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17 okt 2020
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how 2 vent #amongus
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  • FINISH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Manrique CarazoManrique CarazoTimme sedan
  • So sad what this channel has gone to, I've watched corpse husband for 9 years now, to the point where the first videos I remember watching about creepypasta arent even on the channel anymore. Now, however, it seems he is just milking Among Us for views or money, or a combination of the two. I dont think the channel is completely ruined, but I don't like the direction it's going. Stick to the content that got yourself the platform to be here in the first place. Seems a bit greedy to be totally honest. He spends months to put out a single narration video but shits out 4 Among Us videos in a month or two? Clearly there is a discrepancy here.

    Quinton PorterQuinton PorterTimme sedan
  • James really sayin sus💀 nah bruh YOU are sus

    LeoLeoTimme sedan
  • “i love felix and everything he’s done for me” *flips lights and kills pewdiepie*

    kat millerkat miller2 timmar sedan
  • I saw you in game earlier today. You were pink with horns, it was Mira HQ, and I was named Scarlet. I was cyan with a flower on my head. Can you confirm this was you and not someone pretending to be you?

    LilyWolfYTLilyWolfYT2 timmar sedan
  • Its me Fluttershy!!!!

    DragonHeartDragonHeart3 timmar sedan
  • i love your vids

    Zia GriffithsZia Griffiths3 timmar sedan
  • Corpse being appreciative to his friends and fans 2secs later: “Now, here are some clips of me killing my friends.” Edit: Thx this is my most liked comment on SEworld Thank you all!

    FN VFN V3 timmar sedan
  • What happens when corpse does an impression using his deepest voice

    PiñataPiñata3 timmar sedan
  • Corpse: The impostor a LOT of times in a row Me: Not suprised

    Jaden GalarzaJaden Galarza3 timmar sedan
  • james charles... hi sister...gets slashed

  • Poki trying to do make up 😂😂

  • corpse-being all nice in the beginning “ok now here are some clips of me killing my friends”

    anime weebanime weeb4 timmar sedan

    flareonlover67flareonlover674 timmar sedan
  • 00:00

    LIANA LARALIANA LARA4 timmar sedan
  • I love your videos 💖

    Mrs catMrs cat4 timmar sedan
  • ur gay

    HowlerHowler4 timmar sedan
  • JAMES*

    Avanindra BholaAvanindra Bhola4 timmar sedan

    Avanindra BholaAvanindra Bhola4 timmar sedan
  • 100000 iq Biggest giga brain haha

    Rizza Melle CamarRizza Melle Camar4 timmar sedan
  • How old is CORPSE

    Drqk -Drqk -5 timmar sedan
  • I love his voice❤

    Norita RostanNorita Rostan5 timmar sedan
  • so nobody gonna talk about that slick vent kill he had on pewds in admin

    Matthew MooreMatthew Moore5 timmar sedan
  • people that doesnt like corpse get outa this world

    Alida Baez de MejiaAlida Baez de Mejia5 timmar sedan
  • Who else Ship Sykkuno and Corpse?

    AudrizzleAudrizzle5 timmar sedan
  • No offense but Poki is so condescending when she's trying to explain stuff. Just repeating and dragging out people's names. Like calm down hun it's a game. EDIT: You know maybe it's something people in this group do and it's only annoying to me because it's not how my friend groups talk. cause I've seen more than one person do it.

    SliceofBriSliceofBri5 timmar sedan
  • I like your strategy (and your voice)

    Riell 246Riell 2465 timmar sedan
  • Corps is a ninja like wow just wow lol

    Keenin SakuraKeenin Sakura5 timmar sedan
  • You voice is magic-

    Blizzy studiosBlizzy studios5 timmar sedan

    Janes LolabyeJanes Lolabye5 timmar sedan
  • Is it just me or is his voice like the best!!! 🥺🥰 It sounds like a sleepy voice!🥺🥰

    Z.M. BergerZ.M. Berger5 timmar sedan
  • lol poki doing make up

    Janes LolabyeJanes Lolabye6 timmar sedan
  • I've seen fanart of iterations of your profile picture but it's more donnie darko themed. was frank your original motivator for that avatar?

