Epic Cycling on Ice

10 feb 2021
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Epic Cycling on Ice
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bike with circular saws instead of wheels that can easily ride on ice - icуcycle 😂
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    Angheluta Ionuț-SorinAngheluta Ionuț-Sorin17 minuter sedan
  • Aokiji, is it you?

    emme K6emme K617 minuter sedan
  • Одно не ловкое движение ,и яиц нет)

    CAPATOB-64 -RUSCAPATOB-64 -RUS28 minuter sedan
  • This gonna turn into a new extreeme sport

    BK SenseiBK Sensei32 minuter sedan
  • Ok

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  • I think I would take a template and cut lightening holes in the saw blades. Those saw blade wheels have gotta be heavy.

    Robert LuechtefeldRobert Luechtefeld56 minuter sedan
  • Ахаха,получилась пила!

    Евгений МахинЕвгений МахинTimme sedan
  • It's an ice-cycle!

    Jack LeeJack LeeTimme sedan
  • "My mom is ill" "I want to Do Something for her "But SEworld is Not giving me views " Ya worst in the world 😔..

    Miss ParulMiss ParulTimme sedan
  • Its all fun until the ice breaks

    Laine UnderwoodLaine UnderwoodTimme sedan
  • Fax

    Alwin ThomasAlwin ThomasTimme sedan
  • Imagine that you hand. The brake and your but goes to the ispikes

    Christian Jade TrinidadChristian Jade TrinidadTimme sedan
  • Aachi khasi cycle ki mother sister ek kar di kya maza aaya

    digital Gamerdigital GamerTimme sedan
  • its all fun and games until the ice cracked

    yosia marcelyosia marcelTimme sedan
  • A bike that is so good to eat shaved ice!

    짠이짠이2 timmar sedan
  • Sad part is this cycle can't sale in India because India has Tropical climatic condition but not like European American Meditarrian climate's We're snowfall is observed 😔🙂

    KOLI M K KOLIKOLI M K KOLI2 timmar sedan
  • nice

    Loading_LuapLoading_Luap2 timmar sedan
  • Imagine what happened if man accidently sit on the blade😂😂😂

    Rohit varatRohit varat2 timmar sedan
  • if a person sits side legs on the back he would have a new horizontal a*s crack and his a*s overall a looks like a giant holy cross !

    jaanu2222jaanu22222 timmar sedan
  • It's like a saw trap where you play chicken with your mates to survive and if you mess up shredded 😂

    Freddie RangerUKFreddie RangerUK2 timmar sedan
  • Если упадеш то все, не покатаешся больше

    ОРЕОН- VTОРЕОН- VT3 timmar sedan
  • если облегчить колёса будет реально бомба!

    Олег ЧёрныйОлег Чёрный3 timmar sedan
  • Один вопрос ЗАЧЕМ

    Светлана СавинаСветлана Савина3 timmar sedan
  • ✍🤳🤛🤜🏟

  • Thanks for showing your Epic Cycling on Ice. Great idea.

    BlenderFanBlenderFan3 timmar sedan
  • 61 million's brain thinking tey will NEVER make one for themselves after watching 😎

    Jona LkrJona Lkr3 timmar sedan
  • Why you didn't apply to work with Toyota ???

    HazmanHazman3 timmar sedan
  • 10000 подписчиков без видео

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  • Cycling more loke Sawcling

    Bronacho124Bronacho1243 timmar sedan
  • These edits gonna hurt my brain 😮

    SpiritGDSpiritGD3 timmar sedan
  • "the ass in ice splitter" . . . . . . . Alternately spelt as "butt segmenter"

    Burger BoyBurger Boy3 timmar sedan
  • Awesome

    asfiatun nyasfiatun ny4 timmar sedan
  • ,Cuồng

    Huan HoangHuan Hoang4 timmar sedan
  • 위험하다

    이경민이경민4 timmar sedan
    • 위험해요아저씨

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  • Цепь 🔗 от велика по размеру на спущенную покрышку колеса и накачать тож нормальная тема

    Владимир ДмитриевВладимир Дмитриев4 timmar sedan
  • Циркулярка 👍👍👍💪💪💪

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  • you should call this the icycle

    Will DWill D4 timmar sedan
  • Thats aokiji

    Isro' FIsro' F4 timmar sedan
  • Omg this cycle

    priyanka bahugunapriyanka bahuguna4 timmar sedan
  • 4:56 for riding

    nikographicsnikographics5 timmar sedan
  • Держись село! Яйцерезка готова и прошла испытания

    Константин ГнеушевКонстантин Гнеушев5 timmar sedan
  • Judas Priest - Painkiller, album cover? :D

    tinkerwithstufftinkerwithstuff5 timmar sedan
  • when he fell back 🍑🥠🍑🥠🍑🥠

    Lovely kambojLovely kamboj5 timmar sedan
  • Very crazy

    kemile araujokemile araujo5 timmar sedan
  • This cycle can cut the road

    Harsh Dynamic GamingHarsh Dynamic Gaming5 timmar sedan
  • Colin furze 2.0

    MaxMax6 timmar sedan
  • Who come here by hindi countdown video👍👍

    KinG FirE GaminGKinG FirE GaminG6 timmar sedan
  • As s tearing ride. I mean ice tearing ride, yeah!

