Chevelle V12 Engine Swap #3: the CAR WIZARD is already running into problems!

12 jan 2021
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Chevelle V12 Engine Swap #3
The CAR WIZARD 🧙‍♂️ is already running into some very series problems. Luckily, J & J Auto Wrecking saves the day! Thanks John!!!
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  • I found J&J through youtube sponsored videos. They have been awesome. I am doing a difficult restore/build with a Volvo 2006 XC90 and they have been invaluable in getting good quality parts that match up with what I need, including knowing what parts cross over from other vehicles. And the staff was patient with me. They have been a lifesaver.

    100% John100% John14 dagar sedan
    • 350 ft lbs that it crap we have 2.3 cylinder engines making more then that.

      victor girouardvictor girouard2 dagar sedan
    • I really sucks that a holes like the one that sold you the engine gives eBay a bad name.

      victor girouardvictor girouard2 dagar sedan
    • Mr. Wizard i bought a 56k mile Lexus SC400 engine from LKQ on ebay once, and of coarse I let it set for over a year before I did anything with it because it was a year before finding the car in my plan. The engine had last been registered 12 years prior. This is what happens when you pull an engine and don't drain the antifreeze. Every water port in the entire engine was plugged solid and it had eat up the head gaskets and started eating the aluminum heads. I had to dig it all out with a screw driver and get the heads cut down .012 to try and clean them up. other than that the engine was perfect and it lasted me 8 years until I sold the car and I still see it around so I think it's still going 14 years later. The moral of the story drain the antifreeze when you pull and engine for long term. It really wasn't in an ocean.

      Wayde WynnWayde Wynn14 dagar sedan
    • @100% John cool! I’m a Swede so Volvos you know... its a part of the culture. I also see you’re into cameras and music. So cars, tube amps and cameras... we might be soul mates! Haha

      Ola JustinOla Justin14 dagar sedan
    • @Ola JustinIt is in the works!

      100% John100% John14 dagar sedan
  • Is wizard wearing an Eazy-e shirt? 😂 lmao. You’re a legend wizard!

    Dano SmithDano Smith7 timmar sedan
  • For the engine mount I'm guessing that you don't need to do that much to get clearance. It looks to me like if you clearanced the plate by 3/8" that the cross linkage and tie rods would clear. And I bet that the "hockey puck" mount would already clear or if not, maybe an 1/8" shaving of one side would fix it. The only thing that doesn't seem apparent is exactly where the bottom mounting stud would go. If that interferes then all bets are off but then I'd wonder about what other engine mounts could be adapted into it. All it really needs is a stud sticking up out it is and if you found one what a could mounting ears on the sides it would bold in much easier.

    BorkToThe3rdBorkToThe3rdDag sedan
  • Definitely go with power steering and a rack. Will make the vehicle so much more enjoyable to drive.

    DD2 dagar sedan
  • I would do a Electric rack .

    victor girouardvictor girouard2 dagar sedan
  • Toyota prius electric steering. Maybe easier

    Jay1775 usJay1775 us4 dagar sedan
  • I would recommend a steering rack, to match up with the smoothness of the V12 (if that makes sense)

    French20centFrench20cent4 dagar sedan
  • Starring rack

    Mark McGheeMark McGhee4 dagar sedan
  • I’m so sorry that you got royally screwed on eBay, Car Wizard. I would like to offer you the services of my law firm, Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, to address your grievances with the seller.

    Lettuce CarrotsLettuce Carrots5 dagar sedan
  • Power steering

    VacMaster 2020VacMaster 20205 dagar sedan
  • You're gonna have a helluva coffee table pretty soon.

    D CanD Can6 dagar sedan
  • You should do a hat giveaway and let people guess how many water ports in head are stopped up I guess all of them lol I win send me a hat

    Mike MartinMike Martin6 dagar sedan
  • It was running when taken out but that was 20 years ago

    Mike MartinMike Martin6 dagar sedan
  • The jagabu

    Mike MartinMike Martin6 dagar sedan
  • I made my engine shroud from and old washing machine casing, did the whole floor too, as it had rotted away and some lazy sod used plywood (1973 flat-bed Chevy) I rebuilt the engine and heads. Pulls a tank up the side of a house now.