    FenguinFenguin6 timmar sedan
  • How come I never realized Jacks name, looks like Speed-Is-Key 🥺 that brings back memories

    Bloo MoonBloo Moon6 timmar sedan
  • Is the background music from Borderlands 2? Can’t help but compare

    Gavin KeatingGavin Keating6 timmar sedan
  • Everyone left: Doing lights Valkyrae wondering to herself: "Am I a parmesan chicken? With some marinara sauce?"

    Jwan JutaJwan Juta6 timmar sedan
  • corpse i actually remember watching u since day one during ur ghost stories it gave me nightmares but i watched them a bunch!

    hi hihi hi6 timmar sedan
  • I love ur voice!!!!

    KK GamingKK Gaming6 timmar sedan
  • When you say this are clips of killing my friends I feel like u actually mean it

    Tiktok_4_life RrTiktok_4_life Rr6 timmar sedan
  • did you know it is not possible to have 250 IQ

    Austin LappeAustin Lappe6 timmar sedan
  • Rae looks irl homicidal at the end

    Retro CrackerRetro Cracker6 timmar sedan
  • Hey corpse! Just wanted your AWSOME! And I was wondering if you could play fortnite I think it would be super funny 😄 anyways keep up the amazing vids

    Hey XnvyHey Xnvy6 timmar sedan
  • ik youll never see this but i litrraly luv your voice but why does your voice not atch your personallyity

    Annette GrantAnnette Grant7 timmar sedan
  • Poki screaming for no reason is so fucking annoying

    Padmé AmidalaPadmé Amidala7 timmar sedan
  • This is cherry and pineapple from among us that u told us to watch the video so what’s up

    William WahlWilliam Wahl7 timmar sedan
  • omg i love his laugh

    Jessica-may JamesJessica-may James7 timmar sedan
  • I don't need a face reveal his personality is amazing and so is his voice that's all I need to simp for

    SummerSummer7 timmar sedan
  • Not trying to be rude but you voice is kind of creepy

    BM_ GODSPEEDBM_ GODSPEED8 timmar sedan
  • I love watching your videos😁👍

  • Literally 800k likes and 8.2k dislikes

    Clap WolfClap Wolf9 timmar sedan
  • 13:06 that scared me a lot😨

    MHA _ Shouto Todoroki.MHA _ Shouto Todoroki.9 timmar sedan
  • Hey corpse just wanted to ask how your doing and I'm sorry for what you have to go through and I can relate to alot of your songs just know you have us and all of your friends here. Dont worry about anything. Everything is alright.

    Aqui- ChillzAqui- Chillz9 timmar sedan

    Irvin VictorIrvin Victor9 timmar sedan
  • Corpse: is appreciating about what his friends did to him Also Corpse: anyways here's the clip of me killing my friends

    Antoinette SextonAntoinette Sexton9 timmar sedan
  • Ultimate Crossover: Poki vs Rae

    Adam SobolewskiAdam Sobolewski9 timmar sedan
  • 34:52

    blue !!blue !!9 timmar sedan
  • Simping as a boy

    PryoxzyPryoxzy9 timmar sedan

    cleo your momcleo your mom9 timmar sedan
  • Corpse laughing is amazing

    Aaron LevyAaron Levy9 timmar sedan
  • Corpse is god i don't care what you say

    luis martinezluis martinez9 timmar sedan
  • 1:58 am I the only one that saw how Pokimane was doing her make up in the middle of the emergency meeting

    AlexCA2400AlexCA24009 timmar sedan
  • MUSELK!? I havn't seen that lad in years!

    PythonhierPythonhier9 timmar sedan
  • just the low voice makes it even better

    TodenToden9 timmar sedan
  • Rae is so salty 😭😭

    Gina NoskiGina Noski9 timmar sedan
  • This man is a pure genius to keep pulling off imposter

    Moon's ChildMoon's Child9 timmar sedan
  • Pls face reveal plsssss

    S L I M E A S M RS L I M E A S M R10 timmar sedan
  • Cani play with you im your number1 fan Jeremiah

    Jeremiah MujicaJeremiah Mujica10 timmar sedan
  • 😶

    Mr DiscoveryMr Discovery10 timmar sedan
  • pokiman maaaaad

    BabyWannabeBabyWannabe10 timmar sedan
  • Corpse: The Imposter Also Corpse: Talks Everyone: There's no way I'm accusing him.

