Kelechi Iheanacho tries to take Yaya Toure's MOTM award

10 jan 2021
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Yaya Toure intended to give his man of the match award to his son but Kelechi Iheanacho tried to take it thinking Yaya was referring to him.
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  • Lol

    Fordy YtFordy Yt3 dagar sedan
  • Ilheancho deserves an award. Not scoring that day on 93:20...

    Voet FootballVoet Football7 dagar sedan
  • Didnt they say thats gonna be the next aguero?😂😂😂

    Ruhan MaamunRuhan Maamun10 dagar sedan
  • He had a well big rating on fifa 😂

    King Of The KiloKing Of The Kilo10 dagar sedan
  • Aha hull city wtf

    Jay NaylorJay Naylor10 dagar sedan
  • Inenacho looked like it wasn’t a joke

    LightningLightning11 dagar sedan
  • Reminds me of Eriksen and Adebayor

    NotOften ToldNotOften Told11 dagar sedan
  • and city fans said he’s better than Rashford

    yellopopsyellopops12 dagar sedan
  • Man city fans used to compare kelechi to Rashford 😂😂😂

    CHR15 M1CHCHR15 M1CH12 dagar sedan
  • Iheanacho acting like he's a bit slow in the membrane why he just grab it like that lol why he look so confused and scared as well?

    Mystery ManMystery Man12 dagar sedan
  • Remember when people used to say ihenacho is better than bamford

    Arctic swanArctic swan12 dagar sedan
  • He rally score gole lyke dat

    Manu TurgooseManu Turgoose12 dagar sedan
  • Anyone remember when people said kelechi is better than rashford ☠️

    DefineXFusionzDefineXFusionz13 dagar sedan
  • Remeber the rashford inachio debate lol

    Michael WillcockMichael Willcock13 dagar sedan
  • Better than Rashford imo

    Gerald ChigwandaGerald Chigwanda13 dagar sedan
  • Yaya hitting him with that "I ain't yo dad nigga"

    fatso manamelafatso manamela13 dagar sedan
  • At a Hull City match too 😂😂

    Specky PlayzSpecky Playz13 dagar sedan
  • Looool.

    Ezekiel Ben YisraelEzekiel Ben Yisrael14 dagar sedan
  • i thought kelechi would be the next Eto'o but not

    Emmanouil TopouzoglouEmmanouil Topouzoglou14 dagar sedan
    • Iheanacho's tehnique is on a level of a sunday league player, how would he be next Eto'o

      Patrik BrošPatrik Broš13 dagar sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    IbexDNBIbexDNB14 dagar sedan
  • I didn't know he played for city

    IS Gaming1XIS Gaming1X14 dagar sedan
  • Hope that Yaya receives an Icon card one day on FIFA (the game we love to hate).

    Freddie MercuryFreddie Mercury14 dagar sedan
  • Until we find out that Kelechi was indeed....born on Christmas Day

    Ash TafariAsh Tafari14 dagar sedan
  • i cant tell if kelechi was joking or not lol

    Circle 28Circle 2814 dagar sedan
  • I wonder who actually deserved that MOTM that match anyone know?

    Jack HolmesJack Holmes15 dagar sedan
  • What a baller!... I'm not even a City fan but my god, what a player.

    Black HoleBlack Hole15 dagar sedan
  • Iheanacho was so promising too. Liecester are wasting him

    Corcaigh O'GormghusCorcaigh O'Gormghus15 dagar sedan
    • We aren't wasting him did u saw that penalty? Guy has become awful needs a loan to get confidence

      melchior muldermelchior mulder12 dagar sedan
    • As a Nigerian he just doesn't care anymore plus he's all round game is poor only his finishing was good now it's just horrible

      Isaac okochaIsaac okocha12 dagar sedan
    • no, he just isnt good enough

      Circle 28Circle 2814 dagar sedan
  • Cheeese....Kolo kolo kolo kolo toure...yaya yaya yaya toure

