Trying to enter the world of #shorts

20 mar 2021
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Just Annabelle and Ian racing towards the finish line :) #shorts

  • He’s taking his sweet time bc he knows he would destroy her 😂 this reminds me of that clip of dash running the school race but holding back bc he was too fast 💀

  • I want the whole stick as it is to eat

    Nithin SukumarNithin Sukumar17 minuter sedan
  • What is that stuff?

    Arctic WolfArctic Wolf24 minuter sedan
  • Хорошо девочка рукой работает (ну вы понимаете о чем я)

    Александер АлександерАлександер Александер47 minuter sedan
  • 🧂T

    dso1509dso1509Timme sedan
  • What are they making ?

    SpArTaCuS-93N-LSpArTaCuS-93N-LTimme sedan
  • I love these candies!

    ZanmatoZanmatoTimme sedan
  • What is that?

    potassium overdose dudepotassium overdose dudeTimme sedan
  • She dont win

    Ivan WinterwoodIvan WinterwoodTimme sedan
  • 日本の職人見たら大激怒しそう笑笑

    ミスティ・メドウズのカニミスティ・メドウズのカニTimme sedan
  • Wtf are those.??? I never knew 😭😭

    Cammie ClaytonCammie ClaytonTimme sedan
  • マスクしろ

  • I think they let the girl win cause maybe she less experience or isn't on the same level as the dude cause she mde them a Lil too big when cutting 👁️👁️

    BI-ble ShopBI-ble ShopTimme sedan
  • I love sticky i have went there so many time i singapore

    Disney LandDisney Land2 timmar sedan
  • Quick question what are those red rope things?

    CallenClapsCallenClaps2 timmar sedan
  • What are they chopping?

    WhySoSeriousWhySoSerious2 timmar sedan
  • What it this

    Rizki SabilanRizki Sabilan2 timmar sedan
  • i think the other one was beter quality

    Dylan SahlenDylan Sahlen2 timmar sedan
  • わかる人いるかなぁ〜 北海道の白い恋人の工場で飴をガラス越しに切るパフォーマンスしてたなぁ

    ꧁༻ ᬊピོ࿆カོ࿆助ོ࿆ᬍ ༺꧂꧁༻ ᬊピོ࿆カོ࿆助ོ࿆ᬍ ༺꧂2 timmar sedan
  • You could literally see in his face that he wasn’t trying

    VexanVexan2 timmar sedan
  • これ絶対難しいのに凄いね

    ねこげねこげ3 timmar sedan
  • Great

    Duy DuyDuy Duy3 timmar sedan
  • technically he still won as he done four to her two plus his wasn't as big

  • SOOS

    fightingmachinefightingmachine3 timmar sedan
  • 長さが均等じゃ無いからくそ

    ピッコマ絶賛中ピッコマ絶賛中3 timmar sedan
  • Hes boy is the best why leave to girl won

    Gabriel AhumadaGabriel Ahumada3 timmar sedan
  • what is that?

    jerald edictojerald edicto3 timmar sedan
  • 腰振りかわいい

    ヤシロヤシロ4 timmar sedan
  • Guy's hands are designed to move up and down faster..

    greekgodlambgreekgodlamb4 timmar sedan
  • She's ridiculously gorgeous!

    Ferdinand WilloughbyFerdinand Willoughby4 timmar sedan
  • cute

    もちおもちもちおもち4 timmar sedan
  • Der Junge Trainert sowas ja auch jeden abend. Da kann das Mädel niemals mit halten

    Play PlayPlay Play5 timmar sedan
  • What a gentleman.

    IMUPlaysIMUPlays5 timmar sedan
  • ちょっと雑でも美人なのでオッケーです

    南さわ明南さわ明5 timmar sedan
  • これなに?アメちゃんかな?

    R AKITAR AKITA5 timmar sedan
  • His not even trying.

    Tacomctaco :vTacomctaco :v6 timmar sedan
  • That hand movement looks familiar, girls lack the experience.

    JokerJoker6 timmar sedan
  • Não sei nem o que e isso 😕

    Mateus MunizMateus Muniz6 timmar sedan
  • Guy: oh yeah I’ve been doing this motion since I was 12. I got this. Also the guy: oh shit what if they find out? I better lose

    Mike CampenMike Campen7 timmar sedan
  • He slowed down for her

    FrankTheTank8FrankTheTank87 timmar sedan
  • どっかの国の、細い部分からちょーぜつ太くなるアメをガンガン叩き割ってるやつと違って均等な太さだから見てて気持ちいいwww

    Alice QueenAlice Queen7 timmar sedan
  • 手前の人かわいすぎやろ

    ジョろたジョろた8 timmar sedan
  • hope they didn’t sell those cause them candys looking about to do open heart surgery.

    TokiBopTokiBop8 timmar sedan
  • よくこういう系動画出てくるけど未だになんなのか分からない…

    沖田さん沖田さん8 timmar sedan
  • 中国すごいよ

    けどちゃんねるけどちゃんねる8 timmar sedan
  • - feminism

    ISAK NeumanISAK Neuman9 timmar sedan
  • She practices on bed

    ElcompaJuniorElcompaJunior9 timmar sedan
  • He wants to the student to win 😊😇

    Jamil vai Kho khoJamil vai Kho kho9 timmar sedan
  • This is why jitter clicking is important.

