How Capcom's clever CPS2 Arcade Game Copy Protection stopped bootleg games | MVG

20 maj 2019
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Arcade Game bootlegging was rampant in 80s and 90s with many arcade manufacturers including Capcom in the firing line with their CPS1 arcade hardware. But Capcom learned from their mistakes and the CPS2 hardware from 1993 to 2007 - long past its end of life - became impossible to crack.
This is the story of how Capcom kept bootleggers away from the CPS2 arcade hardware for over 15 years and how different individuals eventually lead to the ultimate defeat of the encryption.
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  • im glad they managed find a way to revive the cps2 boards

    Superdash da bestSuperdash da best6 dagar sedan
  • 2:06

    Dawid TanDawid Tan11 dagar sedan
  • what game is featured at 3:21? because a newer game called jamestown: legend of the lost colony absolutely ripped a lot off from it lmao. it's amazing I can't find any info online given how uncanny the similarities are....

    prismalynxprismalynx17 dagar sedan
  • I have one of this arcade play system wiht only one game street figter zero 3 fron japan i dont us it becouse i dont know hot to

    artstudioartstudio22 dagar sedan
  • Razoola FTW!

    Brent IrwinBrent Irwin28 dagar sedan
  • 2:48

    PiForUAllPiForUAllMånad sedan
  • Excellent 😀

    Ritchie ValensRitchie ValensMånad sedan
  • Too bad it turns their boards into time bombs that need sensitive bits replaced later on. You can play real "rainbow" edition standups at the pinball and comic show in Tacoma most years.

    Keith SimpsonKeith SimpsonMånad sedan
  • i also have a suicide board, but a natural one. it is a Galaga dual pcb board - probably an original board that sometimes comes up with ram faults and even if i change the particular ram the same ram fault will come up sometimes. i have it now for almost 20 years and i have to repair it at some point. should be no real problem. with my picoscope i should check the signal integrity of the involved chips and noise on the +5V rails. maybe they are too noisy because of dead caps. i also have circuit charly, gyruss and kung fu master. i love them!

    Stefan WeilhartnerStefan WeilhartnerMånad sedan
  • AH-SICK chip? Yeah I'll program it into my EL-U-AI script!

    vzjrzvzjrzMånad sedan
  • Are there any reported cases of legitimate owners suing Capcom for making hardware that deliberately disabled itself? And if not, why not?

    CantabCantabMånad sedan
  • That final fight bootled looks like something I'd spend money on.

    Khat DragonKhat DragonMånad sedan
  • *suicide battery*

    I'm sucotikI'm sucotikMånad sedan

    SpenSpenMånad sedan

    redmere the edgelordredmere the edgelord2 månader sedan
  • For anyone else pulling their hair out trying to figure out where the first 5 secs beat comes from... Here you go... Flying Lizzards - Money thats what I want

    PusaliethPusalieth2 månader sedan
  • What about Street Fighter II black belt rainbow edition? That was the best bootlegged street fighter ever!!!

    will ordonezwill ordonez2 månader sedan
  • great video . btw what software do you use for your video edits for youtube ?

    Joey Del Mars Jr.Joey Del Mars Jr.2 månader sedan
  • Which video editing programming is he using?

    YouTube WatcherYouTube Watcher2 månader sedan
  • The copyprotection was important during the board's service life (although hoo boy was it exploitative of the arcade operators). But with the board discontinued so you couldn't have Capcom reflash it for you even if you wanted, it's good that people have formed a workaround.

    ZeldaTheSwordsmanZeldaTheSwordsman2 månader sedan
  • I totally dig these vids, but the 4-5 ads per is a little much. I'm just going to be done with the binge. You're awesome.

