2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship | Final F9 | Heimburg, Jones, Dickerson, Hannum | Jomez

19 okt 2020
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Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO final round at the 2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. Our coverage is brought to you by our amazing community of Patreon Supporters, the DGPT and its Tour Championship partners.
Card: Calvin Heimburg, Kevin Jones, Austin Hannum, Chris Dickerson
Course: Hornet's Nest DGC | Charlotte, NC
Commentary: Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling & Paul "Uli" Ulibarri
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  • This is it y'all!! We hope you've enjoyed the coverage this weekend. We will be producing a 2-hour show in collaboration with the DGPT for ESPN2. You'll be able to find all the latest news including air dates and times soon at jomezpro.com

    JomezProJomezProMånad sedan
    • can we have chickens go bok bok merch lol

      Nb BeingNb BeingMånad sedan
    • @slikk well they really are the best tho, it's hard to even watch other coverage because their filming skills are inferior. It was probably tough to edit the cbs program, you can tell when it's not a jomez shot due to poor quality. Hopefully they got better coverage overall for espn2

      KunisadaKunisadaMånad sedan

      slikk wellslikk wellMånad sedan
    • Are you guys gonna do like a short edit of rd 1-3 to show highlights and how they made the final? I think that wld be really cool! I wld also love to see a highlight reel of the season, maybe have a quick edit of some of the final rd battles from this year! There were so many events this year that came down to the last hole or two! Like when Eagle didn't know he won or when Niko didn't know he won or when eagle didn't know he won again (but probably did know lol) then the call with his dad...CLASSIC! Or how Ricky came back from limes disease to get a W! Also some of Calvin's calm and killing it rds! Man we love the coverage! THANKS WE SURE DO APPRECIATE YOU GUYS!

      Julian LangJulian LangMånad sedan
    • Awesome I'm gonna tell everyone I know to watch!

      Julian LangJulian LangMånad sedan
  • Question of the day: Is Calvin’s champion eagle an Eagle X or and Eagle L? Just learned that there are two molds for the eagle.. thx y’all!!

    Sean LudemanSean Ludeman5 dagar sedan
  • Glad to see the tree stand cams...

    Schad SawyerSchad Sawyer6 dagar sedan
  • bro im so lucky theres a course like 5 minutes away from my house bro. this sport is so fun w friends

    Hank WoomerHank Woomer7 dagar sedan
  • → Take a shot every time Jerm or Uli use the phrase "[X] control" =P - Also, it was nice knowing ya → In all seriousness though, this was some of the best coverage + commentary I've heard for a tournament ever. The format of play made things really tense. It does kind of suck that Calvin shot so well the previous round and it doesn't help him out moving into this round, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Always happy to see different styles of tourneys

    Graham EntwistleGraham Entwistle13 dagar sedan
  • A big Calvin fan but please don't hurt me like this anymore.

    Zachary SuttleZachary Suttle21 dag sedan
  • as a poker player, i can see stoic Calvin is more nervous in this round. His eyes are slightly more open than normal.

    jjtownjjtown22 dagar sedan
  • Johnny 5 is alive....

    Phillip AdkinsPhillip Adkins26 dagar sedan
  • Man....watching Jones and Dickerson match each other shot for shot is making my nether regions tingle.....

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand Grows27 dagar sedan
  • hannum's flick is so nasty

    DeanDean27 dagar sedan
  • . , , , . @

    Grant WingateGrant Wingate27 dagar sedan
  • I love how KJ smiles before he drives.

    Cale IsraelCale Israel28 dagar sedan
  • I think you guys need to master the regular cameras before you start putting dudes in trees

    Ablinkon timeAblinkon time29 dagar sedan
  • Kinda liking the tree stand view of the shots.

    Cailin GrameCailin GrameMånad sedan
  • I love the robot voice. 😂

    Diana StojkovicDiana StojkovicMånad sedan
  • The robot voice isn’t that funny. Just my opinion.

    Kesler MartinKesler MartinMånad sedan
  • I do not like the tree stand perspective honestly

    Jango JeboJango JeboMånad sedan
  • So when I saw the Nate Sexton "What are Trees" pop up, I couldn't help but think of the "how to identify wood" meme

    SixsalSixsalMånad sedan
  • Where is the USDGC?? I have no clue what's going on this year. The communication has been terrible. I see players practicing on YT for USDGC then we get this? No one even talks about worlds being cancelled and I have to find out myself...

