sedan
  • How could stoner sabotage lights when you cant do that on the mira hq

    mr lochtendomr lochtendoDag sedan
  • you wouldn't believe how shocked i was

    CaptainCaptainDag sedan
  • love i

    Kaedyn VerdegaalKaedyn VerdegaalDag sedan
  • I was expecting from purple to be the man behind the slaughter

    Andrea StarrAndrea StarrDag sedan
  • wow i loved

    adriana galeanoadriana galeanoDag sedan

    Humza the awesome guy MoizHumza the awesome guy MoizDag sedan
  • In the beginning ninja popped

    Humza the awesome guy MoizHumza the awesome guy MoizDag sedan
  • 0 _ 0

    Maritza RamosMaritza RamosDag sedan
  • 43:19

    DaisyDaisyDag sedan
  • I like it when ninja talks it says “[music]”

    TinLad 07TinLad 07Dag sedan
  • Timy is sooooo cute

    Aprile AndersonAprile AndersonDag sedan
  • ”sometimes the crewmates kill more than the imposters.”

    GameToons AnimationGameToons AnimationDag sedan
  • Plot twist on part 2: the reality shows that Player is a crewmate

    SovietUnionSovietUnionDag sedan
  • MumboJumbo is a Redstone master in minecraft

    ISYIASE PC and Gaming ChannelISYIASE PC and Gaming ChannelDag sedan

    viorel voineaviorel voineaDag sedan

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  • K

    Geraldine GormanGeraldine GormanDag sedan
  • 4:45 How Sheriff got ejected into space while they are in MIRA HQ

    Ᏼ 0 Տ Տ • 40 years agoᏴ 0 Տ Տ • 40 years agoDag sedan
  • Everyone: awww mr.cheese is SOOOO CUTE Mr.cheese: nobody suspects **pulls out knife** MR.CHEEEEESE

    Jennifer JerkinsJennifer JerkinsDag sedan
  • EGGszelent

    Anna VörösAnna VörösDag sedan
  • How do you get ejected into space on Mira hq

    Jiraphat SempianJiraphat SempianDag sedan
  • I play among us

    Reuben BlocksReuben BlocksDag sedan
  • 7:15

    Yazhan AhmedYazhan AhmedDag sedan
  • I really wasn’t expecting Mr. Cheese to get revenge. What a plot twist.

    lawson jeffreyalawson jeffreyaDag sedan
  • The pink trus me💝

    Elisa HernandezElisa HernandezDag sedan
  • Omg the cute 💖

    Elisa HernandezElisa HernandezDag sedan
  • Ya hahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahhahahahha

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