    Harold BradburyHarold Bradbury7 dagar sedan
  • That shirt is pimp

    1962 impaula1962 impaula8 dagar sedan
  • i see a "serious problem" too. there a big ugly guy in your engine bay.

    Motersickle BumMotersickle Bum8 dagar sedan
  • Man, Wizard... I like your stuff but I'm disappointed that this video felt like an advertisement. Being genuine is endearing, and this just kinda feels like you're going in the opposite direction. I hope you'll consider that.

    nomadbennomadben8 dagar sedan
  • I would really love to see a video of those heads coming off. Those studs are gonna fight you all the way.

    Car Wash Adam CooperCar Wash Adam Cooper8 dagar sedan
  • Rack & pinion steering, and better brakes.

    C SmithC Smith8 dagar sedan
  • J & J Auto got a sale from me, hope they continue to sponsor the channel.

    wrxguyusawrxguyusa8 dagar sedan
  • Kind of hope you don't get your money back - Would love to see a deep dive into that engine to see just how rough it is!

    Ross StewartRoss Stewart8 dagar sedan
  • there is a v 12 l.s. out of Australia

    Shannon NormanShannon Norman9 dagar sedan
  • Definitely a steering rack of some kind

    Notto CleverNotto Clever9 dagar sedan
  • Rack & pinion.

    adwenbadwenb9 dagar sedan
  • Like other have commented Wizard has lost his way. More of an infomercial. To bad.

    mike seguinmike seguin9 dagar sedan
  • There's no way this was a running, driving engine.

    HyperstrikeHyperstrike9 dagar sedan
  • Damn Wizard, hope you did some eBay buyer protection claim on that purchase

    Samuel OrellanaSamuel Orellana9 dagar sedan
  • Its the Blue Wiz-abu..... something along those lines

    Ralph MentaRalph Menta9 dagar sedan
  • Forgive me, but as a Brit and you're talking about a British car engine I'd like to bring your attention that you are mispronouncing the name :)> It should be jag-u-are not jag-w-are. Love the channel though!

    Chris GareChris Gare9 dagar sedan
  • Why would you replace a fuel injection system with a carburetor. Admittedly the Lucas system is unreliable, but surely there is a modern injection system you could fit to this engine? On DD Speed Shop he had a modern fuel injection system that went onto a 57 Chevy engine. Surely there must be something for the Jag V12?

    aftonlineaftonline9 dagar sedan
  • Every cloud has a silver lining, the J&J engine trans is a much better combo. Good on J&J for sorting it.

    Richard HatfieldRichard Hatfield9 dagar sedan
  • Long live the Jalibu!

    Sean ThompsonSean Thompson10 dagar sedan
  • But why a 4 door?

    Don StevensDon Stevens10 dagar sedan
  • You don't have to cut the driveshaft to install the larger yoke you can by a bastard joint witch will have the larger u joint caps on one side and smaller caps on the other I do it all the time 😉

    Jackie GregoryJackie Gregory10 dagar sedan
  • And now your Channel is blessed

    g0d G·D Enterpriseg0d G·D Enterprise10 dagar sedan
  • ..out of a running Jag🤣😂

    Louis-Philippe LavoieLouis-Philippe Lavoie10 dagar sedan
  • Flea bay strikes again ☹ You CAN get your money back if you bitch enough and go thru the proper return process on eBay. But yeah you'll be stuck with it and then you can use it as a boat anchor

    Eric BabcockEric Babcock10 dagar sedan
  • I'd love to see that junker engine torn down honestly. I'm curious just how bad it is.