    Brandon ShukuriBrandon ShukuriMånad sedan
    • @Brandon Shukuri Ah well i’ve seen their updated schedule on instagram and their website I believe but it was only for jomez. They answered questions in the comment section. I don’t use twitter either.

      micah_leemicah_leeMånad sedan
    • @micah_lee ah yeah sorry. Thanks for the info. Never used twitter and never will and didn't know there was a community tab until you said it. Pretty silly they don't just say it in the coverage. I've watched this entire season and they've rarely said anything about the tour schedule, and the few things they did say turned out to be mostly wrong. I didn't see much info on the website either.

      Brandon ShukuriBrandon ShukuriMånad sedan
    • @Brandon Shukuri it's not in my email

      micah_leemicah_leeMånad sedan
    • @micah_lee ...my previous comment instantly deleted again by the shills at SEworld. Typical leftists censor your words when you call them on their marxist ideology. I guess you'll have to check your email cause I'm not writing all that crap again..

      Brandon ShukuriBrandon ShukuriMånad sedan
    • It is pretty clear if you follow on Instagram. I believe Jomez has answered your questions even. Jomez did not do the USDGC live broadcasting. (Fulcrum media did) That was the only way to watch USDGC coverage during the week, however they made it into post produced if you bought it (whole thing behind a paywall.) Ian from CCDG helped a whole lot with the broadcast and with the post produced style coverage so it will be uploaded on CCDG's channel from the information I have gathered (although I have not checked their respective accounts to confirm I have heard this echoed by others and they said the post produced would be released after two weeks.) About worlds being cancelled, people announced it. I think jomez and pdga did on their websites and instagrams. And updates like this have been given even on jomez's youtube community tab too.

      micah_leemicah_leeMånad sedan
  • 9:26 dat spinnn

    megamrsofteemegamrsofteeMånad sedan
  • How are you guys getting the camera angles over the baskets? Easily the best new addition you guys have done!

    Jared KellyJared KellyMånad sedan
    • I saw on their mic'd up practice round they had tree stands set up.

      micah_leemicah_leeMånad sedan
  • 13:13 BEST. KICK. EVER.

    Carl WilliamsCarl WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Great coverage as always JoMez, but you need to get rid of the Germ. The guy babbles on about nothing, and won't shut up about distances on the holes! Rangefinders are nice, but just stop!

    DAWIIIDAWIIIMånad sedan
  • Jerm you are cracking me up! And Go Pack!

    Shane SmithShane SmithMånad sedan
  • Thanks for the coverage. And not flooding it with adds like those other guys. That covered the ladies. I couldn't continue watching after the first 2 adds.

    Shooting Blind 77Shooting Blind 77Månad sedan
  • Got a real Scottie Pippen vibe with that, "FROM ARKANSAS..." intro haha.

    Aldo RaineAldo RaineMånad sedan
  • Watched this live on DGPT. Rewatching here cause y'alls coverage is just so amazing

    Cameron CampbellCameron CampbellMånad sedan
  • Calvin looked distracted a bunch. Hats off to KJUSA. Thanks Jomez for all you do!

    James ReavisJames ReavisMånad sedan
  • Kevin is easily my favorite player to watch as of late. Love his attitude, playing style, and talent.

    Luke ClementLuke ClementMånad sedan
  • Chris Dickerson definitely looks like Chris Sale. I'm sure that's who Paul was talking about.

    Jeremiah RushfordJeremiah RushfordMånad sedan
  • I'm telling you right now! Whoever gets those exploding trees clips from SW ROTJ where the walkers are shooting at ewoks... and puts it in the disc golf clips of tree hits... DO YOU WANT A BILLION VIEWS? THIS IS HOW! Imagine a video of all the best could've been shots where they hit a tree instead. Now imagine this video with imperial laser blast sound effects and the tree exploding on the disc's impact... Doesn't that sound satisfying? I would watch that video several times per day for months on end...

    Loki NakorLoki NakorMånad sedan
  • Why were these 4 the final 4? Calvin obviously but there were better scores in the semi finals, James Conrad for instance. Can someone please explain this to me?

    Daniel GuzmanDaniel GuzmanMånad sedan
    • You are thinking about the quarter finals. Each of these guys beat everyone out in the semis. No tricky tie breakers or anything

      micah_leemicah_leeMånad sedan
  • : )

    chapii winchapii winMånad sedan
  • Dickerson illegal jump putts, both feet in the air: 6:02 9:58 36:50.

    dayhillbillydayhillbillyMånad sedan
    • He releases almost exactly the same time as his foot comes off the ground. The general consensus is that the rule should be changed (and it might change soon) because you don't gain anything from being mid air (you can running jump and get way closer to the basket and still be able to make the putt, he is pushing the limits for having control and accuracy and it is at the limits of the rules.) The big thing is that it is exceedingly hard to dispute on course with your card. It is a split second thing and we don't have replays for that type of ruling. It comes down to if two people on the card think he is gaining an advantage and is breaking the rule agregiously. Something like not putting your plant foot in the right spot or mini in the right spot so that you gain an advantage on your lie is clearly breaking the rules for your gain.

      micah_leemicah_leeMånad sedan
  • You could clearly see that Calvin was way more nervous than he use to bee. Both on his bodu language and his throws.

    slangen808slangen808Månad sedan
  • Yo wtf. Big jerm spoils the winner at 1:20. Beware viewers, skip the first 1:30!