    Abbey AnisAbbey Anis15 dagar sedan
  • yaya is a beast no one can match to his skills

    Abdur-Rahman AkudiAbdur-Rahman Akudi15 dagar sedan
  • I like how Yaya ignores about the Chrismas

    jama swalex alijama swalex ali15 dagar sedan
  • Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7 [KJV]) ~~>?~ When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17 [KJV]) :: :: :: : I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5 [KJV])

    contrite sinnercontrite sinner15 dagar sedan
  • “Ihenacho is better than Rashford” lmao

    Abe ParsonsAbe Parsons15 dagar sedan
    • @Haashim Ahmed lmao SIT DOWN

      Abe ParsonsAbe Parsons14 dagar sedan
    • At the time it was a reasonable take

      Haashim AhmedHaashim Ahmed15 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for reminding a Hull fan about this game! Pain is all that I am feeling! 😁👍

    Corben CCorben C15 dagar sedan
  • It's not you my boy 😂

    KakarotKakarot15 dagar sedan
  • Now he's singing on a mic on AFTV

    J A 7J A 715 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂

    Erik AnderssonErik Andersson15 dagar sedan
  • 🤣

    SalSal15 dagar sedan
  • I remember when Iheanacho was at City I was thinking he was going to be a star but he has completely faded

    McMahon143McMahon14316 dagar sedan
  • Love the description of the vid

    William25cWilliam25c16 dagar sedan
  • One thing I could never understand was why the hell Barcelona sold yaya in the first place what a player

    Alim SiddiqueAlim Siddique16 dagar sedan
    • *Pep*

      Realist GoonerRealist Gooner15 dagar sedan
  • I thought toure was referring to iheanacho as his son

    YoJinxYoJinx16 dagar sedan
  • People compared him to Rashford 😭😭

    Pratik GhimirePratik Ghimire16 dagar sedan
  • Yaya i will give it to my boy, i never knew premier League MOTM award was so common

    Nnamdi OkoreNnamdi Okore16 dagar sedan

    ReshirexReshirex16 dagar sedan
  • Is not you my boy

    Tristan LwknsTristan Lwkns16 dagar sedan
  • As a Leicester fan was buzzing when we signed him however if he left on a free wouldn't be so bad...

    Alpesh GohilAlpesh Gohil16 dagar sedan
    • @Alyjah Dauda of course a back up strikers role is to play in the league no one player will make it through 38 games unscathed there will be at least 7-12 games where vardy won't feature and as the cup games progress vary will start to play them also, he's done ok against poor competition and has done awful against decent opposition he's had enough time to show what he can do now and he doesn't work hard enough

      Tom KeaneTom Keane14 dagar sedan
    • @Tom Keane you know that a backup strikers role is not to play in the pl right? They are for cup competitions so they can rest the main striker. In cup competitions inacho has been good, lots of goals and assists. He has had to step in for vardy in the pl bc he got hurt and I’ll admit he hasn’t been playing his best, but his role is not to be the star in the pl anyway it is to get the job done in cups/ Europa league.

      Alyjah DaudaAlyjah Dauda14 dagar sedan
    • @Alyjah Dauda you must not watch games because when he plays for us in the league he's consistently awful

      Tom KeaneTom Keane14 dagar sedan
    • True but a stat is a stat! Either way there is better out there to be back up striker and one thing is for sure he will not be the man to lead the line when Vardy hangs up his boots...

      Alpesh GohilAlpesh Gohil15 dagar sedan
    • @Alpesh Gohil look at his appearances where he plays full games vs where he plays just a few minutes. That stat is misleading because a lot of those games he wasn’t even in for 45 mins he would just subbed on for like 5-10 mins

      Alyjah DaudaAlyjah Dauda15 dagar sedan
  • So was his boys birthday on Christmas or boxing day..