    Alix BurnerAlix Burner2 månader sedan
  • Yeah but the suicide battery

    Dragonborn 0243Dragonborn 02432 månader sedan
  • noice

    SDRIFTER AbdlmounaimSDRIFTER Abdlmounaim2 månader sedan
  • Did anyone think they where about to get Rickrolled at the beginning

    Exotic ShadowExotic Shadow2 månader sedan
    • Yep

      Flugene GuFlugene GuMånad sedan
  • Everything gets hacked. None of these companies have ever won. Brand new arcades today get decrypted all the time.

    ISOHavenISOHaven3 månader sedan
  • Intro theme sound like Boys and Girls by Blur or New Order stuff like Blue Monday.

    Eduardo RagaEduardo Raga3 månader sedan
  • So technically if someone wanted to they could recreate polybius?

    VoidVoid3 månader sedan
  • Damn, that was a much more interesting story then I thought it would be. In a way, their encryption served its purpose beautifully. They made all the $$$ for a time off their machines.

    Peter HeinemanPeter Heineman3 månader sedan
  • Crouching Tiger looks like a cool fighter

    Stevie JoStevie Jo3 månader sedan
  • This is exactly how Street Fighter 2 Turbo was invented. It was a hacked version of Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition. The hackers and arcade community called it Street Fighter 2 Rainbow Edition. Capcom took it and toned it way down giving us the turbo feature and new movesets. You got the date wrong for the Neo Geo AES. It was released on January 31, 1990.

    Sinn0100Sinn01004 månader sedan
  • Just really falls in the category: "Mistakes weren't made"

    bonnome2bonnome24 månader sedan
  • Although somewhat effective, I find this type of suicidal DRM dangerous, for the environment, it is not feasible to destroy functioning electronics for the sake of protection, all of these boards (and batteries) have to go somewhere.

    Fast PenguinFast Penguin5 månader sedan
  • Tried to find a photo from 4:43 to use as a wallpaper, but no success. Can you share it if it's possible? I ripped this video with youtube-dl and extracted the best frame, but the real picture would be better anyway.

    Кирилл ДавыдовКирилл Давыдов5 månader sedan
  • Oh wow! This is such good news about reviving CPS2 boards. I bought a bunch of them back in the day for my Candy Cabinet and then life moved on. SO I just stored them away. I'm not sure if they actually work now. But it is good to know that if they are dead, that they can be revived.

    MichaelEC1MichaelEC15 månader sedan
  • I spent some time in Panama City Panama in the mid early/mid 80's and they had entire arcades full of machines that were bootlegs. They weren't selling boards to legit arcades but using entire cabinets that weren't even meant to look like the original. A lot of people would play the bootleg machines in those places because you got two credits per quarter instead of one.

    Compete ToDefeatCompete ToDefeat5 månader sedan
  • Which arcade emulators are best I don't want to by a $2,000.00 arcade machine.

    Andrew GordonAndrew Gordon5 månader sedan
    • Mame.

      Meshari AlMohaisenMeshari AlMohaisen3 månader sedan
  • Are you interesting with the suicide batteries a CNC company called hass does the same exact thing where their brains would get scrambled if the battery dies but we pretty much modified every one of them that's out warranty so we could put two batteries in it at once and change them once every 2 years

    keagankeagan5 månader sedan
  • Modern version of cloud. You put it there, but it isn't yours and could go away at any time. Nice feature where the dead main board lights up the CRT that same turquoise as the case.

    Dollar GuyDollar Guy6 månader sedan
  • Phoenix version

    sparcx86 Channelsparcx86 Channel6 månader sedan
  • Meh, was never a fan of Capcom products.

    _ Grundel __ Grundel _6 månader sedan
  • And now sega they make their games in unity (≧▽≦)

    BoschBosch6 månader sedan
  • The drums at the beginning always make me think I'm being Rick Rolled.

    hXcFreethinkerhXcFreethinker6 månader sedan
  • Bravo hackers

    Chris CollettChris Collett6 månader sedan
  • Emulation hasn't hurt their sales as I happily bought the 30th Anniversary Street Fighter Collection and Capcom Beat'em Up bundle on the Nintendo Switch and would also buy anything else if Capcom would release them.

