Absolutely Ruining a $36,000 Minecraft Tournament

2 aug 2020
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i play in Minecraft Ultimate and get a few kills to save the orphans
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“Last Fight For Freedom” by Edgar Hopp
“Bay Breeze” by Dylan Sitts

  • It was so fun. thank you for teaming with us. (my shot at 8:10 AMAZING)

    CxlvxnCxlvxn5 månader sedan
    • Fu

      that dudethat dude8 timmar sedan
    • I

      that dudethat dude8 timmar sedan
    • I

      that dudethat dude8 timmar sedan
    • J

      that dudethat dude8 timmar sedan
    • I

      that dudethat dude8 timmar sedan
  • 24:56 hope to see this on r/agedlikemilk

    Redhoney sugarOrangeRedhoney sugarOrange11 minuter sedan
  • Wow, just no mercy at all

    Redhoney sugarOrangeRedhoney sugarOrange40 minuter sedan
  • does this mean techno has a kid

    zerozeroTimme sedan
  • Am I the only one that comes back to this when I'm feeling sad and just brighten up at the technoplane?

    pantherama5z5pantherama5z5Timme sedan
  • Oh hey a person

    PudimAfterall ツPudimAfterall ツ2 timmar sedan
  • 5:10 npesta

    Lawson BoutchyardLawson Boutchyard2 timmar sedan
  • He took pay to win on an another level

    Ninja ShresthaNinja Shrestha3 timmar sedan
  • This video is xnestorio saying “shot him” for 25 mins

    Silas MotternSilas Mottern3 timmar sedan
  • I died when I heard *technoplane*

    Casual CrusaderCasual Crusader4 timmar sedan
  • Techno made this Minecraft tournament to his personal Minecraft hunt

    Mr. SuspiciousMr. Suspicious8 timmar sedan
  • Goodbye fundy

    RiordojimRiordojim8 timmar sedan
  • Now I see why anyone who captures a glimpse of Techno screams in pure horror.

    Nugget MasterNugget Master9 timmar sedan
  • watching this live was awesome

    Macknificent 101Macknificent 1019 timmar sedan
  • Techno:Hmmmmmm raiding a youtuber tournament for money seems fair “If your good at something never do it for free” -joker

    Yomom RllysmellsYomom Rllysmells10 timmar sedan
  • Npesta rip

    Floxs Kun ツFloxs Kun ツ10 timmar sedan
  • POV your techno you may be strong be i am stronger kills 100 people in total

    Liam LarsonLiam Larson11 timmar sedan
  • Dude this is soo aiming techno u r so cracked and holy how did u get so many kills

    Sam LintveltSam Lintvelt12 timmar sedan
  • 2021 and he finally adopted an orphan!!! LOL

    milkshaker OwOmilkshaker OwO12 timmar sedan
  • nobody: absolutely nobody: technoblade: every time we stab an orphan in minecraft we save one in real life

    Jeffrey LastnameJeffrey Lastname13 timmar sedan
  • Wallibear actually did really good against techno

    Andr3w The Gam3rAndr3w The Gam3r15 timmar sedan
  • 3 Vs 21:This is the final match! Dream Smp Technoblade 1 VS 30 BRING IT ON!

    Last LombaxLast Lombax16 timmar sedan
  • Bruh literaly the best trio ive seen so far 3v4 and even a 3v21 thats insane

    JampotJampot16 timmar sedan
  • is it me or did the thumbnail change? or am I dumb?

    moth_wit_tophatmoth_wit_tophat16 timmar sedan
  • "There one hit" "There one hit" "There one hit" Legend has it they're still one hit

    Havoc 909Havoc 90916 timmar sedan
  • The wistful galley delightfully greet because carol specially sprout beneath a complete cattle. belligerent, thick value

    Bryan QuinnBryan Quinn17 timmar sedan
  • techno just flying into a team is so funny

    Hidde KapteinHidde Kaptein17 timmar sedan
  • techno is like an eagle finding orphans

    Black eg 890Black eg 89018 timmar sedan
  • Nah the team of 3 won't win! Only if pigs can fly! Technoblade:

    FrIeD CheeseFrIeD Cheese18 timmar sedan
  • Technoplane too op they need to nerf :/

    Emmanuel PontiverosEmmanuel Pontiveros19 timmar sedan
  • Techno be like : your rights of breathing have been revoked