    TheOscarwilliamsTheOscarwilliams16 dagar sedan
  • Remember when City's fans were vocal about Iheanacho being better than Rashford 😂😂😂

    User 1013User 101316 dagar sedan
  • Remember when people compared Kelechi and Rashford?

    Shagon91Shagon9116 dagar sedan
  • Remember when people said Iheanacho was better than Rashford?

    Sugam GautamSugam Gautam16 dagar sedan
  • Icheanacho: "Fck them kids"

    Avery FinAvery Fin16 dagar sedan
  • Iheanacho is actually awful hahaha

    AshAsh16 dagar sedan
  • Yaya Toure talking about birthdays again.

    Nikhil ChaurasiaNikhil Chaurasia16 dagar sedan
    • 😂

      Z ProductionsZ Productions13 dagar sedan
    • So he’s come out of retirement??

      LimTothLimToth14 dagar sedan
    • Hahhah

      S MAS MA14 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      Captain ObviousCaptain Obvious15 dagar sedan
  • Something wrong with the thumbnail. LOL

    TATAROTTATAROT16 dagar sedan
  • Yaya the family man..... group chat yaya is a playa

    Richard KelbieRichard Kelbie16 dagar sedan
    • 😅

      Realist GoonerRealist Gooner15 dagar sedan
  • 0:31 dad when I asked am I good boy

    IAmYourAssholeIAmYourAsshole16 dagar sedan
  • I imagine the first thing he got his son is a cake because he didn't want to upset him...

    The Dunya done yaThe Dunya done ya16 dagar sedan
  • One of the most complete midfielders the pl has seen with Steven Gerrard

    Manav Arun AravindManav Arun Aravind16 dagar sedan
    • *Patrick Vieira* has entered the chat.

      Realist GoonerRealist Gooner15 dagar sedan
    • Nope

      Katy WardleKaty Wardle16 dagar sedan
  • Yaya Toure at his peak is probably the best midfielder we’ve ever seen.

    KVBVLKVBVL16 dagar sedan
  • When they said Kelechi was better than Rashford 😂😂😂😂

    Stu StuStu Stu16 dagar sedan
  • Cos rally he score gol ladda

    SyahidSyahid16 dagar sedan

    Sunrit Roy KarmakarSunrit Roy Karmakar16 dagar sedan
  • Iheanacho is lucky it was only the MOTM award. Yaya would have broken his skull if Iheanacho had taken his birthday cake.

    Ashutosh SinghAshutosh Singh16 dagar sedan
  • Why aren't they wearing masks?

    Him HimHim Him16 dagar sedan
    • Stfu

      Connor R12Connor R1216 dagar sedan
  • Feels like he was at Manchester City ten years ago, not four...

    SmithzySmithzy16 dagar sedan
    • Not true but ok

      HEARTLESSHEARTLESS10 dagar sedan
    • He was 3 years ago

      arturs filipovsarturs filipovs13 dagar sedan
    • G

      Zak TullianoZak Tulliano14 dagar sedan
  • Kelechi used to be a finisher but is now a sub par bench warmer

    Aaron WalshAaron Walsh16 dagar sedan
  • Remember when this fraud was compared to rashford😂

    Harry The Fridge MaguireHarry The Fridge Maguire16 dagar sedan
    • @crazy tea how mbappe is playing in a farmers league and still has worse stats than rashford this season

      Harry The Fridge MaguireHarry The Fridge Maguire14 dagar sedan
    • @Harry The Fridge Maguire relax bro. You know that's a lie

      crazy teacrazy tea14 dagar sedan
    • @Harry The Fridge Maguire 😅😅 jus dnt put them in the same sentence please.

      Realist GoonerRealist Gooner15 dagar sedan
    • @Noir FIFA yeah after the psg game he's been better than mbappe and that's when we did but personally mbappe has more ability than rashford but his season rashford has been better no doubt

      Harry The Fridge MaguireHarry The Fridge Maguire16 dagar sedan
    • Remember when you lot compared Rashford to mbappe?