    Glenn ShoemakeGlenn Shoemake6 månader sedan
  • You always need a two way key. On your side it makes no sense, the key makes no sense, but the combination provides blind data to a cabinet. Keeping data from being intercepted means you add hardware data to the challenge matrix. Then someone will have to virtually have your machine. But in the long run, your just selling a flavor in a starch with chunks of matter stired by a guy in a shmock were great vats of the, "drug", can't be accessed. Particularly cartoon manga.

    William TaylorWilliam Taylor6 månader sedan
  • You can play as Damned on that Final Fight bootleg....dear lord that is the coolest thing I've ever seen. I love your channel so much.

    Dar SureDar Sure6 månader sedan
  • in the beginning, what is the song called?

    TheDiamondRemixerTheDiamondRemixer6 månader sedan
  • Nuestro señor y Pastor Artemio Urbina :D :D :D

    Alejandro PalaciosAlejandro Palacios6 månader sedan
  • and here i am still playing those games using my nebula 2.14

    Min EsMin Es6 månader sedan
  • So, Capcom beat the bootleggers, by defrauding their own paying customers.

    bikkiikunbikkiikun6 månader sedan
  • Nintendrew should like...

    SMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' TrollsSMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' Trolls6 månader sedan
  • Modern arcade machine like Sega implemented the use of Bitlocker for locking their arcade boards from Sega Nu and always require a keychip containing the Bitlocker key and the game encryption key in order to boot. Oh sometimes can you try working with Sega RingEdge hardware?

    MakuShigaharaMakuShigahara6 månader sedan
  • Fascinating. Will you resurrect your dead CPS2 board?

    ᚛ V ᚜᚛ V ᚜7 månader sedan
  • A slightly related question re bootlegs, I have a few bootleg megadrive carts, are these safe to use (just your comment on voltages)

    Steve NSteve N7 månader sedan
  • Darksoft. Plenty of arcades use these now

    Electric EuphoriaElectric Euphoria7 månader sedan
  • Not anymore it doesn't!

    Boge Vs.Boge Vs.7 månader sedan
  • Awesome video MVG. What is the song starting at 6:07? What a great tune!

    BoardUnderMyFeetBoardUnderMyFeet7 månader sedan
    • In case anyone else was wondering it's Cammy's theme from Street Fighter :)

      BoardUnderMyFeetBoardUnderMyFeet2 månader sedan
  • What DRM was used in the Namco Classics Collection boards, last time I tried MAME couldn't emulate this correctly

    TuxpengTuxpeng7 månader sedan
  • 1:52 Lots of guesses were cut? This must have something to do with the cheaper hardware having an inferior random number generator. Because they used cheaper sound chips, and the best random number generator came from the white noise generator on the sound chip. Next thing you know that chicken on Chun Li's stage isn't flapping anymore and Dhalsim starts twerking instead of doing his little YMCA dance. These are the small joys which draw us to Capcom games! It's certainly not the gameplay! That's when I find the manager and say listen, sir, I know exactly what's going on here. And I don't even care about the quarter. I'm going to make this real simple for you. Either you're calling Japan and apologizing or I'm calling the police. If I wanted to play on a MAME box I'd be at the maker fair with the real nerds. Just because I'm drunk at a barcade doesn't mean I'm stupid!

    Raquel FosterRaquel Foster7 månader sedan
  • Awesome video! Great presentation. I feel the suicide battery was very anti-consumer though.

    Bu JinBu Jin7 månader sedan
  • i'm curious... did capcom ever stopped servicing dead boards?

    khhnatorkhhnator7 månader sedan
  • Off topic but - what is the song heard throughout this video, for example starting again at 10:04?

    David MackenzieDavid Mackenzie8 månader sedan
  • 09:39 Mistakes were made

    Retro Boy AdvanceRetro Boy Advance8 månader sedan
  • Damn so if Capcom had not tried to compete with the SNK home system. The CPS2 would never have been defeated, on the bright side, it also means that they can revive dead boards which would save others from meeting the dump when all they needed was a new battery and to have the game re-installed on the ROM.

    dryloopeddrylooped9 månader sedan
  • not all bootlegs are bad and we have actually seen many bootlegs end up being better than the game they are copied off of.