    Chun Ming HoChun Ming Ho10 timmar sedan
  • Omg you have amazing voice

    فارس الشيبانيفارس الشيباني10 timmar sedan
    • He is silent assassin too 😂😂😂

      فارس الشيبانيفارس الشيباني9 timmar sedan
    • yea it is very nice but it’s sad because it’s from a medical condition :((

      dude nodude no10 timmar sedan
  • 1080p quaility, damn corpse,

    Jay SharpJay Sharp10 timmar sedan
  • Your the best

    Abdullah KassimAbdullah Kassim10 timmar sedan
  • awe❣️❣️love you all

    Disturbed pup15Disturbed pup1510 timmar sedan
  • I like poki

    callie wannacallie wanna10 timmar sedan
  • Corpse plz teach me your galaxy brain imposter ideas

    Khalid WaleedKhalid Waleed10 timmar sedan
  • Corpse:I'm doing my wires no I'm doing download Me:lmao

    Khalid WaleedKhalid Waleed10 timmar sedan
  • The best duo Corpse and sykkuno One who is always sus and one who is never Sus

    Adam IrfanAdam Irfan10 timmar sedan
  • Ok u know what Dream has the brains, COrpes has tha skillz :)

    Kyuho JungKyuho Jung11 timmar sedan
  • At one point I got confused how rae killed corpse in the first round it was toast lol

    Hatim KhanHatim Khan11 timmar sedan
  • CORPSE: I'm gonna do download *goes to divert power

    Kian Simmonds1297Kian Simmonds129711 timmar sedan
  • I love how they all are looking at the game and only Sykkuno is looking at the camera and James just looks fabulous

    Katerina PKaterina P11 timmar sedan
  • 48:50 Rae maaaaaddddd 😂😂😂😂

    ItsyaboiiBrayanItsyaboiiBrayan11 timmar sedan
  • James don't have them big brain😂😂

    SCARBINESCARBINE11 timmar sedan
  • Im fan of the sweet things he said about everyone and then: so heres clips of me killing my friends. lol

    Jin FengJin Feng11 timmar sedan
  • Corpses voice : 💀😈😡 Corpses personality : 💕🌈🦋

    Ruby AlexanderdadRuby Alexanderdad11 timmar sedan
  • 11:36 how the hell did jack miss Rae killed toast on cams

    NacAPacNacAPac11 timmar sedan
  • Corpse is realy nice but he likes to sloter pepole in amoung us

    Ponsiano RodríguezPonsiano Rodríguez11 timmar sedan
  • Corpse: i made so many friends also corpse: now time to murder them

    octavian tayloroctavian taylor11 timmar sedan
  • Corpse is smart af

    peacelego123 msp! !peacelego123 msp! !11 timmar sedan
  • Everyone: seriously discussing Poki: fixing✨ eye liner✨

    Rodger StachuraRodger Stachura11 timmar sedan
  • Sup

    Ride The GamerRide The Gamer11 timmar sedan
  • Is anyone gonna talk about when toast and spoopi were arguing corpse said “This summer..One spoopi..One toast”,like a dramatic trailer🤣

    *Insert common username**Insert common username*11 timmar sedan
  • People in my family, mostly my mom, where really against among us for awhile intel my dad showed her what it was and that it was all for fun, she tried to blame it for my brothers violence but really neither play, and among us really just brings people together and corpse is proof :)

    Olive Garden breadsticksOlive Garden breadsticks11 timmar sedan
  • Corpse is good at among us

    koklup892 466koklup892 46611 timmar sedan
  • Owo scawy 666 😓😓😓😓

    Cogzinus FerkousCogzinus Ferkous12 timmar sedan
  • Valkyrae is so butthurt

    Dre HortDre Hort12 timmar sedan
  • Im fan of the sweet things he said about everyone and then: so heres clips of me killing my friends. lol

    Jin FengJin Feng12 timmar sedan
  • The best thing in this video is the intro: “anyway, here’s clips of me killing my friends.”

    Its GummBaLLIts GummBaLL12 timmar sedan
  • That last round was godlike. Or should I say... devilish?

    UhaginUhagin12 timmar sedan