      Noir FIFANoir FIFA16 dagar sedan
  • iheanacho though he was toures boy, he was left disappointed when he found out he wasn't :(

    J040PL7J040PL716 dagar sedan
    • Iheanachos dad is Kurt Angle apparently

      JoséJosé16 dagar sedan
  • Toure was so underrated at City he was a monster in their midfield.

    Reece NewmanReece Newman16 dagar sedan
    • @Bhavish Shah Pep did the same at Barca. Played him defensively.

      Realist GoonerRealist Gooner15 dagar sedan
    • Who underrated Toure? 😅 I was sad united didn't buy him.

      Joshua obagaJoshua obaga15 dagar sedan
    • I’ve seen a few ppl comment this, maybe ppl now aren’t talking about him cause he’s not playing anymore and there’s new players to talk about, klose was a scoring machine but ppl aren’t gonna fetishise about it forever lmao, plus new younger fans didn’t get to watch yaya play, anyone who had the privilege to watch the guy at city recognise how good he was

      Positive EnergiesPositive Energies16 dagar sedan
    • @Manav Arun Aravind You just did

      GeddonBaiGeddonBai16 dagar sedan
    • @Manav Arun Aravind but he did the same to him @ barca

      Bhavish ShahBhavish Shah16 dagar sedan
  • At least it was only the MOTM award and not his birthday cake 🎂😂

    O RO R16 dagar sedan
  • His birthday was on Christmas Day?????

  • Good job it wasn't a birthday cake

    Gurtek SinghGurtek Singh16 dagar sedan
  • Ihesnacho is one of the worst players to leave city , waste of money

    Super_ HammondSuper_ Hammond16 dagar sedan
  • Remember when City fans said he was better than Rashford 😂

    ZakZak16 dagar sedan
    • @Zak Yeah the same front three that's been the best in the world for the last few seasons, winning Champions Leagues and Premier Leagues. How dumb are you. 😂

      Steve BaxterSteve Baxter8 dagar sedan
    • @Steve Baxter better than your front 3 who can’t score a goal against Southampton, Newcastle or West Brom ahahahahahah

      ZakZak8 dagar sedan
    • Steve Baxter lol typical Liverpool fan. 😂😂 Nobody was discussing your second place club here hahaha

      Joshua obagaJoshua obaga15 dagar sedan
    • @Joshua obaga rEnT fReE

      Steve BaxterSteve Baxter15 dagar sedan
    • Steve Baxter lol rent free

      Joshua obagaJoshua obaga15 dagar sedan
  • Yaya... Yaya Yaya... Yaya Yaya... Yaya Yaya Toure

    Edward Scissor HandsEdward Scissor Hands16 dagar sedan
    • 👇🏾Kolo.. 👇🏾kolo kolo.. 👇🏾kolo kolo.. 👇🏾kolo kolo toure 👇🏾

      CuhCuh16 dagar sedan
  • Kelechi playing back up to vardy 🤣🤣

    Farhan ChowdhuryFarhan Chowdhury16 dagar sedan
    • @Realist Gooner I don't think rashford plays backup to anyone After Bruno he's the best we have maybe apart from de gea but the point is he's a definite starter

      Ali Safeer HyderAli Safeer Hyder14 dagar sedan
    • Better than playing back up to 40 year old Cavani.