    Dr DeathDr Death19 timmar sedan
  • If he wins he should drop an orphane of a sky scrapper

    Dr DeathDr Death20 timmar sedan
  • The booots .... The booootss. ... Get the boots😂😂

    Raymund MalabongRaymund Malabong21 timme sedan
  • Hmm Lubachs prediction came true, America first, The Netherlands second. (Fundy is dutch)

    MCHouseboatMCHouseboat21 timme sedan
  • yes the guy who destroy lmanberg YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    Olivier Timothy Hotmagabe Siagian 2066001Olivier Timothy Hotmagabe Siagian 206600123 timmar sedan
  • i love the chat just saying down with the blade 😂

    Nora WelpNora Welp23 timmar sedan
  • LukeTheNotable in his mind during that fight with techno," They dont even know i played hardcore for 2000 days"

    BlueCheeseBoyBlueCheeseBoyDag sedan
  • R.I.P Fundy

    Jayden ChuiJayden ChuiDag sedan
  • when your playing minecraft and a fling juggernaut pig kills you.

    Epic gamerEpic gamerDag sedan
  • Big thank you for all of you who made helping other people, so fun. Good video too.

    A. SettjeA. SettjeDag sedan
  • Why is nobody talking about that 3 vs. 21?!

    Akutagawa's Lost EyebrowsAkutagawa's Lost EyebrowsDag sedan
  • "One guy in diamond armor is worth two in iron."

    Cade CampbellCade CampbellDag sedan

    charlyonL2charlyonL2Dag sedan
  • *insert doom music*

    name changed for personal reasonsname changed for personal reasonsDag sedan
  • All that xnestorio said shot him shot him got him

    Cash_On_YTCash_On_YTDag sedan
  • Things I hear in this video: shot him shot him gottem Replayed 20 times

  • This video would have been a good time to release his techno plane plush

    Eggy2223Eggy2223Dag sedan
    • This is where the meme started

      Dimdoodim :3Dimdoodim :3Dag sedan
  • The whole video is shot um got um

    Ben WadeBen WadeDag sedan
  • What does Ded in the?

    I LI LDag sedan
  • "shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em.......shot em......."

    FurquanisFurquanisDag sedan
  • Einfach Papaplatte 😂🥰

    Thanks againThanks againDag sedan
  • I think they won’t be able to win a 3v4 no matter how good they are. -3v25-

    A Slightly Disappointing SaladA Slightly Disappointing SaladDag sedan
  • ...Me: lose to a Guy in full iron while I'm in half iron half diamond. Techno, Cxlvxn and Nesterio: Did someone say 21 people to kill?

    Kai LeMayKai LeMayDag sedan
  • this is one of the best vids I've ever watched

    Arlo JonesArlo JonesDag sedan
  • Techno went from loving orphans to massacring them

    Ethan 64Ethan 64Dag sedan
  • Great video, You get to see all of your creators get stabbed by a pig and his goons. for charity

    AtlasAtlasDag sedan
  • Technoblade never dies

  • 0:02 DED!?

    Random guyRandom guyDag sedan
  • We both got first place on something I got first on the potty training race, no more diapers for me!

    Claymore sadnessClaymore sadnessDag sedan
    • wtf

      Jackson CarterJackson CarterDag sedan
  • Shottem Shottem Shottem Shottem

    Thomas_YTThomas_YTDag sedan
  • Aypierre qui tente la fuite face a technoblade, mais il ne peux

    DimitriDimitriDag sedan
  • 7:27 lol

    Animal ProductionsAnimal ProductionsDag sedan
  • I love this video and all, but am I the only one who finds the one guy constantly saying “shot em” to be annoying?

    IcantthinkofagoodnameIcantthinkofagoodnameDag sedan
  • Technoblade: if i win i will adopt a small orphan child me: TECHNODAD

    derpyplayzderpyplayzDag sedan
  • Him even getting damaged and killed is just a bug

    Incinerated TIncinerated TDag sedan
  • Techno should replace 5 people

    Iqhwan HilmiIqhwan HilmiDag sedan
  • The more appropriate title would be, *TECHNOPLANE:The Beginning*

    Ghost HypnoGhost HypnoDag sedan
  • So... The event organizer didn't think that there was *A REASON* everyone wanted Techno to count as to people instead of just 1? To be Frank, I'm surprised he didn't just count as a whole team of 4 himself.