    Crazygamer2837Crazygamer28379 timmar sedan
  • What are those

    titanus gojiratitanus gojira9 timmar sedan
  • She cute

    DragonLord0319DragonLord031910 timmar sedan
  • What’s crazy is no one can let the chick have her moment it’s all about how dude is “letting” her win. Like ? LOL why can’t she just have her moment without it being overshadowed by the male and female competition

    Abigail CarolineAbigail Caroline10 timmar sedan
    • @Anigamer rewatched. Good catch, I can agree with this

      Abigail CarolineAbigail Caroline9 timmar sedan
    • Because ultimately he was doing a more efficient job. He let up for a moment to let her win, then continued at the same pace as her, with 4 of the rods instead of 2.

      AnigamerAnigamer9 timmar sedan
  • Nice gentleman

    go70kigo70ki10 timmar sedan
  • What is this

    By maTRBy maTR10 timmar sedan
  • Oq q é isso?

    KilenKilen11 timmar sedan
  • Lmao dude wasn't even trying

    Christina the AlchemistChristina the Alchemist11 timmar sedan
  • アイアンマン?

    コリリント。コリリント。11 timmar sedan
  • What rubbish !!

    aboo twally sohomowaboo twally sohomow11 timmar sedan
  • Jesus is king 👑...

    Elegy BeastElegy Beast11 timmar sedan
  • its like hard melted caramel with a (example) red top and bottom, with White in the middle. Its called a 'bolsche' where im from. Basicly they are cutting different colored caramel into pieces. **Caramel=example**

    G4mingForAllG4mingForAll12 timmar sedan
  • That’s not fair she’s had practice ifykyk

    Ouellette ConstOuellette Const12 timmar sedan
  • かわいい。。

    MonMon12 timmar sedan
  • I like how the boy wasnt even trting

    xReddPhantomxxReddPhantomx12 timmar sedan
  • What are the chopping?

    PrezTjus WomanPrezTjus Woman12 timmar sedan
  • She beautiful tho

    Muhammad RabiuMuhammad Rabiu12 timmar sedan
  • 男の方が優しいんよね

    城本候城本候12 timmar sedan
  • he did four while she did two🤨

    John KilgoreJohn Kilgore13 timmar sedan
  • What are they cutting?

    Nate JonesNate Jones13 timmar sedan
  • Can someone explain what they are cutting I am confused

    ZafhresZafhres13 timmar sedan
  • what is this?

    shushu idleshushu idle13 timmar sedan
  • When your mom leaves to go to the bathroom

    Reeses ButtercupReeses Buttercup13 timmar sedan
  • What are they cutting?

    Movies As FriendsMovies As Friends13 timmar sedan
  • What are they tho

    chillieschillies13 timmar sedan
  • I think he likes her😂

    Ghadeer NafeaGhadeer Nafea13 timmar sedan
  • He is still bluepill

    All MightAll Might13 timmar sedan
  • He had four she had two

    Matthew MorganMatthew Morgan13 timmar sedan
  • "women get paid only 70% of mans salary for the same job!" "But he does it 2.5 times faster.." "70% ! FOR THE SAME JOB!!!!

    N30NN30N14 timmar sedan
  • Awwww he obviously slowed down for her😍😍❤️

    Señorita MamiSeñorita Mami14 timmar sedan
  • No 1 realized he started with 4 of those big candy while she did with 2 his power level is huge

    JXPJXP15 timmar sedan
  • You guys must be the fastest choppers in the world I’m sure you will be millionaires soon enough just keep shop in Candy LOL that’s not even a challenge also nobody even likes that hard nasty ass candy all of that for nothing might as well chop black licorice

    a ja j15 timmar sedan
  • Every one: wow this is so cool Me: soOoOoO SaTisFiNg

    Glitter vlogs AEGlitter vlogs AE16 timmar sedan
  • And they want equal pay

    Wojtek e36Wojtek e3616 timmar sedan
  • what are they even cutting. i’m so confused.

    Rami AbdallaRami Abdalla16 timmar sedan
  • Mmm I dont get it what are they chopping SMH XD

    Landon CadyLandon Cady17 timmar sedan
  • We all KNOW why the guy was able to go faster 😉

    RobRob17 timmar sedan
  • What are they cutting

    Tate BTate B17 timmar sedan
  • Any man would’ve beat her because we have way more practice using that muscle! 🤣🤣🤣

    Natural Rights Not ConstitutionalNatural Rights Not Constitutional17 timmar sedan
  • Damn they fully planned out letting the girl win by telling the guy to go slow and giving her less

    ThunderboltzThunderboltz17 timmar sedan
  • What is it???

    Natural Rights Not ConstitutionalNatural Rights Not Constitutional17 timmar sedan
  • Oh. It’s candy

    Your HighnessYour Highness17 timmar sedan
  • Can someone tell me what are they cutting because the Comments don’t tell you what they cutting it tells you he’s not going all out or he likes her or he she likes him I don’t really now can someone tell me just tell me what are they cutting

    Gamingwith fireyGamingwith firey17 timmar sedan
  • What ist this?

    LeoLeLeoLe17 timmar sedan
  • Why is everyone saying the guy let her win, they’re just cutting candy chill tf out

    HoraceHorace18 timmar sedan
  • It’s always when a girl wins everyone has to say something like oh he wasn’t trying though and if he won none of these comments would be here.

    Dino MotionDino Motion18 timmar sedan
  • When u realize she didnt win

    Chance YoungChance Young18 timmar sedan
  • По этому я всегда нахожу там волосы-_-

    Aestethik_ChannelAestethik_Channel18 timmar sedan
  • That's like my cousins when we used to play street fighter and they just let me win

    SotoSoto18 timmar sedan
  • What is that candy?

    ExpatrociousExpatrocious18 timmar sedan
  • Yey, diabetes for them kiiiida

    razvan radurazvan radu19 timmar sedan
  • Wii party

    ojkojk19 timmar sedan