      Realist GoonerRealist Gooner15 dagar sedan
  • He is rrrrrrrralily scoring goalada

    Tom PorterTom Porter16 dagar sedan
  • Any one remember when this guy was the next biggest star

    James JohnsonJames Johnson16 dagar sedan
    • @Parallax So come on Wilfried Bony

      Rooney AldoRooney Aldo13 dagar sedan
    • @Parallax Yh obviously

      James JohnsonJames Johnson13 dagar sedan
    • @James Johnson by next to Aguero I hope you mean physically on the pitch and not quality wise

      ParallaxParallax13 dagar sedan
    • @Parallax Yh o think so after he fell off but at his peak he was next to aguero at one point

      James JohnsonJames Johnson14 dagar sedan
    • @James Johnson I am talking about his days at City! Didn’t they play Wilfred Bony over him? Lol

      ParallaxParallax14 dagar sedan
  • Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    Macy AmiraMacy Amira16 dagar sedan
  • As an Arsenal fan, when I learnt that Wenger passed over the chance of signing this beast, I was really angry with Wenger.

    EasyWare UKEasyWare UK16 dagar sedan
    • @Quazimoydo The Hedgehog ....Messi, Pele, Garrincha... ....Dixie Dean, Puskas, Meazza, Stanley Matthews. Apparently Wenger and Arsenal _Nearly_ signed them all!

      OnceIWasYouOnceIWasYou16 dagar sedan
    • Wenger missed out on almost every famous player u see today ... the likes of CR7 and ibra

      Quazimoydo The HedgehogQuazimoydo The Hedgehog16 dagar sedan
    • Oh yeah?

      Adam RudderAdam Rudder16 dagar sedan
  • I thought Toure was gonna announce himself as Iheanacho's dad but close enough

    Walter whiteWalter white16 dagar sedan
    • @Yeh Nah ar yo mad bruh??

      ACE DE BALLERACE DE BALLER12 dagar sedan
    • @Yeh Nah stfu

      n nn n13 dagar sedan
    • @Yeh Nah ?

      Luka KLuka K13 dagar sedan
    • Racist

      Yeh NahYeh Nah15 dagar sedan
    • @MK21 TS Oh it’s true. It’s damn true!

      Shussey 1Shussey 116 dagar sedan
  • Iheanacho has gotten all the success he deserves.

    AndreasNVAndreasNV16 dagar sedan
    • @Joel TekluxD

      AndreasNVAndreasNV13 dagar sedan
    • Steve Baxter ouuuu, got him🔥🔥🔥

      Joel TekluJoel Teklu13 dagar sedan
    • @Steve Baxtero. k.

      AndreasNVAndreasNV15 dagar sedan
    • @AndreasNV You need luck, I don't.

      Steve BaxterSteve Baxter15 dagar sedan
    • @Steve Baxterwow dude ... good luck

      AndreasNVAndreasNV15 dagar sedan
  • cheeky

    Aaron TAaron T16 dagar sedan
  • Yaya looks like his dad though lol

    Big fish KeBig fish Ke17 dagar sedan
  • Remember when ppl said Kelechi was better than Rashford lol

    SS17 dagar sedan
    • @Karim Hussein I know he's still learning but I feel that saying that he is worth 150 million at that age is laughable. Flashes of brilliance and then nothing for 2 weeks isnt a 100 million player. Get that he is still learning. But price tags like that are ludicrous

      Ben HeathcockBen Heathcock10 dagar sedan
    • @Ben Heathcock He's only just 23, he's still learning. Since the start of last season - date, he's averaging a goal every other game (all comps): Played 73 & scored 36. That's better than Rooney when he was 22/23 - despite Utd being one of the world's best sides back in 2008/2009.

      Karim HusseinKarim Hussein10 dagar sedan
    • Unpopular opinion here but I think that rashford is too inconsistent to belong to a top 6 club

      Ben HeathcockBen Heathcock10 dagar sedan
    • I'm a united fan yh and kelechi was actually very decent at city not rashford level but he was good for the age he was

      Abdul KamilAbdul Kamil11 dagar sedan
    • Or when people thought Benteke was better than Lukaku

      Karim HusseinKarim Hussein12 dagar sedan
  • :)))))

    Billy JacksonBilly Jackson17 dagar sedan
  • Remember that season Yaya ascended and still didn’t get POTY?

