What If You Delete the Windows Folder?

12 okt 2019
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We've all heard the joke about deleting System32, and I even made a video showing what happens if you do that. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to delete the entire Windows directory? That's what this video finds out. Will Windows crash in the middle of it? Will it just freeze up? And what will happen if you try to reboot and repair the installation? Find out!
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  • Let me know if anyone has more ideas for "What If" videos, these are usually pretty fun to make.

    ThioJoeThioJoeÅr sedan
    • What if you delete the entire C: contents???!

      RegentFernRegentFern7 dagar sedan
    • what will happen if you watch peppa pig at 3 am.

      IDHFIDHF10 dagar sedan
    • Did you become your own member?

      Science done rightScience done right11 dagar sedan
    • What if you delete the C drive

      GrainGrain12 dagar sedan
    • What if you make a program that runs the command "taskkill /im wininit.exe /t /f" on startup?

      WorldTravel1518WorldTravel151813 dagar sedan
  • Imagine he forgot to do it on the VM and did it on his actual PC

    Steel YT!Steel YT!7 timmar sedan
  • do you play minecraft

    BASSY BEATSBASSY BEATS8 timmar sedan
  • this is how a factory reset happeneds nothing will happen. but im pretty sure you can fix it depending on what you broke if you broke settings ur gone.

    AnxhioAnxhio8 timmar sedan
  • Error are red My Screen is blue I think I deleted System32.

    Theory of GamingTheory of Gaming8 timmar sedan
  • Nice

    ZP_UNIVERSEZP_UNIVERSE9 timmar sedan
  • Song* When u got problems What u should do? Just Press Alt+F4

    ? ُ? ُ9 timmar sedan
  • me: *check how many gb is Warzone* (not pc) Google: 20 billion GB

    the best idthe best id11 timmar sedan
  • when i open my computer its auto repairing i dont know what happen and i try to reboot my computer and not work like u

    cadenasjames cadenascadenasjames cadenas12 timmar sedan
  • I can do it

    morden warfare fansmorden warfare fans14 timmar sedan
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    mr wow gamesmr wow games22 timmar sedan

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  • 0:01 "Windows, the most common computer virus" Me - Ah yes ! Probably ! 😂

    Techy StandardTechy StandardDag sedan
  • me: already unistall dat becouse of lag bryv

    Azjargal SergelenAzjargal SergelenDag sedan
  • If you delete Windows you delete... Windows

    RathmoxRathmox2 dagar sedan
  • Me: Make file name "earft" Me:delete it Microsoft: do you want to delete "earft"

    Gaming Vision091Gaming Vision0912 dagar sedan
  • Quick answer: gives you free vbux Fake answer: Your windows OS breaks

    TaCoTaCo2 dagar sedan
  • How about the hidden ones?

    Matteo LopezMatteo Lopez2 dagar sedan
  • Me thinking about doing it

    Streambolt 246Streambolt 2463 dagar sedan
  • I accidentally deleated that-

    YakYak3 dagar sedan
  • You told us about privacy in this vid once why do you have tell us again

    Bill FrancisBill Francis3 dagar sedan
  • When Your Storage is full and wants to download 50MB App From play store

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  • please make a video how to download fortnite on amazon tablet

    Clash HunterClash Hunter3 dagar sedan
  • But file shredder tho

    Peter HartPeter Hart3 dagar sedan
  • ( • _ • )

    Crispy NuggetsCrispy Nuggets4 dagar sedan
  • The auto repair is not succeeding because you deleted it.

    T 6 GT 6 G4 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist- if u delete windows folder , u will become rich enough to buy a Mac OS for urself

    Anandhu EVAnandhu EV4 dagar sedan
  • So he even make real videoes

    Orange SquashOrange Squash4 dagar sedan
  • And me at 5 am

    GAMING feverGAMING fever4 dagar sedan
  • Whoever deletes system32 is an idiot. Everyone knows deleting the windows folder will make your pc 120% faster guaranteed.

    LoliPopLoliPop5 dagar sedan
  • What happens if your :C drive Gets completly full besides your computer running Painfully slow?