    Is that a JoJo reference?!Is that a JoJo reference?!Dag sedan
  • This is honestly my comfort video at this point

    Milan PenfoldMilan PenfoldDag sedan
  • Techno in skywars tournament: afraid of tapL TapL in mc ultimate: afraid of techno

    Jack JohnsonJack JohnsonDag sedan
    • True tho

      BlobbyGodBlobbyGodDag sedan
  • IP?

    SadlyyySadlyyyDag sedan
  • I like rewatching this for fun, it’s so great

    Twizard 32Twizard 322 dagar sedan
  • This was better then avengers endgame

    RZC0828RZC08282 dagar sedan
  • The kaput margin bilaterally injure because james fortunately shave qua a waggish gallon. knowing, sturdy asia

    Andrew ZeitlerAndrew Zeitler2 dagar sedan
    • First person to say that we are gonna go skiing with you and I will see you at the meeting on Friday and will be in the chat and I will call you in the morning.

      BlobbyGodBlobbyGodDag sedan
  • 7:52 LMFAOOOOOO I love how everyone get chocked seeing the technoplane

    100kg seko100kg seko2 dagar sedan
  • Take a shot every time Nestorio says “shot him”

    Back BoiBack Boi2 dagar sedan
    • I died

      Jackson CarterJackson CarterDag sedan

    Max L. B. M.Y. G.Max L. B. M.Y. G.2 dagar sedan
  • 6:31 is where he killed our boi, the 2000 day man. Look how they massacred my boi.

    Zura Uchistar?Zura Uchistar?2 dagar sedan
  • 10/10

    TechnobIadeTechnobIade2 dagar sedan
    • @BlobbyGod Shhhh, I just think this is a really good video

      TechnobIadeTechnobIadeDag sedan
    • omg goodness it the techoblad he commented on his own vdeo

      BlobbyGodBlobbyGodDag sedan
  • well, he did technically adopt an orphan

    CouchPotatoJCouchPotatoJ2 dagar sedan
    • Uh

      BlobbyGodBlobbyGodDag sedan
  • every time i close my eyes i see that techno already killed 3 people

    Caden OhCaden Oh2 dagar sedan
  • "Pay to Win, activate"

    Jacob CrisanJacob Crisan2 dagar sedan
  • Calvin the whole game “shot him” “shot him”

    Sam FosterSam Foster2 dagar sedan
  • oh so you like technoblade? NAME EVERY TECHNOBLADE VIDEO

    CalirsCalirs2 dagar sedan
  • The only words I hear from nestorio “shot him got him”

    OctaneOctane2 dagar sedan
  • omg techno is a god

    danyboy11danyboy112 dagar sedan
  • How to I make my quality content like u techno help for the pigs

    Riptide_Riptide_2 dagar sedan
  • Techno blade is the best minecraft player change my mind

    Kevin ConklinKevin Conklin2 dagar sedan
  • If techno is in a tournament the others can't win, they can only lose last

    DeathReaper ZDeathReaper Z2 dagar sedan
  • imagine if it was teams of 3 tho

    winnerwannabe hiwinnerwannabe hi2 dagar sedan
  • Subscribe TO TECHNOBLADE

    Szymon SokołowskiSzymon Sokołowski2 dagar sedan
  • this man created more orphans than he saved with all the kills in this lobby

    Lyrial EraLyrial Era2 dagar sedan
  • death is scared of him

    muhammed shaikhmuhammed shaikh2 dagar sedan
  • Next video: kid reveal

    KalxixKalxix2 dagar sedan
  • Imagine trying to cross team with someone and then a flying pig with diamond armor and carrying 2 other people on his back and you just get allah huacbared

  • Imagine how stacked Techno would be now, man is averaging like 250,000 concurrent views a stream

    Michael McMasterMichael McMaster2 dagar sedan
  • This is just one guy saying gotten over and over again

    The Minecraft AlexisThe Minecraft Alexis2 dagar sedan
  • They should have said tecno was worth 4 player to make it fare.

    Jake AllanJake Allan2 dagar sedan
  • You can't stop a flying pig in full diamond

  • So it turns out Pigs Can in fact fly? So what are you Gonna tell me next the erth is Round?

    Yogurt4lifeYogurt4life2 dagar sedan