    Andy O'tamAndy O'tam17 dagar sedan
    • @ALTT7 Firstly I have already said countless times now Toure was world class. I really liked Toure, I thought he was a fantastic and very entertaining player and if he had played longer in this league I would probably consider him a top top all time PL great. With that being said, that doesn't mean I have to lie about his season, his season just wasn't as good as Suarez 13/14 or Lampard 09/10, it just wasn't. I have pretty much laid out my entire argument for that on here, unless you have a counter that no one else has posted already (doubtful) there's no need to keep this going. To your Bruno point, this season he has been better, as an overall player he isn't better. I don't even remember talking about Bruno in this thread so if I did it was brief. Stop fishing for an argument. You're about two weeks too late.

      safesafe5 timmar sedan
    • @safe Jesus christ, If youre saying bruno is better than KDB then you are definitely biased.

      ALTT7ALTT76 timmar sedan
    • @safe Seems like someone doesn't like toure ha?

      ALTT7ALTT76 timmar sedan
    • @Berkayvd28 So firstly, I made a mistake on the Toure penalty thing, did I not admit my mistake, edit my comment and put his penalties in? Secondly. ''stats stats stats do you actually watch football'' If I was to watch football, and I see a player make two fantastic dribbles that both turn into fantastic goals, I have just seen two shot creating dribbles and two goals. Stats are literally what the player does and doesn't do, what you LITERALLY watch the player do, stats are just a far more efficient way of noting it. If you tell me Sterling is better than Messi because of your eye test, even if the numbers say the opposite, I should take you seriously? Numbers always ALWAYS go before possibly bias opinions, and like I say, numbers are just what a player does and doesn't do. And how am I calling Iniesta bad because he didn't score like those two? Did I only include goals? No. I included a variety of stats. Not to mention I literally said I have Iniesta in my highest tier of midfielders. If you're going to reply again, please speak a bit of sense. Thank you.

      safesafe9 dagar sedan
    • @safe bro the only thing u talk about is stats stats stats. Do u actually watch football or just check the stats of every game. Ur almost calling the likes of iniesta bad cause he didn’t score as much as lampard and toure did. And taking away the penalties of toure and not of lampard lmao🤣

      Berkayvd28Berkayvd289 dagar sedan
  • Little did we know that that was the closest Little Kelechi will get to a MOTM Award

    Nana QuashieNana Quashie17 dagar sedan
    • Guy what r u saying he got one against Man U in 16/17

      Onesi OboroOnesi Oboro10 dagar sedan
    • OUCH

      Akinjide SavageAkinjide Savage11 dagar sedan
    • 😂💀💀💀😂

      Tevin RoyesTevin Royes11 dagar sedan
    • This is so disrespectful

      K.H.A.A NK.H.A.A N11 dagar sedan
    • 😂

      LTNT WXVYLTNT WXVY12 dagar sedan
  • Yaya Touré is so underrated asf

    Alexis Sanchez MemesAlexis Sanchez Memes17 dagar sedan
    • Not really

      Local ShopkeeperLocal Shopkeeper13 dagar sedan
    • @H Din what on earth are you talking about most people don't care about the colour FFS

      John FusedJohn Fused14 dagar sedan
    • @xpekzgg squaa im very well aware which players there was thanks mr. expert. You tell me why, and who are THEY you're talking about? You are the one assuming that xavi, iniesta, cristiano ronaldo automatically where better than drogba and deserve it to be in top 3 simply because tHeY wHeRe iN tHeIr pRiMe altough he won the cl and they didn't. There was for example eto'o who won the cl back to back as main striker with and without xavi and iniesta and i tell you what, not one placement between the top 3. So i guess thanks for proving my point

      Maki BMaki B14 dagar sedan
    • @Maki B when drogba was doing that you had players like Xavi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andrés Iniesta, was in their primes. and black footballers have won it and also been nominated. so they are racist to only Africans, but not black people? why would someone be racist to just africans but then not racist to French/spanish players with African origin

      xpekzgg squaaxpekzgg squaa14 dagar sedan
    • @Maki B prob cus there has been better players than those

      xpekzgg squaaxpekzgg squaa14 dagar sedan
  • It's not you my boy 😂 maybe one day my boy..