    BlunderbussBlunderbussMånad sedan
    • @Blunderbuss I totally agree

      Jeremy KolingJeremy KolingMånad sedan
    • Ah, I see. Okay that confused our family and we got a bit bummed thinking it just got spoiled for us! Haha thats a very confusing way to title different tournaments!

      BlunderbussBlunderbussMånad sedan
    • Apologies for the confusion

      Jeremy KolingJeremy KolingMånad sedan
    • I announced that Kevin is a pro tour winner, not the pro tour championship winner. He won on the pro tour this year

      Jeremy KolingJeremy KolingMånad sedan
  • Really disappointed by the spoiler of who wins right off the bat. Come on Jerm and Jomez, please do better. 😞

    Brittany MorganBrittany MorganMånad sedan
    • I agree that it could have been worded in a less confusing manner

      Jeremy KolingJeremy KolingMånad sedan
    • I didn't spoil the result. I announced that Kevin won on the pro tour. That he is a pro tour winner this year, at the GMC

      Jeremy KolingJeremy KolingMånad sedan
  • This type of round structure is very interesting. Elimination process etc. I would like to suggest 1 maybe 2 other tournaments during the year with this same structure. It would allow prep and throws pressure on good rounds. I would also like to mention the additional pressure these guys had especially with the footage and payout. Any other round Calzone threads hole one and plays much better. The pressure is good but lets prep them during the year to excell their progress.

    Andrew TideAndrew TideMånad sedan
  • I’m not sure how I feel about the catch cam height. Going with an untested product for espn2 is a bold move.

    JeremyJeremyMånad sedan
  • 7:11 , a wild jomez camera operator in it's natural habitat.

    benjamin arthursbenjamin arthursMånad sedan
  • Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human Human after all!

    Mars SaturnMars SaturnMånad sedan
  • I dub this card "Calvin and the Chipmunks"

    Shiva BestShiva BestMånad sedan
  • The 🌲 stand was a great touch for this event

    Gregory HabibGregory HabibMånad sedan
  • Yellow backpack, neon fanny pack...I see you Big Jerm 😎

    KT420ishKT420ishMånad sedan
  • Congrats K Jones!!

    Jory ButcherJory ButcherMånad sedan
  • Boston red socks...WTF? He looks like big jerms little brother!!!

    Mark GardnerMark GardnerMånad sedan
  • "Stock hyzer" needs to be a common disc golf term. It's a perfect word to describe your nice easy controlled hyzer play. You better copyright that Uli!

    KT420ishKT420ishMånad sedan
  • Big slip giving away the winner during the player intros there, Jermz... 😝😝😝

    Zachary GreyZachary GreyMånad sedan
  • After Paul's baseball reference I thought that Dickerson looks like Hunter Pence

    Isaac KeohaneIsaac KeohaneMånad sedan
  • Mcbeth ain't even on the card and jerm can't go without mentioning his name.

    Trey HaglundTrey HaglundMånad sedan
  • The catch cam guy must be really tall.

    Tee BOX MediaTee BOX MediaMånad sedan
  • Can the guy doing the introductions not stand away from the crowd and take of his mask?

    J.A. SmithJ.A. SmithMånad sedan
    • the teeing area is cramped.

      micah_leemicah_leeMånad sedan
  • How can Uli not have talked about germ’s fanny pack

    Marc NathmanMarc NathmanMånad sedan
  • Backpack AND a fanny pack Jerm??

    Jeff WilliamsJeff WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Anybody else have to hit pause on hole 5 to see if there was a cricket in their house?

    docv73docv73Månad sedan
  • Chris Dickerson or John Smoltz? Answer to Uli's comment of "kinda looks like a baseball player..." 35:48

    Craig JamesCraig JamesMånad sedan
  • Thank's to @prodigydisc spoiling the ending for me and many others on Instagram... Not cool, man... not cool! Always put a SPOILER WARNING because most of us still watch post-tournament coverage to find out the results.