    Rob GillanRob Gillan9 månader sedan
  • 2:07 finally our country is

    tomikuntomikun9 månader sedan
  • Didn’t Rainbow Edition shotos throw two fireballs simultaneously?

    TwistedSouLTwistedSouL9 månader sedan
  • artemio poniendo en alto a México

    Kotomi HakuKotomi Haku9 månader sedan
  • Its amazing that same lie is still being used; the "modifying any of this tech is dangerous". Relying on peoples fear rather than facts. Apple, Sony and Microsoft are all still using it to stop people fixing or modifying the hardware they own.

    Offero 04Offero 049 månader sedan
  • My new favorite SEworld channel.

    Jordan TorresJordan Torres9 månader sedan
  • Has anyone tried to Brute force the encryption

    XiellionXiellion9 månader sedan
  • Them MOD chips, are SWEET. I use to be arcade tech and this crap was a headache and cost $$$ not only to get repairs but down time of the game while waiting to get the board back.

    Mike FlynnMike Flynn9 månader sedan
  • This explains why most arcades in the 90s practically have the same games, as they are all actually bootlegged CPS1 games. Only "premium" arcades have newer games, Those cheap ass arcades still survives today in some places.

    anon neymousanon neymous9 månader sedan
  • Dungeon master and Earthbound has some of the best projection imo. If your copyright screws over the people who actually brought your product you fail hardcore.

    kingdomheartskingdomhearts9 månader sedan
  • It's honestly super cool, but it is important now more than ever to preserve arcade history. Ive been buying emulators, cabinets, coin doors and joysticks. Its something i grew up with and I think everyone should experience this part of gaming history. In a way i think all these games are good places to start on your way to becoming a gamer. I want my kid to get frustrated like i did playing mortal kombat 1 and 2 and seeing the sheer difference of what an easy and a very difficult game is. I want them to play my ps1. I want them to grow up a little like i did. Except I'll be there this time. Showing their ass who was there

    Louis B.Louis B.10 månader sedan
  • Surprised at the number of thumbs down. Is it because of the hacking and research that saved these games or is it because they were hoping for more detail?

    Nunovya BiznezNunovya Biznez10 månader sedan
  • This was so informative really enjoyed it. Keep up the awesome work!

    Sheldon EdmundsSheldon Edmunds10 månader sedan
  • DRM, Keeping jobs alive for over 40 years

    richkawaiipikachurichkawaiipikachu10 månader sedan
  • holy shit was that a huge VMU??

    godfoot inurbuttgodfoot inurbutt10 månader sedan
  • can't decide if capcom is good at drm or no. on one hand, there's this and on the other there's capcom.sys capcom.sys being a drm driver that capcom made and that ended up being such a horribly coded driver that it became the most popular method for unsigned kernel mode code execution on windows (eg. malware drivers like rootkits)

    Just some comment channelJust some comment channel10 månader sedan
  • Some bootleg boards were superior .. ie: originals often had custom parts where the copyboard would use more generic off the shelf parts -- ie: were more repairable. Likewise, stuff like Nintendo boards used 'reverse' monitors which was unusual.. the bootlegs worked on any normal arcade monitor. Many bootlegs were lower quality, but many were very very handy.

    Jeff MitchellJeff Mitchell10 månader sedan
  • wow this drm is so good it kills itself

    Jhade OrbigosoJhade Orbigoso10 månader sedan
  • Anyone who blames MVG for "selling out" to Raid Shadow Legends is a weiner. But it's okay. There's this wonderful invention called *'SponsorBlock'.* It's great. I'm going to talk about it, and they don't even sponsor me, so I'm not "selling out". It relies on people submitting videos to the database with timestamps for when the ad begins and when it ends, and it handles the skip automatically. It supports Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and something called "" (which I'm told is an alternative SEworld player, or something). Get it, and stop being pussies. It's easier than pressing right on the keyboard arrow keys, like, five times, I guess. Get it, and move on with your goddamn lives.