    Jay StarJay Star17 dagar sedan
  • That's why he was sold

    Y TY T17 dagar sedan
  • Iheanacho: So you're saying I'm not your boy??

    Football IconicFootball Iconic17 dagar sedan
    • @Daniel lnnit - they look a bit more than that gaaaaaaay

      Monda ChewonMonda Chewon3 dagar sedan
    • @Monda Chewon it's a joke😐

      Daniel lnnitDaniel lnnit3 dagar sedan
    • He wasnt saying that when they were bumming reach other - he was def his boy then

      Monda ChewonMonda Chewon15 dagar sedan
    • Indeed

      Captain ObviousCaptain Obvious15 dagar sedan
    • Also Ihenacho: hands in transfer request.

      dark motherboarddark motherboard15 dagar sedan
  • lit content

    Luka ProductionsLuka Productions17 dagar sedan
    • @Reilly McD no mate just nah

      EditorEditor12 dagar sedan
    • @Y E P why what?

      Reilly McDReilly McD14 dagar sedan
    • @Reilly McD why

      Y E PY E P14 dagar sedan
    • @Reilly McD mad

      Captain ObviousCaptain Obvious15 dagar sedan
    • Replace the L with sh and ur right

      Reilly McDReilly McD16 dagar sedan
  • Who remembers Kelechi 😂

    bLacK sHadowbLacK sHadow17 dagar sedan
    • yeah he's just chilling on the Leicester bench

      Kevin De Bruyne needs to talkKevin De Bruyne needs to talk16 dagar sedan
    • @bLacK sHadow i was at a city kids press conference and met and asked him a question. Kelechi was actually a nice guy

      XDX HybridXDX Hybrid17 dagar sedan
    • @MB I know but he kind of went down of a cliff

      bLacK sHadowbLacK sHadow17 dagar sedan
    • He still plays for Leicester you know, it’s not like he’s retired 😂

      MBMB17 dagar sedan
  • Why did we even sell him.......

    Sterling on fraud watchSterling on fraud watch17 dagar sedan
    • @M4RZY He wasn't Peps type of Midfielder? Stop chatting rubbish. Pep just doesn't like people who don't idolise him.

      Realist GoonerRealist Gooner15 dagar sedan
    • @M4RZY I’m talking bout Iheanacho

      Sterling on fraud watchSterling on fraud watch16 dagar sedan
    • @xshef1 chill @M4RZY means yaya not kelechi

      Declan BiggsDeclan Biggs16 dagar sedan
    • i hope u mean Yaya...😂

      Declan BiggsDeclan Biggs16 dagar sedan
    • @M4RZY what??? He is a striker and Is still young???

      xshef1xshef117 dagar sedan
  • Kelechi never lived up to his potential...

    ben gurnerben gurner17 dagar sedan
    • @MB he's on about kelechi not toure

      BMT F4MBMT F4M13 dagar sedan
    • Grays 24 and he’s on his way out. Kelechis days are numbered...

      G-RoyG-Roy15 dagar sedan
    • hes only 24. plenty of room for improvement

      LL15 dagar sedan
    • @Aaron Walsh need a way to make him work like last season, last season he was played with vardy as 2 man strikers and it did worked with 2 assist 1 goal. Maybe we can get another striker that can score, while he supply the ball, like hell playing him as a lone striker is just a sore in my eyes

      mata Harimata Hari16 dagar sedan
    • @Stephen Owen mate hes now our 3rd choice striker after a horrendous performance against palace

      Aaron WalshAaron Walsh16 dagar sedan