    RebeIMateRebeIMateMånad sedan
    • 🎻💧

      penisbuttpenisbuttMånad sedan
  • Just once... I'd love to see a player just scream AARRGGHH!!!!!! I bet that would relieve the tensions for everyone and they just settle in to having the best round they can...come what may! :)

    Ulrich Von StompUlrich Von StompMånad sedan
    • it has happened many times before and been condemned by the community and can actually ruin the mood on the card

      micah_leemicah_leeMånad sedan
  • 41:00. Uli doesn't know animals Jerm. Stop confusing him with your crazy bird talk!!

    McSmacksMcSmacksMånad sedan
  • Proof that Prodigy is the best plastic

    Matthew WilburnMatthew WilburnMånad sedan
  • Got to love the political signs in the background on hole 4

    Michael PhillipsMichael PhillipsMånad sedan
  • Why is it that the Jomez guys get soooo much better angles than the DGN guys? It's not as if they have any more time to set up the shots....

    Br0w0sefBr0w0sefMånad sedan
    • I suppose they get to pick the best shots of the ones they got though instead of having to choose a live cam. Maybe it's a little unfair to compare.

      Br0w0sefBr0w0sefMånad sedan
  • Ahhh some decent commentary, not the trash the live commentary dishes up.

    Mashed PotatoesMashed PotatoesMånad sedan
  • Such a good production to be ruined by the Big Jerk. People think this fool is funny?

    Phil JohnsonPhil JohnsonMånad sedan
    • I'd guess i've already over explained myself. But Jerm laughed the same way on hole 8 when Austin threw the perfect roller.

      micah_leemicah_leeMånad sedan
    • @Brent Mileti Seems like y'all have preconceived notions to hate the guy. That is not a fair representation of what went on with the commentary on 7. He was not laughing about the shank. He was laughing about how incredible his power is. It's one of those "I can't do that" and you just have to laugh about it. "he has a cannon for an arm" Perhaps the jokes about "thats on hole 1's pad" could be insensitive. But these guys are great friends. they weren't trying to roast him but even if they were they do it all the time. They know each other. So perhaps it was just a slip up where they didn't mean it to come out the way it sounds but even then it's still clear after he says "he has a cannon" that he wasn't laughing about the shank.

      micah_leemicah_leeMånad sedan
    • Why?

      Jay CeeJay CeeMånad sedan
    • @Brent Mileti Classless all the way. There are way better commentators out there and I wish Jomez would go and get one. Let Jerm survive on his tournament winnings (that won't end well).

      Phil JohnsonPhil JohnsonMånad sedan
    • Glad someone said it. Cringe funny at best.. Not to mention laughing at Hannum's shank 2nd shot hole 7 during a championship. Classless

      Brent MiletiBrent MiletiMånad sedan
  • I've been wondering what the deal was with the camera angles. They look dope! I was like are they flying a drone or what? Then I see the treestand today. Jomez you inventive bastards! Loving it!

    John StorerJohn StorerMånad sedan
  • I feel bad for Kevin. Dickerson is getting so lucky and is -7 and Kevin is straight up grinding at -6

    Doug Craven JrDoug Craven JrMånad sedan
  • 29:55

    LukeBrinkerhoffLukeBrinkerhoffMånad sedan
  • I find it a bit odd that Chris isnt introduced as the winner of USDGC before the teeshot on 1. Is it just me? 🙃🙈🙉🙊

    Simon JohanssonSimon JohanssonMånad sedan
    • same! Like huh?

      JamesJamesMånad sedan
  • Well I'll be. Had to circle back. Cannot believe what I just saw.

    Marc SandiasMarc SandiasMånad sedan
  • Forget Jerm is low key hilarious

    MBT ModernMBT ModernMånad sedan
  • 34:42 G'Day Big Jerm. How's it down unda'?

    corey314159corey314159Månad sedan
  • Frisbee . Goes. Buck . Buck . Basket . Goes. Ka . Ching .

    BunabBunabMånad sedan
  • After hole 3 reaction. Kevin Jones gets the hot round today. It's his day to win it

    Issac PalmerIssac PalmerMånad sedan
  • I just realized that Jerm spoiled IN THE INTRO the result! 😅🤣🤣 We all have those moments

    Federico SorensonFederico SorensonMånad sedan
    • haha. Can't believe they didn't cut this out.

      Eric MooreEric Moore24 dagar sedan
  • omg finally subtitles

    Rachel BenedictRachel BenedictMånad sedan
  • Jerm spoils the winner in the player intros... nice! haha =)

    Blake NovoselBlake NovoselMånad sedan
  • You guys totally missed the chance to call him Austin Powers!