    AguyAguy10 dagar sedan
  • I personally enjoyed the flute.

    serbia991serbia99110 dagar sedan
  • It's called electrolysis that's what's wrong with your engine it was ran without proper ground straps on the engine to the body and had water in the engine instead of antifreeze they removed the thermostat to keep it from getting clogged and overheating

    Sam Rock Jr.Sam Rock Jr.10 dagar sedan
  • Call it a Jagibu

    Arthur FoustArthur Foust10 dagar sedan
  • You don't care about bullet proof!? Don't tell Hoovie!

    Mark UnderwoodMark Underwood10 dagar sedan
  • this is a stupid swap if you are going to put a V 12 in a car why not use an Allison?

    Douglas AdamsDouglas Adams10 dagar sedan
  • Send that pos back

    Chevguy85Chevguy8510 dagar sedan
  • Wizard should also look into using the XJ6 sedan rear subframe with all of the Brakes / suspension.

    racer98racer9810 dagar sedan
  • Definitely a rack and pinion conversion!

    Bobby LaneBobby Lane10 dagar sedan
  • Seriously put it a rack & pinion steering , check into a electronic type

    Elizabeth CherryElizabeth Cherry10 dagar sedan
  • Steering rack. It'll drive better

    Drake OrionDrake Orion10 dagar sedan
  • Trash that engine. The bearings are going to be toast as well.

    ohio player1177ohio player117710 dagar sedan
  • How is the boat?

    MrCivnatn NoneMrCivnatn None11 dagar sedan
  • How is the boat?

    MrCivnatn NoneMrCivnatn None11 dagar sedan
  • Thanks nice

    Steve F.M.Steve F.M.11 dagar sedan
  • Just LS swap it!

    Tool Using PrimateTool Using Primate11 dagar sedan
  • rack and pinion easy peasy

    brent morrisbrent morris11 dagar sedan
  • Duh.... Use the jaguar steering rack, it's about the same width

    hans hoogendykhans hoogendyk11 dagar sedan
  • One thing about J&J, they will ship worldwide/eastern Europe/Asia etc. but not Alaska/Hawaii.

    russmanhirussmanhi11 dagar sedan
  • You definitely should complain at ebay.

    vitadelicatusvitadelicatus11 dagar sedan
  • Go for the power steering, much more usable driving experience with the weight of that lump.

    Alex GrayAlex Gray11 dagar sedan
  • I have never been into cross auto manufacturer engine swaps, I feel it devalues the vehicle, that is my humble opinion! There are exceptions. If you are swapping out a 6.0 Powerstroke or 6.4 Powerstroke from a Ford F-250-F-550 for a Cummins or a Caterpillar Diesel!

    Mr. AscotMr. Ascot11 dagar sedan
  • Best to not buy any used parts, engines ect... on Ebay too many items i have purchased are never as clean or good as the seller claims. Many I got were unusable.

    BrianBrian11 dagar sedan
  • bring this restomod into the 21st century, coil overs, tubular a-arms, power rack, four wheel disk brakes, etc. etc. the whole magilla.

    Paul ThompsonPaul Thompson11 dagar sedan
  • Drop spindle doesn’t change the steering arm location only the vertical position of the actual spindle. I would notch the gusset or try and use like a motor plate higher up to limit the rocking of the engine

    Fat DanFat Dan11 dagar sedan
  • V12 Jaguar rebuild video time!!

    copperlocks1copperlocks111 dagar sedan
  • Seems to me if you want to do this right you would go with a v12 LS. 45k and you have a brand new piece that will make 2x the power of a 30 year old Jag. Good luck with that antique.

    Scott GScott G11 dagar sedan
  • I thought you were supposed to put the Chevy motor in the Jaguar, not the other way around-

    Everetttango1Everetttango111 dagar sedan
  • Super awesome video 👌 this 66 Malibu build is my cup 🥤 of tea 🍵 Thanks for sharing 👍

    James GordonJames Gordon11 dagar sedan
  • I am so thrilled that you matured past the “I only like things stock” mentality. This is an awesome project, and YES it is a muscle car. AND, it will be a Hot Rod. Can’t wait.

    wts9811wts981111 dagar sedan
  • shoulda done an LS swap lol! im playin.