    T 6 GT 6 G5 dagar sedan
  • Great. Now delete This PC.

    SuperAviationFan117SuperAviationFan1175 dagar sedan
  • back when windows let you delete windows folder my mom accidentally deleted it and she made another folder named windows and deleted the wrong one

    Random craftRandom craft5 dagar sedan
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    Siddhant GuptaSiddhant Gupta5 dagar sedan
  • Windows 10 best!

    Henry stickmanHenry stickman6 dagar sedan
  • Always that sponsors🤮🙄🙄

    Luc RuigrokLuc Ruigrok6 dagar sedan
  • Watching this on Windows. 😂

    Sohail AnwarSohail Anwar6 dagar sedan
  • Jokes on you I already deleted it all Its still discovering items I don't think my computer is going come back alive sense I have a while something lol I saw a quarter of the video Dear god

    mini bobbymini bobby6 dagar sedan
  • i dont understand anyyyy of this but cool

    a person who doesnt make videosa person who doesnt make videos6 dagar sedan
  • unsub from this guy

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  • get mac i delete it pls

    ayoub zlitniayoub zlitni7 dagar sedan
  • Windows 10 deleted please do 000.exe virus

    Burak SEVİNDİRBurak SEVİNDİR7 dagar sedan
  • Idk why everytime I watch the video without 4K HD quality he looks a bit pixelated

    The RealDevPlayzThe RealDevPlayz7 dagar sedan
  • I got the same diagnosing your PC months ago even when I did nothing with system files I directly installed new windows using bootable USB after that

    ルフィモンキー・Dルフィモンキー・D8 dagar sedan
  • Wait, mess with os and you brick the bios too?

    XwtekXwtek8 dagar sedan
  • Jokes On You Im On Mac 😈

    Ayaan KingAyaan King10 dagar sedan
  • 1:59 Sys *WOW* 64, Win *SxS*

    제온제온10 dagar sedan
  • i thought your videos was boring but they aren't

    Deniz Loran BabaDeniz Loran Baba11 dagar sedan
  • 7:30

    Luke RobinsonLuke Robinson11 dagar sedan
  • As a Mac user: I want to repeat this experiment, but I can't find the windows folder.

    Csongor MirnicsCsongor Mirnics12 dagar sedan
  • Wow who would've know deleting the folder named after the os will destroy it.

    MineFXMineFX12 dagar sedan
  • I deleted android folder in my phone , but no changes

    KumudhaKumudha12 dagar sedan
  • This is fake . The earth would divide itself by 0

    Acid WolfAcid Wolf13 dagar sedan
  • This one simple trick will save you space on your computer! PC specialists hate him!

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  • haha

    dong dinhdong dinh14 dagar sedan
  • Can you put windows on an apple store?

    Solenoid X ꧂Solenoid X ꧂15 dagar sedan
  • I think instead of a VM, you can buy a 100$ or 200$ cheapo laptop and install nothing but Windows and experiment such crap on it. Will also save time, I guess

    Nikhil PaletiNikhil Paleti16 dagar sedan
  • I like Windows 7

    Honza DvorskyHonza Dvorsky16 dagar sedan
  • Apple would be thrive

    Abdul AzisAbdul Azis16 dagar sedan
  • Me at 10:02 pm interesting

    Mariam NMMariam NM17 dagar sedan
  • i want windows back

    Joy Femi-WalshJoy Femi-Walsh17 dagar sedan
  • XDDDDDDDD ima do it cuz i am bored lLOL

    jack leonardjack leonard18 dagar sedan
  • ThioJoe: "All of us use windows everyday" Me, a person with a lenovo: "my guy what"

    2020's last hope2020's last hope18 dagar sedan
  • Me really wanting to do that-

    OnlyFallinOnlyFallin19 dagar sedan
  • Next time try to delete all files from C:\

    Александър Давидов ГеймъраАлександър Давидов Геймъра19 dagar sedan
  • Easy. The computer would disappear.