    Outback WackOutback WackMånad sedan
  • My algorithm must be messed up because I keep getting the Vaseline commercial?

    Renee MortonRenee MortonMånad sedan
  • Jerm: "Never before seen before drive" on hole 8 🤣🤣

    Kelly PerryKelly PerryMånad sedan
  • Where do u watch the usdgc?

    Japeth BarnettJapeth BarnettMånad sedan
  • Let's go Austin

    Japeth BarnettJapeth BarnettMånad sedan
  • These high camera angles are AMAZING

    Joe IllingworthJoe IllingworthMånad sedan
  • After the first hole, I knew it was gonna be the Kevin show. But after Calvin’s put on on hole 8, I’m doing math in my head to see what it would take for my favorite player to be driving home with a $20,000 check in his pocket- Worth saying that Chris is not to be bet against... can’t wait to “see how it plays out”

    Oliver MillerOliver MillerMånad sedan
  • After the first hole, I knew it was gonna be the Kevin show. But after Calvin’s put on on hole 8, I’m doing math in my head to see what it would take for my favorite player to be driving home with a $20,000 check in his pocket- Worth saying that Chris is not to be bet against... can’t wait to “see how it plays out”

    Oliver MillerOliver MillerMånad sedan
  • 4:04 why does that tree look like it's been drilled out?

    KallaMigCPKallaMigCPMånad sedan
  • Dickerson doesnt look like a disc golfer. He looks like he found a disc while hunting and was like, what the heck is this thing. Then threw it 500 feet

    Norumbega ManNorumbega ManMånad sedan
    • Rofl yes

      BrettBrett22 dagar sedan
  • Anybody know what chris was doing behind Kevin on 1s tee? Looked funny lol

    Conner LoesConner LoesMånad sedan
  • Someone get KJ a shoe sponsor. :D

    NitronNitronMånad sedan
  • Can you imagine playing disc golf with like every top pro standing behind you in the galley. That is insane pressure

    Seth EvansSeth EvansMånad sedan
    • Well I guess most of the time if that is happening you have earned your spot there by not folding under the pressure. But if you are young I guess it will get to you. It would be insane though.

      micah_leemicah_leeMånad sedan
  • Fantastic coverage and great disc golf. I love this format.

    DrFranknBerryDrFranknBerryMånad sedan
  • jerm stop spoiling the shots as they come out of the hands! love the coverage and commentary though as always

    PostermaestroPostermaestroMånad sedan
  • Uli's comparison of Chris Dickerson to any Red Sox pitcher is so so accurate lol

    Bleachman555Bleachman555Månad sedan
  • Kevin should try Haix shoes, they have great grip... And no, sadly I don’t get paid to tell this, had to even buy my own pair... 😄

    Sami BjörkbergSami BjörkbergMånad sedan
  • Heimbueg best by far

    lockodonislockodonisMånad sedan
  • Think Paul is on to something. Chris Sale from the Red Sox and Chris Dickerson do share quite the resemblance.

    Rob FRob FMånad sedan
  • this format messes with me. I keep wondering how people on chase card are doing only to remember there is no chase card lol

    Cameron McRaeCameron McRaeMånad sedan
  • Just to confirm Uli, Chris Dickerson looks like Chris Sale

    Nathan DoddNathan DoddMånad sedan
  • I think Paul was thinking about Ryan Brasier for the Red Sox. He looks JUST LIKE Chris. I can't unsee it XD

    Calvin VandergriftCalvin VandergriftMånad sedan
    • I think a rapper named Ty Brasel (from tennessee with a similar accent) looks closest to Chris. Maybe it's just the beard that these guys have in common

      micah_leemicah_leeMånad sedan
  • thanks you for all of your coverage this season. we appreciate your work and being out there facing the dangers that 2020 brings. During the off season, it would be fun to have a face off video of fails with all the pros. Videos of Kevin Jones slipping off the tee videos another pro's first available tree smack. we can vote on them as a community. if it's too short for a youtube video, maybe just have it on your instagram and let us vote there.

    An NguyenAn NguyenMånad sedan
  • SPOILER ALERT!! The player intro tells us who won... woops

    Alexander BivolcicAlexander BivolcicMånad sedan
    • I noticed that to. I was hoping he meant something else. Really ruined it for me☹

      Gary AdamsGary AdamsMånad sedan
    • When they say a tour champion this year they just mean he won a tournament on tour

      AyyItsTatoAyyItsTatoMånad sedan
    • I was reading the comments to see if anyone caught on

      James CorbinJames CorbinMånad sedan