    Ben DinoBen Dino11 dagar sedan
  • Oh my god the state of that engine. Absolutely shocking. What sort of gangster sold that to you. If eBay doesn't find in your favour then go to the bank or paypal or whatever system you used to buy the engine. As this is sale is clearly fraud, they have to reverse the charge back to your account.

    The Motorcycle MuseThe Motorcycle Muse11 dagar sedan
  • Running and driving before Katrina.

    Brad KlingensmithBrad Klingensmith11 dagar sedan
  • Just file an Ebay dispute, if the seller doesn't come up with solution in 3 business days ask Ebay to step in and help. They will force seller to provide means of return and a refund. If Ebay is retarded for any reason or it's been more than 30 days since delivery you can also file a Paypal dispute.

    MadBurrito xMadBurrito x11 dagar sedan
  • I would LOVE to see the autopsy of the bad V12

    jerry heltonjerry helton11 dagar sedan
  • Those engine mount welds dont look good. Might want to consider back gouging and running a cleaner bead.

    David PostmusDavid Postmus11 dagar sedan
  • Mrs Car Wizard, please buy a set of Tradesmans Knee Pads for Mr Car Wizard, so that he is not a cripple by the time he is 50, like me...

    Sociopathic NarcissistSociopathic Narcissist12 dagar sedan
  • Give them a fair chance to make it makes all. Parties involved look bad.if you have to spread the word. The pen is mighter than the sword

    Kevin SullivanKevin Sullivan12 dagar sedan
  • Electric powered rack and pinion? As per Hoovie and his Mustang. Could something similar be done easily?

    Adrian SunAdrian Sun12 dagar sedan
  • The 6-litre Jaguar V12 (1993-97) runs on Nippon-Denso disttibutor-less fuel injection with coil packs, akin to Ford EDIS-6 system. If you hadn't already had the intakes for a carburetted set-up, I'd have suggested you keep the stock ignition system and swap the transmission with a Getrag-290 manual.

    Subarno SinhaSubarno Sinha12 dagar sedan
    • the 6.0 only got the denso system with the x305. this is the lucas 16CU with a distributor in the xjs and xj81

      x-altx-alt11 dagar sedan
  • I'd suggest a power steering rack (hydraulic rack preferably). Saves the arm workout in slow moving traffic, weighs up nicely with increase in speed and gives you very nice steering feedback. Win win win. I don't know if it'll fit in your budget, but of it can then go for it.

    Subarno SinhaSubarno Sinha12 dagar sedan
  • Dropped spindles won't let you move the steering linkage. Dropped spindles just move the spindle. The a-arms mounting points will stay the same. If you move the steering linkage with all that staying the same, you will get excessive bumpsteer. I think I would go with a different motor mount design if possible.

    D FranklinD Franklin12 dagar sedan
  • Rack & pinion! The only way to go!

    Fred KaminskiFred Kaminski12 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe that anyone would put a foreign diesel into a Chevy.....that's completely bass-ackwards......put a Chevy into a Merc or whatever. Virtually nearly every backyard in the U.S. has a SBC and parts are dirt-cheap.

    Tom NekudaTom Nekuda12 dagar sedan
  • Ditch the injection, throw in six Weber IDAs... 😅

    Mark Newton-JohnMark Newton-John12 dagar sedan
  • "Money is not an issue." thanks to Hoovie. 😉

    Mark Newton-JohnMark Newton-John12 dagar sedan
  • Definitely a steering rack..... Set it up the way you want.

    Tom NekudaTom Nekuda12 dagar sedan
  • I've had the bait n switch on something that was $300, can't imagine an engine i'd be pssst

    Joe LopezJoe Lopez12 dagar sedan
    • I never been a fan of eBay

      ohio player1177ohio player117710 dagar sedan
  • If you paid more than $50 and you don't file a report with eBay, you do a disservice to anyone else doing business online.

    Mike JacobMike Jacob12 dagar sedan
  • Maliguar? Jagibu?