    Prue MeehanPrue Meehan19 dagar sedan
  • thio : there are also plenty of other files like system resources that we can mess around. me : *giggles sinisterly*

    Siddharth AmarasenaSiddharth Amarasena19 dagar sedan
  • This video is a hmhmmmmmmhmhmhmhmgmh video lol

    BroFist _1234BroFist _123419 dagar sedan
  • My computer did the same thing when I updated it to windows ten lol

    Mr_Cardboard123Mr_Cardboard12320 dagar sedan
  • Bruh u told us about the sponsorship TWO times lol

    bad omenbad omen20 dagar sedan
  • 0:31 are you sure that's not a virus?

    J LJ L20 dagar sedan
  • For bad computers up to min 5 is normal.

    Bert LeibnitzBert Leibnitz21 dag sedan
  • Deleting windows a day keeps the apple near

    MR DERPMR DERP21 dag sedan
  • When i get my first laptop a medium performance laptop, i dont literally have games but instead i browse what are these files from my computer and i said This video and the files in my laptop are interesting

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  • I am 1.010.010 visualization... binary time

    Roman Andres GrilloRoman Andres Grillo22 dagar sedan
  • Y liberando espacio

    Benito CameloBenito Camelo22 dagar sedan
  • No cap, i deleted windows 10 folder just to increase some more space in my hardrive.. i didn't know it was important

    bok 123bok 12322 dagar sedan
  • RIP to those who thought this is a tutorial video and followed it. Lmao

    abhisek niraulaabhisek niraula22 dagar sedan
    • Who would think that? The title is clear and he says multiple times he is about to delete Microsoft

      XimvaksXimvaks3 dagar sedan
  • once, when i was in elementary school, i did (as a joke) remove the windows file. i literally started the removal process and was like HELL NO. I didn't mean for it to actually start the removal. Pretty sure it didn't complete, but i was that close to being in deep trouble.

    SCP-049SCP-04923 dagar sedan
  • I'm using opra gx

    SwiftFoxSwiftFox23 dagar sedan
  • lol

    SwiftFoxSwiftFox23 dagar sedan
  • _Roses are red_ _Sky is blue_ My PC is not opening_ _I deleted system32_

    Mohammad Zaid SarafMohammad Zaid Saraf23 dagar sedan
  • Your computer gets faster, duhh!

    DaniLikesMilkDaniLikesMilk23 dagar sedan
  • Lol I actually deleted some of those files, the taskbar, start or any Windows app won't work. It did restart property but I couldn't acess many things and I had to reinstall Windows

    SuvanshSuvansh24 dagar sedan
  • Tittle: what if you delete the windows folder Me: that will mean the computer is gone

    Ben RutBen Rut24 dagar sedan
  • MAC: Work stuff and editing WINDOWS: Gaming and editing LINUX: Hacking I hope this guide helps you

    FBIFBI24 dagar sedan
  • My little brother on my pc be like:

    Sad BusinessSad Business24 dagar sedan
  • I would use windows, but... *I dont even have a computer.*

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  • what if your grandma locked you out of your own room with your computer in it, and she tryed to give you infinite robux but she just deleted your computer

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  • What if you delete the entire windows company

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  • This is not horrifying than most films to Mac Users

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  • How did he get the recording

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  • When I was opening SEworld to search for this, I got it in my recommendations. SEworld got an update to read the user's brain.

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    • Not funny

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  • when i saw the title of the video: hmm i'll try it out me after trying it out on my old pc: well my pc is on fire and im dead and my family is crying

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  • Do not worry he did it on a virtual machine

    BGSforlifeBGSforlife25 dagar sedan
  • its simple it becomes more slower than already is or might crash

    Manyu KmManyu Km25 dagar sedan
  • The it's any solution because my pc is stuck on black screen

    Nkanyiso MasikaneNkanyiso Masikane25 dagar sedan
  • Ty

    Fried chicken RobloxzFried chicken Robloxz26 dagar sedan
  • Everyone read the Title : What if You Delete the Windows Folder? Me read the title : What if you rape you Windows?

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