    Quotes LandQuotes Land6 timmar sedan
  • Always could get a job at a saw mill when the pond isnt frozen

    Chris WyattChris Wyatt6 timmar sedan
  • Next time I need to get across a frozen pond instead of walking around I'll do this, yea right a complete waste of time.

    Chris WyattChris Wyatt6 timmar sedan
  • u can ride this to kill zombies

    ZoeZoe6 timmar sedan
  • we can look your face!!!

    Azrol RomliAzrol Romli6 timmar sedan
    • ok tht right?

      Azrol RomliAzrol Romli6 timmar sedan
  • Hahah the first one was on ice and the second is on snow hehehe😂🤣🤣🤣lol Lmao

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  • Sumer

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  • Thanks for not bait us.

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  • ) ) 🌀

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  • - Яйца

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  • wo w

    Shemeena K HShemeena K H6 timmar sedan
  • I dare you to wheelie that XD

    Johny CricketJohny Cricket6 timmar sedan
  • Imagine u accidentally fell down on that scary wheels 🤪🤪

    under depressionunder depression6 timmar sedan
  • Wuuwue7wue

    Fatma BayakFatma Bayak7 timmar sedan
  • Nice icecycle.

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  • From Indonesia

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  • MY LEGGG ! -Guy on the beach

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  • Thats one way to cut the ice

    Nara SindhunataNara Sindhunata7 timmar sedan
  • هل يوجد عربي

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  • Satisfaction level

    KAVYA KALERKAVYA KALER7 timmar sedan

    KAVYA KALERKAVYA KALER7 timmar sedan
  • Прикиньте если штаны застрянут. Будут шор🙄ы😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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  • Trust me 5 years later there will be an Olympics for this. I saw the future.

    Cecile UniaCecile Unia8 timmar sedan
  • 얼음 호수 아님? 이게 안죽네

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  • The patience this guy hass, unbelievable

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  • Manish SinghManish Singh8 timmar sedan
  • Nice

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  • Попробуй на танковых траках.

    8 timmar sedan
  • 🚲spee razka no yes gubd

    eli kurniatieli kurniati8 timmar sedan
  • The title should be: "How to potentially lose a leg while cycling"

    fleigh herofleigh hero8 timmar sedan
  • Imagine if this cycle has a carrier and why you are sitting on that Carrier when cycle is at top speed, suddenly the carrier breaks..!🔱🛌

    JhonwickJhonwick8 timmar sedan
  • Nic bro

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  • Lol men😐😂

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  • no one came here because they intended to today

    Michael HawthorneMichael Hawthorne8 timmar sedan
  • icycle

    edward simonsedward simons8 timmar sedan
  • Think 😂 if by mistake rider fall on the tyre

    jr poetjr poet8 timmar sedan
  • make a cricle

    Carousel Blind.Carousel Blind.8 timmar sedan
  • the year is 2021. mankind forgot how to make tube tires... so we improvised coming to you this summer

    Soviet MaoriSoviet Maori9 timmar sedan
  • lmao dont fall on them.......these are a very bad idea.....and heavy

    Bike RiderBike Rider9 timmar sedan
  • stop you’re giving Jigsaw ideas 💡

    g dg d9 timmar sedan
  • epic but dangerous

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  • 같은자리 몇번 왔다갔다 하면 빠지겠네ㅋㅋ

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  • This is totali bakvas Fudu saley

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  • 🐴🐎

    Mahmodalbarazel MahmodalbarazelMahmodalbarazel Mahmodalbarazel10 timmar sedan
  • Ya know somehow this looks dangerous. Just me?

    Ellie SEllie S10 timmar sedan
  • Everyone gangsta till he starts drowning..

    Astral RLAstral RL10 timmar sedan
  • Why on earth wouldn't you put fenders above the blades, esp. in the rear? Jesus

    Piotr ChylareckiPiotr Chylarecki11 timmar sedan
  • 타다가 발 짤릴듯

    김종현김종현11 timmar sedan
  • KD o grau ?? Kkk

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  • Awesome Dude

    Samrat ChakrabortySamrat Chakraborty11 timmar sedan
  • cool

    weiss SHweiss SH11 timmar sedan
  • 我認為走路比較快

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