    Noxedwin TepesNoxedwin Tepes10 månader sedan
    • Yes, we know that Raid Shadow Legends is bad and the sponsorship videos are spreading across SEworld like some weird and irritating rash. But complaining about it isn't going to make it go away. Instead, you can minimize how much it's going to affect your viewing pleasure and let RSL know you think they suck like an adult - by complaining to them on Twitter, or something. Complaining to the people on the bottom rung isn't going to do a whole lot more than denigrate the people who would otherwise be making content for free. And that's not cool.

      Noxedwin TepesNoxedwin Tepes10 månader sedan
  • They should've used a rechargable battery for the Suicide Battery method.

    DarklingGolemDarklingGolem10 månader sedan
    • that kinda defeat it´s purpose...

      Omega RugalOmega Rugal10 månader sedan
  • No family will dare willingly allow anything called "CPS" in their homes.

    Russell LeBlancRussell LeBlanc10 månader sedan
    • @Gabriel Garcia corpse powder soup

      caspar valentinecaspar valentine6 månader sedan
    • Child protection services!

      Gabriel GarciaGabriel Garcia8 månader sedan
  • This is good to know. I have a SF 2 Champion Edition that has no sound and may die altogether before/while I'm replacing the battery

    71dembones71dembones10 månader sedan
  • Bootlegs aren't bad. They are just another choise that is more affordable. That's it. (IP isn't property)

    John SmithJohn Smith10 månader sedan
  • Isn't breaking or reverse engineering Capcom's copy protection to revive a bricked CPS2 board considered piracy by Capcom?

    Stoney3KStoney3K10 månader sedan
  • Happy to see Artemio GOD Urbina mentioned

    Richard KnightsRichard Knights11 månader sedan
  • Sounds familiar to what exactly Apple does to their macbook logic boards in 2019. If the firmware chip fails, the board is paperweight.

    VIPLightningVIPLightning11 månader sedan
  • @ModernVintageGamer Could you please point me to the artist of the music you used for your outro? That is a very nice, bouncy track.

    MudBocxMudBocx11 månader sedan
  • It took till 2016 to fully recover a dead CPS II CAPCOM board... Holy shit CAPCOM.

    Thunderblaze16Thunderblaze1611 månader sedan
  • Love your channel dude. Also love your work on the original XBOX. Still got my green Halo console with 250GB hdd and Xecuter 3. I have the replacement panel they offered with the LCD screen in it as well with USB. good memories

    davkdavkdavkdavk11 månader sedan
  • I mean, I guess any manufacturer could just wire a firecracker to their game or console and set it off if you try to hack it, seems pretty similar to suicide batteries.

    Scambrose LauntrellusScambrose Launtrellus11 månader sedan

    ABOVE THE LAWABOVE THE LAW11 månader sedan

    ABOVE THE LAWABOVE THE LAW11 månader sedan
  • Very impressive video. I certainly took my cps1 and cps2 adventures for granted. Thanks guys!

    Cyrx686Cyrx68611 månader sedan
  • Were/are the batteries on these boards recharged when ever the system is connected to external mains power. I would've thought so. Also, couldn't the data in the battery backed RAM be saved to an image using an IC reader/programmer, the original RAM chip replaced with a flash EEPROM and the same image written back to it.

    Simon TaySimon Tay11 månader sedan
  • They were hack-free for a decade? Wow. Can you please do an episode on Denuvo?

    Shadow HeartShadow Heart11 månader sedan
  • Street Smart is not bootleg of final fight, at least not in my mame collection! Please if somebody knows whats that Final fight bootleg named telol me, I want to play so bad! 1:32

    srksiisrksiiÅr sedan