    Mike JacobMike Jacob12 dagar sedan
  • Weezaard (in my worst Hovie impression 🤣 )- I used to do custom fab at a speed shop and have done a few custom swaps like this, including a 500cid caddie in a '66 Le Mans (essentially the same chassis and the caddie mounts are almost in exactly the same spot as the jag mounts) where the owner wanted EVERYTHING I made to be bolt-in, including the motor mount adapter plates. Yes, there are companies that claim to sell kits to do this swap, we found that NOTHING that they sold fit right. I have not had a set of drop spindles for an A body in my hands for probably 14years, BUT, the point of drop spindles is to drop the axle shaft UP on the spindle body moving the whole car down relative to the wheel, without changing the steering geometry. If designed _correctly_ they should not change the location of your steering linkage. You often see people running bump steer kits with them not because the tie rod mounts/steering linkage has been moved, but because they are trying to fix some other problem. On the swap I mentioned, on one side I used a Mopar slant 6 motor mount (the same idea as the mount you showed but the body is smaller and rectangular) and a 70's El Dorado mount on the other side to clear the exhaust (on the body side it mounts with a stud like the mount that you're using). I ended up making the adapter plates out of 1/2" which raised everything up just a hair allowing me to cut a notch in the bottom edge of the plates to clear the linkage. I'm betting just that would fix your problem. If not, or if you don't want the engine up a hair, then typically the idler and steering box mount have some adjustment to them to level out the centerlink, adjust them all the way down (maybe even extend the slots and or there are ways to safely bend the idler and pitman arm also), and if you need it use a bump steer kit (on most setups that spaces the linkage down on the spindle side)- who cares if you even induce some bump steer, almost everything has it from the factory and you're not building road race monster, you'll never notice. Finally, I'd suggest staying away from R&P conversions. Customers love those things because they want a "modern suspension," and bragging rights. The fact is that they did not gain popularity in the 80's because they worked better, but because they're smaller, lighter and easier to package (kind of like MacPherson struts). Notice that in more critical applications, like trucks, they still haven't been completely replaced by a R&P. Besides the fact that the old school steering box is more durable, gives better road feedback, is adjustable... most R&P setups are designed for spindles with shorter steering arms, different control arm geometry and a very different K-member assembly in the car. It seems like people rarely talk about this when they brag about their modern R&P steering, but you end up with an odd steering ratio/boost, loss of turning radius, even more induced bump steer, and a steering shaft connection that is often under the front corner of the engine so you end up having to add joints and other monkey business to the steering shaft. You end up with something that never feels like any sane factory would do to a car, it's just weird/not right, turns 3 point turns into 9point, and you end up hearing the power steering pump inside the car (the multiple u-joints are solid, rather than the flexible factory "rag joint.")

    Mark PikasMark Pikas12 dagar sedan
  • No cutting...... steering rack. Good thing you only paid $25.00 for the engine. Why buy a total POS off of eBay?

    J AltenburgJ Altenburg12 dagar sedan
  • I think you should call it the Jagibu

    Marc GranberryMarc Granberry12 dagar sedan
  • Jaguar engine into a Malibu, very interesting. i think i would have put a LS engine in that car, or a old school small block chevy engine.

    luis bettencourtluis bettencourt12 dagar sedan
  • Errrr, why?

    Curtis BryceCurtis Bryce12 dagar sedan
  • Drop tech nique

    yardarm5yardarm512 dagar sedan
  • I would absolutely recommend letting the ebay seller know what's going on. That's BS.

  • I think a steering rack is a good idea. It seems the parts are readily available and not pricey. Re-route the steerting shaft, etc. and you get better steering hopefully.

    dno5779dno577912 dagar sedan
  • YOU can return it. contact ebay

    Dave BlaneDave Blane12 dagar sedan
  • I say go power steering rack

    Billy PierceBilly Pierce12 dagar sedan
  • Put in a power rack

    Manuel mantillaManuel mantilla12 dagar sedan
  • here in the UK these engines get called boat anchors a lot, this one looks like it actually was a boat anchor

    VracktalVracktal12 dagar sedan